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The Advantages of CentrifugalCompressor TechnologyIntegrally geared centrifugal compressors represent the latesttechnology, offering significant advantages over outdated,less-efficient and more costly compressor designs. Theseadvantages are inherent in the centrifugal design andare further enhanced by Ingersoll Rand’s more than60 years of centrifugal expertise.The compressor packagepictured on the cover is adebutanizer compressor in anNGL fractionation process.Read more about compressorapplications in NGL on page

Compare the innovative technology of MSG and MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressors with othermachines, such as positive displacement compressors, and the advantages are clear.MS G AN D M S G TUR BO -A IR CE N T R I FU G A L CO M P RESS O RSLOWMAINTENANCEOIL-FREEPROCESS GASHIGHRELIABILITYNO TNO VIBRATIONOTHER CO M P R ESS O R S Compression elements do not wearor require periodic replacement Oil filter elements and seal gas filterelements are easily replaced online Bearings designed for extended life Require regular maintenance, suchas replacement of piston rings, glandpacking and valve plates, or periodicreplacement of air ends Result in high operating expensesand significant machine downtime 100% oil-free per ISO 8573-1certification Prevent contamination of system Meet strict downstreamrequirements Oil filters must be installedat discharge Potential for oil carryover tofoul the process Oil free claim is based dependent onuninterrupted seal gas supply Centrifugal compressors are provento have a long mean time betweenfailures (MTBF), and independentresearch has shown an industryleading availability of 99.7% Conservative, high-quality geardesign Contacting compression elementsare subject to wear Limited rotating element life Designed-in wearing items togenerate aftermarket revenues Pulsation-free and requireno dampers Require the use of large pulsationdampers to reduce pressurefluctuations Feature inlet guide vane controlplus bypass for consistent gasdelivery Automatic operation and precisioncontrol for most operating conditions State-of-the-art MAESTRO -suiteof controls PLC control systems available The use of cylinder unloading forstepped flow control can result incomplicated process control due tosudden changes in capacity Capable of handling substantiallyhigher volumes of gas in one or twosmall casings for a smaller overallpackage May have four or six cylindersrequiring more space for installation Essentially vibration-free Require only a pad suitable forsupporting the static weight ofthe package Require large and deepfoundation to handle heavyweight and unbalanced forces Precautions must be taken toprevent transmission of vibrationto other equipmentIngersollRandProducts.com2

Engineered Air Applications Industrial gases03 High-pressure nitrogen Process air Instrument and utility air Decoking air American Petroleum Institute (API) standards Soot blowers Power generationGas Compressor Applications Fuel gas boosting Natural gas gathering Hydrocarbon refrigeration gas Carbon monoxide CO2 (wet or dry) SynGas Low molecular weight recycle gas Landfill gas0104MSG and MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressorsare exceptional by design.02 One, two or three rotors, up to six stages per gearbox Horizontal splitline(s) for easy access to parts040401Cross-sectional Viewof a Typical Three-rotorProcess Gas Compressor01: One, two or three rotors,up to six stages per gearbox010202: Horizontal splitline(s) foreasy access to parts03: Engineered seal designs04: NACE-compliant scrolls and inletscan be manufactured fromsteel or stainless

Horizontally Split Gearbox for EasyMaintenance Allows inspection or replacement of gears, bearingsand oil seals by simply lifting a cover No disassembly of piping or heat exchangers isnecessary Periodic inspections and maintenance aremade easy Reduced maintenance, increased uptimeBullgears for Optimum Speed and Efficiency Allows each pinion to operate at optimum speed, asdetermined by the flow and efficiencycharacteristics of the impeller Main driver is connected directly to the compressorby a low-speed coupling Gears are high-speed, precision helical-type,designed to meet or exceed AGMA and ISO qualitystandardsFive-pad Tilting PadBearing AssemblyRotor Assembly forSmooth Operation Each rotor assemblyconsists of apinion shaft, towhich one ortwo impellers areattached Pinion gears are hardenedand precision-ground (AGMAand ISO quality) for longer life Smooth, vibration-freeoperation is assured throughprecision balancingTapered Rider RingThrust Collars on thePinion Shaft Centrifugal designmitigates the majorityof power-robbingthrust loads Thrust collars onpinion shaft createan oil wedge, whichcarries the smallremaining net thrustto the bullgear where it isabsorbed by a simplelow-speed thrust bearing Reduces gearbox powerlosses while increasingmechanical integrityTilting Pad Pinion Bearings for High Reliability Five-pad Tilting Pad bearings provide high stabilityand low vibration levels for high-speed shafts, whichare subjected to variable loading over a wide range High reliability over the entire operating range,from full load to no load Pressure-lubricated and steel-backed forincreased reliabilityIngersollRandProducts.com4

Gas Flow ArrangementMSG and MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressorsfeature an advanced arrangement of gas flowcomponents. Advantages of this arrangement include: Directed gas movement to reduce turbulenceinduced friction Gas is cooled after every stage to provide highisothermal efficiencyAllen Bradley PLC-based control centerwith PanelView Plus 1000 interfaceCustomized MAESTROPLC-based ControlsCustomer-defined PLC ControlsPLC-based systems are used for packages withhigh input/output (I/O) counts, multiple gascircuit control loops and multiple processes.PLCs by all major industrial suppliers areavailable. Ingersoll Rand can design, programand supply your specified PLC system mountedand wired to any compressor package.Gas Flow Diagram01: Compressor inlet02: First-stage compressor volute03: Coolant in04: Coolant out05: First-stage intercooler06: Second-stage compressor volute07: Second-stage intercooler08: Third-stage compressor volute09: Compressor discharge06 PLC system is fully tested by our Control SystemsEngineering department before shipping Logic diagrams and programming softwareare standard Control systems can be locally mounted onthe skid, designed with local I/O and remoteprocessors, or any buyer-defined arrangement Control system enclosures and wiring are availablefor US and IEC applications, Class 2 / Zone 2 andnon-hazardous installations Fully redundant PLC solutions are also

Packaging ConceptAdvanced Lubrication SystemIngersoll Rand's cutting-edge packaging conceptgives you great flexibility to tailor a centrifugalcompressor to meet your needs while simplifyinginstallation and maintenance. Our MSG andMSG TURBO-AIR packages can include:Ingersoll Rand's standard self-contained, lowpressure lubrication system: Lubrication system Main driver Shaft coupling with guard Intercoolers Includes an oil reservoir, mechanical oil pump,electric full-flow auxiliary oil pump, fixed-bundle oilcooler, single full-flow oil filter, safety devices andinstrumentation for safe compressor operation Assembled and packaged on a compressor base whencompressor layout permits Sized to serve the main driver Can be designed to meet: Interstage piping- Custom specifications Control panel- API 672 (packaged centrifugal)- API 617 (centrifugal process gas compressor)- API 614 (lubrication system)- Process Industry Procedures (PIP)09 Interconnecting piping between the lubricationsystem and compressor when compressor,intercooler(s) and main oil pump arrangementpermits08Intercoolers Guarantee Increased Heat Transfer07Our ASME-coded intercoolers (PED, China CodePressure Vessel Certification, GOST, KOSHA, andothers, as required) provide efficient coolingbetween stages and are designed to be accessiblefor inspection and cleaning. Water-in-tube cooler designs allow for easy cleaningin areas with poor water conditions02010304We can build standard compressorpackages or specialized API 672/API 617packages, all on a common baseplate forease of installation. Extended-surface, plate-fin design providesincreased heat transfer with reduced spacerequirements Accessible, smooth-bore tubes are easily rodded withbundles in place No disassembly ofany other part ofthe compressor isnecessary to performmaintenance Gas-in-tube styleTEMA C and TEMA Rdesigns are availableoptionsIngersollRandProducts.com6

Process Gas SealSupportGas seal support systems are designed, built andtested per API 614. System designs can be basedon differential pressure control, flow control orother control methods. The scope of supply isvirtually unlimited and fully automatic. Manualor customer-specified systems can be engineeredfor most gas seal types.Systems are designed with instrumentation tomonitor seal condition. Filters and accessoriesare supplied with sufficient instruments to planmaintenance and reduce downtime. The goal isto save you time and money by providing worryfree operation of your equipment with simplemaintenance.Aerodynamic PerformanceUnique Impeller DesignsImpellers, diffusers and scrolls are uniquelydesigned to meet your specific needs. Examplesof our impellers include:Custom Engineered/Five-axis Milled Custom-designed using computationalfluid dynamics (CFD) for aerodynamic design andfinite element analysis (FEA)formechanical integrity Optimized designsfor customapplications Overallsavings canbe as great asa 5% increasein efficiency oversome cast impellerdesignsFuel gas booster skidwith scrubber, bypasspipingGas seal instrumentationrack with 2-of-3 voting,seal and purge

Gas Seal Options for YourProcess ApplicationsSEAL GASVENT PURGEIMPELLERATMOSPHEREMultiple gas seal designs are available fora wide range of process gases and leakagerequirements. Ingersoll Rand can suggest a sealtype based on your process, or we can designthe seal of your choice – all major seal supplierscan be used.Ingersoll Rand’s standard dry-face seal usesa floating self-centering rider. The clearancefit allows the seal to be removed easily andinstalled without puller tools. The seal comes asa complete assembly with an installation plate.PROBEPINIONBACKUPSEALOIL BEARINGSEALGEARBOXSOUR GASRECOVERED GAS(OPTIONAL)PURGE GASATMOSPHERESingle dry-face seal with a babbitted labyrinth backupOILSEALIMPELLERSCROLLBEARINGPINIONVENTPURGE GASATMOSPHERESEAL ultiport babbitted labyrinth seal with purgeNITROGEN RECOVERY(OPTIONAL)SEAL GASVENTNITROGEN BUFFER SUPPLYNITROGEN INGPROBETandem dry-face seal with integral labyrinthPINIONSCROLLGEARBOXPROBETandem dry-face seal with carbon ring back-upIngersollRandProducts.com8

Fuel Gas BoostingFor natural gas-fired power plants,fuel gas boosters are used to raisethe natural gas pipeline pressureto the inlet pressure requiredby the gas turbine. The fuel gasbooster maintains a consistentsuppy of fuel gas at a specifieddischarge pressure to the turbinegenerators.Ingersoll Rand’s centrifugalcompression technology providesefficient, reliable fuel gas boostingand is capable of operating withmost makes and models of naturalgas-fired turbines.The three-stage MSG-3 compressorpictured above boasts the pressure ofnatural gas entering power generationturbines at a combined cycle powerplant in RussiaNGL FractionationMost natural gas extractedfrom the earth containsvarious hydrocarboncompounds, such asmethane (CH4), ethane(C²H6), propane (C³H8),and butane (C4H10). Whenbrought to the surface andprocessed into purified,finished by-products, allof these are collectivelyreferred to as NGL (NaturalGas Liquids). Fractionationis the process of sesparatingthese hydrocarboncompounds from the naturalgas stream to be sold ascommodities (propane,butane, etc.)

LNG LiquefactionDuring the LNG process, natural gas is liquefied toapproximately 1/600th of its gaseous volume, allowingfor natural gas to be transported more efficiently andeconomically. This has revolutionized the natural gas industry,making previously unmarketable natural gas reservoirsprofitable.Ingersoll Rand has extensive experience in this process.Our custom compressors are designed to meet the varyingprocesses and parameters involved in natural gas liquefaction.Feed Gas CompressorCompresses natural gas received at the plant to the requiredpressure for the condensate removal processFlash Gas CompressorPressurizes the vapor produced during the condensate removalprocessOff Gas CompressorCompresses the natural gas to the required flow and pressureparameters needed for acid gas removal, mercury removal, anddehydrationRegeneration Gas CompressorRestores the molecular sieve bedsRefrigeration Gas CompressorFeeds the main cryogenic exchanger with required refrigerant(C³, MR, N²)CO² Injection CompressorInjects carbon dioxide into storage wellTurboexpandersCool the gas stream for separating out heavier hydrocarboncompounds.Lean Gas CompressorRaises the lean natural gas pressure to a level suitable for themain cryogenic exchanger.End Flash Gas CompressorPressurizes the vapor produced during the refrigeration processBoil-Off Gas CompressorRe-pressurizes boil-off gas for re-liquifaction, or use in thisgaseous stateN² Booser CompressorAdjusts the calorific value of sales gasFuel Gas CompressorElevates the pressure of the gas stream to the inlet pressurerequired by the turbineThe two-stage MSG-7 compressor picturedabove handles propane in a refrigeration loop ata refinery in South Korea.IngersollRandProducts.com10

FertilizerAmmoniaThe revolutionary process of synthesizing ammonia (NH³) that was developed by German chemists in 1909 is still usedtoday. The Haber-Bosch process uses atmospheric nitrogen along with hydrogen to synthesize ammonia.Today, natural gas is often used as feedstock for obtaining hydrogen for the process. Ingersoll Rand has designedsolutions for the many compressor applications required by the Haber-Bosch process.UreaIngersoll Rand’s design expertise for fertilizer solutions extends downstream to the urea synthesis process. Urea isproduced from synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide (CO²). Urea production plants are frequently located nearammonia production plants. The production of ammonia creates large quantities of carbon dioxide by-product that isused as a feedstock, along with some of the synthesized ammonia, for producing

Carbon Monoxide ProcessingHyCOThrough various reforming or oxidation processes (depending on feedstock) fossil fuels can be converted to hydrogen,carbon monoxide or a mixture of the two gases. The process generates carbon dioxide as a by-product which can becaptured for storage, sequestration, and recycling back into the reforming process. Our extensive gas compressor designand manufacturing knowhow allow us to engineer the right gas compressor for your HyCO process.TO CAPTURE / STORAGECO2 RECYCLECOMPRESSORNATURAL GASFEED GASCOMPRESSORREFORMING PROCESS(SMR, POX, ATR, ETC)CHEMICALABSORPTION(MEA, MDEA,BENFIELD, ETC)DRYERAIRPROCESS AIRCOMPRESSORH2 PRODUCTMEMBRANEPSASYNGASCOMPRESSORCO PRODUCTCOLDBOXCO COMPRESSORBiological ConversionCarbon monoxide-rich waste gas from industrial processes, like steel manufacturing, can be converted into biofuelsutilizing gas-fermenting microbes that feed on the waste gas. Ingersoll Rand is closely partnering with various leaders inthis industry to convert CO waste gas into viable energy products.CO WASTE GASCO FEEDCOMPRESSORBIOREACTORPRODUCT TRANSMISSIONPRODUCT STORAGESEPARATIONCOLUMNIngersollRandProducts.com12

Aftermarket Services and SupportHow else can we prove our commitment to your total satisfaction? By providing the industry’s mostcomprehensive resource for top-notch aftermarket products, engineering solutions and field service. Ifyou ever have a question or problem, Ingersoll Rand’s extensive network of highly skilled techniciansand authorized representatives is at your

Installation and StartupRepair Expertise Machine commissioning services State-of-the-art equipment for turnkey repairs Diagnostic and troubleshooting services Complete documentation packages Vibration analysis and trending Strategic repair center locations to serve a broadcustomer base, including Buffalo, NY, US; Houston,TX, US; Milan, Italy; Ahmedabad, India; Shanghai,China Extended warranty and preventative maintenanceprogramsElite Technical Support Installation and operation support Our goal is to help keep your unit runningTechnical Training Comprehensive training seminars for you and yourpersonnel Instructions on a variety of topics, including courseswith hands-on trainingExceptional Parts Genuine parts produced in the same facility for morethan 60 years E xtensive inventory in strategic locations around theworld, backed by our written warranty Cross-checked against engineering records to ensurecorrectness Courses can be tailored to your needs at one of ourglobal training centersIngersollRandProducts.com14

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Gas Compressor Applications Fuel gas boosting Natural gas gathering Hydrocarbon refrigeration gas Carbon monoxide CO 2 (wet or dry) nGysSa Low molecular weight recycle gas Landfill