IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetIP PBX-U502Telephony Cards: 8 FXO/8 FXS/4 FXU/4 DTUOverviewIP PBX-U502 is a new generation of largecapacity unified communication. Based onpowerful hardware platform, It supports 500extensions and 60 concurrent callsintegrated voice, video, fax, conference,recording etc. It provides four slots to installE1/T1 boards, FXS and FXO boards by hotplug mode, so that it can be flexiblyconfigured and combined according to theactual use scenarios.IP PBX-U502 help businesses establish aconvenient and efficient IP telephone system.www.fs.comBenefits 500 Extensions & 60 Concurrent Calls Support Voicemail / Voice Recording Support Multi-level IVR Web GUI Configuration, Telnet Management Flexible Dial Rules Based on Time, Numberor Source IP etc. Built-in VPN server/client1

IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetCHARACTERISTICSHardware SpecificationsHardwareMCU BoardsUser Board SlotsFXS BoardIP PBX-U50224 (E1/T1, FXS, FXO boards optional)2* RJ45 with 8 FXSFXO Board2* RJ45 with 8 FXOFXU Hybrid Board (4 FXS 4 FXO)2* FXU Hybrid PortsE1/T1MCU Board4* E1/T1 Ports100/1000M, Base-T, RJ452Console Port1USB 2.0FXSConnectorCaller IDAnswer and Disconnect SignalingPolarity ReversalHook FlashFXOConnectorCaller IDPolarity Reversal1RJ45Bellcore Type 1&2, ETSI,BT,NTT and DTMFAnswer, Disconnect, Busy ToneSupportSupportRJ45FSK, DTMFAnswer DelaySupportDetection of No CurrentSupportDetection of Busy ToneAuto Match of FXO Impedancewww.fs.comSupportSupport2

IP PBC-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetCHARISTERISTICPSTNE1/T1 PortsInterfaceISDN PRISgnal 7/SS7Voice CapabilitiesVoIP ProtocolsCodecsSilence SuppressionComfort Noise Generator (CNG)Voice Activity Detection (VAD)Echo CancellationDynamic Jitter BufferAdjustable Gain ControlAutomatic Gain Control(AGC)Call Progress TonesFAXNATDTMFVPN Server / ClientMaintenanceIP PBX-U5024 MaxRJ48 (120Ohm)23B D(T1), 30B D(E1), NT or TEITU-T Q.921, ITU-TQ.931, Q.SigITU-T, ANSI,ITU-CHINA MTP1/MTP2/MTP3,TUP/ISUP R2 MFCSIP over UDP/TCP/TLS, RTP/SRTPG.711,G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.722,G.726, OPUSSupportSupportSupportG.168 with up to 128msSupportSupportSupportDial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy ToneT.38 and Pass-throughSTUN / UPnPRFC2833 / Signal / InbandSupportWeb GUI ConfigurationSupportConfiguration Restore / BackupSupportTelnet Managementwww.fs.comSupport3

IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetCHARACTERISTICSMultiple Languages SupportedHTTP/TFTP/FTP Firmware UpgradeAuto ProvisionSyslogPing and TracertTraffic StatisticsNetwork CaptureNTPClassification of Web Users’ RightsHTTP & HTTPS / NATS APIPBX ServicesIP PBX-U502SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportTCP, UDP, RTPSupportSupportSupportSupportCall ForwardUnconditional / No Answer / BusyCall HoldingSupportCall WaitingCall TransferHotlineDo Not Disturb3-way ConferenceRing GroupCall SupportSupport4

IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetCHARACTERISTICSRouting GroupCaller / Called Number ManipulationRouting Based on Time PeriodRouting Based on Caller/Called PrefixesRouting Based on Source TrunksDial RulesFailover RoutingMulti-level IVRAuto-attendant FunctionCDRsVoicemailVoice RecordingMax SIP ExtensionsMax Concurrent CallsIP gingSupportEmail ClientSupportEvent ReportVoicemail to EmailEnvironmentalPower SupplyPower ConsumptionOperating TemperatureStorage TemperatureHumidityDimensions (H W D)Unit Weightwww.fs.comSupportSupport1 1 Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz50W0 45 -20 80 10%-90% Non-Condensing437 345 49mm5.7 kg5

IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards DatasheetTelephony CardsPortsInterfaceConeectionsMatching IP PBXMax PowerConsumptionRing DetectLoopCurrent DetectDC triggeringRing Generation &Ringing TripLoop Closure DetectLoop DisconnectLoop ReversalLoop Voltage &Current MonitoringOn-hook & Offhook TransmissionHook-flash DetectDTMF midityDimensionsWeightWarrantywww.fs.comU-8FXO8 FXORJ45 to 4 RJ11(Converter)U-8FXS8 FXSRJ45 to 4 RJ11(Converter)Trunk Lines between Analog Telephone &PBX and PSTNFXO Interface of PBX6.61W8.48WIP PBX-U502FCIP PBX-U502--FCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFC--0 C 45 C-20 C 80 CRJ487.28W11.2WIP PBX-U502FCFXO Uninvolved FXSFCFXO Uninvolved FXSFCFXO Uninvolved FXSFCFXO Uninvolved FXSFCIP PBX-U502--------FC--FC--FCFCFCFXO Uninvolved FXSFC0 C 45 C0 C 45 C-20 C 80 C4 E1/T1Network to UsersFCFCU-4DTUOffices & StationsFC----RJ45 to 4 RJ11(Converter)FXO FC,FXSUninvolvedFC--4 FXO 4 FXS--FCFCU-4FXU-20 C 80 C--0 C 45 C-20 C 80 C10% 90% Non-10% 90% Non-10% 90% Non-10% 90% Non-207 x 130x 20 mm207 x 130x 20 mm207 x 130x 20 mm207 x 130x 20 mm1 Year1 Year1 Year1 YearCondensing0.24 kgCondensing0.24 kgCondensing0.24 kgCondensing0.17 kg6

IP PBX-U502 and Telephony Cards Datasheet8 FXO8 FXS4 FXU (4 FXO 4 FXS)Programmable Audio GainDSP T/R gain:-10 to 10dBCODEC T/R gain:-12 to 12dBDSP T/R gain:-10 to 10dBCODEC T/R gain:-12 to 12dBDSP T/R gain:-10 to 10dBCODEC T/R gain:-12 to 12dBDTU (E1 / T1)DSP T/R gain:-10 to 10dB8 FXOLimited of the PSTN Line8 FXS4 FXU (4 FXO 4 FXS)Loop CurrentOffhook:20mAOnhook:0mAFXO Limited of PSTN LineFXS:Offhook:20mA; Onhook:0mADTU (E1 / T1)--8 FXOLED On:Off-hookLED Off:On-hook8 FXS4 FXU (4 FXO 4 FXS)DTU (E1 / T1)www.fs.comLED Indicates Port StatusLED On:Off-hookLED Off:On-hookLED On:Off-hookLED Off:On-hookLED On:Connect OkLED Off:Abnormal7

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Telephony Cards U-8FXO U-8FXS U-4FXU U-4DTU Ports 8 FXO 8 FXS 4 FXO 4 FXS 4 E1/T1 Interface RJ45 to 4 RJ11 (Converter) RJ45 to 4 RJ11 (Converter) RJ45 to 4 RJ11 (Converter) RJ48 Coneections Trunk Lines between PBX and PSTN Analog Telephone & FXO Interface of PBX Offices & Stations Network