Satellite TVProgrammingYou won’t believe your eyes (or ears).Bell Satellite TV is the best way to watch the shows and movies you love. Enjoy a vastarray of channels in absolutely stunning HD picture quality that’s 10X better than regularcable. Plus, with Canada’s best HD PVR1 and lots of hit On Demand content, you can watchmore of the programming you really want, when you want.Get ready to experience spectacular TV.What makes Bell Satellite TVthe best TV experience? Stunning HD picture quality – 10X better than regular cable Canada’s best HD PVR1 – watch what you want, when you want On Demand movies in 1080p HD - the highest quality of any provider Watch your favourite TV shows, movies and sports on your computer with Bell TV online Program your HD PVR from anywhere using your smartphone or a computerNavigationStep 1:Select your plan.Step 2:Customize your programming.Step 3:Add specialty programming.Receivers.

Build your Satellite TVprogramming.Step 1: Select your plan.Bell Satellite TV offers you the flexibility toselect more of the channels you really want.Choose from a wide variety of programming,including HD channels, International channelsand Theme Packs.Our most popular plansEvery plan starts with The Basic channels, which includes HD, and Network Time-Shifting. Also, our prices include all monthly fees, so the price you see is the price you pay.The Basic20 20Build-your-own 30/MO.330/MO.3The BasicGetting started is easy – simply follow the stepsbelow to build programming that suits your needs.Step 1: Select your plan.Select from our most popular plans, or choose tobuild your own. Every plan starts with The Basicchannels, which includes HD at no extra charge, andNetwork Time-Shifting, 2 which allows you to watchshows from up to five different times during the day.Step 2: Customize your programming.Choose your Preassembled or À la carte package.You can also add HD Theme Packs, Premium MoviesPacks, and individual channels to complement yourprogramming even more.Step 3: Add Specialty programming.If you want to add channels that meet your otherinterests, choose from a selection of Special Interestand International packages.Top FrancoMontréal, Ottawa,Sudbury, Toronto,Maritimes, Winnipeg,Regina, Saskatoon,Calgary, Edmonton,Vancouver36 54/MO.3Edmonton‡, Moncton,Montréal, Ottawa,Québec, Sherbrooke,Vancouver, WinnipegToronto, Calgary,VancouverMontréal, OttawaAtlantic, Calgary,Edmonton Northern Arctic,Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto,Regina, Halifax, Winnipeg,Vancouver, SaskatoonMontreal, Toronto,VancouverEdmonton, Halifax, Montréal,Saskatoon, Toronto, Winnipeg,Calgary, VancouverOntario, B.C.CalgaryGatineau*, Montréal,Pacifique, Québec, nay-Lac-Jean, SherbrookeThe BasicTop Franco Preassembled PackageAtlantic, Toronto/Barrie, London,Ottawa/Pembrooke,Vancouver Island40Top Bilingual 60/MO.3Montréal, Québeccity, Rivière-du-Loup*,Saguenay Lac-St-Jean,SherbrookeHD channel also included.The BasicTop Bilingual Preassembled PackageFrenchVancouver‡Calgary, Edmonton,Toronto, t. John’sWinnipeg,Northern CanadaHamilton42À la carte 30 63/MO.3The BasicChoose 30 channels umbiaPeterborough‡Includes 45music channels‡LegendTime-Shifting. Watch your favourite shows from up to5 different time zones. Included at no extra cost.Montréal, VancouverHalifax, Toronto,VancouverToronto, VancouverMontréal* Channels vary per region. ** HD U.S. Time-Shifting add-on available. † Local evening news only.‡ Additional hardware required. Some conditions apply.Pick & pay – you can subscribe to these channels individually.Some exceptions may apply.2 54/MO.NavigationStep 1:Select your plan.Step 2:Customize your programming.Step 3:Add specialty programming.Receivers.

Step 2: Customize your programming.Choose your Preassembled or À la carte package. You can also add individual channels, HD Theme Packs and Premium Movies Packs. All monthly fees are included in the pricing.Select your channels one-by-one15À LA CARTE 15Select Preassembled Packages1923/MO.À LA CARTE 202229/MO.À LA CARTE 3033/MO.16TOP FRANCOHD Theme Packs2024/MO.TOP ANGLO2030/MO.TOP BILINGUAL30/MO.Premium Movies Packs510ANY 1 HD THEME PACKANY 4 HD THEME PACKSEnglish1308/MO.WITH AN À LA CARTE OR PREASSEMBLED PACKAGEOr 14.21/MO. each with The Basic only.15/MO.The Movie NetworkHD Sports 4EnglishEnglish*French*Included with subscription to TSN HD.More HD SportsFrench/ & 8 :0 3 ,Boston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleHD channelalso included.Boston, SeattleHDBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleSuper ChannelHD channelalso included.HD VarietyHDBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleBoston, SeattleFrenchHD/&8 :03,Boston, SeattleMore HD VarietyHD channelalso included.‡Super ÉcranHD channelalso included.‡30TOP BILINGUAL EXTRA45/MO.Includes Top Bilingual plus all these extra channels60BEST OF THE BEST90/MO.HD WorldIncludes Top Franco, Top Anglo, Top Bilingual, Top Bilingual Extra plus all these extra channelsPrimeurs magazine available for 1.02/mo.‡THEFAVOURITES5 08/MO.‡‡English‡English‡‡Additional channels may be added for 203/mo. each.‡ Additional hardware required. Some conditions apply.HD channelalso included.HD channel also included.‡‡ Additional hardware required. Some conditions apply.NavigationStep 1:Select your plan.Step 2:Customize your programming.Step 3:Add specialty programming.Receivers.20/MO.each

Step 3: Add Specialty programming.Get exclusive programming you won’t find on any other channels with a selection of Special Interest and International packages. All monthly fees are included in the pricing.Special Interest ProgrammingInternational CombosPremium Sports Packages10SOUTH ASIAN COMBOCheck for pricing details.International Pick & Pay15/MO.10CHINESE COMBO7 ATNSonyARY15/MO.11/MO.7 TalentvisionATN PunjabiFairchild Television7 CBN11/MO.7 ATN Tamil7 ATN B4U Hindi11/MO.11/MO.7 11/MO.ATN11/MO.Special Interest Variety05/MO.SALT LIGHT05/MO.2 15/MO.RAI International3INTERNATIONAL NEWS 2710ITALIAN COMBO3INTERNATIONAL NEWS 154/MO.Tamil Vision 15/MO.Odyssey 1‡ Additional hardware required.Some conditions apply.10RUSSIAN COMBOERT Sat Canada7NTV CanadaRTViOdyssey 1 8NTV Canada 54/MO.12/MO.SKY TG247 11/MO.11/MO.TalentvisionRAI International 15/MO.214/MO.Fairchild Television15/MO. NDTV910GREEK COMBO‡SKY TG2471011/MO.7 11/MO.RTVi11/MO.Mature1683515AFTER HOURS PACKAGEVENUS PREVIEWAOV COMBOVANESSA 24/MO.10POLISH COMBOOnly available with aPremium Movies pack. TV Polonia12/MO.53/MO.715/MO.5GERMAN COMBO20 30/MO.20 30/MO.23/MO.Polskie Radio 3TLN en Español 11/MO.GMA Pinoy08/MO.Deutsche WelleTV & AudioRadio HerzInternational Add-Ons5WITH SOUTH ASIAN COMBO08/MO.eachARYATN Punjabi5WITH CHINESE COMBOStep 1:Select your plan.ATN B4U HindiNDTVCBNImagine Dil SeATN TamilTamil Vision08/MO.5WITH GREEK COMBONavigationPolskie Radio 1711/MO.Phoenix08/MO.Mega CosmosStep 2:Customize your programming.Step 3:Add specialty programming.Receivers.

Receivers.Choose the receiver that best suits your needs.With stunning picture quality served up by each,you're guaranteed a spectacular TV experience.There are two easy ways to get your Bell SatelliteTV receivers:HD Personal Video Recorder Canada’s best HD PVR Pause, rewind and replay live TV Record up to 200 hours of digitalprogramming (30 hours in HD) 3D-ready(1) Outright purchase(2) Rental Choice Plan - NEWThis brand new option lets you rent yourreceiver for a low monthly price. If you rent itfor 36 months, you then have the choice toown it at no additional charge.5Ask a Bell representative or visit forour latest offers.HD Receiver Enhanced on-screen programmingguide to let you see 3 hours ofprogramming at once 3D-readyDigital Receiver 9-day on-screen programming guide Dolby Digital 5.1 surround soundAll receivers have complete and customized professional installation included.6For more informationspeak to an in-store representative, visit or call 1 888 759-3474.Current as of July 10, 2011. Available to new residential customers in Quebec where access and line of sight permit. Prices include fees to fund Bell’s contribution to the CRTC’s Local Programming Improvement Fund (1.5%); see Digital service fee ( 3/mo. peraccount) included. If on contract term, early termination fees apply. Equipment and installation charges extra, dependent on contract term ( 100.49 without a term). May not be as shown. Subject to change without notice. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply (1) Based oncombination of 30-second skip function, 9-day programming guide, expandable recording capacity and Remote PVR feature. Additional equipment required. (2) Time-Shifting channels may vary according to region. (3) Price includes 10.15 Bundle discount. Available tocustomers who subscribe to at least 2 select Bell services; see (4) Requires subscription to packages containing associated digital channels. (5) Rental term is month to month. If you rent receiver without default for 36 consecutive months, you may chooseto take title to and own the receiver by notifying Bell TV within 30 days of making your 36th monthly payment. If you choose not to take title to the receiver, you must return the receiver to Bell TV within 30 days or pay a non-return fee. You may terminate your rental at anytime. No hardware termination fees when you end your monthly rental and return the receiver (however, early termination fees may apply to the Bell Satellite TV programming portion of your account); if you fail to return the receiver when you cancel your rental you must paya non-return fee. Receiver warranty up to 39 months. (6) Covers basic installation which includes up to 4 receivers for rental and 1 receiver for purchase; see and Bell Satellite TV are trade-marks of Bell Canada. Vu! is a trade-mark of Bell ExpressVu Limited Partnership. Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. NHL and the NHL Shield are registered trademarks and Centre Ice name and logo are trademarks of theNational Hockey League. NHL and NHL team marks are the property of the NHL and its teams. Images and logos: NHL 2011, National Hockey League. All Rights Reserved. NFL, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL RedZone and the NFL shield design are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of the National Football League. Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. NASCAR HotPass word mark is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing,Inc. Disney images: Disney. I-play and Oberon Media are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oberon Media, Inc., in the US and/or other countries. Playin’TV is a registered worldwide trademark and copyrights of Visiware SA - 2002. Nick, Nickelodeon and all relatedtitles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Network logos and names are trademarks of their respective owners.11T203 JUN PROG IN BR QC E (SAP 67504)FO-1205 QUEBEC ENGLISHNavigationStep 1:Select your plan.Step 2:Customize your programming.Step 3:Add specialty programming.Receivers.

Bell Satellite TV is the best way to watch the shows and movies you love. Enjoy a vast array of channels in absolutely stunning HD picture quality that’s 10X better than regular cable. Plus, with Canada’s best HD PVR1 and lots of hit On Demand content, you can watc