PROUDLY PUBLISHED BYNewsAll the bowling news that’s fit to print in the Bowling Capital of the WorldVOL. 4, NO. 2OCTOBER 2019Bowlero Corp. purchases the PBABowlero Corp, the world’s largestowner and operator of bowling centers, announced today its purchaseof the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), the pinnacle of professional bowling since 1958. The purchase brings unprecedented innovation to the sport as it combinesBowlero’s industry expertise with thePBA’s global talent pool and fan base,which together will elevate the sportof bowling to new heights.Under the new agreement,Bowlero Corp establishes itself as thefirst media company in the sport,dedicated to growing and enhancingthe PBA experience. All scheduledtournaments and programming willcontinue, with plans to build upon keyinitiatives including the PBA’sgroundbreaking FOX Sports partnership, featuring enhanced telecastswith new technology and deeperstorytelling, while bringing an engaged community of fans further intothe fold.Bowlero Corp Chief CustomerOfficer Colie Edison will serve as theCEO; PBA Commissioner Tom Clarkwill continue in that role.“The PBA is rich with history andhome to the top players in the sport,with thousands of members and millions of fans throughout the world,”said Edison. “This acquisition is aboutleveraging resources to give the PBATour the support and funding it deserves, building value for dedicatedmembers nationwide, and expandingthe brand’s overall visibility.”Clark said the acquisition is a major step forward for the PBA and awatershed moment for the sport itself. “Bowlero Corp has proven itselfto be a champion for bowling in theentertainment world, enhancing theexperience for the over 28 millionguests who visit their bowling centerseach year,” said Clark. “They’vetransformed the game for a new generation of competitors and enthusiasts, and with this acquisition we willbuild on our current momentum andcreate more opportunities for ourplayers and fans.”“Millions of Americans love to bowland love to watch professional bowling,” said Bill Wanger, FOX SportsEVP, Head of Programming &Scheduling.“Bringing Bowlero, thePBA, and FOX Sports together allowsus to elevate the sport and meet alarge and increasingly growing audience demand.”Financial terms of the agreementwere not disclosed. To learn moreabout the PBA, please visit Bowlero CorpBowlero Corp is the largest ownerand operator of bowling centers in theworld, with more than 300 locations,across the U.S., Mexico and Canadaspecializing in corporate and privateevents as well as league and retailbowling. The company’s portfolio ofbowling center brands includeBowlero, Bowlmor Lanes, AMF Bowling Co., and Brunswick Zone, serving over 28 million guests each year.For more information, please The PBAThe PBA is an organization ofmore than 3,000 members from 30countries who compete in a multilevel competition program each year:In this issueFrom the Editor - page 2Personal Perspective - page 3(Ann)ouncements - page 3Bowling, Etc. - page 5Jeff Richgels - page 8Honor Scores - page 9Mythbusters - page 10Bob Johnson - page 11the Go Bowling! PBA Tour, PBA International Tour, PBA Regional Tour,PBA Women’s Regional, and PBA50Tour events. The 2019 seasonmarked the 60th consecutive year ofnationally-televised competition,reaching bowling fans around theworld who watch the PBA on FOX,as well as CBS Sports Network, andwho follow PBA activities through thePBA’s OTT platform, Flo Bowling, Formore information on the PBA, pleasevisit Junior Gold bowlers receiveDahms Sportsmanship AwardARLINGTON, Texas – Eight bowlers who participated in the 2019 JuniorGold Championships presented by the Brands of Ebonite International havebeen selected to receive the David Dahms Sportsmanship Award.The award winners were determined by the International Bowling Campus Youth Committee based on nominations received from competitors during the Junior Gold Championships held in the Detroit area this past summer.The David Dahms Sportsmanship Award is given to competitors who bestexemplify sportsmanship, leadership, positive attitude and enthusiasm during the Junior Gold Championships and is awarded to one male and onefemale participant in each division.Each U12 award winner receives a 50-point scholarship while the U15,U17 and U20 recipients each receive a 100-point scholarship. The 2019winners:12 and under divisionConnor Reaney, Mount Vernon, Ill.Pilar Swinson, Lilburn, Ga.15 and under divisionSeth Colling, Chattanooga, Tenn.Mya Williams, Brighton, Colo.17 and under divisionRyan Toffoli, MiamiTaylor McBride, White Lake, Mich.20 and under divisionDalton Kilner, Louisville, Ky.Kiara Abanto, Rock Hill, S.C.

Page 2Bowling Showcase NewsOctober 2019Things to attend to in your leagueFrom the EditorMark A. MartinMDUSBCAssociation ManagerWith the season already severalweeks in it’s time to attend to someitems such as the prize list.USBC Rule 117a specifies that theleague prize committee shall submitone or more prize lists for consideration within five weeks after the startof the season. While there is not penalty to non-compliance the longer aleague waits to resolve this issue potentially the worse it can get. Manyleagues specify in their league bylawsthat prize money is paid on a per pointbasis and in this case this rule hasalready been addressed. For thoseleagues that have no such protocolfor prize lists in their bylaws thisneeds to get done.Speaking of prize lists, when developing a prize list make sure it’s nottoo top heavy. Making a prize list tootop heavy isn’t necessarily in the bestinterest of the league. Just becauseyour team finishes on top doesn’tnecessarily mean that your prizemoney should cover all of your expenses for the entire year. Bowlersneed to remember that part of theweekly fee you pay goes for lineageto the center. Much like when youbowl in a tournament only a portionof your entry fee goes towards a prizelist, same in a league. Ideally a wellconstructed prize list will return theWatchprize fee portion of your weekly feesto teams that finish in the top onethird or top one-half of the league.League officer salaries should bespecified in the league bylaws. If theyare not it is something that needs tobe addressed for next year. Leagueofficer salaries should be based oneither the number of teams or thenumber of bowlers. This way the officers get compensated for increasednumber of teams and the league getsprotected if there are less teams thanexpected.Generally league secretaries andtreasurers should be paid in theneighborhood of 20 to 30 per teamor 3 to 5 per bowler for the season. This amount may change alsoif the bowling center is doing theleague sheets. If the bowling centeris doing the league sheets, leaguesecretaries should receive less.The bottom line is that leaguesshould try to keep their expenses toa minimum in order to maximize thereturn to the bowlers.JACKPOTSThere was a time in this great sportof ours when competition derivedfrom league bowling was enough tosatisfy the competitive juices in all ofus. Times have changed, howevernot necessarily for the better.In many leagues today the cost toenter all of the optional jackpots hasbecome greater than the actual costto compete in the league (weeklyfees). As a result the “total” cost tocompete in the league has becomemore than many bowlers can affordresulting in both loss of bowlers andmembers.Under USBC Rule 103b(1) theleague board of directors has control of activities within the leaguewhich would include jackpots.The league board of directorsshould review each of the jackpotsthat are run in the league to determine if those jackpots are in the bestinterests of the league. Also theleague board of directors should insure that the jackpots are being op-rated properly. If there is a cut beingtaken from the jackpots by the collectors this should be made clear tothose bowlers who pay their money.If there is any question regarding theoperation of the jackpots the boardof directors should get the answerand see to it that everything is beingrun properly.The league board of directors hasa huge responsibility to make surethe league remains strong and maintaining the league in the spirit that itwas intended by the membership.This is a key ingredient to that responsibility.LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERSFOR 2020 STATE TOURNAMENTThe Metro Detroit USBC will hostthe 2020 Michigan State USBC OpenChampionships at Merri-Bowl in Livonia and Westland Bowl in Westland.MDUSBC will be responsible forconducting the 50/50, merchandise,brackets and jackpots for the run ofthe tournament. The tournamentstarts in January and ends in May.MDUSBC is looking for volunteersto assist in these responsibilities.If you are interested, please contact the MDUSBC office at (248) 4432695.Bowling Showcase NewsPublished monthly by:Metro Detroit USBC28200 Southfield Rd.Lathrup Village, MI 48076(248) 443-2695Web: www.mdusbc.comMark Martin, EditorGeorge Bresinski, PresidentLibbi Fletcher, VPRichard BanksAnn BlockMichael DeRousieJames HortonMark HurttgamPatricia KlixAshley KrywyStephen KrywyMartha MarshallKurt SuokasRandy TambourineJohn VorpagelTop reasons to be a memberof the Metro Detroit USBC1. Average Recognition2. Bonding of league funds3. Rules of the game4. League issue resolution5. Equipment standards6. Bowling Showcase7. Tournaments8. Coaching9. Charities10.Bowling Showcase News11.Awards12.Member RewardsBowling TV ScheduleSaturday, Oct. 5 - 10 a.m.WADL-Detroit Bowling ShowcaseAdult Challenge - Rosebowl (Monopoly) vs WaterfordSaturday, Oct. 12 - 10 a.m.WADL-Detroit Bowling ShowcaseAdult Challenge - Rosebowl vs Five StarSaturday, Oct. 19 - 10 a.m.WADL-Detroit Bowling ShowcaseMagazine showSaturday, Oct. 26 - 10 a.m.WADL-Detroit Bowling ShowcaseAdult Challenge - Waterford vs RosebowlOnEverySaturdayat 10 a.m.

October 2019Bowling Showcase NewsAre you a collector?PersonalPerspectivesLibbi FletcherMDUSBC DirectorI always have admired people whocollect things. Back in the day, I usedto collect Owls. Everyone got meone for my birthday or Christmas. Itwas all sorts of things; ceramic owls,rugs, glass owls, everything! Then Istopped with the owls when I begantraveling and bowling in tournamentsall over the country. I then movedinto shot glasses. I have a shot glassfrom all 50 states, many countries,many Hard Rock Cafes and PlanetHollywood Restaurants and sportsteams and events and so manymore over 300 for sure!When I began bowling nationaltournaments, I started collecting 3things from each WIBC Tournament;a pin with that city’s name and yearof the tournament, a “rock” glass fromthat tournament and the patch givento each participant. For a time, Iwould staple the pin and patch in aPendaflex folder which had a tab containing the year and city. Then thepins were no longer available, or howmany Reno pins do I really need?Then the glasses were not availableeach year, which ruins the collection,right?Another great collecting item wastrading our local pins with delegatesat each of the WIBC Conventionsand, also, with the teams we crossedwith during the WIBC team event.Wilma “Billie” Cogan collected all 50state pins, but the pin had to be inthe shape of the state! She placedall these pins on a map of the UnitedStates and presented to the Association for safekeeping before shepassed. What an amazing gift!And then there are the pictures!Of course, you bought your picturefrom each local, state and nationaltournament and kept it. Looking backat some of those are great fun. Thereare people no longer bowling, or nolonger with us, but you immediatelythink back to the fun times we hadeach and every year. And of course,the hairdos!!! Oh My!I have found so many bowling pinsfrom other associations, most ofwhich are now merged into new ones,patches, little gifts I have receivedand moreThen I began collecting Wizard ofOz memorabilia and boy, do I havea ton of it. This year marks the 80thAnniversary of this movie which Iused to watch every year when itcame on, still scared of the forest andstill crying at the end every time! Thetrip to Wichita in 2004 did not disappoint, I bought a lot of stuff!!!! I stilllove the story and the meaning behind it there is no place like home.Why am I sharing this story? Because I am moving! And I have ranacross every owl, bowling pin, patch,glass, shot glass, Glinda the GoodWitch, etc. that kids today have nointerest in collecting, buying or evenwanting. The newer generationsseem to be more about instant gratification, recording it on their devices(phones), and moving on to the nextthing. There is truly a very smallmarket for any collectibles, be itHummel, Precious Moments, coins,stamps, or any of my stuff!!!So, I have many boxes tagged“Bowling Stuff” and “Oz” that willmake its way to the new place, likelyin storage. It is sad, in a way. It wouldbe so nice to share the joy that owls,traveling, tournaments and bowlinghas brought to my life.I feel both blessed and cursed tohave been able to receive all of thesespecial gifts, attending all of the wonderful conventions and tournamentsI have been able to compete in, andpretend I am a little girl fromKansas bubble wrap roll #4 nowbeing used.Page 3Thunderbowl mania!(Ann)ouncementsAnn BlockMDUSBC DirectorOn Saturday, November 2 ndThunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park willbe really busy from 8 am until approximately 5 pm. The center is hosting both a youth event and a eventfor long time female bowlers. TheMichigan State USBC will be holdingtheir annual Youth Masters. TheYouth Masters showcases the state’sbest youth bowlers. The Youth Masters is also a Junior Gold qualifyingevent. The second event is the 71stannual Pioneer Women’s Club ofDetroit Tournament. This tournamentfeatures competition for femalebowlers who have reached the 20year mark in (sanctioned) certifiedbowling.The Youth Masters will begin the8 game qualifying round on Saturdayat 11 am. The bowlers will bowl 8games crossing 16 lanes. The tournament is limited to 128 bowlers. After the 8 games, the field will be cutto the top 16 competitors. On Sunday, the bowlers will bowl 2 game total pin double elimination match playcompetition. Two oil patterns will beused for the tournament. The patterns will be announced before competition begins each day. Competitionis in male and female divisions. Theentry fee is 65.00 for the tournament. Walk-ins will incur a 10.00 feeand will be subject to lane availability. Junior Gold memberships may bepurchased or renew at an additionalcost of 30.00. For additional questions please, contact Randy Tambourine 586-755-3935. Entries can beobtained from the Michigan StateUSBC website.The Pioneer Tournament will begin at 1:30 pm and will bowl in thehistoric Thunderbowl Arena. The costfor the tournament and club dues is 19.00. The club has a meeting anddinner following the tournament andthe cost for the dinner is 12.00. Thecomplete package of tournament,dues, and dinner is 31.00. Eachbowler will receive a gift for comingto the tournament.The tournament is a handicappedevent. The handicap is 90% from 210scratch. The tournament winner willreceive a plaque. The bowler whobowls the highest actual game andseries will receive a cash prize. Thetournament will run jackpots and a50/50 drawing with proceeds goingto the Capuchins Kitchen.In the past, the Pioneers broughtgifts to exchange during the dinnersocial. Last year, it was decided bythe group to do a service project instead. Each participant is beingasked to bring new, unused wintergoods. The mittens, gloves, hats, andscarves collected will be donated toa local charity. If a bowler donatesthey will receive a raffle ticket for achance to win a prize.More information regarding thePioneer Tournament can be obtainedby calling the club’s Executive Director, Ann Block at 313-292-6538.I am sure elsewhere in this issuesomeone is addressing BVL raffletickets. Here are my thoughts. BVLraffle tickets are on sale for the monthof November. For several years theassociation has sold month longraffle tickets based on the 7:30 pmthree digit Michigan lottery numbers.This effort has proven to be a verysuccessful form of fundraising for thecharity. The Metro Detroit USBC believes in the BVL and is 100% behind the charity. Our fundraising efforts benefit our veterans locally atthe John D. Dingell Veterans Hospital. To learn more about the BVLplease, read more at The Michigan State USBCreinstated as a state award lifetimenational 600 club memberships andfirst year 700 Le Dames de 700 Clubmemberships for female certifiedbowlers. If you have your first oneplease the state website for forms.Until next time!

Page 4Bowling Showcase NewsOctober 2019Metro Detroit USBC Board MembersGeorge BresinskiPresidentLibbi FletcherVice-PresidentRichard BanksDirectorAnn BlockDirectorMichael DeRousieDirectorJames HortonDirectorMark HurttgamDirectorPatricia KlixDirectorAshley KrywyDirectorStephen KrywyDirectorMartha MarshallDirectorKurt Reed-SuokasDirectorRandall TambourineDirectorJohn VorpagelDirectorMark MartinAssociation Manager

October 2019Bowling Showcase NewsPage 5What’s the value of league bowling?In performing the google searchon the word “Value,” two forms of thenoun format of the word were found.Phil GoodmanFirst, value is described as aFigure 8 Networking“person’s standard of behavior.” Thisarticle will not cover the standard ofbehavior of league bowlers unlesssnuck in very discretely. The seconddefinition refers to the importance orworth of something and is the focusof this article.The premise of describing thevalue of league bowling for our purpose is limited to a process to getmore league bowlers to join up withyou and having no shame in tellingothers why they should join yourleague. Zingerman’s Deli in downtown Ann Arbor several blocks offmain street and with zero on-site parking expresses value through excellentcustomer service, very artistic décor with embedded messages and a smile.Telling you the annual revenue for this business would amaze you but wouldalso distract from the message. What we will note is the fact this businesssells a sandwich for 17 and does not hesitate to tell you why. They want youto “meet the meats” because they only include the best. The same thinghappens with the bread, cream cheese, sliced cheeses and more. Peopleline up out the door to not buy this 17 sandwich but to enjoy the best sandwich in town and tell everyone they know about it. Are you able to present toothers the best thing to do on the night you bowl is to join your league?If value is in the eye of the beholder, do you have to send the same message to everyone? This was obviously a rhetorical question and of coursenot. In my first year of management in a bowling center, one of our “moneyleagues” had a variety of bowlers. Most were looking for competitive bowlingbut not always for money. Some league members wanted competition andto hang out with friends while others were looking for jackpots, pot bowlingafter league and a way to pay their bills. One person in particular stood out interms of the value in bowling leagues beyond my expectations and led me tounderstand your league no matter the dynamics has meaning to its members. This bowler was an engineer by trade, a fairly competitive bowler andbrought his children to our youth leagues. He was professional, calm and afamily man. About one month into the season, he was acting out of his typical character and I asked him the typical question for this type of situation,“What’s Up?” He took me aside and said he knows I am new to the businessBowling, etc.and went on to explain his reasons. He said “I am here for good bowling andto act in way that I can’t at home, work, or anywhere else. It’s my only outlet.”From that point of time through the present (23 years later), it is clear bowling more than any other recreational activity or sport has value to everypossible person.Many league opportunities still exist from the novice bowler through thetraditional league participant. The short season leagues are still considered“feeders” for the full season ones. We should be talking about the value ofleague bowling to everyone. Most bowling center proprietors, whether traditional oriented or leaning toward the family entertainment approach to thebusiness still place the highest of value to the league bower. They will oftencreate flyers and add to their social media pages for new leagues and openings in current ones. Whether as a parent of a bowler in youth leagues or inone yourself, let others know bowling has value to them. Remember to include some of the following values:·It is a lifelong sport. Don’t hesitate to tell them about Rolle who at105 years old shot a 220 game at an in-house tournament inNorth Oakland County.·It is a family sport. Recently, there seems to be a resurgence ofAdult/Youth Leagues with some being very competitive.·It is an official sport at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels. We all know a high school bowler who as received abowling scholarship to college.·It is a sport offering many tournament opportunities, especiallythrough the MDUSBC.·Equipment is available for those joining your leagues who havenot previously bowled.·Many new friends and sometimes marriages originate in bowlingleagues.·Everyone can bowl.·Money leagues still exist in many locations.·And moreWhat is the value of bowling in your league? For any comments onthis article or other topics you would like to see addressed, please contactus by phone at 248-210-3953 or email, [email protected]’Keefe caps banner year with win at 2019 PWBA Tour ChampionshipRICHMOND, Va. - Shannon O’Keefe of Shiloh, Illinois, put the finishingtouches on a dream season by winning her second career ProfessionalWomen’s Bowling Association Tour Championship.O’Keefe rolled eight consecutive strikes on her way to a 268-179 win overUkraine’s Dasha Kovalova in the title match to claim the 20,000 top prizeand her third major championship.The 2019 PWBA Tour Championship was held inside the Old DominionBuilding at Richmond Raceway, and the knockout-style championship roundwas broadcast live on CBS Sports Network.The 40-year-old right-hander won her fifth title of 2019, after securing hersecond consecutive PWBA Player of the Year award earlier in September.She made seven championship-round appearances in 13 events and finished the season with an 11-2 record in those appearances.“This is beyond any of my wildest dreams,” said O’Keefe, who won the2017 Tour Championship. “To have a season like this - to win five titles,come back to Richmond Raceway, where I won my first major, and be ableto win again, to be player of the year - it’s mind boggling to me, and I’m sohumbled and grateful.”After delivering in a must-strike situation to defeat Stefanie Johnson ofMcKinney, Texas, in her semifinal match, 234-223, O’Keefe elected to makea ball change heading into the title tilt against Kovalova.O’Keefe’s first shot against Kovalova crept high on the head pin, leavinga 4-7 combination, which resulted in a spare. Her adjustment from the firstframe helped her quickly distance herself from Kovalova, who opened twicein her first seven frames.“Going off the first match, Dasha’s ball motion was really good and herball was hitting like a ton of bricks,” said O’Keefe, who now owns 13 careerPWBA Tour titles. “We felt like I could shoot 220 with the ball I used in thesemifinals, but it was starting to get lazy downlane. We thought the otherball, with a little surface, would still retain through the front part of the laneand still come off it. The first shot was really good, so I made a one-and-onemove on both lanes, and it was such a good choice.”The victory also was amplified for O’Keefe as she celebrated the win withher husband, Bryan, on their 15th wedding anniversary.“He’s been in the fire with me, and it’s so awesome to be able to sharemoments like this with him,” O’Keefe said. “I wouldn’t be the player I amtoday without him, and to win this on our anniversary is very special.”The 16-player field at the Tour Championship included all of this year’seligible PWBA Tour champions, and the final spots in the bracket were filledin using the 2019 PWBA points list.

Page 6Bowling Showcase NewsOctober 2019Bowling Centersof the Metro Detroit USBCBOWLING CENTER NAME (# of Lanes)300 BOWL (52)ALLEY 59 (24)ASTRO LANES (48)AVON NORTH HILL LANES (32)BEECH LANES (16)BELMAR LANES (16)BIDDLE BOWL (8)BONANZA LANES (44)BOWL ONE LANES (40)BOWLERO LANES (16)CENTURY BOWL (52)CHERRY HILL LANES (52)CHERRY HILL NORTH (36)CLASSIC LANES (32)COLLIER LANES (32)COUNTRY CLUB OF DETROIT (6)COUNTRY LANES (32)DETROIT ATHLETIC CLUB (8)ESCAPE (Formerly TROY LANES) (30)FERNHILL COUNTRY CLUB (12)FIVE STAR LANES (50)FORD LANES (24)FRASER STAR LANES (16)GARDEN BOWL (16)GROSSE PTE YACHT CLUB (6)HARBOR LANES (20)HARTFIELD LANES (52)IMPERIAL LANES (80)INDIAN LANES (32)LAKESHORE LANES (16)LANGAN’S ALL STAR LANES (18)LUXURY LANES (16)ADDRESS100 S Cass Lake Rd44925 N Groesbeck Hwy32388 John R Rd150 W Tienken Rd15492 Beech Daly Rd4035 Fort St708 Biddle St.24600 Hoover Rd1639 E 14 Mile Rd4209 Coolidge Hwy7345 Highland Rd300 N Inkster Rd6697 Dixie Hwy2145 Avon Industrial Dr879 S Lapeer Rd2220 Country Club Dr.30250 W 9 Mile Rd241 Madison St1950 E Square Lake Rd17600 Clinton River Rd2666 Metropolitan Pkwy23100 Van Born Rd33042 Garfield Rd4120 Woodward Ave788 Lake Shore Rd25419 Jefferson Ave3490 12 Mile Rd44650 Garfield Rd4500 13th St31025 Jefferson Ave257 Ladd Rd600 E 9 Mile Rd2004 ABC Tournament Team ChampionsFred Bauss * Kerry KreftS & B Pro ShopLocated Inside BOWL ONE LANES1639 E. 14 Mile Rd. in Troy(248) 577-0440Monday - Friday 2-8 * Saturdays 12-6AMF - BRUNSWICK - COLUMBIAEBONITE - STORM - TRACKDEXTER & LIND SHOES - KR BAGSSpecial Discounts for Youth Bowlers, Michigan MajorsMid States Masters, MJMAFRED BAUSS - KERRY KREFT - JEN KREFT - BRAD SMYTHCITYWaterfordClinton TownshipMadison HeightsRochester HillsRedfordLincoln ParkWyandotteWarrenTroyRoyal OakWaterfordDearborn HeightsClarkstonRochester HillsOxfordGrosse Pointe FarmsFarmingtonDetroitTroyClinton TownshipSterling HtsDearborn HeightsFraserDetroitGrosse Pointe ShoresSaint Clair ShoresBerkleyClinton TwpWyandotteSaint Clair ShoresWalled LakeFerndaleZIP 80824839048220PHONE(248) 682-6300(586) 469-6411(248) 585-3132(248) 651-8544(313) 531-3800(313) 381-4242(734) 283-0660(586) 756-3000(248) 588-4850(248) 549-7500(248) 666-4700(313) 278-0400(248) 625-5011(248) 852-9100(248) 628-2851(313) 881-8000(248) 476-3201(313) 442-1003(248) 879-8122(586) 286-4700(586) 939-2550(313) 292-1700(586) 293-5590(313) 833-9850(313) 884-2500(586) 772-1200(248) 543-9338(586) 286-8700(734) 283-4700(586) 293-2722(248) 669-5400(248) 544-0530

October 2019Bowling Showcase NewsPage 7Bowling Centersof the Metro Detroit USBCBOWLING CENTER NAME (# of Lanes)MADISON PARK BOWL (16)MAYFLOWER LANES (32)MERRI-BOWL LANES (40)NORWEST LANES (16)NOVI BOWL (40)PERFECT GAME (Formerly DRAKESHIRE) (32)PLAZA LANES (40)PLUM HOLLOW LANES (24)PREMIER LANES (34)RECREATION BOWL (8)RENAISSANCE FAMILY CTR (40)ROOSEVELT LANES (20)ROSEBOWL LANES (48)SHELBY LANES (24)SHORE LANES (40)SKORE LANES (48)STERLING LANES (50)SUMMIT SPORT CENTER (36)SUPER BOWL (60)TEN PINS OF TRENTON (32)THUNDERBOWL LANES (90)TOTAL SPORTS LANES (20)TURBO 2-N-1 RESEARCH FACILITY (2)UNIVERSAL LANES (28)VISION LANES (32)WATERFORD LANES (40)WESTLAND BOWL (60)WONDERLAND LANES (40)WOODHAVEN BOWL-A-RAMA (36)WOODLAND LANES (32)ADDRESS25023 John R Rd26600 Plymouth Rd30950 5 Mile Rd32905 Northwestern Highway21700 Novi Road35000 Grand River Ave42001 Ann Arbor Rd E21900 W 9 Mile Rd33151 23 Mile Rd.40 Crocker Blvd19600 Woodward Ave6701 Roosevelt Ave28001 Groesbeck Hwy50721 Van Dyke Ave31100 Harper Ave22255 Ecorse Rd33200 Schoenherr Rd66600 Van Dyke Avenue45100 Ford Rd2591 Fort St4200 Allen Rd40501 Production Drive46460 Continental2101 E 12 Mile Rd38250 Ford Rd7100 Cooley Lake Road5940 N Wayne Rd8265 Richardson Rd20000 Van Horn Rd33775 Plymouth RdCITYMadison HeightsRedfordLivoniaFarmington HillsNoviFarmington HillsPlymouthSouthfieldChesterfieldMount ClemensDetroitAllen ParkRosevilleUticaSaint Clair ShoresTaylorSterling HtsWashingtonCantonTrentonAllen ParkHarrison dCommerce TownshipWoodhavenLivoniaZIP 8150PHONE(248) 541-9305(313) 937-8420(734) 427-2900(248) 626-2422(248) 348-9120(248) 478-2230(734) 453-4880(248) 353-6540(586) 725-2228(586) 468-7746(313) 368-5123(313) 381-0222(586) 771-4140(586) 731-4800(586) 293-0880(313) 291-6220(586) 979-5200(586) 752-7006(734) 459-6070(734) 675-2695(313) 928-4688(586) 463-2000(586) 598-3948(586) 751-2828(734) 641-8181(248) 366-4778(734) 722-7570(248) 363-7131(734) 675-3554(734) 522-4515

Page 8Bowling Showcase NewsOctober 2019Anthony Simonsen wins second Bowlero Elite SeriesRoger Dalkin comes out of retirementWatching Anthony Simonsen winthe second Bowlero Elite Series showon NBC Sports Network was a muchJeff Richgelsdifferent experience than watchingLuis Gonzalez win the first one backin April.And it had nothing to do withSimonsen being a PBA superstar witha compelling story and Gonzalez apreviously unknown non-PBA member.It was all about what Bowlero Corp.was in April and what it is now.Serious bowlers are fully justifiedin heaping scorn on the concept forits treatment of the SPORT, whileappreciating the money the companywas delivering to a few of the bestbowlers in the world — and a few of its league bowlers.It wasn’t surprising coming from a company whose CEO Tom Shannonsaid in a 2011 interview, “I don’t think anyone takes bowling seriously. Whywould you?”It was just Bowlero being Bowlero.But Bowler

About Bowlero Corp Bowlero Corp is the largest owner and operator of bowling centers in the world, with more than 300 locations, across the U.S., Mexico and Canada specializing in corporate and private events as well as league and retail bowling. The company’s portfolio of bowling center brands include Bowlero,