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Dear Hall Director Candidate,North Dakota State University Residence Life provides an experience forstudents that enhances their education and involvement in the universitycommunity and beyond. I encourage you to considering being a part of thisexperience that promotes student success. You will have the opportunity toprovide leadership and management to our students through supervisionof student staff, advising hall government, overseeing operations of aresidence hall, facilitating residential curriculum, serving on committees,and assisting with summer camps and conferences.In an effort to create a vibrant and healthy place to live and learn, NDSUResidence Life is committed to creating an inclusive community for allresidents in our residence halls. We serve students through a frameworkour hall directors developed called S.A.F.E. (sense of belonging, affirmedand valued, freedom to be, and education and growth). As global citizens,we have the responsibility to take action towards positively impacting self,others, and the world.North Dakota State University is a student-focused, land-grant, researchuniversity. NDSU strives for excellence in education, research, and thestudent experience. NDSU is located in Fargo, the state’s largest city. Alongwith its sister city, Moorhead, Minnesota, directly across the Red River,Fargo forms a large metropolitan area that has the feel of a small town.There is always something to do in Fargo, from street fairs and concerts tobike trails and shopping.I hope this information guide provides more detailed information about theHall Director position, the Residence Life Experience, NDSU, and the FargoMoorhead community to help you realize that it’s a great time to be a HallDirector at NDSU.Please contact me with questions. I look forward tosharing more about the Hall Director position, NDSU,and Fargo with you. Go Bison!Sincerely,Brooks Hetle (he/him/his)Associate Director of Residence [email protected] 701-231-1880

NDSUSam Elinsonpavek HallDirectorHometown: Eagan, Minnesota“I wanted to work at NDSU becausethe staff and community are incrediblywelcoming and personable. Everyoneis so passionate about their workand are driven to give students thebest experience they can. The mostrewarding part of working at NDSU isdeveloping relationships with the manystudents I work with. I am glad to be aresource for them and I feel so muchpride to see them succeed.”1HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUThe NDSU Department of Residence Lifehas people on its team from states acrossthe country including Missouri, Minnesota,Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, California,Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, Wyoming,and New York.Hall Directors at NDSUHall Directors are the primary contact for the students living intheir residence hall and serve as department and university liaisons.Customer service, teamwork and comprehensive administrative skillsare necessary to be a successful Hall Director. Candidates need tohave a strong work ethic, be professional, embrace positive changeand be eager to spend time with students. Our Hall Directors alsoprovide a welcoming environment where students from diversebackgrounds live and learn alongside one another .Hall Director Main ResponsibilitiesHall Directors are present and active in the halls, not only to support anddevelop students and staff, but to educate and enhance learning. Inclusive leadershipand management Facilities management Supervision Student support Hall administrative duties Community development Committeeresponsibilities Advising Student conduct2HALL DIRECTOR

NDSURA EXPERIENCEBuilding a team is not only anessential responsibility butcan have a meaningful impacton students’ lives both duringcollege and beyond. Here iswhat some of our RA’s had tosay:“I love being able to directlyimpact a student’s life bycreating a safe, respectful,and family-oriented homeaway from home.”“It’s been great to gain a widerange of soft skills such ascommunication and create asafe and inclusive communityamongst residents.”“The professional andpersonal relationships I’vebuilt are irreplaceable.”Giovanni Escalerastockbridge HallDirectorHometown: San Bernardino, California“When you get to work with students, everyday is something new and it keeps you onyour toes. I love working in Residence Lifebecause we truly care about the students andtheir well-being. Watching my students growand become their own person is somethingI greatly value. They get to decide who theywant to be and surround themselves withthose who invest in their dreams and goals.”3HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUAdditional ResponsibilitiesEach Hall Director can enhance their experience at NDSU basedon individual preferences. Here are a few examples: Develop curriculum Recruit Hall Directors Advise student organizations Marketing Teach conduct and alcoholeducation Supervise student staff includingtraining and recruitment Work toward diversity goalsInterview ProcessNDSU supports travel expenses for on-campus interviews incurred by HallDirector candidates. Unless a Hall Director candidate is offered a position anddeclines it, all candidates invited to on-campus interviews will be reimbursedfor their travel expenses.Benefits Apartments are wired for Internet access, air-conditioned and arepartially furnished with living room, kitchen and bedroom furniture. Hall Director offices are separate from their apartments. Professional development funding is available for conferences and training. After completing the six-month probationary period, staff membersqualify for a tuition waiver up to three classes per calendar year.Waivers may be used the next semester after the end of theprobationary period. Spouses and children receive a 50 percentreduction in tuition. NDSU provides a benefits package with TIAA-CREF retirement options,life insurance and fully paid health insurance premiums. Health insurancebecomes effective one month after the official contract date. Dental andeye-care insurance can be purchased at additional cost. Hall Directors receive up to 500 block meals during dining centeroperation. Staff members earn one vacation day and one sick day per month,plus 10 paid holidays per year. Office phones with voicemail are provided. Partner policy allows for partners to live together. Pets are limited to a domesticated dog or cat and/or fish as long asrequirements have been met.4HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUAPPROXIMATE MONTHLYHALL DIRECTORCOMPENSATION PACKAGEBase salary (gross). 2,966Apartment(partially furnished utilities). 1,000Meals. 291Internet service. 40Cable service. 84Full health insurance(100% premiums paid). 1,425Retirement plan. 140TOTAL . 5,730Logan StatonSeim Hall DirectorHometown: Isle of Wight County, Virginia“I appreciate working alongside students who areso passionate about their career paths. Whetherthat’s pursuing a career in pharmacy, architecture,or nursing, NDSU students are driven to succeed intheir respective fields of study. It’s also rewardingto be able to cheer students on when they’rehaving a fantastic day and to be there alongsidethem when they’re going through hard times.College life can be challenging, and it’s rewardingto be there with students as they navigate college.”5HALL DIRECTOR

NDSULiz Campbellhead of student life &community engagementEmerging prairieNDSU hall director 2013-2017“From teamwork to time management, from helping students findmotivation to helping students through their toughest moments, theexperience as a Hall Director shaped the student affairs professionalI am today. Transitioning from housing to career services, I have similarconversations with students in crises, the crises are just different, andjust as life changing for both the students and me. The Department ofResidence Life provides incredible opportunities for both personal andprofessional growth through formal training, professional developmentfunds and networking opportunities. Beyond the work with students, theHD position brought me to Fargo, a place I now call home. The communityis strong and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!”Michelle Sailoracademic adviser/studentsuccess specialistchippewa valley technical collegeNDSU hall director 2014-2018“Being a Hall Director at NDSU provided valuable skills that I’ll need in myfuture professional endeavors. I was encouraged to look into opportunitiesacross campus and introduced to professionals with key experiences.Outside of being an HD, I was a co-adviser for the campus InternationalStudent Association and used professional development funds to attenda regional NAFSA: Association of International Educators conferencebecause I was interested in working in a study abroad and/or internationalstudent services office in the future.”6HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUABOUT NDSUABOUTNDSUWE VALUEDIVERSEWEVALUETHETHEDIVERSEPERSPECTIVES OF OURPERSPECTIVES OF OURSTUDENTS AND STRIVESTUDENTS AND STRIVETO ENSURE A SENSE OFTOENSUREANDA SENSEOFBELONGINGRESPECTBELONGINGANDRESPECTTHAT SUPPORTS THE SUCCESSOF EACHPERSON. THETHATSUPPORTSSUCCESS OF EACH PERSON.SIZEMore than 12,000 studentsSIZEfrom 49 states and 74 countriesMore than 12,000 students from 49 statesmake NDSU large enough forand 74 countries make NDSU largea diverse range of people andenoughfor a diversepeopleperspectives,butrangestill ofsmallandperspectives,butstillsmallenough to be personal. enoughto be personal.MAJORSMAJORSWith 100 majors and a 16:1With100 majors and a ratio,16:1 student-tostudent-to-facultyNDSUfacultyNDSU offerschallengingoffersratio,challengingstudiesin asupportiveface-to-facelearningstudiesin a ent where more than67 percent of lecture classes have fewerSUPPORTIVEthan40 students. FACULTYStudent success is importantto our faculty,who want themSUPPORTIVEFACULTYto graduatetime andtobeStudentsuccess onis importantourcompetitive in the job market.faculty, who want them to graduate ontime and be competitive in the job market.HIGH STANDARDSNDSU is fully accredited by theHIGH STANDARDSHigher Learning Commission,NDSU is fully accredited by the Higherand many individual programsLearningCommission,and manyhave specializedaccreditation.individual programs have nELITE RANKINGNDSU is listed in the top 100ELITERANKINGresearchuniversities in theNDSUlisted inforthe researchtop 100 researchUnitedis Statesanduniversitiesin theinUnitedStates ndpsychology,development inandagriculturalsciences,based onsciences,psychology,andreportedsocial sciences,researchexpenditures.basedon reportedresearch expenditures.NEWEXPERIENCESEXPERIENCESNEW7HALL entorganizationsprovideprovide opportunitiesoutside andtheopportunitiesoutside the classroom,classroom, and our successfulwhether you’re an athlete or a fan, ourDivision I athletic teams makesuccessful Division I athletic teams makecollege life life fun.

NDSUABOUT RESIDENCE LIFEResidence Lifestrives to createa community oflearning where ourstudents can liveand grow asneighbors nowand in the future.In order to guideour residents tobecome globalcitizens and qualityneighbors in theircommunity, wefocus on followingfour learning goals:As a departmentwithin a land grantinstitution werecognize the historical experienceof marginalizedstudents and areactively workingto dismantle thoseinequities to createa better future. Weare committed tothe following:Our commitmentThe Department ofResidence Lifesupports studentsby providing avibrant, healthyplace to live andlearn.experiencemissionNDSU Residence Life provides more than a bed, we provide a place to grow, learn,connect, explore and make an impact. We empower students to create theexperience they want with opportunities to lead, learn and grow. Creatingconnections Exploringidentity Developingcommunities Making educateddecisionsS.A.F.E.Sense ofBelongingAll studentsdeserve to feelbelonging whileliving on campus.Affirmed & ValuedAll students needto be affirmed inwho they are.Freedom to BeAll studentsdeserve a placewhere they can beauthenticallythemselves.Education &GrowthWe are dedicatedto ongoingeducation.8HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUMajor AccomplishmentsOUR NEWESTRESIDENCE HALL,CATER HALL,SUCCESSFULLYOPENED AT 90 PERCENT OCCUPANCYResidential Curriculum Showcase institution at the ACPA Institute for CurricularApproach in December 2020 Started cross divisional curricular approach to learning outsidethe classroom with five student facing departmentscollaborating as partners Full re-opening with COVID-19 mitigation techniques in play Developed and implemented our new diversity and inclusioninitiative, S.A.F.E., which lays out Residence Life’s corevalue of ensuring all students feel safe to be and learn in theircommunitiesApartments Increased occupancy in Niskanen Expansion 2-bedroom,2-bathroom units by 10 percent while maintaining highoccupancy rates in all other propertiesFacility Projects Renovated Dinan Hall 2nd and 3rd floors Renovated Reed Hall main lounge Successfully opened a new residence hall, Cater Hall, above 90percent capacity despite lower institutional enrollment Expanded availability of gender-neutral restrooms in tworesidence hallsDEVELOPED ANDIMPLEMENTED S.A.F.E.A NEW DIVERSITY ANDINCLUSION INITIATIVEOperations and Marketing Developed marketing campaigns that increased retentionrates for upper division students in residence halls andapartments Successfully upgraded our housing software (THD V) andeffectively trained all appropriate staff9HALL DIRECTOR

NDSUquick facts2,350 800 1,050FIRST-YEAR STUDENTSLIVE IN RESIDENCE HALLSUPPER-DIVISIONSTUDENTS LIVE INRESIDENCE HALLSUPPER-DIVISIONSTUDENTS LIVE INAPARTMENTS13 residence halls526SUITE-STYLE(Seim, Cater,Sevrinson, Pavek,Thompson)APARTMENT-STYLE(Mathew LivingLearning Center,Niskanen)4TRADITIONAL(Burgum, Churchill,Dinan, Reed/Johnson,Stockbridge, Weible)KEY: Female Male Co-residentialUpper-Division Co-residentialapartmentcomplexes1701 University VillageNiskanen Expansion Bison Court10HALL DIRECTOROUR DIVISIONNDSU Residence Lifeis housed under thedivision of Finance andAdministration withother self-sustainingauxiliary services.

NDSUNDSUATHLETICSNDSU ESTNCAADIVISIONI PROGRAMSIN SIONI PROGRAMSTHEGIVING BISON FANS LOTS TO CHEER ABOUT.NATION, GIVING BISON FANS LOTS TO CHEER ABOUT.A WINNING TRADITIONANDSUWINNINGTRADITIONannually ranks in the top third of the nationalNDSUannuallyranksin the top —thirdof the nationalDirectors’Directors’CupStandingsa measureof successacross all WOMEN’S TEAMSBASKETBALLWOMEN’S TEAMSCupStandings— athemeasureofhavesuccesscombinedacross all sports— andthesports— andBisonto win28 ationalchampionshipsinsixsportschampionships in six sports including the football team’s 17thCROSSGOLFCROSS COUNTRYnationalin’s titlebasketballits fifthincludingthetitlefootballteam’sNDSU16th nationalin 2019. earnedNDSU men’sSOCCERGOLFberth inearnedNCAAMarchMadness2020,Madnessand women’sbasketballits fifthberthin NCAAinMarchin 2020, track onshipwinningand women’s track and field in 2021 ran its conference championshipTRACK AND FIELDSOFTBALLstreakstreakto a to27-straightoutdoortitlescombined. VOLLEYBALLwinninga 27-straightindoorindoorandand outdoortitlescombined.TRACK AND esBison softball has made 10 NCAA tournament appearances in 12 years,VOLLEYBALLin 12 years, and Payton Otterdahl recently became the firstand Payton Otterdahl recently became the first NDSU Division INDSU Division I national champion with men’s indoor titlesnational champion with men’s indoor titles in the shot put and weightin the shot put and weight throw before qualifying for thethrowqualifyingfor the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.2021beforeTokyoOlympics.MEN’S TEAMSBASEBALLMEN’S ALLCROSS COUNTRYGOLFFOOTBALLTRACK AND FIELDGOLFWRESTLINGTRACK AND FIELDWRESTLING11N O R T HD A K O T AS T A T EHALL DIRECTORU N I V E R S I T Y

NDSUTHE COMMUNITYHE COMMUNITYFargo/MoorheadWe’re growing! As of 2020, the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo metro’s population grew by 17,093, or 7.3%, sinceThe university is located in Fargo, a thriving regional hub on the edge of the Great PlainsIt is expected to increase by 4.7% between 2020 and 2025, adding 11,815 people. Jobs grew by 5,448 over the land Minnesota lake country. Fargo, its sister city, Moorhead, Minnesota, and surroundingandare projected to grow by 6,383 over the next five years.communities have a population of approximately 220,000. The Fargo-Moorheadrowing! As of 2020, the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo metro’s population grew by 17,093, or 7.3%, since 20community features three outstanding institutions of higher education: NDSU, Concordiapected toQUICKincreaseby 4.7% between 2020 and 2025, adding 11,815 people.POPULATIONJobs grew by 5,448over the lasFACTSCollegeand Minnesota State University Moorhead, which contributeto an exciting CHARACTERISTIlist LOR’SDEGREEOR HIGHEREDUCATION:38.9% Millennials(agesevents25-39): 58,246things to do. Thearea combinesbig-cityamenities –museums, arenasand fine arts– with small-townconvenience, safety and friendliness.(comparedto 31.8% nationally)K FACTSHall Director’s Fargo RecommendationsINCOME:ELOR’SMEDIANOR HIGHEREDUCATION: DEGREEPoundsHOUSEHOLD- awesomeplaceto grab 59,100a bite, a 38.9%drinkand hangout and play some gamesred to 31.8% nationally) Babbs HOUSECoffee Shop- Seattlestyle coffee shop inMEDIANVALUE: 176,900downtown Fargo Rough CutSocial Club- Competitive axeAN HOUSEHOLDINCOME: 59,100CIVILIAN throwingLABOR FORCE:and more134,359PARTICIPATIONRATE:74%brews and amazing Drekker Brewery- FunkyAN HOUSE VALUE: 176,900atmosphere IslandPark - Gorgeouspark MINUTESanytime of year,MEANCOMMUTETIME: 16.9near downtown(comparedto 26minutesnationally)AN LABORFORCE:134,359 Shopping- fromsmall boutiques to your favoriteSource:RATE:Emsi, 2019,viaGreater Fargo Moorhead EDCchainstoresCIPATION74%COMMUTE TIME:65 16.9 MINUTES12.5%red to 26 minutes nationally)Less thanAge GroupsAGEGROUPSCassCounty.Census 2019 data,25Moorheadyears EDCmsi, 2019, via Greater FargoCass County.Census2019data, current as ofcurrentas ofDec.2, 2020.45-64old 36.3%Source:NorthDakotaService,Dec. 2, 2020.Source:NorthJobDakotaJob Service,LaborMarketInformation.Labor MarketInformation.20.5%65 12.5%25-4430.7%Less than25 yearsAGE GROUPS12HALL DIRECTORThe national average for an area thPOPULATIONCHARACTERISTICS Retiring soon:56,906Thenationalaveragean area th Millennials (ages 25-39):for58,246people55orolder.The national average for an area this Racialdiversity: Retiringsoon:56,90637,435The national average for an area thThe national average for an area thisracially diverse people.people55 or older. Veterans:11,984 RacialThediversity:national37,435average for an area thSource:Emsi Q4average2020 Data Setforvia GFMEDCTheEthnicitynationalan area thisRace and White:racially86.7 diverse people. Black or AfricanAmerican:6.4RACE11,984AND ETHNICITY Veterans: American Indian or Alaska Native: 1.5 White: 86.7nationalaveragefor an 0.1area this NativeTheHawaiian& PacificIslander: Blackor AfricanAmerican: Otherracemore2.1 6.4Source:EmsiorQ4two2020 orDataSet via races:GFMEDCAmerican Hispanic or Latino:2.8Indian and Alaska Nativ Not Hispanicor Latino: Asian:3.4 97.2RACE ANDNativeETHNICITYHawaiian and other Pacific White:86.7race or two or more races: 2 Other Black Hispanicor Africanor American:Latino: 2.8 6.4 Not Hispanicor Latino: AmericanIndian andAlaska97.2Native:Cass County. Census 2019 data, current as of December2, 2020. Source: North Dakota Job Service, Labor MarketInformation.Cass County. Census 2019 data, current as of December 2, 2 Asian:3.4Source: North Dakota Job Service, Labor Market Informatio

NDSU Departmentof Residence LifeWest Bison CourtDept 3430, PO 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050p: 701-231-7557e: [email protected]: Residence [email protected] does not discriminate in its programs and activities on the basis of age, color, gender expression/identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin,participation in lawful off-campus activity, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, public assistance status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, spousal relationshipto current employee, or veteran status, as applicable. Direct inquiries to: Vice Provost, Title IX/ADA Coordinator, Old Main 201, 701-231-7708, [email protected].

Hall Directors at NDSU Hall Directors are the primary contact for the students living in their residence hall and serve as department and university liaisons. Customer service, teamwork and co