Leica 3D DistoAbout DXF1

Advice This document contains some generalinformation about DXF data.Skip to the last pages if you are only interested indetails concerning the Leica 3D Disto.2

DXF in generalDXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is a file format for CAD data import andexport, developed by AutoDesk CAD software „A“import toCAD software „B“convertto DXF3

History of DXFIt became a worldwide standard format for CAD data transfer.Software Bimport toSoftware Cimport toSoftware Dimport toSoftware E4

What a format is „DXF“?CAD data format powerful & complex5DXF data format simple & editable text format

Pros and Cons of the DXF format open format lots of CAD automatisms are lost text file easy to handle some contents are lost worldwide standard 6

Data quality decreases with each DXF exportOriginal dataDXFQualityDXFDXF7

Once lost, the data quality is hard to increaseOriginal dataDXFuserDXFuser8

Diligence at import/export keeps high qualityOriginal dataDXFDXFDXF 9

Structure of CAD filesMost CAD systems use a LAYER STRUCTURE:123410

CAD layer contentsEach layer can contain different data: lines, polylines, points, texts, bitmaps,curves/splines, icons, hatchures, 3D-models, etc 3-12.720-11LOGO

Diligence with Layers‚bad‘ layers: content is mixed‚good‘ layers: content is separeted1air cond.2gas3water1234 heating4 12

Worth knowing „Blocks“:A block is like a ‚mini drawing‘. The user must tell the systemhow to handle them: import/export/ignore/explode/ ? Colors and line styles:DXF is not able to handle colors or line styles, only ‚pen numbers‘ aremanaged imported DXF data never look like the original data Splines are complex curves that can not be represented by radiuses. DXFcannot handle splines and devides them toa huge number of short straight lines with lots of points. Coordinate systems:Manipulation of the coordinate system (rotating, moving, scaling, etc.)has impact on accuracy and import/export.13

How to optimize a DXF file for the Leica 3D Disto14

How to optimize a DXF file for import to 3D Distocontent reduced to the necessary 15

How to optimize a DXF file for import to 3D Distoreduced number of layers 16unnecessary layers

How to optimize a DXF file for import to 3D Distofile without „Paper Layers“file with „Paper Layers“(only Model Layers) 17

How to optimize a DXF file for import to 3D Disto181 drawing per fileseveral drawings, perspectives,details, unvisible contents, etc. in one file

How to optimize a DXF file for import to 3D Disto1 coordinate system1 scaleseveral coordinate systems,different scales1:b1:a1:a 19

What contents can be imported to the 3D Disto?Imported elements: lines center points of circles singular points line end points polylines, 3D-polylines andlightweight-polylines block reference points20Filter in 3D Disto‘sFile Manager

Hierarchy of imported elements and coordinates: only Root elements are imported,no Block contents coordinates are imported 1:1 (noscaling, no rotation, no offset) the full dimension of the data isimported uncontrolled (equal tothe CAD ‚Zoom All‘ function) X and Y coordinates areimported, Z (height) is ignored21

‚Purging‘ the dataUser-defined or undefined colors orline types cause import problemsto any software. Even if youdelete such data some layers orblocks might still be existing. It is recommended to executethe PURGE command severaltimes before you generate a DXFfile.22

VersionsImportable versions: [StringValue("AC1009")] AutoCad12, [StringValue("AC1012")] AutoCad13, [StringValue("AC1014")] AutoCad14, [StringValue("AC1015")] AutoCad2000, [StringValue("AC1018")] AutoCad2004, [StringValue("AC1021")] AutoCad2007Exported version: 23[StringValue("AC1009")] AutoCad12

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details concerning the Leica 3D Disto. 3 DXF in general DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is a file format for CAD . CAD software „B“ convert to DXF . 4 History of DXF It became a worldwide standard format for CAD data transfer. Software B import to Software C import to Software D