PTIONDATE[Auto] accident Main & Green St.Truck overturns by Maintain'sAccident on Washington St.; Wheel off truckMail truck crack upAccident Cambridge Rd.Drowning at Horn PondAccident Rte. 128Motorcycle accident, EWOverturned stones at Cavalry [Calvery]Cemetary[Accident, 2 cars]Accident - [auto accident on railroad tracks][Auto] accidentAccident [Clinton Clothing in background]AccidentOverturned carAccidentBoutwells Garage; accidentAccidentOld auto[Accident]Apr. 26, 1953Aug. 18, 1955Jul. 20, 1955Mar. 10, 1953Mar. 15, 1953no month or day, 1960May 27, 1953Nov. 4, 1955not scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannedOct. 4, no yearno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno dateno datenot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannednot scannedAccident/DisasterCity selling dry ice (after Hurricane Carol)Sep. 3, 1954Accident/DisasterFire ladder over Carl's Delicatessenno dateAccident/DisasterTruck hits Cross Street Bridge, WinchesterAug. 13, no yearOBJECT ORMATION FROM THE PUBLICMary McDonough (Valente)and Brenda Dinsmore(Gately) from Arlingtonpurchasing ice for Brenda'sgrandmother, at the SturgisStreet Ice House after theincludes Marram's, Carl'sDelicatessan, Bowling &Billiards, Bernard's HomeFurnishings & ad (PromoteThomas J. Doherty to

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAccident/DisasterAccident Montvale Ave. School BoyApr. 26, 1954Accident/DisasterPhil Dever Accidentno dateAccident/Disaster[Auto accident]no dateAccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterPumping out at Taylor House [Mayflower Road] Sep. 11, 1954Man on stretcher after fall from roof, brokenshoulderMay 13, 1955Accident/DisasterAccident 128, trailer truck turned over[Lumbertruck overturns on 128 at Reading t/DisasterAccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterCab [Fitzgerald Taxi[ [1 of 2 ])Accident Ford & truckBoutwell's Garage, Car involved in accidentAccident; Shirley Driver;Accident, Fowle St. (Auto)[Auto] accident Lexington StreetAccident on Rte. 128Car in parking lotWoburn Auto body accident picsRt. 128 accident; Boutwells' garageAccident on Winn St.Accident near White SpotJack's Diner AccidentAuto accidentAuto accident, Border Rd.March [accidents]Accident Pat's carAccident/DisasterBroken hydrant outside Joe O'Brien'sOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE CC0067a.tifMar. 22, no yearNot scannedAug. 13-14, 1955Not scannedAug. 18, no yearnot scannedFeb. 9, 1954not scannedJan. no day, 1957not scannedJan. 21, 1953not scannedMar. 8, no yearNo month or day, 1957 not scannednot scannedMay 14, no yearnot scannedNov. 22, 1954not scannedOct. 3, no yearnot scannedSep. 26, 1954not scannedno datenot scannedno datenot scannedDec. 22, 1953not scannedno datenot scannedOct. 4, 1954PH1ACC0011a.tifJun. 6, no yearJun. 21, 1955a. Joe O'Brien's (Joe O'Brienon left)

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAccident/DisasterCar accident on Church Ave.Jul. 2, no yearAccident/DisasterTruck tipped over at "Maintain" [Truck accidentat Maintain Engineering]Aug. 23, 1954Accident/DisasterFire - Roy Coakley HouseSep. 7, 1954Accident/DisasterLightning strikes Harrison AveJun. 16, 1953Accident/DisasterFrizel [Frizzell?] Brothers Coal truckSep. 16, 1954Accident/DisasterDoherty Taxino dateAccident/DisasterAccident, Main & Montvale, Tree downno dateAccident/DisasterSmall damaged airplaneno dateAccident/DisasterMontvale AveDec. 4, 1954Accident/DisasterCar accident Pics on Park StreetMay 8, no yearAccident/DisasterAccident; damage to fenderOct. 27, 1955Accident/DisasterBroken sidewalk; Allie Wall, Public WorksFeb. 8, 1954Accident/DisasterNov. 12, 1953Accident/DisasterTree stump, city yard (Times)Broken sidewalk [distant background includesCity Fruit, O'Briens Drug, & Charlie's Paint nt/DisasterAccident, DrivewayAccident on Franklin St., WoburnAccidentno dateDec. 4, 1954Jan. 20, no yearJan. 7, 1954OBJECT IDPH1ACC0012a.tif; -bPH1ACC0022a.tif; -bPH1ACC0029a.tif; -bPH1ACC0032a.tif;a&bPH1ACC0035a.tif; a-bPH1ACC0041a.tif;a&bPH1ACC0058a.tif; -bPH1ACC0063a.tif; -bPH1ACC0064a.tif; -bPH1ACC0065a.tif; -bPH1ACC0069a.tif; -bPH1ACC0070a.tif; -bPH1ACC0074a.tif;a&bPH1ACC0078a.tif; -bPH1ACC0076a.tif; -bnot scannednot scannedINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICb. shows railroad crossingsigna. published in WDT 8/24/54;at Maintain Engineering onCrane's Court.

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEJan. 8, 1953Feb. 19, 1955no dateAccident/DisasterAccident - CroninAccident 128; Smart & AkesonDever [accident]At Winn St. near Fire Station [2005 landmark isLannon Chevrolet]Accident/DisasterHurricane Edna [flooded road]Accident/DisasterSears warehouse; damage to CummingsSchool - HurricaneAccident/DisasterTunney's Furniture Warehouse FireAccident/DisasterWashington St.; Paul Hagerty [Water damage]Accident/DisasterBoutwell; carAccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterInsurance - Car damage, BowersAccident, North Woburn-Wilmington Accident/DisasterAccident/DisasterCranes Lane, train & car accident;Accident pics[Auto] AccidentAccident, truck - car - trailerFord car damage to bumper[Accident, car]Ahearn - accidental drowningAccident/DisasterFloods from HurricaneAccident/DisasterCar & driver plunged into Horn asterOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICnot scannednot scannednot scannedPH1ACC0001a.tif; a-cMar. 28, 1954PH1Lexington St. toward ShakerACC0003a.tifGlen HouseSep. 11, 1954c. Sears Warehouse; notesigns for 478 Main St., ClaraPH1Carson Music Studions, &ACC0007a.tif;a-cEdward G. Boyle Insurance;Sep. 1, 1954PH1ACC0017a.tif; a-cno datePH1ACC0034a.tif; a-cSep. 17, 1954PH1ACC0038a.tif; a-cno datePH1ACC0039a.tif;a&b13 May 1953PH1ACC0042a.tif; a-cno datea. Maintain EngineeringPH1ACC0028a.tif; a-d (Crane's Court) inDec. no day, 1952not scannedApr. 3, no yearnot scannedApr. 6, 1953not scannedAug. 7, 1955not scannedDec. 21, 1955not scannedJul. 23, 1953No mon or day, 1960 not scannedc. Lexington St. by ErnieCrovo's barber shop; f. NotPH1Horn Pond; appear to be golfACC0005a.tifmats as in a driving range;Aug. 17, 1955PH1ACC0015a.tif; -bSep. 29, no year

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAccident/DisasterAccident Winn St. nr BurlingtonMar. 28, 1954Accident/DisasterPlane crash, house damageJan. no day, 1958OBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICPH1ACC0019a.tif; a-dPH1ACC0021a.tif; a-dd. building on right is officePH1for Jacquith Grain and Feed,ACC0025a.tif; a-d Inc., 35 Prospect St.Jan. 22, no yearPH1ACC0030a.tif; a-dno datePH1ACC0044a.tif; a-dFeb. 14, 1953PH1no day or month, 1957 ACC0045a.tif; a-dPH1ACC0048a.tif; a-dApr. 17, 1954PH1ACC0049a.tif; a-dApr. 28, 1954PH1ACC0062a.tif; a-dno datePH1ACC0079a.tif; a-dno dateAccident/DisasterDonald Nett's car at Amoco StationAccident/DisasterCummings & Chute, Shell Oil Truck AccidentAccident/DisasterAccident (night of Jubilee)Accident/DisasterSmart & Akeson accident, car in dent, 963 Main St., Woburn; [good view ofbuildings]Accident/DisasterMisc news; [auto isasterSchool busAccident, Pine & Central, E. Woburn; [Goodview of buildings at intersection of Pine &Central]Accident 128 [negatives-damaged]Accident/DisasterFlood damage in WoburnNov. 4, 1955Accident/DisasterTrain hits carMar. 20, no yearAccident/DisasterWrecked auto, Winn St., ShefenorJan. 22, 1953Accident/DisasterCarbone's damage to BuickDec. 13, 1955Jul. 26, 1954Jul. 14, 1953PH1ACC0081a.tif; a-d a. corner Washington Circle;not scanneda. Mayflower Rd. & LexingtonSt.l b. Library Field w/ pole inmiddle of field facing northtowards N. Warren St.; c.looking down Everett St.PH1ACC0004a.tif; a-e toward Montvale; d. LibraryPH1ACC0009a.tif; a-d Budliner hits carPH1ACC0020a.tif; a-ePH1ACC0026a.tif; a-e

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAccident/DisasterAccident South End (Times)Mar. no date, 1953Accident/DisasterFeb. 5, no yearAccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterAccident on Rte 128Truck accident - Mishawum Bridge [negativesbadly damaged]AccidentPH1ACC0027a.tif; a-ePH1ACC0077a.tif; a-eJul. 13, 1953no datenot scannednot scannedAccident/Disaster128 accident [note: edge of negatives warped]Aug. 21, 1953Accident/DisasterAccident at Green St.May 26, 1953Accident/DisasterAccident, Cr. Green & Main StreetsJan. 1, 1958Accident/DisasterAccident Main St. near 1790 HouseJul. 25, 1954Accident-Garfield Ave. (Winchester Brick Co. inbackground)Jul. 20, 1954not scannedPH1ACC0014a.tifPH1ACC0024a.tif; a-f f. Al Carbone's house on left.PH1ACC0036a.tif; a-fc. Winchester Brick Co., EastPH1ACC0037a.tif; a-f St., Winchester;PH1ACC0050a.tif; a-fPH1ACC0073a.tif; a-fPH1ACC0075a.tif; sterAccident/DisasterAccident Rte. #128Auto accident - Central Street [Central &Montvale] [Emery's Grocery]Jun. 7, 1953Mar. 14, 1954Accident/DisasterRyan Store AccidentAug. 25, 1953Accident, W. Police; [2 cars, one is badlydamaged Woburn Police Cruiser, includes viewof inside]Aug. 16, 1953Accident/DisasterAccident at Eaton Aveno dateAccident/DisasterSkid marks on Arlington Road; hood damageBuick in pedestrian accidentno dateAccident/DisasterAccident/Disaster[Auto] accidentAccident - Washington St.Feb. 28, no yearJul. 11, 1954OBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICPH1ACC0084a.tif; a-fPH1ACC0083a.tif; a-fb. Newman house on cornerof Lillian St. and Maple Ave.;c. Police car in front of JohnStone's house on MapleAve.; e. Maple Ave. lookingPH1ACC0031a.tif; a-g toward Lillian St.PH1ACC0033a.tif; a-gnot scanned

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAccident/DisasterNelson & Power water damageFeb. 6, 1960Accident/DisasterAccident in Woburn CommonJan. 4, 1955Accident/DisasterDec. 4, asterAccident, Montvale Ave.Accident,Washington St. & Montvale Ave,Woburn [in background: Tofuri Brothers JenneyStation, Atlantic Station, & The Evergreens IceCreamAccident, Main St., CorvetteCommercial; Jean's House damage indoorsAccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterFloods from Hurricane[Auto] accident on Winn StAccident/DisasterAccidentsAccident/DisasterTrain wreck; Car wreck - Cambridge Rd.; carwreck-Main St.; Car wreck-NegriOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICPH1ACC0053a.tif; a-hPH1ACC0057a.tif; a-hPH1ACC0060a.tif; a-hPH1ACC0043a.tif; a-fnot scannednot scannedPH1ACC0008a.tif; a-fAug. 17, 1955not scannedDec. 22, no yearPH1no month or day, 1960 ACC0046a.tif; a-lMar. 31, 1953Aug. 1, 1961no dateno datea. Probably not in Woburn,too many tracks; perhapsMedford; c. accident onPH1Cambridge St., St. Barbara'sACC0013a.tif; a-c being built in background.

ccident/DisasterAccident/DisasterHurricane Carol - Misc damage pics, some inWoburn, some out of town near seashore [fromWDT: ACC0006b - One of three greenhousesowned by John Given blown down on ElmStreet; ACC0006d - .newly constructed homeon Green St lies in shambles.; ACC0006i Huge Elm tree toppled over on Winn St. strikinggas pumps at Joe Well's Gas Station, anddamaging car parked beyond pumps. Photowas taken at height of storm and just a momentafter tree toppled over; ACC0006m - Workersclear tree that fell across Elm Street strikinghome in background]Skid marks on Arlington Road; hood damageBuick in pedestrian accidentAccidentPat's Car[No ID/2 sasterAccident/DisasterAccidentBlow out, carsAccident, milk easant St" [2 of 2]Ayer Motors Truck/CarAccident/DisasterPhil's damaged TEOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. Train & yellow & whitegates by Woburn Library, Dr.Atwood's house inbackground now gone;electricity out after hurricaneso gates not functioning; b.probably St. Anthony's inbackground; e. taken fromThompson Library towardsElm St; f. Corner Winn &Federal St. Joe Wells Texaco& Winn St. fire station; g.Lexington St. looking westjust before Willow St.; h.possibly John Givensgreenhouses; i. Winn St. firestation; j. corner of Green &PH1ACC0006a.tif;a-nGarfield Ave.; l. Ray GilesAug. 31, 1954 and Sep. 1, 1954PH1ACC0068a.tif; a-dOct. 7, 1955not scannedno datenot scannedno datenot scannedno datePH1ACC0059a.tif; a-cno datenot scannedSep. 11, 1953not scannedMar. 15, 1952not scannedJul. 15, 1947PH1ACC0066a.tif; a-dMar. 22, no yearnot scannedno datePH1-ACC0061a;a-hno datePH1ACC0071a.tif; a-ino date

FILEAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownDESCRIPTIONDATECar wreck in Stoneham garageMar. 4, 1953Accident Chelseano dateAccident WinchesterLemonade Sale for Worcester Tornado ReliefFundPacking clothes for Worcester at Woburn CityHallJul. 5, 1953Flood, Central & Pine, Sto.[Stoneham]Oct. 9, 1955Accident, US Army vehicle in WinchesterAug. 17, 1955Tractor through ice, WinchesterFeb. 3, 1955OBJECT IDJun. 13, 1953House in Burlington after shotAccident on Winn Street [Happy Home Bakerytruck]Mar. 14, no yearCars involved in accident in WilmingtonNov. 24, no yearAccident in BurlingtonSep. 4, no year[Building after fire]no dateAccident Billericano dateWaltham auto [street views of Waltham]Lawn & Stone Wall damaged - Mrs. Parks WinchesterSep. 7, 1955House tipped over in BurlingtonSwanton & Spruce Streets, Winchester accident[auto vs. tree]Feb. 25, 1954PH1ACC0080a.tif; a-cINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC

FILEAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of TownAccident/DisasterOut of , Arl. [Arlington]no dateAccident (Barbo's truck) [Stoneham]no dateAccident Billre[sic] [Billerica]no dateConnors House; Higland Ave., WinchesterSep. 4, 1954Worcester tornadoJun. 28, 1953OBJECT IDnot scannedNew Haven accidentAuto accident, QuincyAccident, BillericaJun. 27, 1953Accident IpswichNew Years auto accident, BurlingtonCab driver [Boston]Mar. no day, 1948South Station [Boston]Auto accident - Central Street [Central &Montvale] [Emery's Grocery]Mar. 5, no yearMar. 14, 1954print of PH1ACC0073a.tifAerial Photo[Aerial View looking toward Horn Pond;includesportions of Common, Pleasant, & Main St.]no date[large format negative tightly rolled; view ofWoburn Center]no dateAerial Photo[Woburn Center looking east - includes library]no dateAerial Photo[Unknown industry and surrounding area]no datePH1AER0003a.tifPH1AER0003b.tifAerial Photo[Residential area]no datePH1-AER0003c.tifAerial PhotoINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICPH1AER0001a.tifIncludes Nanny Goat HillIncludes wedge-shapedPalage Welding Shop.

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEAerial Photo[Winn St. & Woburn Center looking south]no dateAerial Photo[Woburn High School & Athletic fields]no dateAerial Photo[Main St. & Woburn Center looking north]no dateAerial Photo[Woburn Center looking north]no dateAerial Photono dateAerial PhotoAerial view: Woburn CenterAerial view: Woburn Center looking westtowards Horn PondBob Varey house aerial [Bob Varey's 1956address was 38 Poole St.]Aerial PhotoNo IDno dateAerial Photono dateJun. 29, 1955Aerial PhotoAerial view: includes portions of Pympton,Flagg, Franklin, Harrison, & Winn dateAerial view: includes portions of Franklin, Winn,& Harrison dateAerial PhotoAerial photos - include some of Woburn Center,Woburn High SchoolAerial PhotoHelicopter; Woburn Sales Days; Air ViewsAerial Photono dateOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICPH1AER0003d.tifPH1AER0003e.tifIncludes railroad roundabout,PH1-AER0003f.tif spurs; south 1AER0010a.tifPH1AER0012a.tifc. Includes Plympton School& Main St in upper rightcorner with Lukie's Sunoco &PH1-AER0004c.tif Julie's Variety StorePH1AER0004d.tifj. Includes Horn Pond,PH1Armory, south end, ChoateAER0005a.tif; -j Hospital, St. Charlesd. Includes Moore andParker, Kennedy’s,Callahans, Murphy’s DrugStore, Bernard’s Furniture(childrens furniture), & NannyGoat Hill; f. includes BuehlMachine; i. includes JoeConnolly, (english teacher atPH1AER0006a.tif; a- WHS) & Mr. Greenan ofmFireside Gift Shop; m.

FILEAerial PhotoAerial PhotoAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-Out ofTownAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintAerial Photo-PrintsOversizeDESCRIPTIONDATEAerial photos include Horn Pond, ConsolidatedChemical Industries, Main St. north of thecenter, 128 interchangeno date["Ames" on airfield building]no dateAerial [ocean frontage]no dateWinchester AerialJun. 29, 1955Stoneham AerialJun. 29, 1955Aerial Brocktonno dateCollege Aerial Fotos [Amherst College,University of Massachusetts-Amherst, SmithCollege, Mt. Holyoke College]no dateArial[sic]; color negs; [Boston]Business/Industry-Large buildingHousesLarge buildingStreetWoburn CenterHouses, ball fieldno date[aerial views of North Shore Mall]no dateAerial Photo-stored Aerial view of cloverleaf intersection at currant work box 128 & 38OBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. North end of Horn Pondwith Ice house; left end of IceHouse is heating oilPH1AER0007a.tif; a- company; Building in front onk; note: sections rt side Bob & John O’Neillof negativesrented rowboats; k. oldPH1AER0011a.tif; a-dPH1AER0009a.tifPH1AER0008a.tif; -b a. Includes Beggs & Cobb;a. Amherst College; b. SmithCollege; c. Mt. HolyokeCollege; d. UnivMassachusetts Amherst; e.Amherst College; f. SmithPH1AER0013a.tif; a-h College; g. Amherst 0002a.tif

FILEDESCRIPTIONAerial Photo-stored Aerial photos of Woburn [large format, tightlyin currant work box rolled]DATEHiggins 75th Anniversary[Brick building with long dormer][Steps detail]no dateno dateno dateBuildingsFarino (Garage )Dec. no day, 1965BuildingsBuildingsBuildingsRailroad Station, [3 stations including WoburnHighlands, North Woburn, & Central Square]Fire destruction of Ianacci barnBldg. exterior defects [unknown building]Jul. 29, 1954Jun. 21, 1954Feb. 11, no yearPics of 2 projects for Al Curran [Liberty Ave. &Spring Court Ext.]Aug. 10, no yearHillcrest Country Club, North ReadingFeb. 13, no yearHouse moving - Winchester - House Moving offSwanton St.Jun. 16, 1955[Corner of building being demolished, corner ofSt. James Ave.]no date[Ornate 8-story building being demolished;corner of St James Ave.]Jack Moss; Land on 128; mapsHarbor Forts [Boston Skyline & views aroundBoston Harbor islands including military]INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICno sBuildings-Out ofTownBuildings-Out ofTownBuildings-Out ofTownBuildings-Out ofTownBuildings-Out ofTownBuildings-Out ofTownOBJECT IDMay 25no 04a.tif;-bLt. to rt.: Tom Higgins, BobbyHiggins, Mrs. Higgins(mother), Cote Higgins, &One was at corner of SchoolPH1-BUI0001a.tif; St. & Merrimack; c. North-b, -cWoburn Railroad Station;PH1-BUI0002a.tifNot Scannedb. Liberty Ave. buildings builtfor veterans after WWII; c.Liberty Ave looking up fromEastern Ave.; h. Spring CourtExtension, boiler room,heating plant for all buildings,heat included in rent,underground pipes toPH1-BUI0003a.tif; buildings; before the project ita-kwas an apple orchard; i.

TIONDATEChurch on Common at ChristmasCity Hall[3 women in office]12 Contactsno dateno dateA&C Sporting Goods [Pageant of Progress]Abbott Associates Architects [Pageant ofProgress]Allstate Trucks [1956 & -57 Trade Directory]Tony's Atlantic Service Station [1956 & -57Trade Directory]Allied Equip. Co. Aerial [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Arlex Electrical Service [1955-56 TradeDirectory]May 15, no yearAtlas E.E. & Chamber of CommerceAug. 15, no yearBusiness/IndustryAA&P drawingBusiness/IndustryAA&P, snow stormBusiness/IndustryA[Atlantic Gelatin - building]Business/IndustryAAmerican [Atlantic?] Gelatin SecretaryBusiness/IndustryAAtlantic Gelatin, check presentationBusiness/IndustryACheck presentation, Atlantic GelatinMar. 30 no yearJun. 29, 1955May 11, no yearJuly 7 no yearno dateOBJECT 39a.tifPH1BUS0354a.tifPH1BUS0355a.tifINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. Bing Crosbya. Eddie Tedesco (architect);a. may include Fran Baldwin,Leo Keating, & DexterMay include (lt. to rt.) FranBaldwin, ?, Ernest "Ernie"DuFour, manager of A&P, ?1960Note palm trees inbackground; there was astructure like this in theWoburn plant but this may bethe other plant in Hollywood,CA; they made pectin fromMar. 14, 1955Russ Monbleau, FinanceManager (standing) & JosephH. Cohen, original & futureowners of Atlantic Gelatin.PH1BUS0404a.tifPH1BUS0417a.tifApr. 22, 1954PH1Feb. 6 & Feb. 10, 1955 BUS0419a.tifPH1BUS0433a.tif

FILEDESCRIPTIONBusiness/IndustryAAtlantic Gel[atin] 957OBJECT IDPH1BUS0434a.tifPH1BUS0514a.tifPH1Amoco Pete's Gas Station1960 no day or month BUS0516a.tifPH1Angie's Restaurant [staff]BUS0518a.tifno datePH1Allied Plant, Rt. 128 & Rt 3BUS0520a.tifJun. 18, 1953PH1Arts Jewelry [1956 & -57 Trade Directory]BUS0225a.tifMar. 29 no yearA&C Sporting Goods [Store] [1956 & -57 TradePH1Directory]BUS0271a.tifJul. 7 no yearA. Merino Architect [drawings] [1956 & -57PH1Trade Directory]BUS0286a.tifJune 21 no yearPH1Annessios[?] GroceriesBUS0356a.tifJul. 14, 1955Amoco Pete w/ womanBusiness/Industry- Atlantic Gelatin (money donated for sign) BobAVasig TECheck presentation at LWOC Office. AtlanticGelatinAmoco Station night shot [tire rack atCarbone's]Nov. 4, 1955no dateSep. 27, 1955Dec. 16, 15a.tif; -bINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICNOT Atlantic Gelatin[Envelope mislabelled]May be Lion's Club. (LionsClub?) May include: BernardGolden, "Bing" Crosby,Thomas Doherty, Mr.Ficociello, Edward Kenney,Charles McGovern, CharlesMcSheffrey, Albert "Allie"Wall, Thomas Driscoll?,Gas station in backgroundwas owned by Ollie Olson.Possibly Charlotte Doherty inGuy DeFilippoProbably not in Woburna. left to right: HarryChandler, PersonnelManager of Atlantic Gelatin,Russ Monbleau, Jim Kelly,b. Gene Shine, ShopSteward at Atlantic Gelatin.

ndustryABusiness/IndustryADESCRIPTIONPicture of Ceramic pig for Mr. AndersonSep. 25, no yerTom Driscoll; Pipe sticking our of sidewalk frontof Simmons[?]Mar., no day, 1958Atlantic Gelatin Mr. Heaney[sic] at desk; Mr.Heaney[sic] at home with family [SB Haney]Jan. 28 no year[Gas station giving awards, Amoco Symbol?]Business/IndustryAAssembled Homes [Holton Street, Winchester]Business/IndustryAAtlantic Gelatin Outdoor ShotsBusiness/Industry- Atlantic Gelatin, Bob Burns, Cohen, & iness/IndustryADATEno dateno dateNov. 7, 195516mm. Negatives - Atlantic Gelatin, Mr.MarshallOct. 21, 1954Assem. Home [Peabody - Assembled Homes]no dateAssembled Homes [Holton St., Winchester]no dateOBJECT IDPH1BUS0788a.tif; -bPH1BUS0789a.tif; -bPH1BUS0430a.tif; a-cPH1BUS0614a.tif; a-cINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. Francis Haney; c. Francis& Mildred "Millie" Haney anda. Peter Carbone & JackGilgun. b. Peter Carbone &The Whitten Brothers builthomes off Cross Street in oldsand pit. New streets werenamed after the threePH1brothers: George, Charles,BUS0646a.tif; a-c and Bradford. Also builta. lab in the back section; d.PH1front section is the office,BUS0405a.tif; a-d back section is the lab; tanksPH1BUS0418a.tif; a-da. Gil Cohen, originalpresident, retired c.1956; c.Cederberg family, probablythere for open house; d.includes "Fats" Petrucci &PH1BUS0408a.tif; a-e Pete Mingella; e. Alicia CodyPH1BUS0517a.tif; a-ePH1BUS0659a.tif; a-e

FILEDESCRIPTIONBusiness/Industry- Tour of Atlantic Gelatin with Chamber ofACommerce & Industry Div.Business/IndustryAAnderson TESep. 17 no yearFeb. 16 no yearAtlantic GelatinAngle Iron Kennels, Burlington [1956 & -57Trade Directory]Mr. Chandler, Atlantic Gelatin [14 poses ofsame man]May 5, 1955Atlantic Gelatin [employees event]no dateAtlantic Gelatin Christmas PartyDec. 15 no yearMay 12, 1955Aug. 25, 1953OBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. Kettles where the gelatin isextracted from the hides bycooking; b. Tommy Clark(left)& Joseph Day working atConcentrated Filter Press; c.skins are washed & treatedwith acids before puttingthem in tanks; e. Cafeteriaworkers & first aid people:may include "Jumbo"Maloney, Billy Trail, FlorenceCanney, Eddie Lynch, JeanCollins, Rube McDonough, &Bill Turner; f. includes HarryPH1Chandler (PersonnelBUS0407a.tif; a-f Manager), Frank DiPanfilo,PH1BUS0677a.tif; a-fc. is a filter press; e. includesHelva Johnson & JamesBarlow looking at anevaporator; g. includes LarryOrsillo & "Toots" or "Rube"PH1BUS0403a.tif; 1-h McDonough; h. includes TomPH1BUS0237a.tif; -bnot scannedPH1BUS0645a.tif; a-pPH1BUS0647a.tif; a-p

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEPete's Amoco [Grand Opening of Amoco Pete's;Business/Industry- also shows Cummings & Chute office, CottAWarehouse & trucks]no dateBusiness/IndustryAAtlantic Gelatin party at Hillcrest Country ClubNov. 14 no yearOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICa. block party grand openingcelebration; f. new stationwith original station directly infront; when new onecompleted, old one torn down(probably 1960); k. Originalstation's lift for car repairswas outdoors; the newbuilding can be seen in thebackground. Pete Carbonestarted the original in 1939and gave it up in 1945, justafter the war. Took it overagain in 1951. He lived onSalem Street and sold cars(Salem Street Motors). Theoriginal station had a pit inthe ground; a car would bedriven over the pit and themechanic would climb downthe stairs into the pit under it."From son Pete Carbone:"there were five of usbrothers and my sister AnnaMarie. The youngest wasn'tborn at this time but therewere four of us brothersbrought up working in thatstation, & the station beforethat, before they added thetwo bays." m. Carbone wasPH1BUS0521a.tif; a-q one of the first businesses inPH1BUS0669a.tif; a-v

FILEDESCRIPTIONDATEBusiness/Industry- Atlantic Gelatin [enployees event, awards,Adancing]no ndustryAAug. 23, 1947Atlantic Gelatin Open Houseno dateHouse 2/ Beach wagon; Assembled Homes [40Holton St., Winchester]Apr. 9, 1960Ayer Motor MartBusiness/IndustryAAtlantic Gelatin Extras (employees event)Business/Industry- Commercial-Apple orchard [some negativesAbadly stryBAtlantic Gelatin partyno dateMay 13, 1953Nov. 30, 1955Joseph H. App Sewage Disposal trucksno dateBeggs & Cobbs presentation Leather names[?][Winchester]Mar. 24, 1955Barker Lumber Co. display [Pageant ofProgress]no dateBorden Co. [Pageant of Progress]no dateOBJECT IDINFORMATION FROM THE PUBLICk. Harold Rosenthal NOTE:Scanned 8 of 22. OtherPH1negatives underexposed. NotBUS0684a.tif; a-k worth scanning except byb. includes Mayor MichaelPH1Murray, Gil Cohen, & SenatorBUS0409a.tif; -b Edith Norse Rogers.PH1BUS0666a.tif; b-dPH1BUS0519a.tif; -ba. Rex Trailer and Richard“Dickie” Kilbride as Pablo(teeth blacked out) lived inNorth Woburn on Elm Streetnext to Thompson Library; in back is Bob Berndt; h.left to rt; Arthur King, LorraineWhittemore, unknown,Marion Costello, JimMcCauley; o. chorus ofPH1employees of AtlanticBUS0513a.tif; a-t Gelatin; man playing piano isPH1BUS0522a.tif; a-fPH1BUS0410a.tif; .tif

SCRIPTIONJ.J.Black [Plumbers] [Pageant of Progress]A.J. Bushman Equipment [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Butler Engineering [1956 & -57 Trade Directory]Bonnell Motors Winchester [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Barbara Stone Dress Shop [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Burke's Service Station [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Burlington Business Section Aerial [1956 & -57Trade Directory]Beauty Salon Stoneham [1956 & -57 TradeDirectory]Business/IndustryBNew bridge construction [unknown

Accident/Disaster Accident on Franklin St., Woburn Dec. 4, 1954 not scanned Accident/Disaster Accident Jan. 20, no year not scanned . Cambridge St., St. Barbara's being built in background. FILE DESCRIPTION DATE OBJECT ID INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC Accident