Meet your herbs, Phase 1 diet tips, & take your 1st Gut Check surveyHi Cari,Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to explore The Vital Plan Diet, prepare your pantry andkitchen for Phase 1 of the diet, and complete your first Gut Check. If you haven’t, let’s dothat now, as it will accelerate your success. Here’s everything you need:Pantry Prep SheetPhase 1 Grocery ListGut Check Survey #1When you look at the Phase 1 grocery list, you’ll notice that certain healthy foods such asbroccoli, nuts, and beans are missing. That’s because despite being nutritious, they aremore difficult to digest than the foods listed for Phase 1.Phase 1 is a discovery period, during which you’ll learn which foods might be causing youdigestive distress; once you complete the elimination process, you’ll receive more

information in Phase 2 about the reintroduction of many foods back into your regular diet.We recommend you stay in Phase 1 for at least 2 weeks; many people decide to stickwith it longer.As you progress through Phase 1, pay attention to how you feel. Perhaps you’ll find you’reless congested, slightly more energetic, having more regular bowel movements, oryour mood has stabilized. Removing common gut irritants can yield quick results for someaspects of gut health, but other aspects of recovery may take longer, so be patient with yourbody. In a few weeks, we’ll send you another Gut Check survey to help you gauge howthings are going and determine when you’re ready to move on to Phase 2.In the meantime, embrace Phase 1. It’s an opportunity to reinvent how you relate to food,and to have fun experimenting with new recipes. If you need meal inspiration, check out theVital Plan Diet for recipes and a sample meal plan.The Recommended Serving PlanWhen you receive your Gut Revival Kit, you’ll find the welcome card pictured above withrecommendations for how to use the supplements.We recommend taking 1-2 capsules of Active Enzymes three times a day with mealsbased on your level of gut comfort and the size of the meal. At breakfast and dinner,take 10-15 tablets of Pure Chlorella and 3 capsules of Gut Balance with a glass of water. Werecommend starting slowly, building your way up, and taking the Gut Revival Kit for a periodof 1- 6 months or as directed by your healthcare provider.This is just one simple way to achieve the recommended daily dose for each product butmay be modified as needed and if you are taking medications, we always recommendchecking with your healthcare provider before starting new products.TIP: When it comes to dosing schedules, simple is ideal. The more complicated theprogram, the more likely a dose gets missed. Assuming you’ve consulted with yourhealth care provider, the benefits of taking the Gut Revival Kit supplements

regularly and consistently usually outweigh any incremental gains that mightcome from complicating the dosing schedules.Rest assured that each formulation was designed to work with the others in synergy todeliver optimal gut health support, but feel free to adjust as needed as you learn moreabout the four formulations.Let’s get to know the three products in your GutRevival Kit:Gut Balance: A crucial component of the Gut Revival Kit, GutBalance helps soothe and balance the gut with the following keyingredients:Slippery Elm, which helps coat and protect the digestivelining, providing comfort and protection from gut irritants.Berberine. It fights bad microbes and lets the good onesbe to help normalize the gut microbiome. Many herbshave antimicrobial powers, but berberine is minimallyabsorbed by the intestines when taken orally, so it’sparticularly valuable for restoring balance in gut microflora.Dandelion supports the liver and stimulates bileproduction, critical to the digestion of cholesterol and fat.Dandelion and berberine are also bitters, and so theyassist in stimulating the bitter receptors in the GI tract.We suggest taking 3 capsules, 2 times daily with water atbreakfast and dinner.Note: Slippery Elm creates a nourishing, protective coating in thedigestive tract, which may slow absorption of medications andother nutrients. If you are concerned about this, take Gut Balanceapart from medications, and consult with your healthcareprovider.Active Enzymes: Help move digestion along with this broadarray of enzymes and gut-calming herbs. Supplemental enzymeshelp break down stagnant food particles that can putrefy andcontribute to microbial imbalance, GI discomfort, and poordigestion. Cardamom and fennel are included to ease spasmsand discomfort and improve digestion.We recommend taking 1-2 capsules, 3 times daily withmeals.Pure Chlorella: Chlorella provides a multitude of nutrients inbioavailable forms that nourish the gut, body, and beneficial

microflora. Clinical trials show that chlorophyll (abundant inchlorella) binds with toxins and prevents reabsorption. It’s also apotent antioxidant and acts as an internal deodorant. For moreon the many benefits and uses of chlorella, check out Dr. BillRawls’ article.We recommend taking 10-15 tablets of Pure Chlorella, 2times per day at breakfast and dinner. For additional support,we suggest increasing your dose to 20 tablets at breakfast anddinner.Note: If you are taking blood thinners such as Warfarin, checkwith your healthcare provider before taking chlorella; it containssignificant levels of vitamin K, which affects blood clotting.DID YOU KNOW?In total, the surface area of our digestive system is about 100x greater than thearea of our skin. This large surface area is what gives it the ability to break downand absorb everything you consume. That's one amazing gut!Wondering why probiotics aren't part of the Gut Revival Kit?While some experts recommend regularly taking a general probiotic supplement, theireffectiveness is not well established and can sometimes make the situation worse. A generalprobiotic may provide benefit in some scenarios, however current research suggests theymay be best used in limited timeframes using specific strains based on the situation. Ingeneral, we find herbal preparations are more effective for most people.The prebiotics and probiotics found in the Vital Plan Diet foods along with berberineand other ingredients in the Gut Revival formulations provide lots of support forbalancing the microbiome!TIP: These powerful formulations can only help you if you take them, so makeremembering easy! Here are a few tips:Ration them out for the week in a capsule organizer.Store them where you’ll see them—such as on your bathroom or kitchen counteror next to your cell phone charging station.If you are traveling, be sure to bring enough to cover your needs.Don't stress if you miss your lunch serving. Twice a day is still helpful!Take a few days to slowly work your way up to the full dose of the supplements. Onceyou’ve reached the full dose and are following Phase 1 of the Vital Plan Diet, you’ll have twoof the most important pieces of the puzzle in place for a happier healthier gut. In future

emails, we’ll cover the remaining key components, such cooking methods, ancient foodprinciples, and movement and mindfulness practices to promote gut health. Stay tuned!As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our support team ([email protected] or800-951-2414), or check out the Gut Revival Kit Frequently Asked Questions.In good health,Dr. Bill Rawls and the Vital Plan TeamRESOURCESAdditional resources on getting the most out of your supplements:Down The Hatch! Six Tips to Help You Swallow Pills With a Smile, read more »Chlorella: The Ultimate Detox Superfood, read more »Learn where your Vital Plan supplements come from, read more »Gut Revival Kit core resources:The Vital Plan Diet e-bookVital Plan is a company devoted to enhancing wellness through education, support, and herbal supplements.No longer want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe.Vital Plan 1122 Oberlin Rd. Suite 232 Raleigh, NC 27605

Meet your herbs, Phase 1 diet tips, & take your 1st Gut Check survey Hi Cari, Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to explore The Vital Plan Diet, prepare your pantry and kitchen for Phase 1 of the diet, and complete your first Gut Check. If you haven’t, let’s do that now, as it