07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSI. GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS SECTOR1. InstitutionsAl-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the PhilippinesDevelopment Bank of the Philippines***DBP Data Center, Inc.Land Bank of the Philippines***Land Bank Countryside Dev't Foundation, Inc.***LBP Resources and Development CorporationOverseas Filipino Bank (formerly PostBank)United Coconut Planters Bank9. Banking InstitutionsCredit Information CorporationDBP Leasing CorporationLBP Insurance Brokerage, Inc.LBP Leasing and Finance CorporationMasaganang Sakahan, Inc.National Development CompanyNational Home Mortgage Finance CorporationPhilippine Crop Insurance CorporationPhilippine Deposit Insurance CorporationSmall Business CorporationSocial Housing Finance CorporationPhilippine Guarantee Corporation21. Security InstitutionsEmployees Compensation CommissionGovernment Service Insurance SystemHome Development Mutual FundPhilippine Health Insurance CorporationSocial Security SystemVeterans Federation of the RANTEEECCGSISPag-IBIG FundPHILHEALTHSSSVFPII. TRADE, AREA DEVELOPMENT AND TOURISM SECTOR27.28.29.30.TradeCenter for International Trade Expositions and MissionsDuty Free Philippines CorporationPhilippine International Trading CorporationPhilippine Pharma Procurement, Inc.E.O. No. 44, s. 2017CITEMDFPCPITCPPPIE.O. No. 58, s. 2018

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORS31. DevelopmentBases Conversion Development AuthorityClark Development CorporationJohn Hay Management CorporationLaguna Lake Development AuthorityNational Housing AuthorityPalacio Del Gobernador Condominium CorporationPhilippine Reclamation AuthorityPoro Point Management CorporationQuezon City Development AuthoritySouthern Philippines Development AuthorityTourism Infrastructure & Enterprise Zone ZA42.43.44.45.TourismCorregidor Foundation, Inc.Marawi Resort Hotel, Inc.Philippine Retirement AuthorityTourism Promotions BoardCFIMRHIPRetATPBIII. EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SECTOR46.47.48.49.EducationalBoy Scouts of the PhilippinesDevelopment Academy of the PhilippinesGirl Scouts of the PhilippinesPhilippine Tax AcademyBSPDAPGSPPTACultural50. Cultural Center of the Philippines51. Nayong Pilipino Foundation, Inc.CCPNPFIV. GAMING SECTOR52. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation53. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes OfficePAGCORPCSOGCG M.O. No. 2013-42GCG M.O. No. 2013-42R.A. No. 10143

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSV. ENERGY AND MATERIALS SECTOR54. Electrification AdministrationNational Power CorporationNational Transmission CorporationPhilippine National Oil CompanyPower Sector Assets and Liabilities Management CorporationPNOC Exploration CorporationPNOC Renewables CorporationPhilippine Electricity Market C62. Buhay Gold Mines, Inc.Bukidnon Forest, Inc.Natural Resources Development CorporationNorth Davao Mining CorporationPhilippine Mining Development Corporation (formerly NRMDC)BBGMIBFINRDCNDMCPMDCVI. AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD SECTOR67. and FisheriesNational Dairy AuthorityNational Food AuthorityNational Tobacco AdministrationPhilippine Coconut AuthorityPhilippine Fisheries Development AuthorityPHIVIDEC Panay Agro-Industrial Corp. (PMO)Sugar Regulatory Administration74. Terminal, Inc. (PMO)National Sugar Development Company (PMO)Northern Foods Corporation (PMO)Legaspi Oil Company, Inc.Granexport Manufacturing CorporationSan Pablo Manufacturing CorporationCagayan De Oro Oil Company, Inc.Southern Luzon Coconut Oil Mill, Inc.Iligan Coconut Industries, Inc.NDANFANTAPCAPFDAPPACSRAFTINASUDECONFC

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSVII. UTILITIES AND COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR83. Port AuthorityCivil Aviation Authority of the PhilippinesClark International Airport CorporationLight Rail Transit AuthorityLocal Water Utilities AdministrationMactan-Cebu International Airport AuthorityManila International Airport AuthorityMetropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System-Corporate OfficeMetropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System-Regulatory . Irrigation AdministrationPEA Tollway CorporationPhilippine Aerospace Development CorporationPhilippine National Construction Corporation (PMO)Philippine National RailwaysPhilippine Ports AuthorityNIAPEA-TCPADCPNCCPNRPPACommunications97. APO Production Unit, Inc.98. People's Television Network, Inc.99. Philippine Postal Corporation100. La Union Medical CenterAPO-PUIPTNIPHLPOSTVIII. HEALTHCARE SERVICES SECTORLUMC

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY REALTY / HOLDING COMPANIESBatangas Land Company, Inc.BLCIFirst Cavite Industrial Estate, Inc.FCIEIG.Y. Real Estate, Inc.GYREIKamayan Realty CorporationKRCPinagkaisa Realty CorporationPiRCASC Investors, Inc.ARC Investors, Inc.AP Holdings, Inc.Anglo Ventures, Corp.Fernandez Holdings, Inc.First Meridian Development, Inc.Randy Allied Ventures, Inc.Rock Steel Resources, Inc.Roxas Shares, Inc.San Miguel Officers Corp. Inc.Te Deum Resources, Inc.Toda Holdings, Inc.Soriano Shares, Inc.Valhalla Properties, Inc.X. GOCCs SUPERVISED BY PCGGUCPB Savings Bank (PCGG)UCPB-SBPerformance Investment Corporation (PCGG)PICUCPB CIIF Finance and Development Corp (PCGG)COCOFINANCEUCPB Leasing (PCGG)UCPB LeasingIndependent Realty Corporation (PCGG)IRCMid-Pasig Land Development Corporation (PCGG)MLDCPiedras Petroleum Company, Inc. (PCGG)PIEDRASChemfields, Inc. (PCGG)CIBataan Shipyard and Engineering Company (PCGG)BASECOBanahaw Broadcasting Corporation (PCGG)BBCUnited Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation (PCGG)COCOLIFEUnited Coconut Planters Bank General Insurance, Inc. (PCGG)COCOGENUnited Coconut Chemicals, Inc. (PCGG)COCOCHEMUCPB CIIF Foundation, Inc. (PCGG)UCPB CIIFFoundation, Inc.

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSXI. UNDER PRIVATIZATION134. GSIS Family BankGSIS-FB135. Intercontinental Broadcasting CorporationIBC136. Southern Utility Management, .160.XII. NON-OPERATIONAL / INACTIVEAnchor Estate, Inc.AEIAviation Services and Training InstituteASTI***BCDA Management and Holdings, Inc.BMHICalauag Quezon Province Integrated Coconut Processing Plant, Inc. CQPICPPIClark Polytechnic Development FoundationCPDF***DBP Management CorporationDBPMCFirst Centennial Clark CorporationFCCCGSIS Mutual Fund, Inc.GSIS-MFIGSIS Properties, Inc.GSIS-PIIntegrated Feedmills Manufacturing CorporationIFMCInter-Island Gas Service, Inc.IIGSILBP Financial Services SpA (Rome, Italy)LBP-FSSLBP Remittance Company (USA)LBP-RCLBP Singapore Representative OfficeLBP-SROLBP Taiwan Representative OfficeLBP-TROManila Gas CorporationMGCMeat Packing Corporation of the PhilippinesMPCPNDC-Philippine Infrastructure CorporationNPICPaskuhan Development, Inc.PDIPhil. Centennial Expo '98 Corp.EXPO FILIPINOPhilpost Leasing and Financing CorporationPLFCMetro Transit Organization, Inc.MTOI***LWUA Consult, Inc.LWUA-CINorth Luzon Railways CorporationNORTHRAILMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 06 March 2015Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 21 December2015OP M.O. No. 90, s. 2016GCG M.O. No. 2013-06GCG M.O. No. 2015-06GCG M.O. No. 2014-04GCG M.O. No. 2012-36GCG M.O. No. 2012-26GCG M.O. No. 2012-23GCG M.O. No. 2014-13GCG M.O. No. 2012-12GCG M.O. No. 2012-12GCG M.O. No. 2012-12GCG M.O. No. 2012-12GCG M.O. No. 2012-07GCG M.O. No. 2012-34GCG M.O. No. 2012-27GCG M.O. No. 2012-22GCG M.O. No. 2013-02GCG M.O. No. 2014-08GCG M.O. No. 2019-05

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSXIII. UNDER ABOLITION161. Alabang-Sto. Tomas Development, Inc.ASDIMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014OP M.O. No. 90, s. 2016Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014E.O. No. 58, s. 2018Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 03 July 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 15 Feb 2016Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013OP M.O. No. 29, s. 2018162. AFP-Retirement and Separation Benefits System163. CDCP Farms CorporationAFP-RSBSCDCP-FC164. Disc Contractors, Builders and General Services, Inc.DISC165. Home Guaranty Corporation166. HGC Subic CorporationHGCHGC-SC167. Human Settlements Development CorporationHSDC168. National Agri-Business CorporationNABCOR169. NIA Consult, Inc.NIACI170. Panay Railways Inc. (PMO)PRI171. Philippine Agricultural Development and Commercial CorporationPADCC172. Partido Development AdministrationPDA173. Philippine Forest CorporationPFC174. Philippine Fruits and Vegetables Industries, Inc.PFVII175. Philippine Sugar Corporation (PMO)PHILSUCORMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013OP M.O. No. 30, s. 2018176. Philippine Veterans Assistance CommissionPVACOP M.O. No. 87, s. 2016177. Philippine Veterans Investment Development CorporationPHIVIDECOP M.O. No. 87, s. 2016178. PNOC Alternative Fuel Corp.PNOC-AFCMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 08 September2014

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORS179. PNOC Development and Management CorporationPNOC-DMC180. PNOC Shipping and Transport CorporationPNOC-STC181. Quedan & Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation182. San Carlos Fruits CorporationQUEDANCORSCFC183. Technology Resources CenterTRC184. Tierra Factors CorporationTFC185. Traffic Control Products CorporationTCPC186. Zamboanga National Agricultural College - Rubber Estate Corp.ZRECMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 08 September2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 05 July 2013OP M.O. No. 13, s. 2017Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 07 August 2014Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 26 November2013XIV. DISSOLVED/ABOLISHED187. Bataan Technology Park, Inc.BTPI188. Cottage Industry Technology CenterCITC189. National Livelihood Development Corp. (Merged Livecor and NLSF)NLDC190. People's Credit and Finance CorporationPCFCXV. GOCCs DISPOSED BY PMO191. Menzi Development Corporation (PMO)MDCMemorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 17 May 2013Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 20 December2013OP M.O. No. 85, s. 2015Memorandum from theExecutive Secretarydated 03 September2015

07 January 2020CLASSIFICATION OF GOCCs BY SECTORSXVI. GOCCs EXCLUDED FROM THE COVERAGE OF RA NO. 10149192. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas193. Central Bank - Board of LiquidatorsCB-COLGCG M.O. No. 2012-11194. Philippine International Convention Center, Inc.PICCGCG M.O. No. 2012-09195. Institutions*Lung Center of the PhilippinesNational Kidney and Transplant InstitutePhilippine Center for Economic DevelopmentPhilippine Children's Medical CenterPhilippine Heart CenterPhilippine Institute for Development StudiesPhilippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health CarePhilippine Rice Research Zone Authorities*Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport AuthorityAuthority of Freeport Area of BataanCagayan Economic Zone AuthorityFreeport Services CorporationNortheastern Luzon Pacific Coastal Services, Inc.Philippine Economic Zone AuthorityPhividec Industrial AuthoritySubic Bay Metropolitan AuthorityZamboanga City Special Economic Zone AuthorityAPECOAFABCEZAFSCNLPCSPEZAPIASBMAZCSEZABy Supreme Court Decision212. Radio Philippines NetworkRPNSui Generis213. Millennium Challenge Account PhilippinesMCAPGCG M.O. No. 2012-10GCG M.O. No. 2012-13GCG M.O. No. 2013-32G.R. No. 148076,153161GCG M.O. No. 2012-33* Section 4 of RA10149 provides that for Economic Zone Authorities and Research Institutions, the President shall appoint onethird (1/3) of the board members from the list submitted by the GCG.*** GOCC functions mainly as a support unit of the Parent GOCC with no independent mandate or business.

11. LBP Insurance Brokerage, Inc. LIBI 12. LBP Leasing and Finance Corporation LBP-LFC 13. Masaganang Sakahan, Inc. MSI 14. National Development Company NDC 15. National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation NHMFC 16. Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation PCIC 17. Philippine Deposit Insurance