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THE ONLY OPINIONS THAT MATTERAs Sectra has over 1,000 installations, we are sure to have a productive customer site in your area.If you would like to talk with one of them, to hear and see how they experience Sectra’s installations,products and services, please contact us at [email protected] Hospital, Connecticut, USA“By making images available instantly whenever they are needed and by working smoothlywith our integrated speech recognition reporting system, we were able to reduce reportturnaround time from an average of 24 hours to one hour or less.”Bob Rice, Radiology Department AdministratorKlinikum Lüdenscheid, Lüdensheid, Germany“Achieving increased efficiency was our main goal when implementing PACS. With Sectra PACS, wehave optimized our workflow and can provide better service to our referring units.”Professor Dr. Heiko Alfke, MD, Director of RadiologyTelemedicine Clinic (TMC), Barcelona, Spain“The Sectra engineers have really figured out how to take advantage of the way radiologists work, andhow to best utilize available networks. Caching images locally through Sectra PACS turned out to beover 30% more efficient than our previous system.”Dr. Hans Billing, MD, MRI expert at TMCRegion Skåne, Sweden“The radiology operations in our region, ten hospitals performing 900,000 exams per year, has, with thisnew common digital solution for managing radiology images, taken an important step towards more efficientcooperation and use of resources.”Hans Stridbeck, Regional Chief Medical OfficerMemorial Hospital, Gulfport, USA“Many of our new physicians are trained elsewhere with other vendors’ PACS. They never complainabout our Sectra solution, but instead share glowing comments about how well it works.”Michael Diaz, MD, Medical DirectorGaleazzi Hospital, University of Milan, Milan, Italy“For a hospital such as ours, productivity is everything. We needed a PACS that could cope withthe pace, and support our vision of an efficient hospital-wide workflow.”Dr. Franco Perona, Chairman of the Radiology DepartmentRadiologisches Zentrum, Altötting Mühldorf, Germany“Sectra PACS offers comprehensive diagnostic functionalities independent of our user’slocation. Advanced technology ensures efficient distribution of data sets of any size.”Dr. Thomas Merl, Radiologist

PRODUCTIVITY WITHOUT LIMITSCo-operation across hospital and regional boundaries results in great advantages and efficiency gains.Sectra PACS is the performance solution for wide area radiology, enablingefficient workload sharing across multiple sites, even for very large imagestacks over strained networks.Sectra PACS is built on Sectra RapidConnect technology. It enables therapid image and data delivery required for a competitive radiology workflowallowing you to efficiently share radiology services across geographic andsubspecialty boundaries.Welcome to productivity without limits.

MAKE THE WORLD SMALLERAND YOUR DEPARTMENT BIGGERWide area productivityWith Sectra PACS you efficiently utilize your departmentresources as radiologists can perform their work fromanywhere, even from home. You can easily shareradiology services with other hospitals or clinics even ifthey are located on the other side of the world, resulting ingreat productivity gains.Sectra PACS is designed for 24/7 operations and ensuresuptimes of 99.99% and more. Sectra PACS will always beavailable and no data is lost—ever.Productivity for radiologistsSectra PACS ensures quick and easy access to patient dataand images from any work location regardless of the size ofthe dataset. Radiologists can display and navigate a stack of60,000 slices just as quickly as one with 60—a result of ourrevolutionary technology, Sectra RapidConnect.Sectra PACS is designed in tight cooperation with ourcustomers. Radiologists have the right workingenvironment and instant access to all the tools they needin one single diagnostic workstation. Sectra PACS isenjoyable to work with and the intuitive user-interfaceguarantees a minimum of extra training to get started.User-configurable shortcuts and hot keys limit the numberof clicks to give improved ergonomics and overall enjoyableand higher productivity.Productivity for medical specialistsTo meet the growing demand for complete solutionsthat integrate medical specialities into a single platform,Sectra also offers advanced applications for clinical disciplines such as orthopaedics, mammography, cardiology andnuclear medicine.Moreover, through Sectra Clinical Solutions Network ,CSN, Sectra allows third-party vendors to tightly integrate their products with Sectra PACS, giving medicalspecialists and radiologists the freedom to choose the bestof breed applications relevant to their particular medicalfield. Sectra CSN is the first and most complete integrationprogram within PACS.Productivity for referring unitsSectra PACS improves your service to referring units andmakes them more productive. Clinicians have fast accessto the radiologists’ visualizations as well as their writtenanswers. Clinicians have the same user-friendly interfaceas your radiology department. Radiologists can utilize theoptional integrated volume visualization tool to quicklyand easily explain findings to referring clinicians, which inturn facilitates for the clinicians when explaining to theirpatients.Sectra PACS will give you the competitive edge needed toexcel in an increasingly competitive environment and boostyour productivity.

“Our physicians have become very reliant on images and require access everywhere: from the office, in nursingunits, in the OR and at home. Sectra PACS incorporates secure web access to images to meet physicians’ needs.”Mike West, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services, Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, Missouri, USASetting the stage for second-generation PACS successFor several years Memorial Hospital in Gulfport,Missouri, USA, had been using Sectra PACS, thendeployed by Sectra’s former partner, when they in 2007realized they had reached a crossroads. New data heavymodalities overloaded the archive and networks andradiologists called for enhanced access from homeand their offices. Users also requested streamlinedaccess to images via Electronic Medical Records.Memorial Hospital faced a key decision: remainwith Sectra’s former partner, evaluate new PACSvendors or transition to Sectra PACS for service,hardware, software and archive.“Multiple factors contributed to the decision todeploy Sectra PACS,” says Mike West, Directorof Diagnostic Imaging Services, “Our workingrelationship with Sectra, fast and easy accessto images from everywhere despite less than optimalbandwidth, the system’s user-friendliness and Sectra’s solid customersupport program.”In the light of ongoing challenges, the Memorial Hospital’s imaging team remains confident about the robust ITinfrastructure, paired with the scalable, open Sectra PACS. This proves a solid foundation for the future of this 21stcentury community hospital.

TAKING YOUR OPERATIONS TO THE NEXT LEVELYou’re in controlSectra provides everything from management supporttools to workflow optimization, system integration andremote monitoring to help you make the right operationaldecisions.With the department manager workstation you make yourdepartment more efficient—graphs and reports provideup-to-date information on utilization of resources. Withthis workstation you become more cost-conscious as ithelps you make informed investment decisions and enablesoptimized growth planning.Truly modular and scalableSectra PACS adapts to the needs of every radiologyclinic. It is a truly modular and scalable system thatranges from basic intranet interfaces to advanced diagnosticworkstations, from stand-alone workstations to highavailability mass-storage enterprise servers. An unlimitednumber of workstations can be connected to the network,and authorized users can access any image at any time.With Sectra PACS there is no need to change yourradiology strategy or IT systems because of a changingenvironment—Sectra PACS changes with it.Streamlining workflowSectra PACS workstations are designed to streamline yourradiology workflow. All workstations meet the specialrequirements of the end users enabling them to performtheir work as effectively, safely, and quickly as possible.And with a proven training concept, end users will be fullyproductive from day one.Sectra PACS workstationsStreamlines your radiology workflow.Department managerManagement support tool for monitoringof PACS production and identifying bottlenecks before they become a problem.RadiologistHigh-performance diagnostic workstation.

“We started our digital journey together with Sectra already in 1998 and now Sectra PACS is run throughoutKarolinska university hospital, performing about 340,000 radiology examinations a year. We have the need for aPACS that evolves to meet our growing demand for the efficient transfer of radiology examinations over multiplesites, and Sectra assures that we always have access to the most recent technology available on the market.”Olof Flodmark, M.D. Ph.D. FRCP Professor, Neuroradiologist-in-Chief, Department of Neuroradiology,Karolinska University Hospital, SwedenFull integrationSectra’s philosophy is full integration with other systemsregardless of vendor and Sectra PACS is integrated withvarious IT support systems such as RIS, HIS and EPRsystems and dictation systems.Sectra PACS is based on an open architecture thatsupports standards within IHE, HL7, DICOM and HIPAAto facilitate integration.Sectra is an active member of the DICOM and IHEorganizations. Such memberships provide full insight inthe standards’ future directions and an ability to influencethe development of the standards. This is important for thelong-term efforts to provide high-quality products.Flexible archive solutionsSectra PACS has a unique modular design that makesit possible to add server capacity as the need emerges.This is achieved through a scalable system design andis done without interrupting production. Sectra PACSconnects to all major vendors’ storage solutions;consequently, Sectra can utilize your existing Storage AreaNetwork and therefore be highly cost effective using analready optimized IT environment.Minimal administrationWith Sectra PACS manual administration, servicesand maintenance costs are kept to a minimum with theMicrosoft standard for deployment of web applications,ClickOnce. Correct versions are checked upon startup andupdates are installed automatically if needed.Sectra PACS with RapidConnect is the complete ITportfolio for digital radiology departments regardlessof size.Mammography radiologistHigh-performance diagnostic workstationfor mammography radiologists.Referring clinicianReview workstation optimized forreferring clinicians.TechnologistQuality assurance workstation fortechnologists.

MEET SOME EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLEQuality starts with understandingEvery Sectra employee, from top management to administration, regularly visits customers worldwide to acquirean in-depth understanding of the customers’ situation andneeds. Do not be surprised if you meet a Sectra developeror marketer at your department one morning!You will benefit from our know-how in strategic planning, process transformation, workflow optimization andsystems integration, which will enhance your productivityand efficiency. Together, through experienced cooperativeteamwork, we provide a better working environment foryou, which will ultimately lead to enhanced, more effectivepatient care.Relax, we’re there for youWe believe in bringing the right resource to the problem,whether it is a specialist on remote concepts, an IT partnerfor hardware support or sending the engineer you need toyou. Sectra’s service offering is designed to provide safe,reliable and efficient operation of your PACS system.We have more than 20 years of experience in servicingcomplete radiology solutions, big and small and we have greatpeople—you’ll notice. Our service and support engineersare highly skilled in all aspects of IT and are able to assistyou remotely 24/7.Our efficient and cost-effective monitoring tools allow us tokeep a watchful eye on the performance of key components,enabling us to intervene before there is a glitch.

20 YEARS OF DEDICATIONMore than 1,000 customersOur project methodology has been developed duringmore than 1,000 customer projects and some of the largestPACS installations in the world, including New York Cityhospitals, London’s NHS hospitals, and the entire publichealthcare system in Northern Ireland.Your success is our successAs a dedicated IT company, and through our 20 years inthe RIS/PACS business, Sectra has built know-how andexperience matched by few. We are 100% focused onIdeas that make a differencePartnering with Sectra guarantees that you will alwaysbenefit from the latest technology available and utilizethe full potential of diagnostic methods. We build ourfuture-proof solutions in close cooperation with ourcustomers as well as universities and research centers. Thisensures we deliver future-proof solutions that will make adifference in your daily work.Sectra has always been profitable, through both goodtimes and bad.understanding our customers’ unique operational needs.This is how we make sure our customers gain the mostfrom their investment. And in fact, many of our customershave been with us for more than a decade.London’s 21 National Health Trusts depend on Sectra PACS when performing 4,000,000 exams annually.

“With volume-based representation, dynamic data reduction and continued close cooperation with our customersand research centers, we come several steps closer to the perfect IT support for image diagnostics.”Claes Lundström, PhD, Director of Product Management and Research, SectraInnovations for efficient image diagnosticsBy Claes Lundström, PhDDirector of Product Management and Research, SectraBuying a PACS is a big investment and it is important to ensure that it is both sustainableand future-proof. At Sectra we are focused on understanding your specific operation andsupport you with our knowledge. Let me share with you how Sectra stays ready for thefuture with our vision of how our customers’ images will flow in a future system enablingnew levels of efficiency in image diagnostics.The steadily increasing size of image stacks is generally agreed to be one of the most important issues of thefuture for radiology. The advantages of advanced examinations are great, so it is clear that the significant increasein image production will continue. This obviously entails efficiency problems in the flow of radiological work, fromboth a technical and human perspective. With ever-growing datasets we have seen the risk of our users eventuallydrowning in a sea of data.Abandoning “slices in a stack”Sectra is working on creating a long-term sustainable reading environment by moving away from browsing “slicesin a stack”. The future-proof architecture, retaining the native structure of the data across three or four dimensionsrather than the two-dimensional traditional method, will render completely new ways of obtaining efficient reading—we will soon see volume-based representation.Reducing image data transferredTo improve the transfer speed of image data we have Dynamic data reduction, a patent-pending technology.Dynamic data reduction is, as the name implies, based on reducing the amount of image data transferred by omittingtransparent areas. X-ray images contain large areas where there is no diagnostically relevant information, such as airsurrounding a breast in a mammogram. With dynamic data reduction, we only send significant data, leaving the airin the mammogram example on the server, not allowing it to choke up the network.We are also working on data formats, allowing for varying image quality within the same dataset. Picture a CTangiography of the abdomen. Apart from the relevant vessels in the image there will be air, bone and soft tissue, onlyrelevant as references. If just the vessels are transferred in full resolution the dependence on bandwidth and latencywill decrease, allowing the image to be more quickly transferred, even over poor Internet connections.In conclusion, with volume-based representation, dynamic data reduction and continued close cooperation with ourcustomers and research centers, we come several steps closer to the perfect IT support for image diagnostics.

A UNIQUE PACS TECHNOLOGYSectra PACS is built on our RapidConnect technology enabling multi-site workflow and rapid image and data delivery.Radiologists can efficiently leverage and share resources across geographic and subspecialty boundaries. Let us explain intwo simple steps:1Handling network limitationsRegardless of your network connection, you should expect images and patient data to be available within seconds ifyour enterprise is to really exploit the advantages of a distributed workflow—whether for individual radiologists readingimages remotely or for entire units working together. How can this be done with less than optimal networks connectingthe sites? You will need to handle not only bandwidth but even more importantly, the issue of processing delays of the datatransmission—latency. Sectra server-client protocolsTo optimize data transfer in a high-latency environmentas much data as possible should be transferred in eachinstance, as each data-package will take time to reach thedestination. Sectra PACS applies efficient server-clientprotocols in which no more data is sent than what isactually needed, and not more frequently than necessary.Furthermore, to transfer data as efficiently aspossible, Sectra RapidConnect includes compression andstreaming technologies, local cache capabilities andprogressive transfer.Sectra ProtocolStandard Protocol

“Stated simply, working remotely or achieving a truly effective cross enterprise workflow is difficult withoutthe proper technology to support it. All the components work together to create Sectra RapidConnect technologyproviding advanced technical solutions that minimizes your radiologists’ waiting times and facilitates multisite workflows—even with large datasets and when working over the Internet.”Claes Lundström, PhD, Director of Product Management and Research, Sectra2Efficient distributed workflowsFor workflow overviews to be useful for planning and prioritization, information compiled from various servers (whichwould be the case in a cross enterprise scenario) must be presented homogeneously. Also, you would probably not want tworadiologists working separately on the same case, which is another issue the system must handle. But most importantly, thesystem cannot allow for any risk of inconsistent information about a patient or an examination. You must be able to trustthat there is always only one original regardless of how the system is configured. Sectra RapidConnect technology enablesa safe and truly efficient cross enterprise workflow. Let us take a closer look at how this is done: Dynamic worklistsupdate Cross-platform workflowEven though a patient might have been examined atseveral different clinics, all diagnostic data for the patient isaccessed from a single point. Patient information isretrieved from several sites, distributed across largegeographical distances, in a manner that is seamlessto you.To improve the IT infrastructure even further SatelliteServers ensure that images are routed the optimal path.Images that should be stored locally are not routed over thecentral server, but directly transferred to the workstation.Patient records in Sectra PACS are organized intomanageable sets using static and dynamic worklists.Dynamic worklists define the examinations to be includedin each worklist by search criteria (such as reading statusor modality). They are continuously updated adding newexaminations to the list and removing examinations nolonger relevant. In this way, dynamic worklists give animmediate overview of current workload andconstitute a powerful tool for organizing the work withinthe enterprise.

ABOUT SECTRASectra provides industry-leading PACS/RIS, mammography and orthopaedic solutions. We arecommitted to transforming your needs into efficient medical imaging solutions. With more than 20years of leading innovation, Sectra maintains its position at the forefront of medical IT developmentthanks to close cooperation with top research centers and more than 1,000 customers. This is howwe provide the solutions you need, today and tomorrow.Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. Our products aremarketed and sold worldwide and Sectra systems have been installed in North America, Scandinavia, most countries in Europe and the Far East. The Sectra share is listed on the Nordic Exchangein Stockholm.*Sectra MicroDose Mammography is pending FDA approvalSdeskWtofo orpr lddi fgi irsta tlm phOam otC peolin nm nog coic inal tera unA r faph tinpp cy glic esyat forstio tFiemns hiSe rsrtdav ct dai para igla r tiM talbl yeic bro reD asos tLae unucM itham inofm stwog allebra esdephply*oyableFin ullte Rgr ISat /Pio ACnse‘00‘02‘04Fbr DAea ast ppim r ovag edin mg uw ltior -mks ota dati liton y‘98Tw r ueop ith Her ou ighat t a Aio n vn y aiSP laLaO bilidi unF tygi cta Sta hke oll t ofn utem fiin ionrtopl stat oFin r tg hor e ullyso pop co inlu aeer gn teti diat it gron cio ion atneta dke spn eein cto hclinicalFiPA rsC t fiS lmincl fr ein eic Mal aop mmer oat grio apn hyFir rsin adi t cst ol omal og ple yd d letep elar y ftm ilmen -frt eeSCPAaFin irsst t Sal ele ctd r‘96Fd irspr iag t Wes no inen st dte ic owd wo sat r bath kst see at dR ioSN nA‘94‘92Eho ntesp rpit risal ene -wtw ideor fik lmin fcl r eeinicaluBin r oni te kerza gr leti at sson ioRof n w ISda ith /Pta f ACul Slsynchro-Sectra’s solutions are future-proof—because we think about tomorrow’s needs today.And we have the history to prove it.

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Sectra PACS is designed for 24/7 operations and ensures uptimes of 99.99% and more. Sectra PACS will always be available and no data is lost—ever. Productivity for radiologists Sectra PACS ensures quick and easy access to patient data and images from