e-ISSN: 2349-9745p-ISSN: 2393-8161Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF): 1.711International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineeringand Researchwww.ijmter.comACCIDENT ALERT SYSTEMEMERGENCY SYSTEM1,2,3Farha Amreen SA1, Pooja H N2, Prajakta.M3Information Science and Engineering, The National Institute of Engineering MysoreAbstract— Accidents threaten human lives more and mainly road accidents are more commontoday. No one can predict when and how it will occur. Nowadays-even accidents are happening evenfor standing vehicle by the other one, which is in move .Accident Alert System (AAS) is quite anovel research area.In order to avoid such collisions we have designed the system called“accelerometer based accident alert system” .This Project presents an automotive localization system using GPS and SMSservices.Many livescould have been saved if the required attention was given at the time of need. With thehelpof thissystem, the required attention can be given to the victim as the intelligentaccelerometer fitted intothe systems alerts the nearby police stations and hospitals. The system permits localization of theautomobile and transmitting the position to the dear ones using GSM technology at his/herrequest.This system is also provided with emergency switch which can be turned off manually if thevictim no longer requires help.Also once the force on accelerometer crosses the require limits,thesiren is generated around 2 km area,whichisheard by passerbys to provide help to the victim at thetime of need. . Now the world of wireless has inspired an entirely a new way of managing andminimizing the death rate due to auto crash. The scene of a fatal accident is always a theater whereman and technology face the ultimate test. Whether the emergency is fire, earthquake or flood, reliefor needed medical attention in this case, the stakes are always edded system(any one programming language),messaging todear ones.I.INTRODUCTIONNew generation of cars are improved in such a way that the number of accidents decreases.Innovative ideas has implemented and emerged in order to reduce the risk ofaccident.During the recent past years, some alarm system and intelligent controlled apparatus have beendesignedand developed inorder toincrease the safety ofautomobiles.Security in travel is primary concern for everyone. This Project describes a design of effective alarmsystem that can monitor an automotive / vehicle / car condition in travelling.The project name “ACCIDENT ALERT WITH MANUAL BUTTON” shows that project isdesigned to prevent the accident and to inform emergency about an accident that has occurred.This project uses a ACCELEROMETER that detects that accident has occurred and then generatessiren and also with the help of GSM notification is sent to dear once.These sensors send a signal tomicrocontroller.OURSYSTEM: Our system can be used in any kind of vehicle. When the accident takes place, thealert is automatically sent to the nearby police stations and hospitals for the immediate help but in theexisting system the victim has to manually press the sensor and call for help which is not practicalincase he is seriously injured. The existing system doesn’t generate any siren to get assistance [email protected], All rights Reserved185

International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER)Volume 02, Issue 03, [March - 2015] e-ISSN: 2349-9745, p-ISSN: 2393-8161the passersby.Also, Our system is an affordable one. Accident alert system makes use of pressuresensors, to sense the accident.Accident alert system also makes use of GPS(Global Positioning System) to get the informationregarding the place of accident and which is further used to notify nearby police stations andhospitals for emergency care.II.OBJECTIVE OF OUR SYSSTEMAs the statistics of accidents are viewed,we can see that the accident are increased dayby day. Themain objective of the system is to provide help and need for the vehicle user and also detects theaccident if occurred and informs the respective authority through wireless technologies such as GSMand GPS. Vehicle Crash alert system is used to recognize the location of the accident and easily toreach the location.Every second is valuable for the ambulance. The sensors are immediately triggered as soon as thecrash takes place. There is no loss of life due to the delay in the arrival of the ambulance. Thepurpose of the project is to find the vehicle where it is and locate the vehicle by means of sending amessage using a system which is placed inside of vehicle system Most of the times we may not beable to find accident location because we don’t know where accident will happen. In order to givetreatment for injured people, first we need to know where the accident happened through locationtracking and sending a message to dear onces and at the same time siren is generated.III. EXISTING SYSTEMThere are various proposed projects and a live system in US only .The systems detects a crash , builtin accelerometer and places a message to let you know it’s about to call for help. You can cancel thealert if needed otherwise the app uploads crash details to automatic emergency call center. An agentcalls your phone to confirm that you need assistance then request help from local authorities. Theycan stay online with you till the help arrives. Agents also can call the loved ones to let them knowhelp is on the way. In the existing system, the victim has to manually press the sensor. This system is provided only in few states in the US. The live system is just an app; hence if the victim isn't carrying his mobile, this is of no help. If phone is damaged, help cannot be reached. The victim is required to confirm the assistance needed which is not practical in case he isseriously injured. This exists only in the higher profile cars. The existing system is automatic,if at all the accident is not severe,then the victim cannot stopthe siren or prevent the notification from sending to dear once.IV. DISADVANTAGESThe live system ‘Crash Alert’ is US-only and can’t work if any of the following occur at the time ofthe crash: Automatic or phone is disconnected or damaged Automatic and phone not connected via Bluetooth No GPS signal at the time of the crash Insufficient cellular signal to upload crash details.The existing alert system projects include notification only to dear ones and the owner of the vehicle,but not to the emergency [email protected], All rights Reserved186

International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER)Volume 02, Issue 03, [March - 2015] e-ISSN: 2349-9745, p-ISSN: 2393-8161 V.ADVANTAGES OF OUR SYSTEMThis system is an immediate aid system.Monitors all hazards and threats.Alert messages are sent to the nearby hospitals and police stations.It is an affordable system.Can be used in any kind of vehicle.The alert message regarding the accident is automatically sent,This system can be used for a social cause.It does not need any operation manually.VI. Pressure sensorsEmbedded microcontrollerPortable GPSControl database serversMobile phone handsetsGSM modemAccelerometerVII. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSSOFTWARE REQUIREMENTSC ProgramEmbedded ProgramGoogle [email protected], All rights ReservedFLOW DIAGRAM187

International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER)Volume 02, Issue 03, [March - 2015] e-ISSN: 2349-9745, p-ISSN: 2393-8161IX.DESIGN DIAGRAMX.SEQUENCE OF ACTIONS Initially the system is initialized with power suppy. The if force on accelerometer exceeds the specified limits,the siren is generated. If the accident is not severe, then the victim can manually stop the button. Otherwise the notification is sent to dear once with the help of GSM and GPS and mobiledevice.REFERENCESHighlights of 2009 Motor Vehicle crashes, Traffic Safety Facts, Research Notes, NHTSA (National Highwaytraffice Safety Administration). [Online]. Accessed on 16 October 2011. Available: .[2] L. Chuan-zhi, H. Ru-fu, Y.E. Hong-wu, "Method of Freeway Incident Detection Using wireless Positioning," inProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, 2008, pp. 2801-2804.[3] D. A. Whitney and J. J. Pisano TASC, Inc., Reading, Massachusetts, "Auto Alert: Automated Acoustic Detection ofIncidents", IDEA project, [Online]. Accessed on 15 October 2011, Available: 481489.[4] Speed and Accident Risk, Europian Commision Road Safety, [Online] Accessed on 07 October 2011 Avaialble: al-issue-in-road-safety/ speed-andaccident-risk.htm, Accessed on: 07 October 2011[5] R. K. Megalingam, R. N. Nair and S. M. Prakhya, "Wireless Vehicular Accident Detection and Reporting System,"in International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology (ICMET 2010), 2010, pp. 636-640.[1]@IJMTER-2014, All rights Reserved188

the passersby.Also, Our system is an affordable one. Accident alert system makes use of pressure sensors, to sense the accident. Accident alert system also makes use of GPS(Global Positioning System) to get the information regarding the place of accident and w