What is “Street View”?Street View is a feature on five Google applicationsthat allows you to roam streets, country roads,highways, trails, and view inside buildings aroundthe world and see images of both sides of a streetand the inside of a building with a 360-degree view.

Why Use “Street View”for Family History? Tour the streets and roads of villages and cities and viewinside buildings where ancestors lived when you can’t bethere in person. Look for homes, land parcels, farms, and buildings ofancestors that may still exist today.

Five Google Applications Feature “Street View” Google Maps app (available on the Android and iOS mobile devices) Google Earth app (available on the Android and iOS mobile devices) Google Earth website on your computer (at ) Google Maps website on your computer (at Google Earth Pro software download on your computer (

All five versions are free.They all employ theStreet View feature.

In this review, we are notconsidering the Pro version orthe apps in the mobile devices.

Some Differences in the Five Google VersionsGoogle Maps and Google Earth web versions have more functions than the appson a mobile device. Street View in the Pro version is similar to the website versions.Google Earth Pro is a level up from Google Earth and Google Maps. It has more featuresthat can be used for professional purposes to analyze and capture geographical data, createprojects, draw polygons, download map overlays, and view historical satellite images.The mobile devices apps don’t have all the features of the website versions, they arevery convenient methods for using Street View if you only want to explore or navigate.

Comparing Google Earth and Google MapsWebsites Google Earth and Google Maps are two completely separate webapplications but they’re made with more or less similar purpose in mind,to explore the globe. However, they are still distinctive services and havedifferences. Google Earth came into existence four years before Google Maps. In fact,both Maps and Earth weren’t even made by Google in the beginning,although, Google now owns them.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesNAVIGATION Google Maps -- designed to help the navigational needs of users.It has turn by turn directions; traffic updates; schedules for publictransportation and you can easily print a map. Google Earth can show you places but can’t navigate you there.It is designed primarily to explore and educate by viewing places all overthe earth rather than being a utility.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesVIEWS Google Maps has five views:Default Map viewTerrain view with contour lines2D satellite view3D satellite viewStreet viewwith overlays of Traffic patterns, Transit routes, and Bike pathsavailable Google Earth has three views:2D satellite view3D satellite viewStreet view

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesSTREET VIEW Google Maps Street View:--is little faster--has an small inset view of a street map in the left lower corner showing where youare on the map and follows you as you explore. It can be expanded to cover the bottom of thescreen. Google Earth Street View:--is a little slower--selecting “Map Style” in the left-hand panel will give different levels of details in theview area.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesVIRTUAL EXPLORATION Google Maps:--Explorer Bar in the bottom right corner will display a set of photos of notable locations and sights nearyour current location on the map.--Placemarks, when clicked, will bring up photos and info. Google Earth:--Knowledge Cards for places you land on in globe. Clicking a card opens a set of photos and info givingmore details.--Voyager feature allows one to explore many interesting photos and story tours of places on Earth.--Switching on “Photos” in the left-hand panel will display many photos circles each having a set of photosyou can click on of a specific location (taken by the public). There are thousands of such photo sets from allover the world.--Placemarks, when clicked, will bring up photos and info.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesSATTELLITE VIEWS OF OTHER PLANETS Google Maps:--Satellite views of other planets, the Earth’s moon, and moons of other planets in thesolar system. To switch to those views, zoom out in satellite view far above the earth andthen look on the left-hand panel for the many different views available. If they don’t showup click off the location your were at in the search bar. Google Earth:--Not available

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesELEVATION AND LOCATION COORDINATES Google Maps:--Elevation is only seen using the Terrain Map and looking at the contour lines as onthe map.--Location coordinates are displayed when clicking a pin on the map. Google Earth:--Elevation above sea level and the location coordinates of any point on earth thatyou touch with the cursor can be seen instantly displayed in the bottom margin of thescreen (just as in Pro).

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesMEASURING DISTANCES AND AREA Google Maps:--Measure distances quite accurately by right clicking on the screen then going to“measuring distance” at the bottom of the menu. Google Earth:--Measure distances and area quite accurately by clicking on the bottom icon inthe left-hand side bar. Google Earth Pro:--Measure distances and area quite accurately with more features to measure thedistance of a path, area of a polygon, circle, etc.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesPHOTO PROJECTS Google Maps:--Not available Google Earth:--Create photo projects for presentations. Google Earth Pro:--Create photo projects for presentations with more features.

Comparing Google Earth and Google Maps WebsitesHISTORICAL IMAGERY Google Maps:--Historical imagery is available only in Street View with limited street images and it isnot worldwide. Google Earth:--Not available Google Earth Pro:--Historical satellite imagery is available from when the images were first taken.

Activating Street ViewActivating Street View in both the Maps and Earth websites is similar: Once you've found the location you want to look at, click the Pegman icon in the lowerright corner to turn on Street View. The roads that have Street View will have a blue line running down the middle. Scenicspots and buildings that you can see inside have a blue circle. Either click on the blue line or drag and drop the Pegman where you want to go to starttouring streets and buildings. Return to the overhead view using the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner. Turn off Street View by clicking on the Pegman.

Looking Around in Street View While in Street View, you can look around in a 360-degree view by clicking anddragging your mouse. You can even look up and down as well. You can focus in closer or focus out further using your mouse’s roller or the plusand minus buttons on the screen in the lower left-hand corner. In Maps, you can use the keyboard plus and minus buttons as well.

Moving Around in Street View Click anywhere on the image, and Street View will attempt to move you to theclosest spot. Use this to explore neighborhoods or take a virtual tour. Streets will have arrows. Clicking these arrows will move you a small distanceon that street in that direction.

BYU CampusandLibraryProvo, Utah

Phypers Homein England(old photo)5 High Street,Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire,England

YouTube Training Videoabout Street View on Google Earth website7 May 2021 nVBA

Church of St. Maryin EnglandIn Harlton,Cambridgeshire, England

Cluff Ranch(old photo)In Show Low, Arizona

Lauper Homein Switzerland(old photo)In Luins, Vaud, Switzerland

Double Spring,in Rutherford County,TennesseeArea of 2d and 3d great father’s homein early 1800s

My Home inMission Field(old photo)In General Roca,Rio Negro, Argentina

Websites Google Earth and Google Maps are . two completely separate web applications . but they’re made with more or less similar purpose in mind, to explore the globe. However, they are still distinctive services and have differences. Google Earth ca