GPTQ CustomerService Charter(Support Services)

GPTQ Customer Service Charter(Support Services)General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ) is a leading vocational education andtraining provider for doctors training to become General Practitioners.Under contract with the Australian Government Department of Health, we deliverthe Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program. We work with a network ofcommitted medical training practices across South East Queensland to provide anapprenticeship-style training environment, complete with hands-on experience andinstruction that supports registrars to become outstanding GPs.Our focus as an organisation is on: innovation to enhance the education and training experience for GP Registrars continuous improvement through analysis of key data and metrics s upporting registrars from first contact through to Fellowship to match individualneeds with community needs working with collaborators such as supervisors, PHNs, hospitals, and Colleges toadopt policies that ensure a continuous supply of registrars and Fellows to areas ofneed working with our partners to ensure strong representation of GP Registrars in ruralcommunities valuable engagement with local communities to ensure training aligns withcultural and social needs.GPTQ Customer Service Charter (Support Services) - 2

Our Mission and VisionOur mission is to provide training for General Practice that will address primary healthcare needs inQueensland communities. Our vision is shaping healthy communities through education.Our ValuesGenuineWe are caring, respectful andtrustworthyPassionateWe demonstrate commitment,innovation and initiativeTeamWe lead collaboratively, withequality and inclusivenessQualityWe strive for excellence basedon integrity and accountabilityGPTQ Customer Service Charter (Support Services) - 3

Our commitment to our customersThis Customer Service Charter demonstrates our commitment toprovide every customer with professional, respectful and friendlylevels of service.Our StandardsTo deliver on this commitment, we work to the following standards:QualityProviding quality in all that we doResponsivenessProviding fair, timely and helpfulresponses to all queries and requestsAccessibilityProviding accessible customer serviceoutlets and facilitiesCooperationWorking with our customers to identifystrategies and solutions that areacceptable to all partiesCommunicationResourcefulnessIssue ResolutionProviding a fair and effective ComplaintResolution mechanismsInformation FlowBeing proactive in providing accurateand timely advice and informationRelevanceApplying contemporary and innovativesolutions and practices in our workpracticesMaintaining effective andcomprehensive communicationEconomyEnsuring that our staff are appropriatelyresourced and trained to meet the everevolving needs of our customers.Conducting our business in aneconomically responsible mannerHonestyBeing honestRespectTreating our customers with respectTransparencyMaking sure that our policies andreasons for our decisions are ‘open tothe public’CollaborationSupporting local business as far aspracticableGPTQ Customer Service Charter (Support Services) - 4

Our service commitment to youIn our engagement with you, our valued customers, we commit to achieving the following every time.Awarding of Education Hours(available in MyGPTQ)15 business daysReturn your phone call24 hoursAwarding of Supervisor Points(available in MyGPTQ)Acknowledge receipt of yourcorrespondence15 business daysResponse to queries lodged via MyGPTQ(“Registrar Requiring Assistance”)5 business daysNOTE:If there is anunforeseen delayin providing advice inrelation to an outcome, itis our commitment to youthat we contact you toprovide you with anupdate and nextsteps.Our servicecommitmentto you48 hoursReply to your correspondence / enquiry / requestwith resolution or proposed actions5 business daysProcessing Standard Forms/Applications(notification of outcome) Eg. Leave Applications, 1st Extension Applications,COVID Extension ApplicationsNew Accreditation and Re-AccreditationApplications (full end-to-end process)3 months10 business daysProcessing Confirmation of Employment Forms(notification of outcome)**Exception during peak periods; June–August &September–January (28 business days)20 business daysYour commitment to usProcessing Exception Forms/Applications(notification of outcome) Eg. Category 2 Leave Applications, Part-time Applications,Further Extension Applications20 business daysTo enable us to fulfil our Charter we require our customers to workwith us in a fair, reasonable, cooperative and courteous manner.GPTQ Customer Service Charter (Support Services) - 5

GPTQ contact plicant [email protected] Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)[email protected] Defence Force (ADF)[email protected] North [email protected] South [email protected] Downs & West Moreton [email protected] Coast [email protected] ractice Experience Program (PEP)[email protected] Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Customer Service Charter (Support Services) - 6

To enable us to fulfil our Charter we require our customers to work with us in a fair, reasonable, cooperative and courteous manner. Our service commitment to you 24 hours 48 hours 5 business days 10 business days 20 business days 20 business days 15 business days 15 business days 5 business days 3 month