SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503This form replaces SDG&E Internal/External Order form, SDG&E CPS, and SCGMiscellaneous/General Work Order forms.The originator is responsible for sending copies to users, after Plant Accountingcreates the internal orders.Upon actual completion or cancellation, the Project Manager will: If the job is in DPSS or CMS, enter the completion date in DPSS or CMS. Send an E-mail including the work order number, description andcompletion date to the appropriate Cost Accounting personnel. For SCG, orders beginning with 2, 7 or 9, send a Notice of Completion formto Plant Accounting. This form may be used instead of an e-mail. If a related Sempra Energy I/O form exists, the Project Manager will havethe I/O signed and sent to Sempra Energy Financial Accounting. For non-billable cancelled orders, send Plant Accounting: Related job to receive transferred costs Or cost center to receive abandoned costs For billable cancelled orders, send Construction Billing: Copy of the original cash receipt Copy of correcting cash receipt Copy of the check Planning Refund Voucher Request – See SDG&E Service PlanningManual SPM 325 for more information.PURPOSEThe purpose of this document is to get authorization for the following types of projects: and Maintenance (O&M)Affiliate (SEU Sending and Receiving)Regulatory ProgramsFERC Statistical OrdersThe Work Order Authorization Form (Form 503) is used to authorize and trackconstruction or purchase of new plant, replacement or removal of existing plant, andoperating and maintenance expenditures.Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 2 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503INSTRUCTIONSTo complete this form online, please use File – Save As to make a copy that you canupdate. Be sure to download a copy each time a WOA form is to be completed.Field names with ALL CAPITAL letters are REQUIRED.(1)TITLE – The name of the project. For quick reference, use the location, street address or type of work to helpidentify the project. Use Field (28), Detailed Description of Work, to list multiple locations andthe percentage allocation for each location (e.g. circuit numbers, Facilitylocation codes). If the job is in DPSS, make sure the title on the form is the same as the jobname in DPSS.(2)Work Order Number – The work order number assigned to the project. For SCG, Plant Accounting (see Contact link below) assigns the work ordernumber. For SDG&E, the Work Order Coordinator (see Contact link below) or DPSSassigns the work order number for capital, refundable, or statistical O&Morders. Affiliate Billing and Costing (ABC) assigns work order numbers for allaffiliate billing O&M or capital orders. If billable to an affiliate, the receiving order should be requested first.Receiving order should be attached to the request for the sending order. For FERC Statistical Orders, enter the order number or prime account beingrequested (e.g. FC9200002100 for SDG&E, FG9080002200 for SCG).Business Planners must submit FERC Order Requests. If this request is a revision, enter “R” and the revision number (e.g. R1, R2,etc) to the right of the work order number. Explain the reason for the revisionin Field (28), Detailed Description of Work.(3)COMPANY CODE – Enter the appropriate company number. SCG 2200 SDG&E 2100(4)CAPITAL – Check box if project is capital related. For SCG and SDG&E projects containing both capital and O&M expenses,check capital box only. All O&M expenses should be charged to the cost center or a separate O&Morder if billed to non-utility affiliates. Sending Orders should be based on the Receiving Order type. See Accounting Policy for Capital versus Expense Treatment of Costs formore information.Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 3 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503(5)O&M – Check box if project is operating and maintenance only.(6)Work Request/DPSS Number – Enter the CMS work request or DPSS numberassigned to the project. Leave blank if project was not initiated in DPSS or CMS.(7)Thomas Brothers – Enter the Thomas Brothers page and coordinates (e.g. 1188E5).(8)BUDGET CODE/NUMBER (For capital projects only) - Enter the appropriatebudget code/number for the project. Determine whether Field (32), Receiver, should be completed. SDG&E 5 digits SCG 3 digits(9)DATE PREPARED – Date the work order was prepared. mm/dd/yy(10)ESTIMATED START DATE – Approximate date when the work willcommence. mm/dd/yy(11)ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE – Estimated date when the project willbe ready for service.(12)BILLING CODE – Enter the appropriate billing code. For SCG, use “C” if collectible and “NC” for noncollectible. For SDG&E, use billing code “A” if non-billable. Leave blank if unknown.See SDG&E Service Planning Manual (SPM) 309 for a full list of billingcodes. Leave blank if FERC Statistical Order. Enter “N/A” if Affiliate billing.(13)% Billable – If billable/collectible, enter the percentage billable.(14)RESPONSIBLE COST CENTER – Enter the SAP cost center numberrequesting the project. SCG 2200-xxxx SDG&E 2100-xxxxForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 4 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503(15)Regulatory Program/User Defined Field (UDF) – Enter the regulatory programname or code, if applicable. If the order is to track refundable program costs, select a code from the listbelow that matches the program. If a new refundable code is needed, please contact the Regulatory ReportingManager and copy the Financial Systems Manager (see Contact link below)prior to submitting the order. For FERC Statistical Orders, enter UDF code if the order is to be used for aregulatory program. Codes available for use are:O&M A0DA1DA2DA3DG0Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Long TextREF EFMA (AB 32 Fees)REF EFMA (AB 32 Fees) - ElectricREF EFMA (AB 32 Fees) – GasBillable CAREBillable Compressor Stn Fuel & PowerBillable DAPBillable Distributed GenerationBillable Distribution Integrity MgmtBillable Demand ResponseBillable DSMBillable Energy EfficiencyBillable Engr Sys Impact/UpgradeBillable Firm Access Rights ImplementnBillable Federal Energy RetrofitBillable Government TurnkeyBillable PSEP ManagementBillable RD&DBillable Senate Bill 15xBillable Shop Billing OrdersBillable Smart MeterBillable SONGS Unit 1 DecommissioningBillable Safety TrainingBillable Transmission Integrity MgmtBillable - FOR OLD ORDERS ONLYREF CAREA (SCG)REF CARE Common (SDGE)REF CARE Common Accum (SDGE)REF CARE Electric Accum (SDGE)REF CARE Gas Accum (SDGE)REF 21CESBAREF Compressor Stn Fuel & PowerREF California Solar InitiativeREF CSI ThermalREF DAPBA (SCG)REF LIEEBA (SDGE)REF PGLIEEBA (SDGE)REF LIEE Common (SDGE)REF Distributed Generation (SCG)Page 5 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503O&M 0HW1IAIELCLTMTNDNFNKOAFOCSOFIForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013Long TextREF Distributed Generation Common (SDGE)REF Distributed Generation Gas (SDGE)REF Distributed Generation Elec (SDGE)REF Distribution Integrity MgmtREF Distribution Integrity Mgmt (2012)REF DPPSMAREF Residential Demand ResponsivenessREF Adv Metering & Demand ResponseREF DR (Celerity/Comverge)REF AMDRMA AccumulatorREF AMDRMA (Post 2008)REF DSM (SCG)REF DSMBA 2006-2008 Cycle (SCG)REF DSMBA 2009-2011 Cycle (SCG)REF DSM Electric (SDGE)REF DSM Gas (SDGE)REF DSM Common (SDGE)REF PGEEBA (SDGE)REF EPEEBA (SDGE)REF DSM AccumulatorREF DSMBA 2013-14 Cycle (SCG)REF DSM Electric 2013-14 Cycle (SDGE)REF DSM Common 2013-14 Cycle (SDGE)REF DSM PGEEBA 2013-14 Cycle (SDGE)REF EDFCAREF EDTCMAREF EPICBAREF ERRAREF Electric TransmissionREF Firm Access Rights ImplementnREF Firestorm (Non-ElecTrans)REF FHPMAREF Firestorm Electric TransmissionREF NGATMAREF CFCA (Gas)REF HRSMAREF Hazardous WasteREF Hazardous Waste – Outside LitigationREF IAMAREF IEMAREF Litigation Costs Memo AccountREF LTAMAREF MRTUMAREF NDMAREF NFCAREF SONGS O&M incl Refueling O&MO&M Affiliates Non-RefundableO&M Corporate Shared ServiceO&M FirestormPage 6 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503O&M 0TA1TA2TA3TA4TITT(16)Long TextO&M Hazardous Waste – Insurance ProceedsO&M New ProjectsO&M Utility Shared ServiceREF PCBREF Purchased Gas AccountREF PSRMA – PSEP Hydrostatic TestingREF PSRMA – PSEP ManagementREF PSRMA – PSEP SafetyREF PTAMAREF Baseline Balancing AccountREF RD&D/RDDEAREF Electric PPP RD&DREF Renewable ResourcesREF RPSMAREF Smart MeterREF Smart Meter Opt Out Memo AcctREF SRMAREF TANF (SCG)REF TANF Common (SDGE)REF TANF Common Accum (SDGE)REF TANF Electric (SDGE)REF TANF Gas (SDGE)REF Transmission Integrity MgmtREF Tree TrimmingPhase 1, Phase 2 or Preliminary Engineering Survey – For constructionprojects requiring a long lead time or pre-construction: Check Phase 1 to open order for construction projects when it is not feasibleto determine the full scope upfront or when the requisition of materialsrequires a long lead time. This phase allows for recorded costs related to long-lead-timematerials, permits, and preliminary engineering costs (not related tofeasibility studies generally recorded in the Preliminary Investigationand Survey account.) Check Phase 2 when revising order for the entire cost of the project, includingphase 1 and phase 2 costs. Revised WOA form must be submitted to PlantAccounting prior to construction. Check Preliminary Survey (FERC 183) for preliminary surveys, plans,investigations, etc., made for the purpose of determining the feasibility ofutility projects under contemplation. Electric Transmission, Electric Substation (Distribution andTransmission) and Gas Transmission and Storage projects Up to 100,000 for projects 5 million Up to 10% of total estimated costs (with a maximum level of 10 million) for projects 5 million Electric Distribution and Gas Distribution projects Up to 25,000Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 7 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503For preliminary survey items, an estimated dollar range for the total finalproject needs to be included on the submitted WOA within the detaileddescription of work (Field (28)). However, the approval required willonly be needed for the estimated preliminary survey amount.Subsequently, if the preliminary survey results in a “go forward” decision,a revised WOA form showing the entire cost of the project (includingpreliminary survey costs) must be submitted to Plant Accounting prior toconstruction. If the preliminary survey does not result in a “go forward”decision, Plant Accounting must be notified in order to close the workorder.(17)Shared Asset – Check box if the resulting asset will be used by one or moreaffiliates. If checked, indicate sharing/allocation percentages among affiliates in Field(32), Receiver. The owner company will use such percentages to bill eachbenefiting affiliates for depreciation charges and carrying cost when the assetis placed in service. In addition, please clearly state the methodology used indetermining the shared asset percentages under the description of work andprovide a copy of the supporting documentation for such percentages alongwith the completed work order authorization form. The entire asset costs will be recorded based on the SEu Shared Asset Policy.(18)ORGANIZATION – Enter the organization code. Codes available for use ommonCustomer ServiceElectric DistributionElectric Production/GenerationElectric TransmissionFacilitiesGas DistributionGas TransmissionInformation TechnologyLandSubstationElectric Transmission MaintenanceUnderground Gas StorageOPERATING AREA/DISTRICT – Enter the operating district. Codes availablefor use are:Company21002100District Code5586Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013DescriptionFEASIBILITY STUDYNORCPage 8 of 19



SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: WHRWHTXXXYUCSAN BERNARDINOSOUTH NEEDLESSANTA MONICASAN PEDROSPENCE ER RIDGEWHITTIERNOT APPLICABLEYUCCA VALLEYOPERATING REGION – Enter the operating region.Region Code3941Region Code4243444550515253SESGSSXXDescriptionSCG HEADQUARTERSSCG INLAND EMPIRE - DistributionDescriptionSCG ORANGE COAST - DistributionSCG PACIFIC - DistributionSCG NORTHERN - DistributionSCG REGION 45SCG STORAGE OPERATIONS - UGSCG DESERT AREA - TransmissionSCG SOUTHERN AREA - TransmissionSCG NORTHERN AREA - TransmissionSDGE EAST - Gas Distribution, ElectricDistribution, Transmission & Substation(Eastern, Mt. Empire, Northeast & Ramona)SDGE - GTSDGE SOUTH - Gas Distribution, ElectricDistribution, Transmission & Substation(Beach Cities, Metro, North Coast, OrangeCounty)NOT APPLICABLE - ALL OTHERS(21)COUNTY – Enter the county.(22)MUNICIPALITY – Enter code of incorporated city. If city is unincorporated, enterN/A. Codes available for use are:Company2100City CodeAGForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013DescriptionAGUANGAPage 11 of 19


SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: RSSBSCSDSISJSLSMSRSSSTCity CodeSVSYTCVCVSWAPALOMAR MTPOTREROPAUMA VALLEYPOWAYPINE VALLEYIMPERIAL COUNTYORANGE COUNTYRIVERSIDE COUNTYSAN DIEGO COUNTYRAMONARANCHITARANCHO LA COSTARANCHO SANTA FESOLANA BEACHSAN CLEMENTESAN DIEGOSANTA YSABELSAN JUAN CAPISTRANOSOUTH LAGUNASAN MARCOSSAN LUIS REYSUNNYSIDESANTEEDescriptionSPRING VALLEYSAN YSIDROTECATEVALLEY CENTERVISTAWARNER SPRINGS(23) Billable To – Check the appropriate box (Affiliate or Third Party) if billable. IfAffiliate is checked, check the appropriate box for Field (25).(24)JOB SCOPE SUMMARY – Enter a general description of the project orpurchase and the reason or necessity for the work or purchase. Indicate if it is a New Business Project If more space is needed, please use a separate page.(25)Sending/Receiving Order – Check box to indicate if order request is a sending orreceiving order. Field is used only if you have checked “Affiliate” in Field (23), Billable To. If sending order, see Field (32), Receiver(26)Bill To Name & Address – If all or portion of costs are collectible/billable, entername and address of 3rd party to be billed. If a contract is required, send signed contract to the appropriate Accountingdepartment personnel (see Contact link below).Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 13 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503 For Net Contract Price (NCP), enter “See attached cash receipt” and attach acopy of the cash receipt. Include the reason for the billing in Field (28), Detailed Description of Work.(27)CODE – Indicate all types of work as applicable by the following alpha codes: I New Installation/Acquisition of fixed assetsA Abandonment/Removal of assetsR ReplacementO O&M or OtherT Transfer of assets/propertyS Sale of PropertyNote: This field can also be used to identify individual internal orders withthe appropriate Regulatory Program (Code)/User Defined Field (UDF) asdescribed in field (15). Also, please include the correlating FERC accountnext to each individual Regulatory Program (Code).(28)DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF WORK – Itemize the detail description ofwork including special requests. If more space is needed, please use a separatepage. For pipeline jobs, identify location by name of streets, direction, beginningand ending; and size and length of pipe. For assets with tag numbers, identify the asset and tag/serial number. For multiple locations, list the locations and each location’s allocation bypercentage. Ensure they total 100%. For CBS or IT projects, please indicate asset numbers of assets beingreplaced. Include adequate detail so that receiving affiliates can ascertain theappropriateness of capital or O&M designation on order. If billable, include the reason the work is billable (e.g. Customer RequestRelocation). In lieu of an SDG&E Sales Installation Order (SIO), indicate the termsapplicable: Bill Immediately Bill Monthly Bill on Completion Cash Not Refundable Portion subject to refundAfter the copy of the WOA form is returned to the preparer with the IOnumbers written on the form, the preparer is responsible to forward a copy ofthe WOA form to the SDG&E Construction Billing Supervisor. For land acquisition, reference the related master construction work order. For sales, include the sales price (if known). Request new FERC Statistical Orders through your Business Planners. Includea description to be added to SDG&E’s Classification of FERC AccountsForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 14 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503Manual. Also indicate whether a new FERC Indicator is needed; if so, a copywill be sent by Cost Accounting to Financial Systems. Include a description of the assets to be retired. May include WOA form distribution list.(29)FERC ACCOUNT – Enter the appropriate FERC Account number thatcorresponds to the itemized description of work. There can be more than one FERC account. For SDG&E orders, a separate internal order is opened for each FERCAccount. For FERC Statistical Orders, enter the FERC account to be used in WITS orany remaining legacy programs. For statistical orders (used to track O&M project costs), a single order mayreference more than one FERC account. If the percentage allocations betweenthe FERC accounts are going to change over time, however, a separate I/Orequest must be created for each statistical I/O and each I/O will have onlyone FERC account. Use field (28) to indicate whether SDG&E personnel should charge one I/Owith a predefined allocation to multiple I/Os.(30)Percentage – Enter a percentage for each FERC account. Leave blank for FERC Statistical Orders(31)Charging Cost Center – For affiliate billing orders, enter the cost centernumbers charging to the project.(32)Receiver For affiliate billing, enter the receiving order number, company code, andamount/percentage going to the receiving order. If order is for a shared asset, please indicate sharing percentages amongaffiliates for depreciation charges and carrying costs when the asset is beingplaced in service. If the number of lines is not adequate, use Field (28),Detailed Description of Work, for additional sharing percentages.(33A) APPROVALS – Reference the SEu Approval and Commitment Policy forguidance. Approvals secured as part of the annual budget process are for planningpurposes only. Authorizations for expenditures are only secured viaapprovals on the Work Order Authorization form. Dollar levels for approval apply to total gross expenditures or salesprice/book value. Project Approved up to is a required field to be completed on the masterconstruction order (first request) if there are multiple work orders for aproject. The project total gross costs must be entered and approved at theappropriate level. The project manager may approve the sub-orders related to the masterconstruction order. You cannot approve your own project.Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 15 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503 If this is a sub-project with prior project approval, reference the masterconstruction work order in the “Project Approved up to/on order” field.An AFE (Authorization For Expenditure) form must be used, in addition toForm 503, for project costs greater than or equal to 100 million for individualcapital projects that require Sempra Energy Board of Directors review.Enter the appropriate names, project manager’s employee ID and maillocations of responsible persons required for approvals.Both sending and receiving orders must be signed by an authorized approver.Form 503 submitted to Plant Accounting must contain original signatures.Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 16 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503(33B) CATEGORY 1/CATERGORY 2 – Check the box of the category type that isapplicable to the work being described in Field (28). Reference the SEu Approval andCommitment Policy for additional guidance. Category 1 – Replacement, modification or relocation of any existing asset coveredby the regulatory processes as mentioned in the Approval andCommitment Policy for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing operatingefficiency or productivity. This includes but is not limited to, utilitydistribution, transmission, generation or storage system assets (e.g. poles,wires, mains, services, substations, and metering and regulating stations),real estate, Information Technology (IT) software or telecommunicationequipment. Construction of any new distribution and transmission system assets ifused to serve electric and natural gas customers within the utility servicearea and which does not require a Permit to Construct (PTC) or aCertificate for Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) regulatoryfiling at the CPUC or other special regulatory filing. Category 2 –All capital and non-capital disbursements or commitments not in the ordinarycourse of business or that are considered non-recurring/incremental activities.This includes but is not limited to, disbursements or commitments relating to: Business activities currently not governed by the CPUC through a GRCand/or FERC Transmission Ownership Tariff filing. IT initiatives that add significant functionality to existing systems andapplications. Business activities currently not included in the approved annual budgetand/or 5-year business plan (specifically identified; considered within ageneral pool or may be subject to budget reprioritization within afunctional area). Non-recurring business activities such as: Asset development or purchase Financing Lease arrangements or O&M disbursements Construction, expansion, or acquisition of any new generationfacilities Software Real estate Telecommunication equipmentForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 17 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503(34)ESTIMATED COSTS – Estimated costs are listed by type of work indicated inField (27), Code. Light blue fields contain formulas. Formulas may be overridden if necessary. For capital projects, separate estimates for installation, removal, and capitalrelated O&M are required. For O&M projects, cost estimates are totaled in the O&M column only.SDG&E Non-billable Orders must exceed 10,000.00; for costs 10,000.00,use FERC orders. The form lists the most common cost categories of a typical job for directcosts (i.e. company labor, contract costs, material, and other direct chargesincluding SDG&E transportation) and indirect costs (i.e. corporate transfer-incosts, company labor indirects, material indirects [P&W and exempt material],AFUDC, and other indirects). Plant Accounting will update the indirect percentages table quarterly. It is thepreparer’s responsibility to ensure the current loading percentages are enteredon the overhead rates worksheet. Leave Gross Expenditures blank if related to land sales. Affiliate Transfer-in-Costs are entered manually on the WOA form. Costestimates from sender (affiliate) should be fully loaded. Affiliate Billing sending orders should have 0 AFUDC.(35) ITCCA – ITCCA (Income Tax Component of Contributions and Advances). Ifthe estimated project cost is equal to or greater than 100,000, the preparer shouldrequest a ruling from the Tax Department to determine if the project is exempt fromITCCA. If the estimated project costs are less than 100,000, the preparer will submitthe completed CIAC Decision Chart to cost accounting in support of thedetermination regarding the taxability of the project.(Note: As it relates to gas producer and electric intertie projects, a gas producerand/or electric intertie customer must answer the “Gas Producers’ Safe HarborsQuestionnaire” or “Electric Intertie Safe Harbor Questionnaire”, respectivelyon their letterhead for the associated gas or electric intertie projects.) Input “Y” for yes if the project costs are subject to tax, or “N” for no if theproject costs are not subject to tax. If yes, the current ITCCA percent will be added to the total gross capitalexpenditures.See CIAC Decision Chart for more information.See Gas Producers' Safe Harbors Questionnaire for more information.See Electric Intertie Safe Harbor Questionnaire for more information.(36)Billing/Participant Contribution – Total amount due/received from customers. Leave blank if land sale.Form 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 18 of 19

SEMPRA ENERGY UTILITIESWORK ORDER AUTHORIZATION FORM INSTRUCTION: 503(37) Total Net Estimated Costs – Gross expenditures plus ITCCA lessBilling/Participant Contribution for work order.(38A) Gross Expenditures by Year – Estimated gross expenditures for each year forprojects than one year.(38B) % by Year – Enter a percentage for each year. The result will appear in the GrossExpenditures by Year (Field 38A) being populated.(39A) TECHNICAL/ECONOMIC PROJECT REVIEW – Are required for any andall Category 1 and Category 2 commitments over 30 million and 10 million,respectively, prior to review and approval by the SDG&E’s or SCG’s CEO orCOO, as appropriate. It is the responsibility of the WOA or AFE originator toensure that all appropriate reviews, approvals and notifications are completed, anddocumentation of such is satisfactory. All technical reviews and contractsinitially totaling 30 million or more must be evidenced by a completed InternalReview Checklist (IRC)(39B) Comments regarding Technical/Economic Project Review (39A) – If additionalspace is needed, use separate page.OBTAINING FORM 503Form 503 may be obtained from through the Accounting and Finance Website:SDGE Form g/documents/work order authorization form.xlsSCG Form or documents/wo auth scg.xlsCONTACTSContacts may be obtained from the Accounting and Finance Website located at underWork Order Authorization – Requests for W.O. Numbers and Questions:Plant Accounting Contact List g/contacts.cfmForm 503 last updated 03/19/2013Page 19 of 19

SM REF Smart Meter SM0 REF Smart Meter Opt Out Memo Acct SR REF SRMA TA0 REF TANF (SCG) TA1 REF TANF Common (SDGE) TA2 REF TANF Common Accum (SDGE) TA3 REF TANF Electric (SDGE) TA4 REF TANF Gas (SDGE) TI REF Transmission Integrity Mgmt TT REF Tree Trimming (16) Phase 1, Pha