Together we are strong.Together we win.

FIRSTLYTHANK YOUFOR CONSIDERING US!Empower is fundamentally committed to our agents’success. My vision for Empower is to become the topchoice for independent insurance agents in the UnitedStates, with the mentorship and resources to ensure thatthey have the prospects to speak with and the expertiseto convert them into lifetime clients. I think we are wellon our way to achieving that goal with our training roadtrips, educational webinars, Lead Maximizer data miningsystem, online Comparative Rating Engines, and ourgenerous Leads Co-op programs. We even have productspecialists ready to assist agents with learning how toexcel in offering a variety of product lines. Because of allwe offer, and the dedicated staff in our home office, weare fast becoming the most hands-on FMO in the country.As I think of the magnitude of what an agent entrusts tous, I become even more committed.An agent brings us their dreams for their career futureand it’s precious. We treat that seriously and sincerely. Anindependent agent has no small job to perform and oftenneeds help. Hiring a staff takes serious money and time.The effort level alone, to train a staff, is enough to derailan otherwise thriving pipeline. We endeavor to aid agentswith tools, experience, and resources, to help replacetheir need for a staff of their own. In this way, we becomea team; both doing what each other does best. Utilizingstrengths, instead of trying to overcome weaknesses,saves time and frustration. Agents are generally happierworking with a team, like Empower. Providing this level ofhelp and support is our everyday goal and mission.2Rodney CulpCEO


WE BUILDEXPERIENCESEmpower Brokerage ensures agents enjoy their experience fromstart to finish - from contracting for the first time to writing their firstapplication. We have a dedicated staff that promises to anticipateand fulfill an agent's need.4

ABOUT USOUR STORY. SO FAROver 40 years ago, Empower Brokerage started out as the health andlife department of Al Boenker’s Insurance Agency - a local agencyin the DFW area. Eventually, Empower Brokerage co-branded with AlBoenker’s auto insurance company, Empower Insurance. Eventually,Al Boenker Insurance Agency became one of the largest multi-lineinsurance agencies in the DFW area. As business expanded, EmpowerBrokerage became its own distinct entity that set it apart from AlBoenker Insurance Agency.Eventually, Empower Brokerage went from retail to wholesale, climbingthe contract hierarchy and fast becoming one of the most prestigiousfield marketing organizations in the country. Empower Brokerage derivesits success not only from their top contracts in the industry, but alsofrom their diversification. Supporting multiple lines of insurance enablesEmpower Brokerage to recruit more agents within different markets andsell more products to consumers.Over the last few years, Empower Brokerage has grown exponentially.We now boast a nationally licensed and CMS approved Medicare callcenter, as well as offices in six cities, located in Southlake, TX, Harlingen,TX, Edinburg, TX, Laredo, TX, Rio Grande City and Houston, TX. Sellingdirect to consumers is only one piece of the puzzle. Empower Brokeragealso contracts with over 7,000 field agents all over the country!5

OUR COMPANY HISTORYAT A GLANCE1980s1970s Began as the health and life Starts selling Universal Life in 1981. Rodney Culp, now the CEO ofdepartment of Al Boenker's InsuranceAgency, located in Lakeworth, TX.Empower Brokerage, joins thecompany in 1985. Becomes a member of NAIFA andNAHU in 1985, and is still a loyalmember to this day!6

2000s1990s Sells Medicare Choice Plus when it Sells Medicare Supplements when Breaks into the brokerage businessthe plans are first standardized inin 2005 and becomes Empower1992.Brokerage. Enters the securities business by Modernization Act of 2003,1997.Empower Brokerage ramps up Laredo, TX in 2016.Enters into the HSA business whenthe products are first released inMoves home office to Southlake,TX, and opens new call center inMedicare Advantage sales. Offers the CSG Actuarial quoter toagents in 2014.Shortly after the Medicareacquiring a securities license inReleases the Lead Maximizer toagents in 2013. Begins participation in the Walmartretail kiosk program in 2004.first releases in 1991. Launches the road show seminars2010s Offers a new 50/50 BRC Co-Op leadprogram to agents.1997. Creates four consumer websites in2016. Launches new website. Launches the new mobile app, aswell as the LeadServ system in 2017.Adds 15 telemarketers tothe team and offers agents pre-setappointments leads. Opens new offices in Harlingen, TXand McAllen, TX, and also buildsnew home office in Southlake, TXin 2018. Opens Houston and RioGrande CIty, TX in 2019.7


OURAFFILIATIONSEmpower Brokerage is proud to partner with some ofthe most renowned organizations in the health andlife insurance industry.National Association of Independent LifeBrokerage Agencies (NAILBA)National Association of Health Underwriters(NAHU)National Brokerage Association (NBA)National Association of Insurance andFinancial Advisors (NAIFA)Health Plan Express (HPE)Broker’s Health Insurance Network, Inc.(BHINI)Inter Company Marketing Group (ICMG)9

TRAININGSALES IS THEGAME. AND WE HELP YOU WIN ITWe make sure you have everything you need to win. Weprovide the best products so you automatically represent awinning team. We provide lead support so you can makethe introduction. We provide training so you know howto make the sale. When you win, we win.10

OUR MAIN AREA OF EXPERTISEWhat we do bestWe are driven bycreating experiencesthat deliver results foryour business and foryour clients.MARKETINGTRAININGAgain, our objective is to make agents standout. We provide state-of-the-art resourceslike the Lead Maxmizer, our mobile app, CSGquoting engine, iPipeline, Health Sherpa, andso much more. In addition to tools, we alsoprovide exclusive leads through several leadprograms - in many cases, at no cost to theagent. With lead support also comes marketingmaterials, which range from customizablebrochures to website design.Available 24/7, the Empower University boastsseveral in-depth training courses. This selfpaced learning center covers a range ofimportant topics. In addition, we believe inhaving a relationship with our agents. Thismoves us to travel across the country, hostingtraining seminars so that we can meet ouragents face to face. We are also availablevia phone and email six days a week to helpagents any way we can.PRODUCTPROCESSINGWe proudly represent some of the best carriersin both the health and life insurance marketby staying vigilant about the best options forconsumers. In doing so, we offer our agentsthe best, most exclusive contracts with themost competitive carriers. And our productspecialists are ready to help agents makesales!Whether it’s contracts or applications, our welltrained staff ensure a smooth process for theagent. We walk with the agent every step of theway in the contracting process, helping themwith product knowledge and certifications. Asfor applications, our underwriting departmentcarefully reviews every detail.11

TRAINING YOU TO SUCCEEDAnd we can do more!Year round, we do everything in our power to prepare agentsfor the busiest time of the year - AEP and OEP. Whether agentsneed training, contracting assistance, or lead support, we arehere to help agents succeed. Then, when the selling seasonstarts, we extend our hours, offering more assistance so noagent's need goes unanswered.INNOVATIVESALES TACTICSPRODUCTTRAININGCAREERCOACHINGWe teach agents howto conduct a needsbased analysis withour fact finder.Our product expertsensure agents knowhow best to market theproducts they sell.We train agents bothover the phone andthrough our SWEBEVENTSOur expert marketingdepartment can helpagents reach theirprospective clients.We make it easy to getcontracted with us andadd carriers to yourportfolio.We grant lead supportto qualifying agents,who meet the programrequirements.Whatever the circumstance, Empower Brokerage is here to help. In the modernage, where technology rules, the insurance industry is becoming more digital.Stay in the know with Empower; we train agents how to use the latest technology,such as electronic applications, online contracting, and carrier websites.12

CHRIS JARVIS PRESENTS12 STEPS TO TURNINGYOUR CAREER AROUNDChris Jarvis is a million dollar producer andbestselling author. He also has over 25 yearsof experience as an applied mathematician,actuary and financial strategist. He earned anMBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and isa Certified Financial Planner. Chris has beenquoted by The Wall Street Journal, appearedon Bloomberg TV, and has written more than100 professional articles and 12 books, one ofwhich he co-authored with Jack Canfield. Butwhat makes Chris truly special is his ability toarticulate sound advice which resonates withbusiness owners and salespeople, helpingthem turn their careers into somethingthey can celebrate.“Dare to be differentand increase yoursales.”Empower Brokerage hasinvested in your career andasked Chris to help youwith his revolutionary 12Day Turnaround program.As an Empower Brokerageagent you will have theability to participate in adetailed training dealingwith the most important12 steps you can take totransform your career andtake it to a new level of success.13

THE EMPOWER ROAD SHOWThroughout the spring and until the beginning ofthe busy Medicare season, Empower Brokerageconducts live seminars across the country. Theseminars cover a myriad of topics, including industryupdates, carrier products, and marketing strategies.In addition to the sales training, our presentersalso highlight the hottest products on the market.Even better, we invite carrier representatives toattend and explain their products to the agents.For agent Mali Reed, this product training greatlyhelped him with his client. “I had a client in SanAntonio, and she was interested in dental. One of thepresenters [at the seminar] spoke about a dental plan,and I thought that’d be a really awesome productfor my client. I told her I’d get back with her becauseI was coming to a meetingthat would hopefully speakabout [dental]. Now that Ihave all the information, Ican get back with her andget her into a dental plan.”in the business. "I didn't want him to make the samemistakes. I wanted him to get with a company thatcan do it all for him - to get the training in one place,"commented O'Warren with regards to her son.While agents love acquiring more knowledge, theyalso love networking with fellow agents and meetingour staff. "I have spoken with the staff many times,and everyone that I’ve spoken with has made mefeel a part of a family," said Vic Kini, an EmpowerBrokerage agent since 2016. For Kini, our dedicatedstaff attracted him to join the Empower family.Kini is certainly not far from the mark. EmpowerBrokerage feels like a family because of the peoplewho invested so much to make it that way. DeWayneLong, the National SalesDirector, for instance, hasbeen with the companysince the very beginning.Because of his historywith the company, Longnow hosts most of theseminars. Many of the otherEmpower seminar hosts- Jeff Hess, the IndividualHealth and Ancillary Expert, and John Shinn, theSenior Health Expert - have also been with thecompany for many years. With their combinedknowledge, agents are sure to learn something new."I almost gave up until I foundthe right people to teach methe right plan for the right[client] and how to do itthe right way."Stories like Reed's testifyto the value of EmpowerBrokerage seminars. Forsome agents, attending our seminars changesthe trajectory of their career. Agent O'Warrensays that she "went through a lot of trials andtribulations, starting in 2002. I went all over the state,and it wore me out; I almost gave up until I foundthe right people to teach me the right plan forthe right [client] and how to do it the right way."If O'Warren never attended one of our seminars, shemay not be an agent today, but with our support,she's thriving and learning. Now, her son is joining her14Having attended several seminars since joining theEmpower family, Kini continues to attend seminarsbecause he knows he's sure to learn somethingnew. "There is always room to learn. I want to catchsomething that I don’t know. Even if I only get one ortwo ideas out of this training, that’s all I need," says Kini.

COMING TO A CITYNEAR YOU Southlake, TXHouston, TXConroe, TXTyler, TXLaredo, TXMcAllen, TXHarlingen, TXMobile, ALJackson, MSHattiesburg, MSMemphis, TNTulsa, OKAtlanta, GAMontgomery, ALBirmingham, AL Miami, FLJacksonville, FLChicago, ILKnoxville, TNMacon, GAShreveport, LACharlotte, NCCharleston, SCSan Antonio, TXEl Paso, TXCorpus Christi, TXBrownsville, TXTexarkana, TXChattanooga, TNFort Myers, FL Austin, TXSavanah, GATuscaloosa, ALGreenville, SCPensacola, FLOrlando, FLOklahoma City, OKSavanah, GANew Orleans, LAPhiladelphia, PANashville, TNMemphis, TNKansas City, MODenver, COSt. Louis, MO15

AGENTBACK-OFFICEEverything an agent needs and more!We strive to be the one-stop shop for agents. Need amarketing plan? We can help. Need leads? We canhelp. Need training? We can help. Need quotes? Wecan help. Need contracts and commissions? We canhelp. Bottom line: You need it, we got it.Agent Empower Brokerage Success16

AGENT BACK-OFFICETOOLS AND RESOURCESThe Empower Brokerage website includes the CSG comparative rater, iPipeline,the ACA Express, the Lead Maximizer, and much more!EMPOWER UNIVERSITYIn addition to 9 intensive courses, the univsersity also holds a video library,containing past recorded training webinars. The classes cover many topics,ranging from sales training to training for our online tools and resources.ONLINE CONTRACTINGContracting made easy. Agents have 24/7 access to the contracting portal toget appointed, add carriers, and check contract status.LEADS DISTRIBUTIONThe LeadServ software enables agents to keep track of all their leads. EmpowerBrokerage uses this program to distribute leads from a range of sources,including social media and websites.EVENT REGISTRATIONAll agents are welcome to attend our webinar trainings, such as ourPerformance Partners or LAMP (Life and Annunities Mentorship Program).Additionally, Empower Brokerage hosts live seminars nationwide.NEWS UPDATESStay up to date on all industry news, as it relates to specific carriers andmarkets by following our blog on our website!CUSTOMIZABLE MARKETING MATERIALSBrowse our collection of FREE marketing materials. Once you find a brochureyou like, you can customize it with your personal contact information and passthem out to clients!CARRIER INFO PAGESTo make sure agents have all the carrier tools and information they need,we have an extensive portfolio, showcasing all the carriers represented byEmpower. For each carrier, agents can learn about carrier-specific quotingengines, commission levels, and how to use the website, plus much more!COMPANY DIRECTORYWhether you need to contact one of our staff members, fax us an application,or mail us some paperwork, you can find all of our contact information on ourwebsite!17


NEW MOBILE APP!Insurance Quotes in the Palm of Your HandHereatEmpowerBrokerage,we strive to implement the latesttechnology available on the market.We also offer key tools to our agentsto help them succeed when writingnew business. One of these toolsavailable to Empower agents is ourEmpower Brokerage mobile app.Available in the Google Play andiPhone app stores for both Androidand iPhone devices, the EmpowerBrokerage app allows you to instantlyrun a quote from your smart phone.Powered by a third-party developer,the app is always up-to-date andgives you accurate quotes forHealth, Disability, Medicare, Life,Indemnity, and also Final Expense.Our mobile app not only lets agentspull quotes within different markets atthe touch of a finger, but it also has aprescreening and needs-analysis tool.In a matter of minutes, you can findout how much insurance your clientneeds! Additionally, the app directsagents to the Empower Brokeragewebsite, the contracting portal, aswell as our social media platforms.The app can also be used byconsumers to pull their own quotes.However, the app will not displaycarrier names to consumers. Instead,this can be a tool for you to generateinterest and set appointmentsso that you can go over thecarrier choices and particulars.19

LEAD PROGRAMSBUSINESS REPLY CARDSEmpower Brokerage sends out a1,000-piece mailer that originally costs 460.00. However, we split the cost withagents. Because agents are investingfinancially in these leads, they choose thecriteria for the mailing, such as incomelevel, age, geography, etc. This is forour agents who complete the requiredtraining, produce business with Empower,and also have a minimum of 3 carriersthat match what they are targeting.Our two most popular and successfulmailers are “Shedding the Light on theImportant Changes in Medicare” and“Top Ten Medicare Mistakes.” In additionto the mailers we send out, we providecustomizable brochures for free on ouragent portal to use during the face-toface meetings with prospects.LEAD MAXIMIZERLead Maximizer is a database thatcontains consumer and businessinformation, which allows agents toscrub a list and find potential clients inthe United States. When we give anagent access to Lead Maximizer, weautomatically provide them 2000 leadcredits. Each lead credit is 10 cents apiece so we’re giving agents 200 worthof leads, which is another valuableinvestment by us to ensure our agents'ongoing selling success!Agents can gain access by gettingcontracted with at least 3-4 carriersthrough us. They must also complete theLead Programs Prerequisite - an onlinecourse available in Empower University.20

ALPHA LEADSAlpha leads take the Lead Maximizer tothe next level with professionally trainedtelemarketers who develop prospectinterest and double verify every lead theygenerate. The telemarketers generateboth leads and Pre-set appointments forselect agents contracted with EmpowerBrokerage.PROVIDER RELATIONSHIPSEmpower Brokerage has strategicrelationships with healthcare providers andcan place selected agents into a lucrativeand rewarding opportunity. Imagine beingthe trusted insurance professional selectedto help a medical office or network.PRE-SET APPOINTMENTSWe have our telemarketing team callspecific areas, targeting specific prospects,and they set up face-to-face appointmentsfor our agents all over the U.S. In orderto qualify for this program, agents mustcomplete the required training. In addition,they must be a producing agent withEmpower Brokerage and have many oftheir carriers with us. This is a case-by-casebasis, meaning agents are selected byEmpower. When approved and selectedto receive telemarketing leads, agentsare notified via email. The email containstraining and a personalized calendar link inwhich the leads will be added.Once agents request these leads,Empower will evaluate their carriers withus, past business, and also their area todetermine if it’s a good place to targetleads. These leads are available to ourproducing agents at no cost.21

NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESAROUND EVERY CORNERWhile Empower Brokerage boasts a variety of leads - from mailings to preset appointments - we are looking to offer more exclusive programs for ourhigh-producing agents. These new opportunies seek to place agents instrategic marketing locations across the country.At Empower Brokerage, we areconstantly looking for new andexciting ventures that will grow ouragents’ business. Over the years,we’ve participated in retail programsacross the country – the two primaryprograms being the Walmart retailkiosk opportunity and the CVS retailprogram. Agents – both novice andexperienced – have tremendoussuccess with the Walmart program,especially since it’s a platform thatmarkets to both over and under age65 customers. In addition to trainingand agent support, the Walmartretail program also provides all themarketing materials for the agent.22however, that changed. Throughpartnerships with outside consultingfirms and various hospital networksacross the nation, Empower is nowplacing agents in strategic locations toassist hospitals and doctors, but morespecifically the patients who need helpwith their Medicare coverage andother insurance needs. As insurancecarriers and products discontinueat an increasing rate and changeevery year, this hospital networkprogram will continue to expand.For the agents interested in increasingtheir Silverscript production, the CVSprogram is an excellent opportunity.Like the Walmart program,CVSprovides all the marketing materials.However,unliketheWalmartprogram, the CVS kiosks are notavailable in all 50 states so it's moredifficult to find a participating store.In addition to placing agents inclinics across the country, EmpowerBrokerage has also retained anexclusivepartnershipwiththeDepartment of Insurance in Alabama.To help municipal employees find aMedicare solution upon retirement,Empower recruits local agents. Retireescan either call into our nationwide callcenter and request an appointmentwith a local agent, or they can visitour dedicated website or Facebookpage to request more information.Until recently, the retail opportunitieswere the only programs on a largescale available to agents contractedthrough Empower Brokerage. In 2017,No matter which program an agent hasselected to participate in, Empowerprovides all the necessary training andtools to ensure an agent's success!


TRIPINCENTIVESReap the Rewards for WritingBusiness with Empower Brokerage!Have you ever wanted to travel the world in style?Well, agents can by doing what they do best writing apps! To reward agents for their hard work,carriers invite their highest producing agents to enjoyan all-inclusive trips to some of the most beautifuldestinations around the world.Likewise, Empower Brokerage motivates agents withall-expenses paid vacations. In years past, EmpowerBrokerage has taken agents to the Caribbean, settingthem up in the luxurious El Dorado Resort and Hotel.Invitation includes the qualifier and one adult guest.Incentive trips include air transportation to the allinclusive resort.24


EMPOWER BROKERAGEGIVES BACK TO THECOMMUNITYEmpower Brokerage often finds ways to giveback to the community. They are a part ofthe UCT (United Commercial Travelers) Empower Council 2008, a 501 (c) non-profit financial services membership organizationthat supports communities through volunteeropportunities throughout North America.The company regularly supports the effortsof the Ronald McDonald House charitiesand has a long-standing tradition of servingfamilies who have been displaced, due toa child’s illness or treatment at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.This holiday season, the Empower Brokerage marketing team decided to pro26mote the spirit of giving within the homeoffice by giving back to the Dallas/FortWorth community. They did so by adopting 16 Angels from the Salvation Army’swell-known Angel Tree program. AllisonShipman, a marketing team member, ledthe project, handled logistics, and contributions while the company CEO, RodneyCulp, pledged to match each employee’scontribution, utilizing the UCT charity fund.Every year, the Salvation Army organizes the Angel Tree program. The initiativewas founded in 1979 by Majors Shirley andCharles White, in Lynchburg, Virginia. Theirvision was to have a direct positive effect on those who are less fortunate in the

community. The first year of the program,Lynchburg residents helped about 700 children in need. Since then, the program hasexpanded to more states and helps thousands of families all over the United, and everyone felt great about giving.We’re hoping to expand it in future years.”Giving is contagious, as evidenced by theresponse from Empower Brokerage clients.Regional Sales Manager, David Russell, metwith some clients and when they heardIn DFW, the Angel Tree community prowhat was happening they also wanted tovides items for underprivileged childrencontribute to the Anand seniors with special needs. Shop- “Hopefully, our campaign will gel Tree Initiative. Aftertheir appointment, theyping malls, schools,encourageothercompaniestoreturned to the officechurches, corporations, other organiza- step out of their busy schedules with two boxes of diapers for David’s Angel.tions, and volunteerslongenoughtoallowthiskind“There must be someall come togetherof initiative."thing in the air whenevery year to helpyour clients see that,thesefamiliesinas an organization, we participate in givingneed. To apply for assistance, families regback to the community and next thing youister during Christmas time through the Soknow there are boxes of diapers for one ofcial Services program of The Salvation Army.the angel tree recipients sitting on the reception desk - it’s a great feeling,” says David.Marketing Director, William Bronson, says“Hopefully, our campaign will encourSuch generosity proves that people are in aage other companies to step out of theircharitable spirit this time of year and wantbusy schedules long enough to allow thisto give to those less fortunate than themkind of initiative. It helps the staff comeselves. Empower Brokerage and their Angeltogether, as a team, to support a greatTree Initiative brought that charitable spirit tocause, benefitting others. It was a funlight within their employees, and their clients.event for us, brought us closer togeth-27

LocationsSouthlake Home OfficeEdinburg OfficeHouston Office512 Silicon Dr,Southlake, TX 76092(888) 539-1633135 Paseo Del Prado AveSuite 15Edinburg, TX 78539(956) 364-30392500 East TC Jester BlvdSuite 272Houston, TX 77008Laredo OfficeHarlingen OfficeRio Grande City Office1407 Calle del Norte #109ALaredo, TX 78041(956) 462-7028622 W Buchanan St, SuiteB, Harlingen, TX 78550(956) omwww.empowerbrokerage.com5876 E US Hwy 83, Suite CRio Grande City, TX 78582

Empower Brokerage derives its success not only from their top contracts in the industry, but also from their diversification. Supporting multiple lines of insurance enables Empower Brokerage to recruit more agents within different markets and sell more products to consumers. Over the l