DORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSDORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSLEADING TECHNOLOGYHIGHLY EFFICIENT TREATMENT OPTIONSINNOVATIONS THAT IMPROVE LIFESIX APPLICATION MODESTO MEET YOUR TREATMENT NEEDS Dornier MedTech is known for its revolutionizing technical advancements in urology; Europe’s market-leadinglaser Solvo has now advanced further, with unique features that set it apart from other holmium lasers Featuring the patented Advanced Mode for reduced retropulsion during laser lithotripsy Thoughtfully modelled using extensive customer research – the Solvo 35 has been designed with theurologist’s ‘ideal’ stone laser in mind Six preset treatment modes with clinically proven parameters make selection quick and simple – with just atouch of a buttonWHY DORNIERMEDILAS H SOLVO 35? With its unique pulse shape, the patented AdvancedModel reduces stone movement during lithotripsyand eases targeting of the stone with the laser fiber.This helps to reduce patient treatment time. Developed with urologists to manage a variety of stones in lithotripsyand to support soft tissue application Preset application modes make selecting the right treatment parameter easywith just one touch of a button in the newly arranged graphical displayFEATURING Patented Advanced Mode for reducedretropulsion, a uniquely engineered pulseshape with gradual increase of the powerdensity to decrease stone movement Dusting, fragmenting and three other treatmentmodes offer clinically proven parameters, includingpulse length, for efficient treatment. Long pulse emission mode for soft tissuetreatment A clearly arranged graphical display plus an optionalsecond display ensure optimal viewing from everyangle in the operating room. Short pulse emission mode forfragmentation of hard and larger stones A wireless footswitch for greater flexibility withno cable length to accommodate, and no cablesunderfoot for improved workplace safety.WITH ADDITIONALFEATURES BUILT WITHYOUR PRACTICE IN MIND: Single pulse mode for single energytransmission in challenging treatmentsituations Soft tissue mode for tissue applicationswith parameters optimized for cutting andcoagulation Standard mode for all treatment situations,in which all parameter settings andcombinations are accessible for individualselection Convenient and transportable: small, lightweight,and easy to move and set up Large storage compartment: holding the footswitchor necessary accessories, close to hand Quiet and reliable: ideal for busy ORsEXPERIENCE THE PULSE OF PERFORMANCETHE DORNIER MEDILAS H SOLVO 35DISCOVER THE FULL RANGE OF DORNIER APPLICATION MODESFOR EFFECTIVE AND STRATEGIC STONE DESTRUCTION

DORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSDORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSUNIQUE ADVANCED MODEUNIQUE STONE MOVEMENT REDUCTIONPOWERDORNIER ADVANCED MODE A slow build-up of the power density providesless momentum and minimizes the movement ofmobile stones during treatment with the speciallydesigned laser pulses of the Dornier AdvancedMode . This effectively reduces treatment timesthanks to fewer re-adjustments of the endoscopeor laser fiber and less usage of fixation instrumentsin the working channel.TIMEPOWERDORNIER DUSTING MODETIMEPOWERDORNIER FRAGMENTING MODETIME Single Pulse Mode: Precise and controlled energytransmission ensures the laser pulse is only deliveredto the desired area of the stone making it particularlysuitable for small stones located in high risk areas.The uniquely engineered Advanced Mode reduces stone movement during lithotripsy, eases targetingof the stone with the laser fiber and helps to reduce patient treatment time.LASER ENERGY IS INCREASED ANDDECREASED PRECISELY WITHINTHE LASER PULSE Unique pulse shape gradually increases powerdensity. Reduces lateral expansion of the steam bubble,transferring minimal momentum onto the stonewhen the steam bubble collapses.EFFECTIVE REDUCTION OF STONE ANDFRAGMENT MOVEMENT THROUGHOUTTHE PROCEDURE Stone movement is reduced. Reduced movementmay result in less migration of concrements intodifficult to reach areas. Fragmenting Mode: Fast and efficient for breakinglarger or hard stones in the kidney or ureter thatleaves no dust residue and allows for complete removalof stone fragments using recovery instruments. Standard Mode: Suitable for urinary stones as wellas selected soft tissue treatments; easy access toenergy and frequency settings and combinations. Soft Tissue Mode: Specifically developed for softtissue applications, the pulse duration, energy andfrequency are optimized for cutting and coagulation.POWERDORNIER SOFT TISSUE MODE Dusting Mode: Completely destroys any stonesby creating dust tiny enough to pass naturally,eliminating the need for recovery of fragments, yet isgentle to surrounding tissue.A NEW SOLUTIONFOR ANTI-RETROPULSION IN LITHOTRIPSYTIMEOPTIMAL WORKPLACE EFFICIENCY Set energy, frequency and pulse duration parameters at the touch of a button Preset treatment modes offer clinically proven energy and pulse length parameters“Although the Solvo is already veryefficient with Standard Mode, theunique patented pulse shape of theAdvanced Mode helps ensure thatmobile stones are decisively morestable during laser lithotripsy.”Professor Dr. med. Thomas Knoll,Chief of the Department of Urology at Klinik-VerbundSüdwest, Germany, and renowned member ofinternational urolithiasis committees of experts. Enhanced user interface displays the selected pulse shape and lengthDISCOVER THE FULL RANGE OF DORNIER APPLICATION MODESFOR EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT STONE DESTRUCTIONREDUCE UNWANTED STONE AND FRAGMENT MOVEMENTWITH DORNIER MEDILAS H SOLVO 35

DORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSDORNIER MEDTECH DELIVERSTHE FLEXFIBER COLLECTIONMADE FOR PRECISIONFIBERS THAT OPTIMIZE PATIENT CAREOUR LASER FIBERS – SMALL WITH A BIG DIFFERENCE Developed and manufactured by Dornier MedTech to complement your laser systemWHEN IT COMES TO FIBERS,ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL Available in a range of sizes and designs to meet your needs and preferencesDornier SingleFlex Single use fibers for convenient handling andconsistent performance Disposable and built for efficient and reliableperformance in fast-paced medical environments Available in four various core diameters from 270to 1,000 μmDornier SmartFlex The reliable economic choice, durable and reusable Reusable holmium laser fiber, validated for10 usage cycles Available in four various core diameters from 270to 1,000 μmDornier HeatFlex Confidence in reusable fibers Special heat resistance technology withstands theextreme temperatures and conditions of anti-prionsterilizationFLEXFIBER SOLUTIONS SUPPORT SAFE USE Guaranteed compatibility for safe and effective use with Dornier lasers Optical connection for exact match of optical specifications(spot size, focal point location and focus angle)FLEXFIBER SUPPORTS EFFICIENT PROCEDURES Two small core fiber sizes (270 slim and 270 μm) offer bending characteristicsthat compliment any flexible scope without sacrificing conductivityFLEXFIBER DELIVERS RELIABLE PERFORMANCE Efficient transfer of laser beam within the fiber core formaximum power transmission Validated for up to 5 usesDornier GentleFlex The confidence to glide for time-saving navigation Ball-shaped tip allows the fiber to reach hardto reach areas Non-traumatic fiber tip helps reduce downtimerelated to endoscope repairFLEXFIBERS OPTIMIZE DORNIER MEDILAS H SOLVO 35RESULTS TO HELP YOU FOCUS ON PATIENT CAREIS IT TIME TO EXPERIENCE THE PULSE OF PERFORMANCE?

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Professor Dr. med. Thomas Knoll, Chief of the Department of Urology at Klinik-Verbund Südwest, Germany, and renowned member of international urolithiasis committees of experts. A slow build-up of the power density provides less momentum and minimizes the move