Be true to form.Introducing ReGeneration by Knoll An everyday chair that simply supports the way you work.The newest member of the Generation by Knoll family of chairs designed by FormwayDesign, ReGeneration by Knoll allows you to sit how you want for everyday work. Innovativein its simplicity, ReGeneration minimizes materials and components. Its straightforward designleverages flexible and durable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort andsupport throughout the day.With an eye toward conserving resources, ReGeneration uses recycled, rapidly-renewable andbiobased materials and redefines efficiency in both sustainability and value. It’s a chair you canfeel good about.sithowyouwant.comA simple solution for a complex world. ReGeneration delivers flexibility with streamlined form and features. Theslim profile of its back frame serves the purposes of aesthetics, structure and comfort, encapsulating the same highperformance elastomer that wraps the frameless Generation by Knoll chair’s Flex Back, second from left, in Olive.ReGeneration by Knoll 1

Put simplicity to work.ReGeneration gives you the comfort and support you need as you move aboutyour day without interrupting your work flow.With simple, minimal adjustments and responsive performance, ReGeneration supports thebody’s natural tendency to move, promoting comfort and freedom of movement with threekey features.Slim profile back with contoured frame· Follows the curves of your shoulders, back and lumbar· Flex Back Net, made of a high performance elastomer, cradles your back, providingintegral lumbar support· Optional upholstered back provides the comfort of foam and fabric overthe Flex Back NetDesign for 270 degrees of sitting· Flex Seat responds to shifting postures with three sides of seat edge flex· Arms provide clearance for your legs and Continuous Lumbar when side sittingResponsive performance· Weight-compensated, adjustment-free Dynamic Suspension Control uses yourseated weight as a counterbalance for a synchronized recline· Recline resistance feature allows you to select greater upright support or full reclineIt’s all in the family. For focused, shared and team work, the Generation family of chairs supports theway you work today. ReGeneration at table with Pebble Flex Back Net and Generation Fabric, Storm,seat; Generation at desk in Light finish with Storm Flex Back Net and Generation Fabric, Storm, seat;MultiGeneration by Knoll hybrid chair in Off White shell color, Generation Fabric, Pebble, seat andchrome frame finish, shown with Antenna Workspaces and Template storage system.2 Knoll

ReGeneration by Knoll 3

Take a natural approach.ReGeneration aims to do more with less — paring down without sacrificingkey performance.This level of efficiency required re-examining every detail of the chair and innovating in theuse of sustainable materials.· With just seven major parts and weighing only 28 pounds, ReGeneration islightweight, visually and physically.· The ReGeneration frame is made using postconsumer recycled plastic bottles.· Introducing rapidly-renewable materials to the seating category, the high performanceelastomer Flex Back Net uses material derived from corn byproducts, and thebiobased upholstery foam includes content derived from soy.All of this adds up to a uniquely sustainable chair that can contribute to achieving up tofour LEED credits.Simplify matters. While Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s maxim “less is more” certainly applies to ReGeneration,the chair also proves, when it comes to manufacturing efficient structures, less can also be less: less material,fewer parts, less weight, lower cost and a smaller overall carbon footprint.4 Knoll

Knoll Office SeatingFlex Back NetcolorsComplement your space.03Pebble06Espresso09Onyx10OliveWhile simplicity is fundamental, ReGeneration does offer choice in materials.With a materials and upholstery palette designed to complement today’s workplace, ReGenerationis available in four Flex Back Net colors, in both cool and warm neutrals. The scope of line is slatedGeneration Fabriccolorsto include fully upholstered and high task soAlso available in 100 KnollTextiles fabricsand Spinneybeck leathers07Firecracker08Bluemarine09Onyx10OliveBase optionsDark plastic27.0"Polished aluminum26.8"38.0 43.1"ReGeneration by Knoll 5

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seat; Generation at desk in Light finish with Storm Flex Back Net and Generation Fabric, Storm, seat; MultiGeneration by Knoll hybrid chair in Off White shell color, Generation Fabric, Pebble, seat and chrome frame fini