New York City College of TechnologyAcademic University Report DetailJune 2020

Section AI: Special ActionsAl.1 Articulation Agreement for the NYCCT BS in Mathematics Education with BMCC AS in Mathematics & Science forSecondary EducationProgram Code:35103Effective Date:Fall 2020A. SENDING AND RECEIVING INSTITUTIONSSending College: Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeDepartment: Teacher EducationProgram: Mathematics & Science for Secondary Education (Specialization in Mathematics)Degree: Associate in ScienceReceiving College: New York City College of TechnologyDepartment: MathematicsProgram: Mathematics EducationDegree: Bachelor of ScienceB. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR SENIOR COLLEGE PROGRAMStudents must: satisfy the College requirements for admission into a baccalaureate program; be eligible to enroll in MAT 1475 or higher; have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0*; and submit an application, write an essay and be interviewed by program director.* Exceptions can be granted by the Mathematics Education Program director.Total transfer credits granted toward the baccalaureate degree: 60Total additional credits required at the senior college to complete baccalaureate degree: 60C. COURSES TRANSFERRED FROM BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE (BMCC)Students transferring from BMCC with an Associate Degree in: Mathematics & Science for Secondary Education (Specialization inMathematics) shall enter the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education program at NYCCT as juniors. They will have thefollowing courses transferred to NYCCT.

COURSE-TO-COURSE EQUIVALENCIES AND TRANSFER CREDIT AWARDEDBMCCNYCCTCourse and TitleCreditsRequired Common Core (14)English Composition6English CompositionLife and Physical Sciences4Life and Physical SciencesChoose one of the following:General Astronomy - AST 110 (4cr.) ORBiology I - BIO 210 (4cr.) ORCollege Chemistry I - CHE 201 (4cr.) ORGeneral Physics - PHY 110 (4cr.) ORPhysics I - PHY 210 (4cr.)Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning Required MAT 2064Mathematical and Quantitative ReasoningPrecalculus or higherRequired Flexible Core (19)Creative Expression3Creative ExpressionFUNDAMENTALS OF SPEECH - SPE 100 OR SPE 102 required (3cr.)COM 1330*World Cultures & Global Issues3World Cultures & Global Issues(Foreign language strongly recommended**)(Foreign language required)US Experience in its Diversity3US Experience in its DiversityIndividual and Society (IS)3Individual and Society (IS)Scientific World (SW)3Scientific World (SW)*PSY 100 required(3cr.)PSY 1101One additional Flex Core Course4One additional Flex Core Course: RecommendedScientific World course requiredScientific World courseMathematics Core Content Courses (15)MAT 301 Calculus I4MAT 1475 Calculus IMAT 302 Calculus II4MAT 1575 Calculus IIMAT 303 Calculus III4MAT 2675, Calculus IIIMAT 315 Linear Algebra3MAT 2580 Linear AlgebraPedagogical Core (12)EDS 201 Adolescent Development3EDU3610 Human Learning and InstructionEDU 202: Urban Schools in a Diverse American SocietyMEDU 1010 Foundations of Mathematics EducationOROR3EDS 202 Special Topics in Secondary School EducationEDU 3670: Methods of Literacy InstructionHIS 101: Western CivilizationENG 391 or ENG 392 or MUS 103 or ART 103TOTAL3360Additional Liberal ArtsAdditional Liberal ArtsCredits6443333344443333360

*May transfer as IS, if more advantageous: COM 1330 and PSY 1101 are in the Individual and Society flexible core at NYCCT.**If the foreign language requirement has not been satisfied, an additional course will be needed at NYCCT. The foreign languagerequirement may be met in any one of the following ways: Successful completion of a 3-credit foreign language course at NYCCT ortransferred from another college; Earning a score of 85 or higher on the New York State Regents examination in a foreign language; Ascore of 4 or better on the advanced placement examination in a foreign language; Satisfactory completion of a College LevelExamination Program (CLEP) test in a foreign language; Graduation from a higher education institution with a bachelor’s degree or itsequivalent, in which the language of instruction was other than English.Students that transfer to NYCCT after earning the AS in Math & Science for Secondary Education (Specialization in Mathematics) atBMCC by completing the 60 credits shown above, will be required to satisfactorily complete the following 60 credits at NYCCT in orderto earn the BS in Mathematics Education.D. SENIOR COLLEGE COURSES REMAINING FOR COMPLETION OF BACCALAUREATE DEGREE1,2, 3, 4Course and TitleMathematics Core Content Courses (22)2MAT 1372 Statistics with ProbabilityMAT 2571 Introduction to Proofs and Logic (advanced liberal arts, WI)MAT 3050 GeometryMAT 3075 Introduction to Real AnalysisMAT 3080 Modern AlgebraMAT 4030 History of MathematicsPEDAGOGICAL CORE (29)2Specialized Pedagogical CoursesMEDU 1021 Teaching and Learning Strategies for Mathematics TeachersMEDU 2901 Peer Leader Training in MathematicsMEDU 3000 Mathematics of the Secondary School CurriculumMEDU 3001 Methods of Teaching Middle School MathematicsMEDU 3002 Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (WI)MEDU 3003 MicroteachingMEDU 4000 Student Teaching SeminarMEDU 4001 Student Teaching in High SchoolMEDU 4002 Student Teaching in High SchoolCommon Pedagogical Core (6)2EDU 2455: Methods and Materials for Special Needs StudentsMEDU 1010 Foundation of Mathematics Education or EDU 3670: Methods of Literacy Instruction3Additional Requirements (3)2Interdisciplinary CourseTOTALCredits34444331433344433360

1234In addition to requirements of the AS degree, City Tech bachelor’s degree students are required to take one Writing Intensive(WI) course in the Major and one WI course in the liberal arts and sciences. All graduates must also satisfy CUNYPathways requirements.Complete lists of liberal arts and sciences courses and advanced liberal arts and sciences courses, as well as semesterspecific lists of interdisciplinary courses, are available online at the City Tech Pathways website.Students should take either MEDU 1010 or EDU 3670 as part of the 60 credits taken at City Tech, depending on whichequivalent course they have not already taken.Depends on any additional mathematics or education courses transferred.E. PROCEDURES FOR REVIEWING, UP- DATING, MODIFYING OR TERMINATING AGREEMENTBoth colleges will confer every three years to review the agreement. Any changes or modifications to program requirements will bereported to the other college subsequent to the date of the change or modification. The agreement will then be updated accordingly.Given notification, both colleges have the right to terminate the agreement at any time.1. Procedures for reviewing, updating, modifying or terminating agreement:When either of the degree programs involved in this agreement undergoes a change, the agreement will be reviewed andrevised accordingly by faculty from each institution’s respective departments, selected by their chairpersons and/or programdirectors.2. Procedures for evaluating agreement, i.e., tracking the number of students who transfer under the articulation agreement andtheir success:Each semester, NYCCT will provide BMCC with the following information: a) the number of BMCC students who enrolled; and b)the aggregate GPA of these enrolled students.3. Sending and receiving college procedures for publicizing agreement, e.g., college catalogs, transfer advisers, Websites, etc.:This articulation agreement will be publicized on BMCC’s website and on NYCCT’s website. Transfer advisors at BMCC willpromote this agreement with eligible students.BMCC students who plan to transfer into the Mathematics Education degree program at NYCCT are advised to choose the listedProgram Requirements indicated in this document in order to satisfy the requirements for the A.S. degree at BMCC and toensure that the maximum number of credits are transferred to satisfy the Mathematics Education program requirements atNYCCT. Refer to the college website for a list of the general requirements for the A.S. degree.4. Campus Updates to Transfer Credit Rules:Each college will update their transfer rules in CUNYfirst based on the agreed upon course evaluation, as indicated in thisdocuments. When either college makes course revisions to courses included in the agreement, they will notify the other party.

Al.2 Articulation Agreement for the NYCCT BTech in Computer Systems Technology with BCC AAS in Cybersecurity andNetworkingProgram Code:22370Effective Date:Fall 2020A. SENDING AND RECEIVING INSTITUTIONSSending Institution:Bronx Community CollegeDepartment:Program:Degree:Engineering, Physics and TechnologyCybersecurity and NetworkingAssociate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)Receiving Institution:New York City College of Technology (City Tech)Department:Program:Degree:Computer Systems TechnologyComputer SystemsBachelor of Technology (B. Tech)B. REQUIREMENTS FOR SENIOR COLLEGE PROGRAM1. Students must complete the CUNY Transfer Application in a timely manner OR apply through direct admission. Direct admission isavailable one registration for the upcoming semester opens. We urge students to apply as early as possible. SeeHttp:// for details. (The template used is based on CCNY which does not accept anyone byDirect Admission)2. Requirement for students wishing to transfer to City Tech’s Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Systems under thisagreement:a. Associate degree in Cybersecurity and Networkingb. GPA of 2.0 or abovec. C or better in all required computer courses related to the degree requirements in Cybersecurity and Networkingd. If a grade less than a C is earned in the course(s) that are equivalent to the required prerequisite courses for the BTech trackof choice, the student is required to repeat the required prerequisite course(s) at City Tech and to earn a grade of C or better.e. If the student has not successfully completed (with a grade of C or better) the required prerequisite course(s) to the BTechtrack of choice at Bronx CC, the student will be required to successfully complete the course(s) at City Tech.3. Total transfer credits granted toward the baccalaureate degree: 60 credits4. Total additional credits required at the senior college to complete baccalaureate degree: 60-64 credits.5. Acceptance into this program will be under the requirements in effect at the time of admission and may be subject to such changesas shall be determined by NYC College of Technology’s academic policies and curricula. To earn a baccalaureate degree, admittedstudents must earn 120 credits of which 30 credits must be taken in residence at City Tech. Certification of graduation requires acumulative GPA of 2.0. The 2.0 GPA is also required in the major.

C. COURSE-TO-COURSE EQUIVALENCIES AND TRANSFER CREDIT AWARDEDBronx Community CollegeNYC College of TechnologyPATHWAYS: COMMON CORECourse Number & TitleEnglish CompositionENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric IENG 112 Composition and Rhetoric IIMathematics and Quantitative ReasoningMTH 30 Pre-Calculus Mathematics**Students are advised to complete MTH 30 insteadof MTH 23 to optimize transfer credit and reducetime to the BTech degree.Life and Physical SciencesPHY 11 College Physics IIndividual and SocietyCOMM11 Fundamentals of InterpersonalCommunicationScientific WorldPHY 12 College Physics IISelect one course from flex core areas:World Culture & Global IssuesUS Experience in Its DiversityRecommended: HIS 10 History of the Modern WorldOR HIS 11 Introduction to the Modern WorldCreative ExpressionIndividual & SocietyOR Scientific WorldCredits33Course Number & TitleEnglish CompositionENG 1101 English Composition IENG 1121 English Composition IIMathematics and Quantitative ReasoningCreditsCreditsAwarded333333 1elective4433443-43-4MAT 1375 Pre-Calculus44Life and Physical SciencesPHYS 1433 General Physics I: Algebra BasedPATHWAYS: FLEXIBLE COREIndividual and SocietyCOM 1330 Public Speaking34Scientific WorldPHYS 1434 General Physics II: Algebra BasedWorld Culture & Global IssuesUS Experience in Its Diversity3-4Creative ExpressionIndividual & SocietyOR Scientific World

NETWORKING/CYBERSECURITY REQUIREMENTS*Course Number & TitleCreditsCSN100 Intro to CybersecurityCSN105 Computer Hardware and SoftwareCSN110 Network FundamentalsCSN120 Network Switching and RoutingCSN130 Network Operating Systems ICSN132 Network Operating Systems II333333CSN140 Network Scripting4CSN150 CybersecurityCSN160 Ethical Hacking and Network PenetrationTestingCSN170 Internet and Cloud ComputingCSN190 Cybersecurity ProjectCourse Number & TitleCredits3333334CST 1100 Introduction to Computer SystemsCST 1215 Operating Systems FundamentalsCST 2307 Network FundamentalsCST 3507 Advanced Single-LAN ConceptsCST 2405 System Administration (Windows)CST 2415 System Administration(UNIX/LINUX)CST 1101 Problem Solving with ComputerProgrammingCST 2410 Introduction to Computer Security3Elective Credits333CreditsAwarded3333333 1Elective3 1Elective331Elective Credits33CST 2801 Special Topics in Information11Technology*BCC awards credit for certain CSN courses on the basis of non-college learning as validated by appropriate IT certifications held byCSN students. As part of this agreement, NYC College of Technology agrees to recognize this awarded credit as if it were courseworkcompleted at BCC and grant credit for the equated course at NYC College of Technology.ADDITIONAL BCC MAJOR REQUIREMENTSCourse Number & TitleART 10 Art Survey ORMUS 10 Music SurveyFYS 11 First Year SeminarPEA Physical Education Activity CourseCredits111Course Number & TitleElective CreditElective CreditElective CreditCreditsCreditsAwarded111111D. SENIOR COLLEGE COURSES REMAINING FOR BACCALAUREATE DEGREEABOUT THE PROGRAMThis is the only comprehensive curriculum in CUNY that addresses the specific needs of the information technology (IT) industry byintegrating theory, hands-on experience and industry exposure to applied skills through a required