CV / Keith Spiteri Senior DeveloperKEITH SPITERISenior DeveloperKeith works as a consultant with Knowit, andis currently focused on frontend and appdevelopment.He has education as a computer engineerand interactive media from the MaltaCollege of Arts and Sciences incollaboration with Fraunhofer IAO. He hasextensive experience with several javascriptframeworks, including Vue.js, React andAngular and enjoys working on PHP andpython languages for the backend.Keith has worked with several customersfrom a global coffee supplier to a localwhisky coop in Scotland, he worked acrossfour different countries and in variousindustries. He is focused on his clientsrequirements and always makes it a missionto understand the environment he shouldbe delivering in.EXPERIENCE2020 - ongoingKnowit Experience BergenConsultant2018 - 2020Sixty AS, BergenSr. Interactive DeveloperWyoming Interactive, EdinburghFullstack Web DeveloperGFI Software, MaltaProduct Experience EngineerKPMG Crimsonwing, Malta,Junior Magento Developer2016 - 20172015 - 20162012 - 2015EDUCATION2007 - 2012MCAST & Fraunhofer IAO, Malta – BAGraphic Design and Interactive Media(Honours)CUSTOMERSSixty AS, GFI, Beerenberg AS, Storebrand helseforsikring,SMWS with Wyoming Int., American Pharmaceuticalscompany with Wyoming Int., Chisholm Hunter withWyoming Int., TeamViewer with GFI, TOUS, Major foodproducer based in EuropeROLESFront-end Developer, Tech Lead, Interactive Developer,Senior Developer, Lead Front-end Developer, JuniorDeveloperKEY COMPETENCIES 4 years of experience with a PHPecommerce platform 6 years experience with several javascriptframeworks including Vue.js and Angular passionate working with HTML Canvasand WebRTCKnowit AS, Lakkegata 53, 0187

CV / Keith Spiteri Senior DeveloperREFERENCE PROJECTSFiskeridirektoratet KnowitMinside04.2021 - ongoingBeerenberg AS KnowitOffline WebApp10.2020 - 12.2020Project: Senior Consultant on the customer area for the directorateof fisheries in Norway.Tech Lead in charge of a large component library.Skills: React, Typescript, JIRA, JavaScript, OAuth, Bash Scripting,SassProject: Development of web application based on an alreadyexisting backend platform. A previous unused webpage wasavailable that the client wanted to use, this webpage was writtenon an old jquery branch and lots of rewrites were required to makeit work with new web apis. The project also had a short time framefor delivery with only 3 months.The primary objective of the app was for it to be used byemployees while in certain areas where an internet connectionwould not be available. This was achieved by writing the json datain the local storage WebApi and retrieving this data when nointernet connection was detected.An additional feature to take, edit and attach images to workloadswas requested, this was achieved using WebRTC and canvas.Some small additional tasks were added to the scope.Skills: JSON, JavaScript, jQueryStorebrandhelseforsikring KnowitBli frisk- HelseappProject: Development of a health insurance application witharticles, functionality for booking appointments, financial claims forhealth-related expenses, history display and other integrations.Role: Front-end Developer. Development of React Native app02.2020 - 08.2020Skills: React Native, JIRA, JavaScript, OAuth, Bash Scripting,Android, iOS, Gradle, LessSixty ASProject: This project was done through Sixty for the customer Cyta.My role was to develop an optimized and user-friendly interface forandroid TV boxes using the EaseTV framework.EaseTV - Cyta09.2019 - 01.2020Sixty ASEase Live UI –FrameworkSkills: Android, CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Sass,JSONProject: Ease Live is a product created by Sixty that revolutionizesthe way you watch TV. Instead of the graphics being superimposedKnowit AS, Lakkegata 53, 0187

CV / Keith Spiteri Senior Developer01.2018 - 01.2020into video, the end user can interact with the elements on themobile screen to get more relevant information.The core of the product was created with reusable components inVue, as well as a layout system where the components could beplaced. Scalable graphics were also developed so that it would fiton any screen size with very little work.Skills: HTML5, JSON, JavaScript, Node.jsSixty ASEase Live - NBA 2.005.2019 - 09.2019Project: NBA had redesigned their broadcast graphics in 2019,since the Ease Live framework had improved tenfold by then it wasdecided that a new instance would be set-up.Role: Interactive Developer. Responsibilities included;implementation of design and functionality. Setting up the dynamiccontent through data-integrations to the EaseLive server. I was alsoheavily involved in testing.Skills: JavaScript, HTML5Sixty ASEase Live Plugins - SVGEditor01.2019 - 05.2019Sixty ASEase Live - DataIntegrations01.2018 - 09.2019Project: Aim for the plugin was for live svg editing and saving in thebackend, this would be ideal for broadcast engineers who neededto edit and animate icons without coding knowledge. Code wasbased upon SVG.js library.Project: Was in charge of converting the live data from the clientsdatabases and converting it into a readable json format for EaseLive to read.One of the main objectives was to always improve on the filecompression to make data transfer cheaper and faster.Skills: XML, XML Schema, JSON, JavaScriptSixty ASEase Live Plugins WebfontloaderProject: Development of a plugin that would sideload custom webfonts from various services such as GoogleFonts, Typekit andfonts.com08.2018 - 10.2018Skills: JavaScriptSixty ASProject: Was involved in setting up a prototype, where thecustomer was granted all wishes to see how well Sixty couldperform. Among other things, confetti animations, picture-in-picturesupport were implemented.Ease Live - Bundesligaprototype02.2018 - 07.2018Skills: HTML5, JavaScriptKnowit AS, Lakkegata 53, 0187

CV / Keith Spiteri Senior DeveloperSMWS with WyomingInt.Development ofonline-store01.2017 - 12.2017Project: SMWS is a coop of Whisky distilleries all over Scotland, anew online-store was required. This included various syncs withdifferent warehouse databases.Role: Senior Developer. I was one of the senior developers in theproject, we were a small team, so we had many areas ofresponsibility ranging from frontend to backend development.Skills: Magento, Sass, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, MySQLAmericanPharmaceuticalscompany withWyoming Int.Project: A B2B portal was required for the purchase, handling andlogistics of pharmaceutical shipments.Skills: AngularJSDevelopment of anAngular 2.0 project forB2B07.2016 - 12.2017Chisholm Hunter withWyoming Int.Skills: Magento, Sass, PHP, HTML, JavaScriptDevelopment ofonline-store07.2016 - 01.2017GFIComponents Styleguide01.2016 - 06.2016GFIProject: Priority of the project was to consolidate all the frontendcomponents used in different products into one repository, theproject was built on gitbook.Skills: GitHub IssuesGFI FaxmakerRole: Front-end Developer. Worked on the design anddevelopment for frontend components of GFI Faxmaker06.2015 - 06.2016Skills: JavaScript, Sass, HTML5, TestingTeamViewer with GFIRole: Front-end Developer. Created frontend components for theweb portal various other html based componentsContracted onTeamViewerSkills: JSON, Sass, HTML06.2015 - 06.2016TOUSMagento Online Store08.2014 - 06.2015Project: This project was done through Crimsonwing. TOUS aSpanish jewellery producer required a new online store with aMagento backend and TypeScript frontend. The website required aKnowit AS, Lakkegata 53, 0187

CV / Keith Spiteri Senior Developerlot of planning and structuring, as TypeScript was still very muchnew.Role: Lead Front-end Developer. My role in the project was as afrontend developer and make TypeScript and the Magentobackend work as fluently as possible.Skills: Magento, Sass, HTML, TypeScriptMajor food producerbased in EuropeSeveral Magento onlinestores11.2012 - 02.2015Project: This project included around 70 online stores for onespecific client.The websites varied from B2B stores with a shared warehousedatabase, user data and had to support over 30 differentcurrencies and worldwide delivery support.Other stores focused on client facing with a shared user databasewith a more user-friendly interface and mobile support.It was a very complicated project, since the scope kept onchanging every couple of months.Skills: Magento, Sass, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Data ianIntermediateItalianIntermediateKnowit AS, Lakkegata 53, 0187

2015 - 2016 GFI Software, Malta Product Experience Engineer 2012 - 2015 KPMG Crimsonwing, Malta, Junior Magento Developer E D U CAT I O N 2007 - 2012 MCAST & Fraunhofer IAO, Malta – BA Graphic Design and Interactive Media (Honours) C U STO M E R S Sixty AS, GFI, Beerenberg AS, Storebr