Guide forPerformance Evaluation Service(Performance evaluation involving testingbased on the Building Standard Law)Japan Testing Center for Construction MaterialsQuality Assessment HeadquartersLegal Performance Evaluation Division 2012

Performance evaluation based on Building Standard LawJapan Testing Center for Construction Materials (JTCCM) carries out performance evaluations required bythe Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) to approval of construction methods, etc. basedon the Building Standard Law. Using the Performance Evaluation Procedure Manuals established byJTCCM, JTCCM carries out the performance evaluation on structure methods and building materials usedin building to verify from the test results that the specified performance is satisfied. Characteristics of Japan Testing Center for Construction MaterialsThe standard processing periodJTCCM has a standard processing period to clarify how long it takes to complete performanceevaluation and also handles matters quickly so that the procedure can be carried out smoothly.JTCCM normally expects to issue a performance evaluation report within two months afterperformance evaluation testing was completed. Special cases may take additional months.Applying for certification by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT)After the performance evaluation report was issued, the client shall submit application documents toobtain certification from the MLIT. JTCCM offers a service to apply for the certification on behalf ofthe client. Performance evaluation for which new performance evaluation testing is not requiredFor cases in which Ministerial Approval was obtained, JTCCM handles performance evaluation (forwhich new testing is not required) based on the test result acquired through the past performanceevaluation. Other performance evaluationJTCCM provides the following performance evaluation in addition to performance evaluationinvolving testing.Be advised that clients need to be guided on the following evaluations separately. Designated building materials (concrete, etc.) based on Article 37 of the Building Standard Law.Fire preventive equipment with smoke blocking performance.General equipment, fire-resistance verification, etc.-2-

Flow from initial guidance to obtaining Ministerial ApprovalStandardprocessingtime(1) Initial guidanceAn initial guidance starts with a contact to JTCCMabout the way to apply for performance evaluation.JTCCM technical staff guides on applicationsincluding the items required to accept theapplication, selection of test specimen, schedules,etc.Dependson caseAn evaluation for fire prevention and resistancerelated matters needs some more discussionfor strict with the test specimen preparationmanagement and the order procedure.(2) Accept application/enterinto agreementWhen submitting the application, the applicant has toprepare a set of application documents with arequest form. The content of the application isconfirmed at the initial guidance stage.(3) Conduct performanceevaluation testingOur testing laboratory receives the specified testspecimen which confirmed at the guidance stage.Dependson testscheduleJTCCM carries out a performance test, and reportsthe result of the test to the applicant immediately.About2-3months(4) Examine by performanceevaluation committeeJTCCM compiles a draft performance evaluationreport after testing was completed.The performance evaluation committee examinesthe draft performance evaluation report.(5) Issue performanceevaluation reportBefore the performance evaluation report is issuedby JTCCM, the applicant checks the report.At the same time, we inform about the applicationform for Ministerial approval.(6) Apply to MLITThe applicant applies Ministerial approval to MLITwith attached the performance evaluation report.JTCCM can help to apply for Ministerial Approvaland receive the certification.About1-2months(7) Issue certification-3-

Steps from initial consulting to obtaining Ministry certification(1) Initial guidanceThe applicant contacts the Legal Performance Evaluation Division of Quality Assessment Headquarters atJTCCM about performance evaluation. Depending on the content of the inquiry, our technical staffs whoare specialized in testing and evaluation guides the applicant with regard to the application.JTCCM provides an initial guidance form to facilitate the initial exchange of information with the applicant.This form is provided for the following categories, respectively, on our website.( Fire-resistive and fire preventive construction (fire-resistive or quasi-fire resistive construction, andfire preventive or quasi-fire preventive construction)(2) Opening protective assembly (fire door and the other fire preventive equipment, fire preventiveequipment for openings of exterior walls, or specified opening protective assembly)(3) Fire preventive materials (noncombustible material, quasi-noncombustible material, or fire retardantmaterial)(4) Passing through a fire compartments (water supply or drainage pipes etc. passing thought a firecompartments)(5) Roof fire preventive construction(6) Sound insulation construction of separation walls(7) Multiplier of the frame with strength of wooden structure and the bearing wall of wood framestructure(8) Formaldehyde-emitting building materialsNote: JTCCM only handles business in Japanese.JTCCM provides an appropriate sample of a performance evaluation application form for the applicationpurpose. Using this sample form, the applicant prepares application documents.During initial guidance, the applicant and our technical staff discuss matters necessary for the application,including (1) deciding application specifications (the content of the specification), (2) selection andselection reasons for the test specimen used to evaluate the application specifications, (3) the date of thetesting and preparation of the test specimen, and (4) the schedule. With regard to guidance on performanceevaluation for which new testing is not required, discussion related to preparation of a test specimen is notnecessary.During initial guidance, JTCCM selects the member of a team that will be in charge of the case and theteam is responsible for delivery of services up to the issuance of the performance evaluation report.Note: Performance evaluation organizations including JTCCM are prohibited by the Building StandardLaw from providing consulting that promises specific performance evaluation results.Test specimen management procedure on the evaluation of fire prevention and resistance relatedmatters become strict before. It needs some more discussion on the management procedure andthe method for ordering of the test specimen to manufacturer. The application documents shouldbe submitted at least one month before from the fabrication day of the test specimen.-4-

(2) Accepting an application and entering into an agreementWhen initial guidance is completed, JTCCM proceeds to the application acceptance procedure based on theperformance evaluation service being provided. When the application is accepted, JTCCM imprints ouracceptance mark on the application documents and a copy of it is sent to the client by regular mail.About specificationThe specification that become reject in the past performance evaluation test, carried out in a public testingorganization included JTCCM, may not meet the performance requirements of the Building Standard Law.That specification cannot be accepted for performance evaluation.About performance evaluation service feesThe performance evaluation service fee is a fixed amount set forth in Article 11-2-3, Paragraph 3 of theBuilding Standard Law Enforcement Regulation. In accordance with the Consumption Tax Law,consumption tax is not levied. The amount includes fees for performance evaluation testing based on theapplication. However, as shown in the fee table on page 12-14, a different fee system is used forperformance evaluation for which new testing is not required.The client is required to pay the performance evaluation fee without delay to the account specified byJTCCM. Contact the Legal Performance Evaluation Division if you have accounting-related questions.About changing the agreed upon itemsWhen the client needs to change items written in the performance evaluation application form, the client isrequired to use the specified Change Request for Performance Evaluation Application form to request thesaid changes. The form is available at the service counter and also on the JTCCM’s website.Changes may be required in the following situations:(1) When the representative of the application for performance evaluation changes(2) When the contact person for performance evaluation changes(3) When the product name changesAbout withdrawal from performance evaluationIf the client decides to withdraw a performance evaluation application, the client is required to submit aspecified Performance Evaluation Withdrawal Notification. In such a case, the agreement cancellationprocedure follows performance evaluation service provisions set forth by JTCCM. The performanceevaluation fee is not refunded as a rule.If that failed to performance evaluation testing, the client submits a Performance Evaluation WithdrawalNotification including the testing failed description. In this case, JTCCM does not bill for the performanceevaluation fee and instead the client only pays the fees incurred for testing.(3) Conducting performance evaluation testingPerformance evaluation and the testing are conducted based on Performance Test and Evaluation ProcedureManuals established by JTCCM.JTCCM uses the following manuals. These are available at our service counter and also on our website.-5-

Purpose of evaluationProcedure manualFire preventive constructionFire-resistive constructionFire preventive equipmentRoof fire preventive constructionFire preventive materialsFire preventive and fireproof performance test and evaluationprocedure manualPipes passing through a fire compartmentsPerformance test and evaluation procedure manual for pipespassing through a fire compartmentsMultiplier of the frame with strength ofwooden structurePerformance test and evaluation procedure manual for the framewith strength of wooden structure and test of multiplierMultiplier of the bearing wall of wood frame Performance test and evaluation procedure manual for the bearingstructurewall of wood frame structure and test of multiplierSound insulation structure of separationwallsPerformance test and evaluation procedure manual for soundinsulation structure of separation wallsFormaldehyde-emitting building materialsPerformance evaluation procedure manual forformaldehyde-emitting building materialsTesting is conducted at the Central Laboratory (Soka-shi, Saitama-ken) or Nishinihon Laboratory(Sanyo-Onoda-shi, Yamaguchi-ken). Testing for formaldehyde-emitting building materials can beconducted at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP). For more information, contact the person incharge at JTCCM.(1)(2)(3)The test result will be promptly notified by the person in charge at JTCCM.Check with the person in charge at a laboratory of JTCCM for details related to the fabrication,shape, quantity, carrying in and return of the test specimen.The client is required to bear the cost for the fabrication, carrying in and return of the test specimen.(4) Examination by the Performance Evaluation CommitteeAfter passing performance evaluation testing, the case is examined by the Performance EvaluationCommittee. Depending on the evaluation purpose, one of the following committees is assigned to each caseand the committee then examines the case based on the draft of performance evaluation report compiledusing the results of performance evaluation testing. For the date of a specific committee, check with theperson in charge or visit our website.Evaluation purposeCommittee nameFire prevention and resistance related (fireFire Prevention Performance Evaluation Committeepreventive and resistant construction, equipmentand materials)Multiplier related in wooden and wood framestructured wallStructure Performance Evaluation CommitteeSound insulation structure of separation wallsAcoustic Performance Evaluation CommitteeFormaldehyde-emitting building materialsIndoor air Environment Performance Evaluation CommitteeWith regard to the remainder of the examination by the committee, if the case is determined to conform tothe procedure manual, the procedure moves to the next step. The person in charge at JTCCM promptlynotifies the client about the result of the examination by the committee.The performance evaluation report is normally issued within two months after passing performanceevaluation testing. Special cases may take additional months.-6-

(5) Issuing the performance evaluation reportBased on the results of the evaluation, JTCCM compiles and issues a performance evaluation report. As aresult of examination by the committee, if no objections are raised, the performance evaluation report isissued within two weeks after the committee examination is finished. However, if the committee raisesobjections, corrections and confirmation are required and the report issue date may be delayed accordingly.In such a case, the person in charge at JTCCM will notify the client.Before the performance evaluation report is issued, the Legal Performance Evaluation Division contacts theclient to explain the next step in the procedure, which is submitting of an application for certification to theMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.(6) Application for certification to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportAbout Ministerial ApprovalTo obtain an approval of construction methods, etc., as set forth in Article 68-26 of the Building StandardLaw, the client must submit application documents for approval of construction method, etc. to the MLITwith the performance

Be advised that clients need to be guided on the following evaluations separately. Designated building materials (concrete, etc.) based on Article 37 of the Building Standard Law. Fire preventive equipment with smoke blocking performance. General equipment, fire-resistance verification, etc. Performance evaluation based on Building Standard Law - 3 - months evaluation report (1 .