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2021 United States Service Academy NominationsNomination PacketTable of ContentsLetter to the Applicant IGeneral Information IIFact Sheet IIIRequirements IV-VApplication for Nomination VIScholastic Information Sheet, pgs I-II

TO: APPLICANTS TO THE U.S. SERVICE ACADEMIESFROM: CONGRESSMAN TOM MALINOWSKINominating qualified young men and women to attend the United States Service Academies is among the moregratifying responsibilities of a Member of Congress. I admire you for your interest in joining the ranks of oneof the most venerable traditions in our Nation’s history. Please take a few moments to read through thefollowing materials with care, as the information will assist you with navigating the process of applying for anomination to a service academy. I look forward to receiving your completed application.A Member of Congress has the ability to nominate up to ten applicants for one vacancy to be filled at anAcademy and is not permitted to have more than five men or women in each Academy at one time. Generally,a vacancy is created by graduation. At the Merchant Marine Academy, I may nominate up to ten young menand women to compete with other nominees on a statewide basis for a quota of six appointments allotted to theState of New Jersey. Applicants to the Merchant Marine Academy may apply for nominations from any NewJersey congressional district and I can accept applications from those districts as well.My nominations to all Service Academies are strictly competitive, based on the recommendations of myAcademy Review Board. The conclusions of the Board members are reached after reviewing the completedapplication and conducting an interview with the applicant. A final selection will be made after the Boardsubmits its recommendations.Each of the Academies require that you complete a separate application specific to that academy and take amedical qualification examination to ensure that you can meet the rigid standards of physical fitness.You must certify that you are a legal resident of the Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey. Thiscomplies with the statutory specifications for appointment. To confirm that I am your Representative, pleasevisit and enter your zip code into the “Find Your Representative” search box in theupper right hand corner of the website.If you receive a nomination the final decision on admittance is made by the individual Academies. The ServiceAcademies select candidates considered to be the best qualified on the basis of all-around ability and thelikelihood of success as an officer in the military.All applications and required materials must be received via email by 5pm on Friday, October 15, 2021 toreceive consideration my Academy Review Board.

GENERAL INFORMATIONEach nominating source uses a selection process for Academy nominations designed to meet its own needs andstandards. The different procedures are often confusing to applicants who apply to more than one source.Carefully studying and following the instructions of each office can avoid misunderstandings.PLEASE NOTE: By signing the application you will have indicated an understanding and acceptance ofthe nomination requirements as set forth by the Office of Congressman Tom Malinowski.Because of the extreme competition for nominations, you are urged to apply to every nominating authorityavailable to you (both U.S. Senators, your Congressional Representative, and the Vice President). Should youreligibility allow, you may also apply to the President. Ideally, students seeking a nomination should begin theCongressional Academy process in spring semester of their junior year of high school.Congressman Malinowski will be able to nominate qualified candidates to the United States Air ForceAcademy, Merchant Marine Academy, Military Academy at West Point and Naval Academy. Included is aninformational fact sheet outlining the requirements for each Academy.Due to the large number of applicants, you will be interviewed for only one Academy. Therefore, carefulconsideration should be given to your choice of an Academy. Academy designation may be changed any timeprior to Friday, October 15, 2021.Contact with the admissions office of the Academy of your preference is imperative. The Academy willestablish a file and forward to you general information and detailed admissions requirements including aProspective Candidate Questionnaire.Congressman Malinowski’s Review Board will conduct a personal interview with each applicant meeting allrequirements. Selections are made competitively on the basis of academic performance, leadership potential,extra-curricular activities, physical aptitude, personal interviews and letters of recommendation. Qualifiedindividuals for each vacancy will be recommended by the board to Congressman Malinowski for nomination.The final ranking and subsequent appointments will be at the discretion of the Academies.Certain information must be provided in order for you to be considered an applicant. It is yourresponsibility to submit the required information. The deadline for submitting the required informationwill be Friday, October 15, 2021.

FACT SHEETThe Academies provide guidelines for applicants who may be eligible to be considered for an appointment. Acandidate must be an American citizen by the date of induction into an Academy and of good moral character.If you are a naturalized citizen, you must provide documentation.The United States Air Force Academy, Military Academy at West Point, and Naval Academy require youto be at least 17 years old, but not have passed your 23rd birthday by July 1 of the year of induction. Acandidate must be unmarried with no dependents.The United States Merchant Marine Academy requires that you be at least 17 years old, but not have passedyour 25th birthday by July 1 of the year of induction. A cadet may be married, but couples may not bedomiciled either on or off campus.United States Air Force AcademyDirector of AdmissionsHQ USAFA/RRS2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2400USAF Academy, CO 80840-5025Tel: 1-800-443-9266Web: academyadmissions.comUnited States Naval AcademyDirector of Admissions117 Decatur RoadAnnapolis, MD 21402Tel: 410-293-1000Web: States Military Academy at West PointDirector of AdmissionsOfficial Mail and Distribution Center646 Swift RoadWest Point, NY 10996-1905Tel: 845-938-3018Web: www.usma.eduUnited States Merchant MarineDirector of Admissions300 Steamboat RoadKings Point, NY 11024Tel: 516-726-5644, ext. 5646Web: www.usmma.eduUnited States Coast Guard Academy*No Congressional nomination is required.Call: 1-800-883-8724 or write 31 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320 to obtain information orapplication forms. You can also visit the Coast Guard Academy on the web at Academies require you to pass a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board(DODMERB). The Academy to which you have applied will initiate the scheduling of an examinationwith the Department of Defense. Once taken, the examination may be used for all service academies andfour-year ROTC scholarship programs.

REQUIREMENTSResidency: An applicant must be a legal resident of the Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey. Toverify your congressional district, visit and use the “Find My Representative” searchbox in the upper right hand corner of the website or call the Somerville office at 908-547-3307.Online Application Submission: The majority of your application, including your essay, will be submitted viaa web form. The link is available on this page: demynominations. That application must be completed by October 15, 2021 at 5:00pm. You will also be required tosubmit the supporting materials you are directly responsible for to the email [email protected] by October 15, 2021 at 5:00pm.Submission of Supplemental Materials: In addition to filling out the application form you are responsible forthe submitting a picture of yourself, the names of your letter of recommendation writers, and a signedcertification to N[email protected] by the application deadline. For your convenience a page hasbeen placed in the below materials which will allow you to scan all three of those items and submit at the sametime.In addition, you are responsible for outside submissions of your transcript and scholastic information sheet byyour guidance counselor or principal and letters of recommendation. Those may also be submitted [email protected]. Guidance counselors and recommendation letter writers may also mail theirmaterials directly to the District Office at:Congressman Tom MalinowskiATTN: Service Academy Nomination77 North Bridge StreetSomerville, NJ 08876.If your guidance counselor or letter of recommendation writers do submit by mail please ask the sender to signacross the seal on the back of the envelope. Supplemental materials will be accepted from guidance counselorsand letter of recommendation writers for a reasonable amount of time beyond the October 15th deadline.Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: Choose someone who knows you well - a teacher, coach, employer, etc.- to write a recommendation letter for you. Each person should return the letter to you in a sealed envelope withhis/her name signed across the flap of the envelope. Submit the two letters together with your application andother required materials. Only two recommendation letters will be presented to the Review Board. Please donot submit additional letters. Note: Your guidance counselor or principal is permitted to substitute a letter forthe General Comments section of the Scholastic Information Sheet. That letter will be included with your filebut will not count as one of your two letters of recommendation.Essay: Briefly state why you want to attend the Academy of your choice. There is a 500 word limit.

REQUIREMENTS(continued from the previous page)Scholastic Information Sheet: Ask your high school counselor or principal to complete both pages of theScholastic Information Sheet. If your counselor or principal chooses to include a letter in place of completing theGeneral Comments section of the form that is acceptable. The counselor’s/principal’s letter will not count as aletter of recommendation. The form should be submitted to [email protected], if that is notfeasible please ask that the completed form be mailed to the District Office or as a last resort returned to you in asealed envelope with the person’s signature across the flap of the envelope, which you can then mail to theoffice.Numerical Class Rank/Size: Numerical class rank and the approximate size of the class are required. Thisinformation must be included on the Scholastic Information Sheet completed by your guidance counselor orprincipal. Many schools in our district have advised that they do not rank students. In order to complete allrequirements, an accurate estimate of your class standing will have to be made by your guidance counselor orprincipal. There is a box on the Scholastic Information Sheet that your counselor or principal should check ifthat person is making an estimate of the applicant’s class ranking.Transcript: Ask your guidance counselor or principal for an official transcript that includes your course listingand grades, current GPA, and class rank. Your final junior grades must be listed on the official transcript (reportcard copies are not permitted). Please do not request your transcript before the final grades from your junioryear have been added to your transcript. If the transcript is available electronically, please direct submission [email protected]. Otherwise have it mailed to the District Office at the address provided abovein a sealed envelope with the signature of your counselor, principal or a school official across the flap of theenvelope.Deadline: Your complete application, along with all required information, must be sent [email protected] by 5pm on Friday. October 15, 2021.Interviews: Interviews will be scheduled for Saturday, November 20, 2021 for all eligible applicants.An interview before the Academy Review Board is a requirement for nomination. However, the COVID-19pandemic has complicated facility availability, among other things. Interviews will be scheduled for thosestudents with completed applications that meet the deadline. Late applications will be addressed on a case bycase basis and must demonstrate unforeseeable circumstances. Details on the times and locations will beprovided as soon as possible. The goal is to interview everyone in person, and to conduct the bulk of thoseinterviews on November 20th at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg. If special arrangementsneed to be made, they will be made. The key is communication, if there are any conflicts please call the officeto discuss these arrangements prior to the application deadline.PLEASE PRINT AND SAVE THE ENTIRE APPLICATIONSave as pdf file with your last name, first name and academy choice in the following format:doe john usma.pdf. Applications are to be sent to [email protected].

2021 United States Service Academy Application for NominationPlease submit the below for our records.Recommendation Letters:Please submit 2 letters of recommendation as outlined in the directions.Attached 2" x 2" PhotoA letter from your guidance counselor or principal in place of the General Comments section of the ScholasticInformation Sheet will not count as a letter of recommendation.Recommendation Letter #1: Name PositionRecommendation Letter #2: Name PositionCertification & Signature:Please read before signing:I have read the informational sheets explaining the nominating procedures and I am familiar with theserequirements. I certify that I am a legal resident of the Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey and thatthe information within this application and the information within the materials accompanying the applicationare true and accurately presented. If I have not submitted all necessary materials by the Friday, October15, 2021 deadline, I understand that I may not be given final consideration for a nomination.Signature:Disclaimer: Must be original signatureDate:

Congressman Tom MalinowskiSCHOLASTIC INFORMATION SHEETFor students applying for an Academy NominationTo the Guidance Counselor:Please send the second page of this form, along with an official copy of the applicant’stranscript through his/her Junior year, to [email protected]. If online submissionis not practicable, you may submit paper copies of the requested documents by mailing them to:The Office of Congressman Tom MalinowskiATTN: Service Academy Nomination Applications77 N. Bridge StreetSomerville, NJ 08876The student will submit the sealed envelope to the office as part of his/her application.This information must be submitted along with the entire application by 5pm on Friday,October 15, 2021.If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact John Marshall atCongressman Malinowski’s Somerville District Office. The telephone number is908-547-3307.PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM AND A TRANSCIRPT REFLECTINGFINAL JUNIOR YEAR GRADES TO THE STUDENT IN A SEALEDENVELOPE WITH YOUR SIGNATURE ACROSS THE BACK OF THEEVELOPE. IF TWO ENVELOPES ARE NECESSARY, PLEASE SEALAND SIGN BOTH ENVELOPES.The application and all required information should be submitted via email to:[email protected] required information is due by 5PM on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2021.Scholastic Information Sheet I of II

Guidance Counselor Comments/RecommendationApplicant Information:Last Name: First Name & MILegal NJ Address:City: County Zip Code 4: -School Name:School Address:City: County Zip Code 4: -Telephone Number of School:Applicant’s Year In School: GPA: on a scale.Class Rank: out of Check here if this ranking is an estimate.SAT Test Date: M: R: W:ACT Test Date: C: E: M: R: S:List School Activities Applicant Currently Participates In:General Comments / Recommendation:If you would prefer, you may attach a letter to this form instead of completing this section. Your letter willnot be charged against the student’s limitation of two letters of recommendation.Guidance Counselor’s Signature: Date:Disclaimer: Must be original signatureGuidance Counselor’s Printed Name:Scholastic Information Sheet II of II

Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Military Academy at West Point and Naval Academy. Included is an informational fact sheet outlining the requirements for each Academy. Due to the large number of applicants, you will be interviewed for only one Academy. Therefore, careful co