One Hundred Forty Sixth YearChurch Anniversary CelebrationApril 6, 2014 2PMOrganized: 1868Program printed by:Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church491 Mount Zion Church RoadBrandon, Mississippi 39042Theme: A Church Built Upon An Everlasting FoundationLuke 6:48-49Reverend Sylvester C. HuntleyPastor

A Dedication to Future Generations(A tidbit of historical data)To shed light on some of the terms that were listed in our church history, it is felt that younger generations need to be given this information. The information not only serves as an informative data toolfor some, but as a reminder to others as to just how far God has brought us. This information was obtained from eHow and you may check your computer to gather more information on your own.Mount Zion Missionary Baptist ChurchApril 1868 – April 2014ehow Culture & Society Religion Christianity The History of Brush ArborsThe History of Brush ArborsBy H. J. Hill, eHow ContributorA brush arbor is a rough, open-sided shelter constructed of verticalpoles driven into the ground with additional long poles laid across thetop as support for a roof of brush, cut branches or hay. Appearing inthe 1700’s and early 1800’s, brush arbors were used by some churchesto protect worshipers from the weather during lengthy revival meetings.Protracted MeetingsBrush arbor revivals began in the late 1700’s and were held regularly through the mid-1900’s. These“protracted meetings” could last for days or even weeks, with many people traveling for miles to attend and staying to camp on the grounds.Circuit-riding PreachersAn itinerant minister or a preacher who rode circuit through rural communities would send word in advance of his expected arrival and thecongregation would erect a brush arbor to house the revival meeting,usually at a crossroads in a well-traveled area.When the Crowds GrewLeafy branches overlaid the pole structure, blocking the hot summersun and most rainfall. A pulpit was set up in the center front. When thecrowds overwhelmed the space under the arbor, extensions could bebuilt to accommodate them.Black Congregations and Brush ArborsBrush arbors were also used for revivals and worship services by African-American congregations before and after the end of slavery in the United States.Reverend Marion Dunbar, FounderReverend Sylvester C. Huntley, PastorReverend Clifton Boggan, Guest SpeakerTheme: A Church Built Upon An Everlasting FoundationScripture: Luke 6:48-49“He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation ona rock; and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, andcould not shake it; for it was founded upon a rock. But he that heareth, and doethnot, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth, againstwhich the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of thathouse was great.”The CornerstoneMt. Zion Baptist ChurchOrganized A. D. 1868Rebuilt A. D. 1926DeaconsWm. WeeklyG. W. WaltersW. C. SumnerW. JonesJ. C. West PastorJ. S. Kelly ClerkLaid by M.W. Cuney Grand Lodge

Pastoral ReflectionsInvited ChurchesFarris Hill Missionary Baptist Church – Pelahatchie, MSGreater Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church – Jackson, MSGreater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church – Jackson, MSHouse-To-House Baptist Church – Pearl, MSA truly divinely inspired composer named Thomas A. Dorsey once wrote, “I don’tknow why, I have to cry sometimes, I don’t know why, Lord, I have to sigh sometimes. There’s going to be a brighter day, when troubles get out of my way, I don’tknow why, oh, but I’ll find out by and by.” These words are especially touching to mefor I truly realize that all tears shed are not of sadness, rather they are tears of joy.These wonderful words of inspiration were recorded by the great Mrs. Katie Sanky.As we look back over the past one hundred and forty-six (146) years, seeing the wayGod delivered this congregation from a “brush arbor” to a framed building, it is easyto see they truly have walked in the light of Jesus Christ. Appropriately chosen as achurch motto, “Let go, and let God” along with the church song of “Let Jesus LeadYou” truly depicts the path of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. The future canonly hold greatness.Mount Zion has enjoyed the luxury of having a host of angels watching over it, andnothing has come short of the glory of God. We have not yet overcome all earthly afflictions cast in our pathway; however, we strive daily to do so. No matter what obstacles are encamped around us, there is a sweet relief in knowing that the Lord WillMake a Way Somehow, oh, how sweet it is to be loved and guided by God with theLord Jesus Christ at the Stern.Our theme, “A Church Built Upon An Everlasting Foundation” appropriately reflectsthe solid foundation upon which Mount Zion was constructed. Through our forefather’s strong trust in The True and Living God, this church has survived the perils ofthe ages. Worship services in this community predate the founding year of 1868, andhave continued to thrive to the present day, an excess of 146 years.Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSKone Hill Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSMount Center Missionary Baptist Church – Flora, MSMount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSMountain Ridge United Methodist Church – Brandon, MSNew Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSPearlie Grove Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSRock Star Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSRose Hill Missionary Baptist Church – Mendenhall, MSSylvarena Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSTaylor Hill Missionary Baptist Church – Braxton, MSTrinity Missionary Baptist Church – Terry, MSWarren Hill Church – Brandon, MSWaters Grove Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSMay the Lord God Continuously Bless Each of You!!Pastor Sylvester C. Huntley

“To God be the glory, for the great things He has done!”PastorSylvester C. HuntleyDeacon BoardSr. Deacon Tommy StapletonDeacon Eddie Gene LottTrustee BoardBrother Dobson, WayneBrother Tillis, MelvinBrother Washington, BobbyBrother Wilson, IsaiahMother BoardDeaconess Lott, JaniceMother Lott, PalmettaEvangelist Redmond, MossieDeaconess Stapleton, Ora JeanMother Wilson, LucilleSecretarySister Mary P. BurkettAssistant SecretarySister Angela HarveyChurch TreasurerSister Lucille Dobson WilsonUsher BoardSister Janice LottBuilding Fund CommitteeSister Ora Jean StapletonSister Shirley TillisChoir PresidentBrother Melvin TillisAdministrative Assist/MusicianSister Aretha Gates-LawsonProgramPrelude . . MusicianCall to Worship . . Pastor HuntleyOpening Selection . . Mount Zion ChoirDevotion . . DeaconsSelection (Church Song) Choir“Let Jesus Lead You” (Public Domain) Soloist: Mother Lucille WilsonIntroduction of Master & Mistress of Ceremonies Brother Wayne DobsonMaster and Mistress of CeremoniesBrother Dexter Webster & Sister Dora WebsterWelcome . . . Deacon Tommy StapletonAcceptance of Welcome . Minister Joseph BucknerTrinity Missionary Baptist Church – Terry, MSOccasion . . . Deaconess Ora J. StapletonSelection . . . ChoirChurch History . . Sister Aretha Gates LawsonInvited Churches . . Master/Mistress of CeremoniesPublic Offering . . Finance CommitteeOffertory Music . Mount Zion ChoirIntroduction of Guest Speaker . . . Pastor Sylvester HuntleySpecial Music . . . . Rock Star Male ChorusSpeaker of The Hour . . Pastor Clifton BogganRock Star Missionary Baptist Church – Brandon, MSRemarks/Benediction . . Pastor Huntley

Church HistoryAs evidenced by historical data, the genesis of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, likethe majority of black congregations throughout the southern territories, was one of veryhumble means. In the early 1830’s a wealthy white land owner (name unknown), gave theslaves acreage on which they were permitted to hold worship services. In keeping with thetimes of the slave era, worship services were held under a ‘brush arbor’ in the form of prayer meetings with white overseers and patrols present. (The term ‘brush arbor’ is often enunciated by most southerners as ‘bush harbor’). Individuals were required to have a pass fromtheir owner in order to attend these worship services, therefore, necessitating the requirements for patrols and overseers. Even through the darkest of times when our slave ancestorswere required to have a pass in order to attend prayer meetings, they persevered and nevergave up. They truly trusted the Lord for deliverance. And, in January 1863, when the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted they were free to worship without permission of the“master/massa” or the use of a pass.Sometime during the mid 1800’s, after passage of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863and ratification of the 13th Amendment, there came to Jackson, MS, from the State of Georgia a Reverend George Holomon. Though information is limited regarding Reverend Holomon, he apparently served as a mentor to the founder of Mount Zion. Then, in the Year ofOur Lord 1868, God sent His Guardian Angel in the form of the Right Reverend MarionDunbar, who founded and organized Mount Zion Baptist Church. In the early 1920’s thecongregation moved across the road out of the brush arbor and constructed a building on itspresent site. The Reverend Marion Dunbar is credited for having assisted in the establishment and organization of many churches throughout Mississippi before his passing in themid 1920’s. Reverend J. C. West was installed as the second pastor of Mount Zion in 1926,approximately 58 years after its organization in 1868, following the death of the founder,Reverend Marion Dunbar.Over the past one hundred forty six (146) years, Mount Zion has boasted a strong and thriving congregation. The church reflects a history of having had a grand total of twenty-two(22) pastors, which includes the present pastor. The past shepherds were: Reverend MarionDunbar, founder and organizer (1868 – 1926); Pastor J. C. West (1926); Pastor Jack Crook;Pastor Lindsey Jones; Pastor Andrew Lyles; Pastor H. L. Thompson; Pastor Lewis Patterson; Pastor Charlie Robertson; Pastor J. E. Marsh; Pastor T. C. Williams; Pastor John Sims;Pastor Jimmie Keys; Pastor B. R. Stephenson; Pastor R. S. Pickens; Pastor C. B. Bingham;Pastor H. T. Frazier (1962 – 1968); Pastor O. L. Baugh; Pastor N. C. Pittman; Pastor R. D.Wells; Pastor James Floyd; Pastor Dwight Robinson; and Mount Zion’s current leader, Pastor Sylvester C. Huntley, who was sent to Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church by Godon June 17, 2012.Of special significance were four local preachers who lived in the community and weregreat inspirations to this church during its infancy years. These inspirational figures wereMinister Lewis Selby, Minister Sial Myers, Minister Lawrence Massey and Minister WillisHolloway.Walking beside and supporting our pastors were strong trusting Men of God who includedDeacon Shepherd Brown; Deacon B. J. Sumner; Deacon Bogan; Deacon Ed Terry; DeaconW. M. Weekly; Deacon Thomas Wright; Deacon A. C. McCall; Deacon J. E. Myers; Deacon G. W. Walters; Deacon W. C. Sumner; Deacon Will Jones; Deacon John Lott; DeaconLeroy Kelly; Deacon Oscar Dobson, Sr.; Deacon E. J. Lott; Deacon T. H. Stapleton; Deacon Oscar Dobson, Jr.; and currently, Deacon Tommy Stapleton and Deacon Eddie G. Lott.Not only has Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church served as a beacon of light for thesurrounding community, it has also inspired men to “Walk in the Light.” Proudly accredited to this church is the ordination of nine ministers. These Men of Zion include MinisterSantee Anderson, Minister Lee Hardy, Minister E. D. Terry, Minister Noble Lacy, MinisterArtee McLaurin, Minister W. C. Sumner, Minister Silas Stapleton, Minister George Lott,and Minister Clifton Boggan, currently serving as pastor of Rock Star Missionary BaptistChurch.Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church emerged from a group of controlled slaves worshipping God in a brush arbor in the 1830’s to an organized congregation and a woodenbuilding constructed in 1868. That one room structure grew to accommodate a growingcongregation, and continued to thrive, overcoming many hurdles and obstacles in theirpath. The church evolved from torches in the ‘bush harbors’ and lanterns, as well as, coaloil lamps for lighting to electricity with ceiling fans and modern chandeliers. In 1926, thecurrent building was erected with the Reverend J. C. West serving as pastor.During the administration of Pastor R. D. Wells the church was expanded; additionalrooms and an office were added on to the back of the sanctuary, and indoor plumbing installed. As time progressed, and to further enhance the comfort of the congregation, theold hand fans and pieces of card board were replaced with air conditioning during thesweltering hot summers, as well as, heating units for winter warmth versus the old woodburning stoves. To accommodate our mothers of yester-year, who served ‘dinner on theground’ a portable unit equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and a dining area was placed inback of the church to move attendees indoors out of the elements during fellowship periods. The congregation also enjoys the ease and comfort of updated padded pews versus thewooden benches of the past.Under the administration of the current pastor, God’s bounties continue their prevalence.Deacon Eddie G. Lott was crowned in 2012; Little Miss Addison Brenee Fowler was baptized in 2012 (the first new member under Pastor Huntley’s administration); and BrotherBobby Washington was selected as a member of the Trustee Board in 2013. The churchwas blessed with a new roof in 2013 following a severe hail storm that ravished most ofthe state of Mississippi. The corner stone was replaced in 2013. The church progressedfrom acappella singing to hand claps and foot stomping to a choir with piano accompaniment in the 1950’s. The old upright piano was replaced with a spinet, the spinet was replaced with an electric keyboard and drums, and the keyboard was replaced with an electric piano in 2013. There are great plans in store for Mount Zion, and as God gives the vision, this church family will make these divine inspirations become realities. Pastor Huntley has foreseen many more 21st century improvements at Mount Zion, and the churchbody is working diligently to add a fellowship hall to the church as one more steppingstone mastered. This, too, shall come to fruition.

W. C. Sumner W. Jones J. C. West Pastor J. S. Kelly Clerk Laid by M.W. Cuney Grand Lodge A Dedication to Future Generations (A tidbit of historical data) To shed light on some of the terms that were liste