Hope Interfaith CenterJanuary – March 2009A message from Reverend Janice Hope Gorman:Support for Time AccelerationMayan 2012 Theory suggests that from January 5, 1999,through October 28, 2011, there is a cycle that processes thedevelopment of civilization.In this period of time acceleration everything goes so veryfast (twenty times faster) that beliefs and needs of the pasttransform themselves into new ways of being!The evolutionary agenda is human enlightenment – a timewhen the people come into harmony with nature. This is thetime when all political control systems and technologicalsystems that exploit life in the Universe must go!Our Elders say that astrology is based on the HermeticPrinciple – “As above, so below” – so, if astrology is a realinfluence on human feelings and behaviors, then the planetarypatterns would actually describe that the time of enlightenmentfrom 1999 through 2011 can and will take place!When I look back at 1999 through 2008 I can truly seeremarkable acceleration. Personal wounding triggered us toevolve and forced us to face the most painful hidden places inour souls. We needed the wounded healer process because itis impossible to attain enlightenment without surrendering tothe inner darkness (the “ego”), which then makes space for thecosmic Light.Hope Interfaith Center will offer a strong support for thistime acceleration. You will have the opportunity to receivemonthly teaching CDs, which will provide significant aideto understanding the acceleration of time and the process ofhuman evolution. I will offer refreshingly radical and hopefuloutcome information for our future beyond the calendar yearof 2012. Some of these teachings will contain informationon finances, relationships and conflict resolutions. Some willcontain interviews with some of my teachers, such as ChristinaRose or Thomas Czajka. And others will be interviews withprofessionals in the field of energy resonance. These CDs andother offerings at Hope Interfaith Center will assist you inlooking at the vast acceleration and wave of evolution that weare experiencing. We at HIC intend to be of assistance duringthese transformative times, which are directly related to theMaya Prophecies 2012 and to the word CHANGE!Also, every three months beginning in March of 2009, we willhave an integration gathering for anyone interested, whetheryou are listening to the CDs or not. During this period you willhave access to an accurate central databank with new thoughtsin the beta frequency wave. These databanks of beta frequencyare the other dimensions beyond space and time.We invite you to come and connect at Hope Interfaith Centerin whatever manner is right for you! We wish to come togetherand help one another as we approach the end of the Mayancalendar and as we come into the consciousness of a newunderstanding of the Universe. With the awakening of theworld’s Light, the inner structure of life itself is changing andreleasing primal energies of creation that have not been activefor millennia. There are new archetypal patterns and behaviorsthat will determine the fundamental structures of the new era.This is your Center and it is part of the new pattern throughwhich life can flow and the Divine can be revealed in yourselfand in the world. The Hope Interfaith Center is one place thatwhich can be called a riverbed through which the waters ofnew life will flow.This is a time of enormous potential, but also of frighteninguncertainty for many, as the old patterns of life dissolveand the new ones have yet to be form and be born. Despiteall our illusions of control, we cannot not be a part of therevitalization that this world is going through!Come visit our new archetypal patterns at the Hope InterfaithCenter. The images of the coming era will reflect life’sOneness. Our motto as well as our mission is to teach andhelp awaken the world to the words “We are all One!” Pleaselook through this newsletter and follow your heart for itwill call you forth to examine and be part of a gathering,an opportunity, or a Spiritual Service! There are manypossibilities here at HIC!Your Ego might get in the way, excuses might come up, oldpatterns of procrastination might float to the top, but the timeto Follow your Heart is NOW!Blessed Be!With Pure Heart,Hope

Page 2 / January - March 2009 / Hope Interfaith CenterHope Interfaith CenterJanice Hope Gorman, MinisterPenelope Tower, Associate MinisterJoni Rae O’Connell, Financial MinisterCenter Stewards: MaryAnn Morningstar,Esther Hoffmann, Kelly MeissnerMary Lou Nelson, Massage TherapistWendy Rockswold, Reiki MasterHIC Board of Directors:Nancy BesseUrsula ChristJo GangestadConnie HaugenKathy HeineKim StantonHope Interfaith Center114 Pohl RoadMankato, MN 56001507-386-1242e-mail: [email protected] us at: www.hopeinterfaithcenter.comSPIRITUAL SERVICESSecond Sunday of every month 10:00 a.m.Hope Interfaith Centerfacilitated by HopeThe Hope Interfaith Center holds a spiritual service thesecond Sunday of each month. We open our arms to all tocome together and recognize that we are ONE in the eyes ofCREATION! All Sacred Pathways Are Honored. Come andinvite a friend!Sunday, January 11, 10 a.m. – “Creating the New World”Sunday, February 8, 10 a.m. – “Take It To Heart”Sunday, March 8, 10 a.m. – “Turtle Sundaes”Sunday “Salons”Third Sunday of the month 10:00 a.m.Hope Interfaith CenterThese gatherings will give us an opportunity to connect, discussthe previous week’s worship topic, and share our spiritualjourneys. We will have coffee made and water for tea!“Salons” will be held:Sunday, January 18Sunday, February 15Sunday, March 15Notes When you come to the Center, we would ask that you removeyour shoes if possible. There are mats and cubbies that willhold your shoes. This is not only to help keep the Center cleanbut it is also a way of honoring the sacredness of the space.Thank you.Directions to The Hope Interfaith Center114 Pohl Road, MankatoFrom the West:Highway 14 East to Highway 22 SouthTurn right on Hoffman Rd. (past East High School, cross Victory Dr.)Hoffman Road becomes Glenwood Avenue (curvy road)Turn left onto Pohl Rd.The Center is the deep magenta building on the right cornerFrom the East:Highway 14 West to Highway 22 SouthTurn right on Hoffman Rd. (past East High School, cross Victory Dr.)Hoffman Road becomes Glenwood Avenue (curvy road)Turn left onto Pohl Rd.The Center is the deep magenta building on the right cornerFrom the North:Highway 169 South to Highway 22 South (one block past the laststop light in St. Peter)Turn right on Hoffman Rd. (past East High School, cross Victory Dr.)Hoffman Road becomes Glenwood Avenue (curvy road)Turn left onto Pohl Rd.The Center is the deep magenta building on the right cornerFrom the South:Highway 169 North to Riverfront exitTurn right onto Riverfront Dr. (past West High School)Turn right onto Stoltzman Rd. (follow this road and signs to MSU)Turn left onto Stadium Rd. (drive up hill past MSU)Turn left onto Pohl Rd. (twin homes on corner)The Center is deep magenta, the last building on the cornerSuggested Donation Prices for Spiritual CounselingThe suggested donation for spiritual counseling is 50.00 inperson and 55.00 for phone readings ( 5.00 for postage).Remember that we are a non-profit spiritual center, thereforeyour donations are tax deductible.*** IT’S IMPORTANT TO RSVP ***Please RSVP for gatherings by calling or e-mailing your intentionto attend. It’s a really nice thing to do for yourself and it helps inour planning. Thank you! All Sacred Pathways Honored

Page 3 / January - March 2009 / Hope Interfaith CenterFull Moon GroupsA personal invitation to gather in group!Those in training in the mystery schools were taught to use two phases of the moon to help them bring the inner worldand outer world together: the new moon for new beginnings, and the full moon to appraise our progress.Moon Groups are a wonderful time of ritual, prayer, and enjoying the knowledge and wisdom that comes when peoplegather together and share as a family of Light. Events are child-friendly and held at the Hope Interfaith Center unlessotherwise noted. Please RSVP by calling 507-386-1242 three days prior.January Full MoonMarch Full MoonRite of the Vernal EquinoxWednesday, January 7 7:00 p.m.Hope Interfaith Center“Meditation: It’s Not What You Think!”Friday, March 20 7:00 p.m.Hope Interfaith CenterFacilitated by Angela Anderson,Esther Hoffman and Kelly MeissnerCome and spend some time with three women who areimpassioned to share the insights about meditation that theyhave come to know! Experience stillness and peace. Please besure to RSVP.February Full MoonMonday, February 9 7:00 p.m.Hope Interfaith Center“Feng Shui”Facilitated by Deb NelsonCome and learn about the Four Basic Principles of theChinese art of placement, Feng Shui, from certifiedconsultant Deb Nelson. Deb has trained with renownedauthor Carole Hyder and many Masters in both theUnited States and China. She is a member of the FengShui Institute of the Midwest (FSIM), and providesfeng shui consultations with the focus of creatingprosperity, harmony and balance in living and workingenvironments.“Behold, I make all things new!”Revelation 21:5The Ancient Mysteries call forth a return to Nature’srhythms on an intuitive level. Spirit and Nature inHarmony! The earth seasons are designed to promotespecific evolutionary needs. The autumn is the seed plantingtime; winter is the gestation of the seed and the taking root.The spring is the bursting forth of those new seeds to releasenew aspiring life to be harvested in the summer.The Spring equinox opens the veil between the physicaland the spiritual so that a resurrection in our lives can beinaugurated. The keynote of this season is creation. It isthe drive to move our lives upward, like a seed pushingforth out of the earth into the air. The Spring is thetime when the creative powers we have been nurturingthrough the winter can be expressed to initiate a newworld of opportunities for ourselves and the world. Wehope you will be able to join us for this special andpowerful evening!Imagination is more importantthan knowledge. Albert Einstein

Page 4 / January - March 2009 / Hope Interfaith CenterGatherings and OpportunitiesSerenity Support GroupHope Interfaith Centerfacilitated by Judy Mosca, Spiritual DirectorTthe Serenity Support Group will NOT be meeting during thesewinter months. We will resume in April! If you have a concernor question, please call Judy Mosca at 507-387-9054.Monthly Spiritual Study(refer to the calendar for dates — NOTE: we willonly meet on Tuesday evenings this quarter)Hope Interfaith Centerfacilitated by Hope(suggested love donation: 5.00 per gathering)During the next three months, the Spiritual Study group will focuson hands-on healing. Healing the body/mind/soul connection canhelp you adjust your ingrained personal perceptions of limitations.In January there will be a Reiki share with Wendy Rockswold withthe intent on releasing perceptions. In February we will have Qigongwith Lois Weber to help us surrender to the next level of our Oneness.In March, Julie Johnson will lead us in understanding the work ofreconnective energetic therapy, which can re-wire our light bodies.We extend a warm invitation to join us these Tuesday eveningsHIC — A Place of Healing RenewalWe now have two healers on staff – Mary Lou Nelson, MassageTherapist, and Wendy Rockswold, Reiki Master. Part of themission of Hope Interfaith Center is to meet the needs of the wholebeing – mind, body, spirit – and having Mary Lou and Wendyavailable in this shifting time is an important part of what we offer!Please call them to schedule an appointment! Mary Lou canbe reached at 507-359-7542 and you can reach Wendy at507-387-4824 or [email protected] Trade SundaySunday, January 11 10 a.m.Hope Interfaith CenterJoin us during and after the Spiritual Service on January 11to find out more about Fair Trade and how we can makea difference! Nancy Besse, HIC Board Member, is also amember of the Mankato based Fair Trade group. She will shareinformation about the local group and also the global ways thatwe can fairly support those who make our lives richer!We will share Fair Trade chocolate for communion, drink FairTrade coffee and tea, and you will be able to purchase some foryour private use as well!Level 1 Spring Forest QigongSaturday, February 28 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Hope Interfaith Centertaught by Lois WeberTo register, please e-mail Lois [email protected] or call 386-1242!Cost: 75 plus 15 for Level 1 manualRetake fee: 50 (for those who are repeating Level 1)Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese healing. It works withthe body’s energy or Qi. When the Qi becomes blockedin the body, sickness, pain and other health problems mayoccur. Through simple movements and meditation, you willlearn to remove blockages and balance the body’s energy sothat it can heal. These movements can be done while lyingdown, sitting or standing.Qigong heals the whole body in a perfect way—mentally,physically, emotionally and spiritually at the same time.Some of the benefits include increased energy, improvedhealth and focus and enhanced self-awareness.Classes are based on the principles and techniquesof Spring Forest Qigong, a medical Qigong. Thesetechniques, which are taught by breathing, postures,sounds and movements, are simple yet powerful enough torelieve physical pain, reduce stress, depression and addressmany other health concerns. These techniques also workwell with Modern day medicine.Book Study“Marriage: A Simple Guide to SuccessWednesdays March 4 – 25, April 1 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.(book may be purchased at HIC for 15)facilitated by HopeWould you like to be happier? Healthier? Live longer? Bewealthier? Have more sex and enjoy it more? A successfulpartnership can give you all of these. “Marriage: A SimpleGuide to Success,” authored by Dr. Kelley Brigman, canhelp you create one starting with this book and with ourgroup! The ideas in this book can help you: prepare for a successful marriage begin a marriage on the right foot improve an existing marriage revitalize a troubled relationship.This book and group is open and dedicated to all kinds ofrelationships – heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay and lesbianrelationships. Love is love! Come join us for this 5-weekexperience of love, laughter, and learning.Dr. Brigmanwill join us for our last evening together for reflection anddiscussion! Please read chapters 1 and 2 before the first class.

Page 5 / January - March 2009/ Hope Interfaith CenterA Passion to Heal: a weight issue programTuesdays bi-weekly (check calendar for dates)5:30 to 6:00 p.m. weigh in / 6:00 to 6:45 p.m. group meetingHope Interfaith Centerfacilitated by HopeMinimum group size 6; maximum group size 20. 5 love donation suggested per meeting.In “A Passion To Heal,” Echo Bodine leads us on a journeyof discovery and healing. We will be using her powerful andunique journal exercises to guide us to vibrant well being onall levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.This group is for anyone who is now ready to get rid of theirexcess baggage that has turned into added/extra body weight.We will meet twice a month, first weighing in and then havingtime for a short teaching and the journal exercises, with theintention and action of journeying toward inner peace, healthand well being. As a group we will support and encourage oneanother on this inner and outer adventure. In order to break thecycle of losing, gaining back and losing once again, we have tolook honestly at the pay-offs we receive from our choices andalso look honestly at what we are eating! Now is the time tofind the way to meet your own needs without gaining weight!You do not need to buy the book or read it. The material willbe shared and the journal exercises taught. This group will besafe, fun and comfortable! Please call for more information orto join. There is no long-term commitment required. Just comeand check it out and find your personal trainer WITHIN!Providence Partners(refer to the calendar for dates)Hope Interfaith CenterA financial investment group was formed last quarter withthe intention of meeting monthly, continuing to study smartand conscious investments, and investing as a group. Thereare still a few spaces open for new investors. If you have anyquestions, please call Joni O’Connell at 507-934-0922 formore information. The first meeting of the year will be held onJanuary 15 at 7:00 p.m.The Divinity ProgramMarch 27 – 29, May 29 – 31, July 31 – August 2,Sept. 25 – 27, Nov. 13 - 15Hope Interfaith Center is happy to announce that it willbe offering its second Divinity Program beginning thisMarch. We will meet 5 times a year for two years. Wewill be meeting weekends from Friday evening throughSunday noon, living in community at the Center. We willstudy from a variety of places that will introduce you tonew concepts and techniques. Some of the techniques willhelp you through the most volatile situations into a naturalinterchange of compassion, generosity and personal divinity.Come learn about a radical different kind of honesty. Onewhere ego/body based consciousness can be no more!Come learn how to be influential vs. controlling, how totruly empathically connect with others like the mastersdo, how to create restorative justice in action! You willbecome your sacred practice that transcends merely‘getting what you want.’ You, as a divinized being,will take into account the crucial significance of yourcommunity and those you love to unfold the life that youalone were meant to live.Practicing the living presence of the Cosmic Source. Thatsounds like a very grand thing – possible only for heroicsaints like Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Theresa of Avila,or Saint John of the Cross. But you must never forgetthat heroic saint, mystics, spiritual leaders and heroesbegan just like you. They ARE you, transfigured by love.They ARE you, transfigured by earnestness, sincerityand devotion to practice in the name and the grace ofthe Cosmic Creator Source. All the divine mystics andmasters, all the divine traditions have told us that we areone with the Divine itself. We must never, ever forgetthis. The way to never, ever forget this is to develop fromthe very beginning of your entry onto the path of Divinitya very simple, very humble, very steady, very consistent,very intelligent practice. This practice then makes one a“practitioner of Divinity,” one who has come to divinizethemselves while walking on the earth plane. Soundimpossible?! Well, it is not!Just as when you fall in love with someone, yourinitial conversations are very, very different than theconversations you have when you marry that someoneand that love has become a very, very deep mature,constant, consistent experience. Your spirituality is thesame way – the practice at the beginning of your path willbe very, very different from those who are now ready totake this step in the mystery of Divinity. In this mysterystudy, as you come to master your own divinity, it willbecome not only more and more evident to you but toothers who see you as well.So, if you really do accept this challenge, as crazy as itmight sound, you will find what all those before you havefound and accepted when they accepted this challenge.And that finding is that the Cosmic Spirit in its infinitemercy and in its infinite tender, nurturing care for eachand every one of us will give us extraordinary inspirationand abilities. I think the most important instruction thata teacher/master ever gave to human beings was how tostay in constant connection with the Divine.For those of you who are interested in the search for thesacred inside of yourself, this is for you! We do need toknow by March 1st who is interested in this two-yearjourney. To receive more information on time and personalcommitment, please contact Rev. Penny Tower at the Center.

Page 6 / January - March 2009 / Hope Interfaith CenterSupport for Accelerated TimeYou were never born. You will never die. And thereason you’ve incarnated during this acceleratedtime was to reveal the glory of the Divine rightthrough you. This is the essence of the teachingsin the next three years leading us into 2012.This is what the Mayans called the timeto uniquely express and manifest from acosmic perspective. As we mature along thespiritual path, we move through four stages ofconsciousness: Victim, Manifester, Channeland Being.As mentioned in the front page letter, Rev. Hopeand HIC will be offering to those interestedmonthly teachings recorded onto a CD, availableto take home and work with. On these CDs therewill be a variety of teachings, interviews, guidedmeditations, prayers and insights from diversetraditions to support you in navigating your lifeduring these accelerated times. Our aim is tomake them accessible to all who desire them.All of the information included on these CDswill inspire and sustain you during these times ofyour transformation.We are now moving into a new chapter in HumanEvolution. If looking at today’s headlines makesyou wonder about the fate of our planet, here’ssome news that may surprise you: from anevolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where weneed to be! We are surrounded by proof that weare poised to take an incredible step forward in thegrowth of our species. I invite you to participate inthis eye-opening yearlong experience.If you are interested in receiving a monthly CD,call or e-mail now to subscribe. HIC is asking fora love donation of 8 per month or a donation forthe entire year of 96. Yes, the sacred geometryof the number 8 – infinity consciousness, everflowing, ever balanced. The CDs will be mailedout on the 22nd of the each month. And everythree months we will have an integration classat HIC to discuss the information. The firstintegration class will be held on March 14, from10:00 a.m. to noon.So, join us! Come together during these excitingtimes! How blessed we are to be here witnessing andcooperating in this shift!2008 Year-End Thank YousDear, dear HIC Community,Words cannot express the deep thanks that comes from the Centerto all who have so faithfully served, in many capacities, during thispast year. Many times you only see Hope or Penny day to day in theCenter, but it takes many to do the work of Hope Interfaith Center!We will attempt to name them all, knowing that inadvertentlywe may miss someone. A humble apology if that happens!First of all, to Joni Rae O’Connell, our Chief Financial Officer,who keeps all those wheels turning so that we can carry out themission that we are all so passionate about!We honestly DO NOT know what we would do without you.Secondly, to the Center Stewards, namely MaryAnn Morningstar,Esther Hoffmann, and Kelly Meissner, who are the angels who keepsthe Center beautiful and clean (not an easy task with so many comingand going)! Thank you for the order and peace you bring into HIC.Thirdly, to Amy Kortuem, who is behind the final product of this quarterlynewsletter! Many times we are crunching to the very end of the deadlineand she is always up for the challenge! Amy, you are a Godsend.Fourthly, to Cheryl Jurcoi, our web master, who gives her artistryand computer knowledge to the HIC website, which continues to be‘new and improved.’ Thank you for your craftiness!Finally, to the Executive Board Members of HIC. The followingmembers finished their terms this past year: Jane Kearney and KristiSchuck. We thank them for their time and devotion to HIC. Ourcurrent board consists of: Kathy Heine, Ursula Christ, Nancy Besse,Jo Gangestad, Connie Haugen, and Kim Stanton. They not only meetoften and advise, making large and small decisions pertaining to theCenter, but they are called upon to do extra work when it is needed.And, they always say YES! For that, there are no words!Last, but never least, thank you to THE COMMUNITY of theHope Interfaith Center. This was a BIG year for us, as we all togetherREALIZED a new facility to love and serve out of! The move, thetransition, and the settling in took many hours of man and womanpower! And we have so very many who volunteer for our fund raisersthroughout the year, so many that help keep the facility and yard in tiptop shape, so many who help twice a year serve Sunday Noon Mealsat the Salvation Army. The list could go on and on naming all whogive of themselves to HIC and this community! Everyone who comesinto these doors or those we meet upon the street and invite to join us,everyone is a vital part of who we are and the work that we strive todo. As even Cicero once said so many years ago (around 60 BC), “Wewere born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community withthe human race.” That is our goal and this community is what makesthat happen! So, to everyone who grants us the presence of theirSpirit, or the gifts of their time, talent or moneywe say a deep and heartfelt “Thank you!”

Page 7 / January - March 2009 / Hope Interfaith CenterLooking Ahead.Friday, April 3 7:00 p.m.Location to be announced“African Soul, American Heart”presented by Joseph Akol MakeerJoin us for a short documentary about Joseph’s beinga “Lost Boy of Sudan,” his journey to settling withhis family in Fargo, ND, and his current mission – thefounding of African Soul, American Heart Foundation.The foundation uses the arts — literary, film andphotographic — to raise funds to build a boarding facilityfor orphans in Duk Payuel, South Sudan.“African Soul, American Heart” shows the human spiritat its best. Watch the next newsletter and your -email formore details!Hope isthe dreamof a manawake. French ProverbCalendar of Hope Interfaith Center EventsJanuary7 Full Moon 7:00 p.m.11 Spiritual Service 10:00 a.m.13 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.15 Providence Partners 7:00 p.m.18 Salon 10:00 a.m.27 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.Spiritual Study 7:00 p.m.February8 Spiritual Service 10:00 a.m.9 Full Moon 7:00 p.m.10 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.15 Salon 10:00 a.m.19 Providence Partners 7:00 p.m.24 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.Spiritual Study 7:00 p.m.28 Level 1 Qigong 9:30 a.m.March4, 11, 18, 25, April 1 Book Study 7:00 p.m.8 Spiritual Service 10:00 a.m.12 Providence Partners 7:00 p.m.14 Accelerated Time Integration 10 a.m.15 Salon 10:00 a.m.17 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.20 Spring Equinox 7:00 p.m.31 Passion to Heal 5:30 p.m.Spiritual Study 7:00 p.m.Please RSVP for all events: 507-386-1242Visit www.hopeinterfaithcenter.comfor a printable calendar of events.

Hope Interfaith CenterReverend Janice Hope Gorman114 Pohl RoadMankato, MN ech.netAll sacred pathways honored

Jan 12, 2013 · Mary Lou Nelson, Massage Therapist Wendy Rockswold, Reiki Master HIC Board of Directors: Nancy Besse Ursula Christ Jo Gangestad Connie Haugen Kathy Heine Kim Stanton Hope Interfaith Center 114 Pohl Road Mankato, MN 56001 507-386-1242 e-mail: [email protected] Vis