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REVENUES/ FUND BALANCEFUND BALANCE 8,968,929Unassigned Fund Balance 3,250,233The Contingency and Strategic Reserves are deobligated at year-end each year and then reassigned with the start of the new fiscal year, asstated in the agency's Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual. This amount represents that amount and any funds not assigned, butavailable for use.Assigned Fund Balance 5,718,696The agency's Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual states that, year-end de-obligations and unspent funds, as made final with the AuditReport, are to be allocated to fill any gaps of existing funding in FYs 2019-2020.REVENUE BUDGETProposition 10 Revenue 10,881,002 8,000,000The state collects the state tobacco tax revenue and distributes each propotionate share to the 58 California counties based on birth-rate,according to the Children and Families Act of 1998.External Revenue 2,471,002UCSF - Group Prenatal Care Pilot Program Grant 130,341The Group Prenatal Care Pilot Program is a resulting recommendation from the First 5 Fresno County commissioned African American InfantMortality Needs Assessment. The Commission is in contract with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to implement the pilotprogram which includes a subcontract with Fresno State for research and evaulation. This revenue amount is for the remaining nine months ofthe contract.First 5 California QRIS Revenue 2,000,926The Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) is a statewide, locally implemented effort that funds and provides guidance to local andregional agencies, and other quality partners, to enhance their support of early learning and care providers. These efforts leverage funds fromFirst 5 California.California Department of Education QRIS Grant 131,000In collaboration with First 5 California, the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division supplies funds to increasecertifications and recertifications regionally to ensure the highest quality is being attained by early care and education providers.First 5 California - Dual Language Learner Pilot Study Grant 158,735First 5 California awarded funds to the Commission to begin a pilot project, through a subcontract with Fresno County Superintendent ofSchools, with the purpose of identifying strategies used to support children's home language and promote dual language acquisition in diverseearly learning settings in Fresno County.CalViva Group Prenatal Care Project Support 50,000CalViva Health committed to support the direct implementation of the Patient-Centered Prenatal Care initiative, also known as the EMRACEStudy, to aid in the expansion of the Glow! Group Prenatal Care Pilot Project which started in 2017.Other Revenue 200,000This includes quarterly New Market Tax Credit loan interest pass-through payments, rents collected from Lighthouse for Children (LFC)tenants used to offset operating costs, minimal revenue from use of space by external partners at the LFC facility and other outside revenue.Interest Revenue - County Treasury 10,000Interest collected from the funds held on deposit in the County of Fresno's Treasury account.Investment IncomeAnticipated revenue received from investments reserved for future program allocation. 200,000

FIRST 5 FRESNO COUNTYFY 2019-2020 REVISED BUDGET ACTIVITY SUMMARYBased on its strategic plan, First 5 Fresno County invests in three areas: Families, Communities,Systems through established strategies: Communication, Advocacy, Collaboration, Skill-building, andInnovation & Learning.The breakdown of expenses by cost category, as outlined in the Cost Analysis portion (page 5 ) on thisbudget, is as follows:3.0%8.1%Administrative CostProgram CostEvaluation Cost88.9%Line Items%Administrative CostProgram CostEvaluation Cost8.1%88.9%3.0%100%BudgetAmounts 1,608,951 17,636,888 604,092 19,849,931

FIRST 5 FRESNO COUNTY2019-2020 REVISED BUDGET SUMMARY2019-2020Original Budget2019-2020Revised BudgetVarianceFund BalanceUnassigned Fund BalanceAssigned Fund BalanceRevenueProposition 10 RevenueExternal RevenueUCSF GrantFirst 5 CA QRIS RevenueCalifornia Department of Ed. QRIS GrantFirst 5 CA - Dual Language Learner Pilot Study GrantCalViva - Group Prenatal Care Project SupportOther RevenueInterest Revenue - County TreasuryInvestment EarningsTotal RevenueFund Balance & Revenue 0 0 3,250,233 5,718,696 3,250,233 5,718,696 8,000,000 8,000,000 0 211,780 1,645,421 102,687 0 0 300,000 20,000 5,000 10,284,888 130,341 2,000,926 131,000 158,735 50,000 200,000 10,000 200,000 10,881,002 10,284,888 19,849,931 873,687 93,409 76,395 243,272 14,621 1,301,384 873,687 93,409 76,395 243,272 9,230 1,295,992 0 0 0 0( 5,391)( 5,390) 25,000 14,500 2,450 42,125 37,452 20,623 13,384 2,500 15,000 117,000 114,940 25,000 41,517 18,780 490,271 1,791,655 30,000 19,500 3,600 34,447 37,452 20,623 15,174 2,500 15,000 117,000 114,940 25,000 41,517 18,780 495,533 1,791,525 5,000 5,000 1,150( 7,678) 0 0 1,790 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5,262( 130) 500,000 2,000,000 823,067 450,000 960,279 1,100,000 200,000 6,033,346 500,000 4,000,000 944,692 900,000 2,419,785 2,087,927 1,235,000 12,087,404( 81,439) 355,505 28,313 158,735 50,000( 100,000)( 10,000) 195,000 596,114 9,565,043Operating ExpensesSalaries & BenefitsSalary ExpensePayroll Tax ExpenseRetirement ExpenseEmployee Benefits ExpenseWorker's Compensation ExpenseTotal Salaries & Benefits ExpensesServices & SuppliesAudit ExpenseCapital & Equipment ExpenseCommissioner/Advisory ExpenseDues & Subscriptions ExpenseEquipment Rental/Maintenance ExpenseGeneral & Administrative ExpenseInsurance ExpenseLocal Travel Expense - Local MileageMaterials & Supplies ExpenseOverhead ExpenseProfessional Services ExpenseProgram Development/Strategic Planning ExpenseStaff Training & Conference ExpenseTelephone ExpenseTotal Services & Supplies ExpensesTotal Operating ExpensesStrategic Plan Investment AreasStrategic Plan InvestmentsHelp Me Grow Fresno CountyDirect Service ProgramsCommunity Learning CenterPatient-Centered Prenatal CareAfrican American Infant Mortality PreventionQRIS - Local High Quality Training & Technical AssistanceInnovation & Learning PartnershipsStrategic Plan Investments Total 0 2,000,000 121,625 450,000 1,459,506 987,927 1,035,000 6,054,058

FIRST 5 FRESNO COUNTY2019-2020 REVISED BUDGET SUMMARYAccountability and EvaluationAccountability ServicesEvaluation ServicesAccountability and Evaluation TotalExternally Funded ProgramsUCSF - Group Prenatal Care Pilot ProgramFirst 5 CA QRIS- IMPACT ProgramFirst 5 CA QRIS- IMPACT Regional Hub ProgramCalifornia Department of Ed. QRIS GrantFirst 5 CA - Dual Language Learner Pilot Study GrantCalViva Group Prenatal Care Project SupportTotal Externally Funded Programs 200,000 300,000 500,000 200,000 300,000 500,000 211,780 840,729 804,692 102,687 0 0 1,959,888 130,341 840,729 1,160,197 131,000 158,735 50,000 2,471,002Total Strategic Plan Investment Areas 8,493,234 15,058,405 6,565,171Operations Contingency FundStrategic Reserve Fund 1,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 0 0 10,284,888 19,849,931 9,565,043 0 0 0( 81,439) 0 355,505 28,313 158,735 50,000 511,114ReserveBudget TotalTotal First 5 Fresno County Budget

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAILOPERATING EXPENSES2019-2020Original BudgetSalary Expense 873,6872019-2020 RevisedBudget 873,687Original Justification:Salaries for a total of 12 FTE positions for the administration of the Commission. (Salary expense for five additional staff members is presented in Tier 2 of the 2013-2020 Strategic Plan Investments and the NonProposition 10 Funded Initiatives below.) Any salary increases are budgeted and recommended by supervisors and are based on First 5 Fresno County's Employee Compensation Policy. Potential salaryincrease amounts are based on number of staff eligible and annual performance reviews. This budget allows for a 1.25% of salary increase. Additionally, the budgeted amount for compensated absences for theliability of employee banked Personal Time Off (PTO) and a potential overtime budget are included here. This portion of the budget amount is based on projected hours accumulated for the year,approximately 1,520 hours.FTE Total10.00Salaries Total 730,959OvertimeCompensated AbsencesSalary Expense Total 9,926 56,308 873,687Original AmountRevised AmountVariance873,687873,6870Revised Justification: The amount for operating salaries for a total of 10 FTE under the operating portion of this budget, with one of those FTEs being currently vacant. Only state mandated and Commissionapproved changes to salaries were included. No revision was made to overall salary expense line item due to the new, external grant revenue which supplements one FTE of staff time. The Commission holds six (6)additional FTE under the Strategic Investments portion of the budget (Five (5) FTE under the Community Learning Center portion and One (1) FTE under the Externally Funded Programs portion).Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 70235,8952019-2020Original BudgetPayroll Tax ExpenseOriginal Justification: 93,4092019-2020 RevisedBudget 93,409A. Federal Income Contribution Act: The employer's share is set by the federal government at 10% of each gross salary. 873,687x10% 89,209B.C.State Unemployment Insurance - Estimated 3.5% on first 7,000 earned by each employee at 12 employees. The five remaining employees are accounted for in Strategic PlanInvestments to total 17 employees.FTE10x 7,000x3.50% 2,450Federal Unemployment Training Tax: Estimated 2.5% on first 7,000 earned by each employee at 10 employees. The five remaining employees are accounted for in Strategic PlanInvestments for a total of 17 employees.FTE10x 7,000x2.50% 1,750Original Amount93,409Revised Amount93,409Variance0Revised Justification: No change to this line item based on the Commission's approved FTE.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 220

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-2020Original BudgetRetirement Expense 76,3952019-2020 RevisedBudget 76,395Original Justification:The cost of retirement benefits for full-time, permanent employees is calculated at 8.74% of each gross salary. 873,687x8.74% Revised Salaries AmountPercentageOriginal AmountRevised Amount76,39576,395Revised Justification: No change to this line item based on the Commission's approved FTE.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration Expense 76,395Total 1,18520,6272019-20202019-2020 RevisedOriginal BudgetBudget 243,272 243,272Employee Benefits ExpenseOriginal Justification:The Commission's contracted insurance broker recommended a conservative increase to the prior budget amount of 10% assuming no plan changes are made. The calculation shows the cost breakdown andincludes the deduction of the benefits expense for Community Learning Center staff. Benefits for full time, permanent staff include dental, life, medical, and vision insurance. This line item also includes theauto allowance for the Executive Director for the wear-and-tear and other travel-related expenses of their personal vehicle for business use in lieu of mileage reimbursement based on the County of Fresno'spolicy of use. 221,156xFY2018-19 Annual Amount10%Rate Increase 243,272Annual AmountOriginal AmountRevised Amount243,272243,272Revised Justification: No change to this line item based on the Commission's approved FTE.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration ,596162,99265,6832019-20202019-2020 RevisedOriginal BudgetBudget 14,621 9,230Worker's Compensation ExpenseOriginal Justification:managers' responsibility to execute county-wide site visits and in-person annual contract reviews. The Commission's insurance firm included a conservative increase of 10% to the prior full-year actual amounteach fiscal year in their estimate. The following is the cost breakdown. 8,026FY 18-19 ActualsOriginal Amount14,621x15%Rate Increase 9,230Annual AmountRevised Amount9,230Variance(5,391)Revised Justification: Reduction to this expense line item is based on FY1819 actuals and includes a 15% increase (industry standard).Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration Expense9,2309,2309,230xxx6%67%27%5546,1842,492

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-2020Original BudgetAudit Expense 25,0002019-2020 RevisedBudget 30,000Original Justification:Expenses for mandatory independent auditing services for the Commission are estimated at 25,000 per fiscal year. Estimate is based on the four-year cost proposal provided by the contracted auditing firm intheir awarded submission resulting from the Commission's Request for Quotations procurement in 2016 for auditing services. The per fiscal year (through FY2018-19) amount proposed by the contractor was for 22,905. Staff is recommending an additional 2,095 per fiscal year for anticipated rate increase after the new procurement for services.Original Amount25,000VarianceRevised Amount30,0005,000Revised Justification: Staff recommends increasing this line item in anticipation of the upcoming required procurement for these services.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 020Original BudgetCapital & Equipment Expense 14,5002019-2020 RevisedBudget 19,500Original Justification:Currently, the Commission owns 18 staff workstations (computer, monitor, printer, keyboard, etc.). Staff recommends setting aside 11,000 for possible replacement of two computers (estimated at 2,000 percomputer with taxes included) and an additional 3,500 for unforeseen replacement or repairs of other equipment and/or furniture.Revised AmountOriginal AmountVariance14,50019,5005,000Revised Justification: A slight adjustment to this line item is proposed to replace various equipment (i.e. laptops, wifi devices, etc) that is beyond its useful-life span.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 652019-2020Original BudgetCommissioner/Advisory ExpenseOriginal Justification: 2,4502019-2020 RevisedBudget 3,600This line item is budgeted for a maximum of seven Commissioners for potential equipment, trainings, workshops, meeting-related expenses, etc., associated with the agency's work. Examples include but arenot limited to the F5 State Annual Conference attendance, mileage reimbursement, etc. The estimated annual amount is budgeted at 300 per Commissioner.7x 300 1,500 3,600Number of CommissionersAverage CostMisc. ExpenseAnnual AmountOriginal Amount2,450Revised Amount3,600Variance1,150Revised Justification: Staff recommends revising this line item to account for potential miscellaneous expense associated with the Commission.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration Expense3,6003,6003,600xxx0%0%100%003,600

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-2020Original BudgetDues and Subscriptions Expense2019-2020 RevisedBudget 42,125 34,447Original Justification:The cost associated with dues and subscriptions for the twelve-month period comprises required dues to the First 5 Association (each county pays a proportionate share of the cost of maintaining theAssociation) plus the cost of miscellaneous subscriptions, publications, and dues (i.e. Government Finance Officers Association, Fresno Bee, etc.). 26,1405% 27,447 7,000FY 18-19 F5 Assoc. DuesEstimated Rate Increase 34,447Original Amount42,125Revised Justification: Budgeted amount revised based on actuals from prior year.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration ExpenseRevised 67%27%2,06723,0799,3012019-2020Original BudgetEquipment Rental/Maintenance ExpenseOriginal Justification: 37,4522019-2020 RevisedBudget 37,452Equipment Maintenance: The Commission's equipment maintenance includes a postage meter and a copier/scanner. The estimated cost breakdown is as follows: postage meter quarterly maintenance 175per quarter; copier/scanner maintenance: 600 x 12 months 7,200 annually.Annual TotalMonthly/Quarterly 700 700Postage Maintenance 175x4 700 7,200 7,200Copier/Scanner Maintenance 600x12 7,200 7,900Equipment Maintenance Sub-total 7,900Computer & Information Technology Maintenance: The Commission contracts out Information Technology (IT) support for workstation/desktop management, server management and support. Thecontracted IT support amount support is 16,200 per year ( 1,450 per month x 12 months). Hosted email and storage via Office 365 are estimated at 55 per month x 12 months.MonthlyAnnual Total 17,400IT Support 1,450x12 17,400 17,400 660Hosted Email & Storage 55x12 660 660 18,060Computer Maintenance Sub-total 18,060Software Maintenance: The Commission pays a flat rate for its accounting system software on an annual basis of 9,500. Below are the monthly and annual estimated costs for each software type as quoted bythe Commission's IT contractor and based on actuals:MonthlyAnnual Total 9,500 9,500 9,500Accounting System Maintenance 1,020 1,020 1,020Anti-virus Software 85x12 708 708 708IT Management License 59x12 264 264 264Fax Service 22x12 11,492Software Sub-total 11,492 37,452Equipment Rental/ Maintenance Expense Total 37,452Original Amount37,452Revised Justification: No changes to this line item.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration ExpenseRevised 2,24725,09310,112

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-2020 RevisedBudget 20,623 20,6232019-2020Original BudgetGeneral and Administrative ExpenseOriginal Justification:Costs associated with management, finances, and other expenses which are incurred by or allocated to the Commission for general management and administration of the Commission that cannot be assignedto a specific line item. Costs include bank charges, operational advertising costs, dependent care plan, etc. Bank charges, average 850 per month.Original Amount20,623FY1819 Actuals21,143Revised Amount25,000Variance4,377Revised Justification: A minimal increase to this line item is proposed based on actuals from the prior year.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 020Original BudgetInsurance ExpenseOriginal Justification: 13,3842019-2020 RevisedBudget 15,174The Commission is required to carry liability insurance. Insurance type include: Liability Insurance Policy, Special Property Insurance Policy and Cyber Crime Insurance. Insurance costs typically increase 1012% year-over-year; therefore, staff is recommending the following for FY 2019-2020.FY18-19Special Property Insurance PolicySpecial Liability Insurance PolicyCyber Crime Insurance 5,548 5,200 2,800 13,548Original Amount13,384 6,214 5,824 3,136 15,174X 12% X 12% X 12% Revised Amount15,174Variance1,790Revised Justification: A minimal increase to this line item is proposed based on actuals from the prior year and estimates received from insurance providers.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 2019-2020Original BudgetLocal Travel Expense - Local MileageOriginal Justification: 2,5002019-2020 RevisedBudget 2,500Annually, F5FC contract managers are required to administer Annual Contract Reviews to all funded Service Providers which may require traveling locally on behalf of the agency throughout Fresno County.Additionally, staff occasionally travels for the Commission for various reasons including off-site technical assistance to Service Providers and various Community Partner convenings. Estimated costs areprojected based on past expense trends. All staff do not utilize this line item, for example administrative-type staff tend to travel less frequently. Currently, the IRS mileage rate is 58 per mile.Local Travel Expense- Mileage TotalOriginal Amount2,500Revised Amount2,500 2,500Variance0Revised Justification: No changes to this line item as federal reimbursement rate for mileage remains the same in 2020.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration Expense2,5002,5002,500xxx6%67%27%1501,675675

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-20202019-2020 RevisedOriginal BudgetBudget 15,000 15,000Materials and Supplies ExpenseOriginal Justification:break down includes 833 per month x 12 months for an approximate total of 10,000 per year. Staff recommends setting aside an additional 2,000 for any unexpected materials costs, such as mandatorydocument printings, signage, business cards, etc.Original Two-Year Amount15,000Revised Amount15,000Variance0Revised Justification: No changes to this line item.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 2019-2020Original BudgetOverhead ExpenseOriginal Justification:2019-2020 RevisedBudget 117,000 117,000The Commission occupies 15% of the leasable space within the Lighthouse for Children facility. As the Master Lease Holder of the Lighthouse for Children (LFC) facility, the Commission is responsible to payits proportionate share of the overhead cost. Overhead costs include utilities (water, waste, gas & electricity, etc.), facility contracted services (security, janitorial, landscaping, etc.), insurance and taxes and afacility management services contract. The remaining amount for the facility is budgeted within the Strategic Plan Investments for the Child Development Center and Community Learning Center.Revised AmountOriginal Two-Year AmountVariance117,000117,0000Revised Justification: No changes to this line item in order to account for small, necessary building improvements (i.e. additional security cameras, bird deterrents in parking lot, paint touch-ups, etc.).Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 31,5902019-2020Original BudgetProfessional Services ExpenseOriginal Justification: 114,9402019-2020 RevisedBudget 114,940The Commission utilizes this line item to obtain a specific technical or unique function performed by independent contractors or consultants whose occupations are not fulfilled by F5FC staff. Examples ofprofessional services include attorneys, business consultants, business development managers, law firms, human resources, payroll services, investment custodial services and other specialized administrativeroles. Budget amounts are based on past trends, average monthly rates and quotes multiplied by 12 months. Staff recommends including 18,000 for other miscellaneous professional services to includeservices for translators (services when needed), administrative cost for Health Savings Accounts (average cost per month 125), human resources coaching and other short-term consultants.Monthly 5,050 500 900 295 250xxxxx12 12 12 12 12 60,600 6,000 10,800 3,540 3,000Addt'l Services 8,000 5,000 0 0 0Original Amount114,940Revised Justification: No changes to this line item.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration ExpenseOriginal Legal ServicesH.R. ServicesInvestment ServicesCustodial ServicesPayroll ServicesMisc. Professional ServicesProfessional Services Total 68,600 11,000 10,800 3,540 3,000Revised Amount114,940114,940114,940114,940Revised 68,600 11,000 10,800 3,540 3,000 18,000 68,600 11,000 10,800 3,540 3,000 18,000 114,940 114,940Variance0xxx0%0%100%00114,940

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAIL2019-20202019-2020 RevisedOriginal BudgetBudget 25,000 25,000Program Development Expense/Strategic Planning ImplementationOriginal Justification:This line item exists for additional or unforeseen costs for program development, the implementation of the Strategic Plan, and/or printing materials to showcase the Strategic Plan. The Commission iscurrently in the early stages of strategic planning implementation. Staff recommends budgeting 25,000 to anticipate the further stages of strategic planning.Original Two-Year Amount25,000Revised Amount25,000Variance0Revised Justification: No changes to this line item to anticipate the carrying out of the agency's new 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 002019-20202019-2020 RevisedOriginal BudgetBudget 41,517 41,517Staff Training, Travel & Conference Expense (Out of Town Travel)Original Justification:Estimated cost for F5FC staff to attend local and out of town trainings/conferences on behalf of the Commission. All trainings & conferences attended are required to be aligned with the Strategic Plan per theCommission's Travel Policy and Procedures Manual. Trainings/conferences include, but are not limited to, the First 5 State annual conference, First 5 Association quarterly meetings and summits, annualplanning days, Government Finance Officer Association trainings, Early Care & Education meetings/conferences, legislative visits, Help Me Grow National and State Conferences, etc. Average cost of travelfor one staff on one trip is 200 which includes transportation, lodging, registration, per diem, etc.Original AmountRevised AmountVariance41,51741,5170Revised Justification: No changes to this line item to account for community engagement opportunities, convenings and professional development.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration 2102019-2020Original BudgetTelephone ExpenseOriginal Justification: 18,7802019-2020 RevisedBudget 18,780Telephone expenses include the Commission's phone landlines, data lines and data plan for wireless accessibility all to aid in the operations of the agency. Staff recommends 3,000 for unforeseen expenses.Monthly Amount 550 650 115xxx121212 Original Amount18,780Revised Justification: No changes to this line item.Total Evaluation ExpenseTotal Program ExpenseTotal Administration ExpenseAnnual Amount 6,600 7,800 1,380LandlinesData LinesTablet Data Plan & DevicesUnforeseen Phone ExpensesTelephone Expense TotalRevised Amount18,78018,78018,78018,780 6,600 7,800 1,380 3,000 18,780Variance0xxx6%67%27%1,12712,5835,071

COST ANALYSISBUDGET LINE ITEM DETAILSTRATEGIC PLAN INVESTMENT AREAS2019-2020Original BudgetStrategic Plan Investments2019-2020 RevisedBudgetHelp Me Grow Fresno CountyWe know that any successful approach to addressing the key challenges facing Fresno County families will require systemic change. Acting as convener and connector we will bring thecommunity and stakeholders together in support of changing the way our systems work for better outcomes for our children. Help Me Grow Fresno County, a national model that promotescollaboration across sectors to build a more efficient and effective system for young children and their families in Fresno County is the over-arching investment binding all our worktogether. This investment area can also be referred to as the early childhood system of care.Help Me Grow Fresno CountyOriginal Amount500,000Revised Amount500,000 500,000 500,000Variance0Revised Justification: No changes.Direct Service ProgramsThis long-standing area of investment is a compilation of community- based partnerships that provide direct supports to families across the county. We remain committed to fund a navigable, effective andculturally responsive network of direct services to fill gaps in the early childhood system of care.Direct Service Programs 2,000,000 4,000,000Original AmountRevised AmountVariance2,000,0004,000,0002,000,000Revised Justification: With the close of the 2018-2019 fiscal year and the completion of the audit, the fund balance had a balance available to allocate back to programmatic functions. The increase to this line itemwill allow for the pending procurement for direct service programs to enter into multi-year contracts.Community Learning CenterThe Lighthouse for Children Community Learning Center (CLC) is a network of community partners working together to provide classes and workshops that encourage and foster healthy relationshipsbetween young children and their caregivers as well as to increase early literacy, language and school readiness skills. Along with family services, the CLC supports professionals working with young children.A detailed breakdown of staffing (2.4 FTE) and non-personnel costs to operate the CLC is provided. The CLC is home to Glow!, a Group Prenatal Project. Inspired by the African American Infant MortalityNeeds Assessment (2016) findings, Glow! exists to improve the health of moms and babies with a focus on maternal wellness and support for women in Fresno County. The CLC budget includes 2 FTE for theoperations of the program.AmeriCorps ContractAmeriCorps Team Parking & Misc.CLC SalariesAbsence/Leave AccrualMedical Benefits (Dental, Medical, Vision)Retirement BenefitsPayroll TaxesOverhead & Operating ExpenseIT ServicesFamily Parking ExpenseOffice Supplies & MaterialsProgrammatic MaterialsGlow! Programmatic Materials (Curriculum Mtrls, Site License, etc.)Staff Training, Travel & MileageCommunity Learning CenterOriginal 203,040 15,500 198,659 6,415 65,818 18,393 29,649 200,000 6,075 5,455 6,700 9,600 54,663 3,100 823,067Revised 145,750 17,000 255,801 6,415 139,335 22,357 39,222 200,000

CalViva Health committed to support the direct implementation of the Patient-Centered Prenatal Care initiative, also known as the EMRACE Study, to aid in the expansion of the Glow! Group Prenatal Care Pilot Project which started in 2017. . Insurance Expense 13,384 15,174 1,