March 11,197815p,.r1I t--R.4111.,fReady for thebig breaklIt'sthat woman ago.,Jr

2Recent Maroc, Maref 11, 1978eN allr15213425113UK SINGLESWUTHERING HEIGHTS, Kate BushTAKE A CHANCE ON M E, AbbaCOME BACK MY LOVE, DartsWISHING ON A STAR, Rose RoyceDENIS, BlondieSTAYIN' ALIVE, Bee GeesI CAN'T STAND THE RAIN, EruptionBAKER STREET, Gerry RaffertyMR. BLUE SKY, Electric Light OrchestraJUST ONE MORE NIGHT, Yellow DogEMIEpicDartsWarner Bros3Atlantic75United ArtistsJetVirgin8691010111181112FREE EP, Free121317IS THIS LOVE, Bob Marley & The WailersFIGARO, Brotherhood of ManPyeEMOTIONS, Samantha SangPrivate StockFANTASY, Earth Wind & FireEBSLOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN, SweetPolydorIF HAD WORDS, Scott Fitzgerald /Yvonne KeeleyPepperMATCHSTALK MEN CATS & DOGS, Brian & MichaelPye5 MINUTES, StranglersUnited ArtistsHOT LEGS /I WAS ONLY JOKING, Rod StewartRivaALLY'S TARTAN ARMY, Andy CameronKlubLILAC WINE, Elkie BrooksA&MDRUMMER MAN,ToniithtTDSGOT THE WHOLE WORLD Nottingham Forest/Paper LaceWBJUST THE WAY YOU ARE, Billy JoelCBSGLAD TO BE GAY, Tom Robinson BandEMIEVERY 1'S A WINNER, Hot ChocolateRAKRUMOUR HAS IT, Donna Summer'CasablancaSORRY I'M A LADY, BaccaraRCATHEME FROM WHICH WAY IS UP, StargardMCAWHENEVER YOU WANT MY LOVE, Real 4041424344454647484950-503346-47--Island' IslandI'RSOBABY COME BACK, PlayerRadarLOVE THE SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS, Nick LoweEMISPREAD YOUR WINGS, QueenAtlanticWALK IN LOVE, Menhattan TransferA&MWORDS; Rita CoolidgeCBSCLASH CITY ROCKERS, ClashPolydorNEWS OF THE WORLD, Jam20th CenturySOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH,.Dan HillParlophoneMULL OF KINTYRE /GIRL'S SCHOOL, WingsBuddahWHATS YOUR NAME Andrea True ConnectionFOLLOW YOU FOLLOW M E, GenesisCharismaI'LL GO WHERE YOUR MUSIC TAKES ME, Tina CharlesCBSMotownTOO HOT TO TROT/ZOOM, CommodoresEMIIF IT DON'T FIT DON'T FORCE IT, Keelee PatersonReprise.RHIANNON, Fleetwood MacCBSSTAY WITH ME BABY, David EssexEMISINGIN' IN THE RAIN, Sheila B. DevotionREADY STEADY GO, Generation XChrysalisRadarCHELSEA, Elvis Costello & AttractionIOTHER CHART1CLOSER TO THE HEART, Rush2200M, Commodore3ON FIRE. T- Connection131419161718ROCKET RIDE, KossHELLO SUNDAY HELLO ROADGill Scott -HeronRUNAROUND SUE. UM GarrettVirginCamblancaAnataAtlanticSHOWROOM DUMMIES, KrahwerkCapitolJOURNEY TO THE MOON, BidduEpicSUGAR DADDY, Patsy GallantEMISPEND A LITTLE TIME, Barbara Pennington UASKA WARS, RicoIsland1930 -EP, XTC20UP WITH THE COCK, Judge Dread171434151316 '17-9141819-2016'4022 '2423 4524 192526 39271528 182930 4546474849350432236283229-VkpinCrool.ABmtry ChenSUPPLIED RYr SOUND EXPERIENCE, 50 NarborouglrRoad, Leicester LD 10533-54883.1riRAY SAWYER ojDrHook1539411MORE LIKE THE MOVIES, Dr HookCapitolYOU'RE SO RIGHT FOR ME, East Side ConnectionCreoleAUTOMATIC LOVER, VibratorsEveBIG BLOW, Menu DrbangoDeccaTHE GHOST OF LOVE, TavaresCapitolSCOTLAND FOREVER, Stringy DevinePhilipsARIEL, Dean FreedmanLHeeontMOVE YOUR BODY, Gene FenowMagnetGONE DEAD TRAIN, NazarethMountainVARIATIONS 14, Andrew Lloyd Webber12678910\MCACBSWarner BrothersRUMOURS, Fleetwood MacMCAVARIATIONS, Andrew Lloyd WebberK -TelDISCO STARS, VariousRivaFOOT LOOSE AND FANCY FREE, Rod StewartJetOUT OFTHE BLUE, Electric Light OrchestraMagnetDARTSPolydor25 THUMPING GREAT HITS, Dave Clark FiveStiffNEW BOOTS AND PANTIES, Ian DuryElektraTHE SOUND OF BREAD, BreadCBSALL 'N' ALL, Earth Wind & FireUnited ArtistsCITY OF LITTLE CITY, Gerry RaffertyEpicARRIVAL, AbbeEMITHE KICK INSIDE, Kate BushGTOGREATEST HITS, Donna SummerEpicGREATEST HITS, AbbeWarwickFONZIES FAVOURITES, VariousTHE MUPPET SHOW VOL. 2PyeChrysalisPLASTIC LETTERS, BlondieK - TelFEELINGS, VariousMercuryLIVE AND LET LIVE, 10ccIslandEXODUS, Bob Marley Er The WailersPolydorTELL US THE TRUTH, Sham 69RoncoBLACK JOY, VariousLOVESONGS,The BeatlesParlophoneIN FULL BLOOM, Rose RoyceWarner BrothersSTIFF LIVE STIFFS, VariousStiffPASTICHE, Manhattan TransferAtlanticNEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS Sex PistolsVirginDISCO FEVER, VariousK -TelTHE FLORAL DANCE, Brighouse & Rastrick BandLogoSTAR WARS, LSO20th CenturySTAINED CLASS, Julas PriestCBSTHEIR GREATEST HITS 1971-75, EaglesAsylumSMALL'CORNERS, Cliff Richard'EMICROSSING THE RED SEA WITH THE ADVERTS, AdvertsBrightSATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, VariousRSOWHITE M USIC, XTCVirginA FAREWELL TO KINGS, RushMercuryDRASTIC PLASTIC, Be Bop DeluxeHarvestWAITING FOR COLUMBUS, Little FeatWarner Brothers30 GOLDEN GREATS, Diana Ross & The SupremesMotown30 GREATEST, Gladys Knight & The PipsK - TelGREATEST HITS VOL. 2, Elton JohnDJMPERILOUS JOURNEY, Gordon GiltrapElectricTHE JESUS OF COOL, Nick LoweRadarBEST OF FRIENDS, Cleo Laine /John WilliamsRCANEWS OF THEWORLD,CQueenEMIUK DISCO45rAEpicMCA.MotownTK RecordsAristaCLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Gene PapeDO YOU WANNA GET FUNKY,1'K RecordsPere Brown6 SATISFACTION, Helen DewsEMIAtlantic7 GOING FOR THE ONE, Ves8 BOP GUN, ParliamentCasablanca9FUNKY MONKEY, MandrillArista10I THINK I M GOING TO FALL IN 467143515616-RSO47882Chrysalis614UK ALBUMSTHE ALBUM, Abbe20 GOLDEN GREATS, Buddy Holly & The CricketsREFLECTIONS, Andy 21336WHICH WAY IS UP, StargardMCA/US 12ínI CAN'T STAND THE RAIN, EruptionAtlanticSTAYIN' ALIVE, Bee GeesRSOTAKE A CHANCE ON ME, AbbeEpicCOME BACK MY LOVE, DartsMagnetBIG BLOW, Menu DibangoDeccaWISHING ON A STAR /FUNK FACTORY, Rose RoyceWhitfieldIS THIS LOVE, Bob Marley & The WailersIslandRUMOUR HAS IT, Donna SummerCasablancaTHE GROOVE LINE, HeatwaveGTOFANTASY,Earth Wind & FireCBSNATIVE NEW YORKER, OdysseyRCA/12nDENIS (DENEEI, BlondieChrysalisMCA/LP/US 12inGALAXY, WarLET'S ALL CHANT, Michael Zager BandPrivate Stock/121nCarrere/12inSINGIN' IN THE RAIN, Sheila B. DevotionAristaJACK AND JILL/GET DOWN', RaydioArista/12inCAN YOU GET IT/FUNKY MONKEY, MandrillAyersPolydor/USLPFREAKY DEAKY, RoyIsland EPALL RIGHT NOW, Free

Record Minor, March 11, 1978Roxy's close shaveTELEPHONEDaytime: 01.8361522Evening 01-8361429OF COURSE I read thepapers my dears but Inever expected anything quite like this.Yes, a punk rock shockhorror outrage right onthe doorstep of my bijouresidence!EDITORALF MARTINASSISTANT EDITORRosalind RussellFEATURES EDITORSheila ProphetNEWS EDITORJohn ShearlawCHIEF SUBJohn Wishart/did?On then to the next bigthing. Or so I am reliablyinformed. Yes I do mean theSoft Boys. More country lads;this time from Cambridge.Playing last week at theworld's "second most famousrock pub" they attractedtalent scouts and talent soaksfrom every quarter. Too late,my dears, they've beenonesnapped up by RadarIt all happened this week.Asyou knowthe notoriousiRoxy Club in Covent Garden-thehomeof the albums, home ofculture - has recently hadjfor the club reportedly stopped////CONTRIBUTORSPhilip HallJim FarberJames HamiltonRobin KatzMarilyn Laverty////."".Kelly PikeGeoff TravisRobbie VincentCARTOONISTCharlie BrinkworthPHOTOGRAPHERSSteve EmbertonMitch KearneyRick MannMANAGINGDIRECTORJack Huttoni,--Thus It was that yourcorrespondent returned froma riverside lunch to find knotsand gaggles of extravagantlydressed young people withshort hair clustering aroundpetitions inthe doorstephand with several arms ofthe law preventing "smallgroups of people having aconversation" from becomingj"a marching crowd.""Punk started at the Roxy,"quoth the "leader",. Roxyemployee Jock McDonald."We've taken the club overand intend to stay there untilwe get a guarantee that theRoxy won't be closed."Such excitement in thewinter sunshine! They allwent back to the Roxy, thepolice went back to theirand Luicy wentcoaches . .for an afternoon nap!Now Luicy loves a good timebut things became a littleconfusing even for her lastweek. Tripping along to theYMCA (the YMCA?) for theHope and Anchor live albumreception there was somedoubt about whether It was the.fEddie Fitzgeraldas a new-spew, a,Published-booking punk bandsinorder to keep the club open.The last punk gig was ohiSunday last, featuring Shame9. Well, after that passionstirred in the native breast!The punksjoined by"skinheads" and "TéddyBoys" decided to occupy thesmall venue to force theimanagement to retain It as apunk venue.Next they planned to marchon County Hall with a petition.Then they thought of theMelody Maker. Snag one: toofar. Snag two: marches havebeen banned in the Metropolltan police area for twomonths.By this time van loads of theboys in blue were keeping afriendly eye on proceedings.-PUBLISHINGDIRECTORMike Sharman 'ADVERTISEMENTMANAGERAlan DonaldsonADVERTISEMENTPRODUCTIONMichael HitchTELEPHONESALES MANAGERthe Psa Oltkepopcorn without a singlerustle. Or perhaps they foundthe film as tediously smug as Iits drinks licence taken away.A harrassed booking managerART EDITORJon FrewinEDITORIALBarry CainTim LottRobin SmithSERVICES DEPTEDITORSusanne GarrettASSISTANTT NTBev BoggsReiterenweek. They sat quietly in theback row with "Uncle' AlClark, and even ate theirbySystem Pud,at,ons Ltd, eaLona ue tendon. WC2E 9JT,Nnd armed by South fasten,ewspapers Ltd, Laraheld,Staithene.Xent MEZO 6 G7P41you do havenow, a very big land please. for the winners o,Tthis year's formation dunce team award Yes. all the way fromIslington in Nord: Londoncostumes designed and madethemselves-a %wry warn: welcomefor. . the Hope and A nchorDance Tram. Here are the sons and the mums who made it allpossible. Party shot at the 'Front Row Festival' album receptionAll hair by Eugéne of Covent GardenWEA party for the album or satisfying), their hunger,LETS HEAR it-all.--if It had been a kilt and nounderpants It would have beena different story.A fair rash of "tiredness"stories this week have reachedmy ungrateful ears. Everdescribedgreen Jack Bruceas a former bassist with thepop group Creamyesterdayhad to stump up nearly 18íMafter crashing his car Into hissolicitor's house while underthe influénce of the demondrink. He was also bannedNow--until 1981.Meanwhile, tizzy's dashingPhil Lynott looked himself outof his house at the weekend.Attempting to gain Ingress tothe comfort of his home he wasunfortunate enough to break aglass door and had to rush offto Malda Vale hospital to getstitched up. And no, in caseyou're wondering, he doesn'tkeep a - spareare one under theat the Marquee. thehome of R&B. Well donelads, were booking nowfor Christmas 1979.In a week of last wordshere's the last one on Blondle.Not anything to do with Debbie(tarry I assure you. TheRoundhouse concert wasnotable for the bar running outof beer by 9 pm. And thereception afterwards wasnotable for there not being anyIn the first place! Short andsweet maybe, but no tun for athirsty lady.And our very own RobinSmith locked himself In thebathroom last week. nakedand in somebody else's house!He'll be back next week. Aswill your faithful correspondent. ByyyeeeeIII4iik'4Hard FeelingsFR13757;-new singleDECCAi/for 95 at the nearby Albany.rLJfloitoplace wheresign on the dotted line.In attendance were BrianJames discussing his newband, George Melly and asolitary figure from EMI. Thelatter was wearing a ludicrousJacket proclaiming -that hewas an EMI talenttreat.lastWhatever next? He wOh alright, I just have to tellseen in the lavatory listening you this as well. Malcolmto a happy whistler.Mctaren and the boys gotMore naughty news from the sunstroke In Rlo de Janeiro onprovinces. My Country their little jaunt. And you canfriends, tell me that Scottish expect an album (not ongroup the Jolt were treated to Virgin) featuring Ronalda spontaneous display of maleBiggs, Paul and Steveanatomy at Dunstable when sometime in the future.the front row decided to drop recorded when they weren't'em midway through the lying flaked out with theconcert. The startled Jolt apalling heat.were leas than amused, andThis week's recordsay they saw It all in thebreakers are the trulyshowers when they were atschool.cosmopolitan bandBethnal. They've justEven further afield we hearthat the recently - permedbroken a longevityJohn Milesrecord set by Pinklooking quitestunning in a wildly expensiveFloyd bark in the sixtiesbeige suit and pure silk scarffor playing the mostwas turned away fromcontinuous weekly gigscausing but the bravest to beata hasty retreat. Order wasfortunately restored when therenowned cellar to bring us circle of mums were presentedthe albuth had brought theirwith a bouquet of flowers. Themums with them! All except' fact that they looked as ifwho came they'd been borrowed from thethe Saintsdressed as t'helr mums nearest churchyard, didn'tInstead. Quite a shock I can matter. It was the thoughttell you. The mums were well that counted; as my.mothercatered for with large tea - would have said.Lads up from the provincesThe latest rash ofoften possess unboundedmusicians who are keenenergy that would apall manyto turn to producingcity dwellers. This is indeeddoesn't impress Clash'sthe case with well - knownJoe Strummer. "Itrowdies XTC, who in between Glasgow's Central HotelInmestiffbeingboresappearing almost everywhere restuarant for not wearing athe studio." quoth the,these days, talk lovingly of tie! "Eet ees most necessary,"recovering hepatitis victheir native Swindon where said the .non - Caledoniantim. "I usually lay downeverything Closes at dusk. But waiter. "Your loss sunshine,"on the thick pile carpettheir revels finally caught up riposted the former answer tofind go to sleep." Couldwith them while attending the James Dean. He thenhe be the only personStiff's Live Stiffs film last proceeded to knock up a billwho could sleep throughthe Clash?urns and cream cakes, whilethe rather disgruntled dadsand lads had to make do withhalf - pints of Fullers. Theparty looked to be proceedingas smoothly as any Topper'ware evening until.Far be It from me to draw aveil over what happened next.Those well known rowdiesXTC (aided by X - Ray Spas) THREEFAMOUS pairs ofeyes fail to :nest in Hollywood Left rotook the stage and beget to right Cut -loving Dusty Springfield (whose party it wad, youruse the cream cakes for a friendly former gravedigger and the delightful Olivia Newtonpurpose far removed from John You always get more for your money in Record Mirror!the WI reception.For a start all the bands whosweated earnestly In that3j/

Record Menor, March 11, 19784NEWSDESK.NEWSDESK.NEWSDESK.News Editor.JOHN SHEARLAW.01-835 1522CommodoresE.L.O.JUNEWBLEYCONCERTSTHE ELECTRIC Light Orchestra.currently breaking box officerecords in Australia and Japan,return to play their first Britishconcerts for two years In June.In a6 they headline tour concertsat the Empire Pool, Wembley. Thefirst of these will be a epedal Ratacharity concertin aid of theInvalid Childrens Aid Associationon June 2. Three more shows follow-onJune9, 10and- TOURSzoom inUK tour setTHE COMMODORES,currently one of thebiggest soul acts' InAmerica, will play ninedates in Britain In Aprilpart of a Europeantour.The visit, the second forthe Motown group, is setasto commence onArenar Wembley, Middlesex, andshould Include a SAE. All cheque.and postal orders should be madepayable to Wembley Stadium Ltd.ELO last played 1n Britain atLondon's New Victoria Theatre twoyears ago. Their triumphant return--in between sellFull dates are: BristolHall April 13.Brighton Dome 14, Birmingham Odeon 15,Newcastle City Hall 17,Colston-,l will feature a spectacular new stageset which is being designed and built11.Ticket, for all date, are prloed att4. 25, L1.50 and (2.75, and areavailable from the Wembley BoxOffice ('phone: 01.902 1234) and allusual agencies, Although the BoxOffice won't open until March 20postal a.pplcations will be acceptedrImmediately. Envelope* should bemarked 'ELO Box Office,' Wembley JEFFLYNNE-.iL.Edinburgh OdeonGlasgow Apolloespecially for the Wembley shows. Itwill also be the first time that Britishtans will be able to see ELO'a own,laser Light elbow.The current album 'Out Of TheBlue' ha. now sold nearly fourmillion copies worldwide, markingELO as one of the world's topTHIN LIZZY will beplaying a London concertIn March which will beMined for a special TVbroadcast, a spokesmanfor the band told us thisweek.No date or venue -hasyet been announced but itla likelyLondonPrices for the Londonshows are from 13.5012.00, outside London13. Ole - (1.50. Tickets forthe Brighton and Newcastle dates are availableat present only by postalgroups.application, elsewherefrom box offices asnbrmal.The Commodores havelive double albumcurrently available, aswell as a single featuringone of their best - knownstage hits 'Too Hot TaTrot'.-a"a smallishrock venue"to beTULL TOURAND ALBUM,SHRENSeURi'PLYMOUTHMETRO CLUBPENZANCEGARDENWINTERMAROCOVENTRYOf EDUCNIONapIyEGEMAR l'1CAR RIFFMARlarRANK-PRfe. LEEDS POLY'TEGHDUNFERMLINEMAR 19 CARNEGIE HALLMAR20- TIFFANY'S EDINBURGHSAREZRELLfg BIRMIN6HAMMAR 21.LONDONMAR 22 MUSIC MACHINE23. TROUBADOUR PORT TAL/30TMARMAR25'MAR 26CORN EXCHANGEKING LYNN/rrJIS'-VILLAGE BO11sWP--AA13.PASADENA ROOF ORCRF.BTRA: CleethorpesBunnies Place, March 8, Eastbourne CongreoTheatre, 10, Sunderland Empire Theatre, 12, MalvernFestival Theatre, April 13, Canterbury MarloweTheatre, 15, Coventry Belgrade Theatre, 18,Stevenage Gordon Craig Theatre, 18, gh Town Hall, 28, Newark PalaceTheatre, 29, York Theatre Royal. 30.BRITISH LIONS: Add: Sheffield Medical School,March 10, Dudley JB's, 11.GLORIA MUNDI:- Amended dates: NorwichToppers, March 17, London Music Machine, 21,Liverpool Erica, 30. Concerts at Wolverhampton (22)and Doncaster (23) have now been cancelled.NO DICE: Added dates: Plymouth Metro, March 14.Dundee College of Technology, 17. Glasgow QueenTHE WILKO JohnsonMargaret College, 18.Band this week inked along - term recordingTHE DEPRESSIONS: Manchester Poly, March It.contract with VirginLondon Speakeasy, 22, Nottingham Sandpiper, 31,Records. A single fromLondon Speakeasy, April 2.the band will be releasedLURKEIt.Y: Deptford Albany Empire, March 8,shortly, and material' fortheir debut album Is ,Swansea University, 10, London Rochester Castle, II,currently under consid- Leeds Roots, 13, Newcastle University, 14, WhitleyBay, 15.eration.comprisingThe bandWIRE: Dates now read: Bristol Tlffanys, March 9.the ex - Feelgoods Huddersfield Poly. 10, Brighton Poly, al, Shrewsburyguitarist and vocalist Tlffanys, 12, Reading Bones Club, 15. PenzanceWllko Johnson, JohnGardens, 18, Plymouth Metro, 17, Bishops StortiordPotter (plano and vocHockerill College, 18, Swindon Brunel Rooms. 20,als), Alan Platt (drums)London 100 Club, 21, Swansea Circles, 23, Sheffield(bass)and Stevie LewlnsLimits Club.are likely to be playingDEAF SCHOOL: More dates: Harlow College, .Starcha serles of one - nlghters10, Canterbury Kent University. 11, Leicesterin the near future with aUniversity ViUlers Hall. 13, Preston Clouds, 14.major tour being considBradford University. 15. Scarborough PenthouseBred for May.Club. le, Egham Royal Holloway College. 17, StAlbans Civic Hall. 18, Doncaster Outlook, 20, CardiffTop Rank, 21, Plymouth Castaways, 22, Torquay 400Club, 25. London Music Machine, 31, LiverpoolEmpire, April 1.PACIFIC EARDRUM: Revised dates: Bath ArtsCentre, March 9, Dartington Civic Centre, 10, BristolKEVIN COYNE returnsBrunel Technical College, 11, London Marquee, Britain from EuropeCOCK SPARRER: Wellington Town House, March 9,later this month to play aLondon Fulham Greyhound, 10, Bristol Barton Hillshort series of concerts.Youth Centre, 11, Bury Crystal Ballroom, 13, GtThe dates, as follows,Yarmouth Star& Garter, 15, Margate Dreamland. 17,coincide with the releaseof his new album Canning Town Brldgehouse 19, Brentwood HermitClub, 20, Birkenhead Dlgby's. 23, Basildon Double'Dynamite Daze': LondonSix, 24.100 Club, March 28,London Nashville, 30,GENE PITNEY: Dublin Stardust Club, March 28.31,Manchester Rafters, 31, Farnworth Blighty's, April 4-8, Porthcawl StonelelghBirmingham Barba, Club, April 9 for one week, Luton Caesars, April lerelies, April 1, Blackpool for one week, Wakefield Theatre Club, May 14 for onJepkinsons, 3, London week, Cleethorpes Bunnies. May 22/23, Stoke OnMarquee, 4,,London Rock Trent Jollees, May 24-27, Birmingham Night Onl,Garden, 5 and 6, Burton May 29 for one week, Usk Stardust Club, June a foron - Trent 78 Club, week,A THREE record set of the Band's farewell concert inSan Francisco, entitled 'The Last Waltz,' Is to bereleased on April 7. The records feature guestappearances from a galaxy of stars ranging from BobDylan., Nell Young, Van Morrison and EmmylouHarris to Nell Diamond and Ron Wood and many more.The concert has also been preserved on film, and thiswill be released In 70mm colour sometime in June.The bend had been together for 18 years and amongthe tracks on this long - awaited 'celebration' albumare 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,' 'FurtherOn Up The Road' (with Eric Clapton), 'Forever Young'(with Bob Dylan) and 'I Shall Be Released' (featuringvirtually the entire cast of stars).Robbie Robertson of the Band produced the album ofthe concert, which took place on Thanksgiving Day lastyear . . . . In front of 5,000 Invited ¡meats!-'DAZE'-BAND'S 'LAST WALTZ'-c,:!,(1\15,COYNE AJETHRO TULL return to the concert scene after a longabsence in May, when they kick off a major world tourwith nine British concerts. Billed as 'The HeavyHorses World Trek,' the tour is named after their newalbum -'Heavy Homes' to be released on April 1.A unique feature of the tour Is that the four Londonconcerts will be spilt between the two major venuesthe Rainbow and Hammersmith Odeon.The tour, which opens in Edinburgh on May 1, willfeature tracks from the new album, and Jethro Tull willplay the entire show themselves with no support act.Full dates and venues are as folloevs: EdinburghUsher Hall May 1, Glasgow Apollo Theatre 2,Manchester Apollo Theatre 3 and 4, BirminghamOdeon 5, London Rainbow 7 and 8, LondonHammersmith Odeon 9 and 10.Tickets are available now at box offices on personalrequest or postal application. Outside London pricesrange from L3. 50 to 12, in London from E4 to I2. 50.MANCHESTERTILE RAFTERSWAKEFIELDlb UNITY' HALL-e FLHMAR 17MARSatellite, MarchDunfermline Klnema, 14, Leith Town Hall, 15, StirlingUniversity. 17, Grangemouth Town Hail, 19.NEW HEARTS: London Votex, March 13.MOVIES: Scarborough Penthouse, March 10,Sheffield Polytechnic, 15, Aberdeen Fusion, le,Edinburgh Hertel Watt University, 17, HarrogateP. G. 's Club, 18. Leeds Fforde Green, 19, RecordPorterhouse, 25, Manchester Rafters, 27. KirkLevington Country Club, 31.THE ONLY ONES: Add: London Marquee, March-MART' TIFFANYSMARGlasgowREZILLOS:SIGNStiTOP OFMAR 12- TOPRoundhouse, 28.-Sc ALBANAF{ORD4. LlyyNALLE WORLDMARSUBURBAN STUDS: Stafford College of Education,March 10, Bournemouth Village Bowl, 13, NorwichPeople's Club, lt, Birmingham Barhareltas, 17,Manchester Rafters, 23, Nottingham Sandpaper, 31.MANFRED MANN: Amended dates: Glasgow Apollois now April 8, not 10 (Edinburgh date for April 8 nowcancelled), and a gig has been added at HanleyVictoria Hall on April 21.March 25,TAPPER ZIMIE: London Bouncing Bail,28,Edinburgh Tlflanys, 27, Glasgow Satellite, ton Pavilion, 31, Liverpool Erles, April 3, , 7, Manchester Russell Club, 8.VIBR.ATORM: Newport Stowaway, March 5, RedrarCoatham Bowl, 11, Sheffield Top Rank, 12, Reading15,Bones, 14, Wolverhampton Polytechnic,Nottingham Sandplpers, 18, Brighton New Regency,le,Greyhound.Croydon111,Traceys,17; Reddltch21, LeedsSwansea Circles, 20, Colwyn Bay Dixieland,LondonRoots. 23, Northampton Cricket Club, 25.WILKOWITHMARCH DATESMAR19,23.which stages the show.Lizzy are, to release theirfirst live album 'Live AndDangerous' within thenext few weeks, alongwith a live double A -sidesingle featuring 'Rosalie'and 'Cowgirl'.tl18,Manchester Free TradeHall 21, London Hammersmith Odeon 22 andLIZZY FORLONDON13ine.out tours ofMush alta, Japan 'and AmericaAprilin Bristol. They will bebringing with them theirentire American stageshow, including a girl trioThree Ounces of Love(who,wili open the show),and a four - piece brasssection, the Mean Mach-. TOUR-,WOOD/TUNA/DEVO CANCELROY WOOD's month -longBritish tour, which was tohave started last week(March 2), has now beencancelled.Wood has recentlysuffered a recurrence ofthe ulcer which firstaffected him two yearsago,and hasbeenadvised to rest by hisdoctor. AU dates announced In RECORDMIRROR two weeks agowill not now take place,although a spokespersonfor Wood's record cornpany, Warners, Indicatedthat- the tour may be setup again for later in thesummer. American band HotTuna will not now beplaying any dates on theirBritish and Europeantour. This decision wasreached jointly by theband and the recordcompany, RCA, whosespokesman commented:"We decided that theventure was unvlable atthis stage. " But JackCassidy, bane player withHot Tuna, added: "We'resorry we weren't able tocome over, but would Ilkto emphaslse that,fully,Wethis le onlypostponement. We loreforward to touring Brim'later (hie year." The Mconcert was to have talc'splace at London DbQwalls next week. Devil, meanwhile, M'pulled out of two Broil'dates in LiverpoolMarch 9 and Leeds ?sMarch 10. Their **British appearances -now be in Manche'(11) and (t2).

Record Minor, March 11, 19755NEWSDESK.NEWSDESK.NEWSDESK. .News Editor.JOHN SHEARLAW.01-835 1522'EVEN MORESABS' SHOCKFt RTHER two date.have now been added toMark Sabbath's mono mental late spring tour.AThey are bothweek after the tour we tohove finished In London,tickets are available now.Meanwhile there arefears that the Sabs' newalbum, 'Never Say Dl.,which Is scheduled forMay release, may bedelayed. 411 the bandhave recently sufferedfrom 'flu In Canada,although they're nowInManchester where thefirst concertset forMay 22sold out almostovernight.--The extra concerto willbe at Manchester Apolloon June 14 and 13, therecovered.orb.Pplayed in Britain for fouryears, are taking time oftfrom a European tour forthree UK concerts. Theseread Colchester Essexsurprise serles of concertsIn Britain next week.The band, who haven'tUniversity. March10,be joined by the Sunsets(without Shakln' Ste-Carl Perkins will followhis appearance at theWembley Country Festival with a UK tour withBo Diddley In April, Itveos), who now replacerenowned tittles Instrumental group Johnnyand the Hurricanes on thetour.was announced thisweek.Perkins, who wroteFirst date'Blue Suede Shoes', teamsup with Diddley In apackage that is bound toappeal to rock 'o' roll andRSB fans alike. They willIs onApril12at the Eden Court TheatreInverness. The tourcontinues as, follows:Newcastle City Hall April13, Glasgow Apollo CentreRoth theBeserkley bands will bepined by the Smirksaleo rumoured to beGULLY-MafehIt was also' announcedtide week that support forall Black Sabbath coorem up until June 11 willretrospective from 1973until now featuring oneunissued track, 'fleeing AtIoW s's'.BRIAN AUGER and JulieTipprils (formerly Drlscoil) release their newalbum 'Encore' on April 7.aho,i/1/5130LONGHAIR LIVE.LEGENDARY NEW Orleans blues pianist Professor Longhair will beplaying one Britishconcert at the NewLondon Theatre on March26.also releases hisfirstever live album,'Live At The Queen Mary'Hethe same week.Itwasrecorded at a party givenby Paul, McCartney on thenow 'anchored' inshipCalifornia last year.- -ROXY PUNKS SIT INLiverpool Empire '15,Birmingham Odeon le,Chatham Central Hall 19,Southgate Royalty 20,Lewisham Odeon 21,Weymouth Pavilion Ballroom 22, BournemouthWinter Gardens 23:Another respectedfifties rockabilly singer,14,Carl Mann, makes a oneoff appearance at London's Dingwalls on March21.4FAREWELL con cart atthat he was finished withpunk. However after aconcert by Shama 89 onSunday night dearly 800punks decided to 'sir In' tovoice their protest.An Intended march toCounty Hall to protestabout the club's Imminentclosure was thwarted by-London's Rosy Clubformerly the 'home ofpunk rockled to snoccupation of the buildingthis week.The Rosy recently losttheir drinks licence andbooking manager KevinSt. John had announced-Metropolitan Police Commlasloner David McNee'stwomonth ban onmarches in the city.Instead, the punkscollected an 8.000 signature petition, and as wewent to press Intended tocontinue their occupadon.'SWEENEY' SINGS AGAINLewishamDJM, plays the followingconcerts: BirminghamOdeon March 18, Coy.entry Theatre 19, IpswichOdeon 25, Bristol Hippo drome 26, Sheffield CityHall April 2, SwindonOasis 8, SouthamptonDENIS WATERM AN,star of TV's 'TherCOREA plays theLondon Rainbow on Marchand 31, after the successof his show with HerbieHaneock last week.MCA launch aDisco"series this week with 12 lechers from War andStareR ard.OTIS N'AYGOOD BAND Is toguest on the upcomingTavares tourTRICKSTER, special guestson the ELO British andEuropean tour, release anew single, 'Your MoneyOr Your Life', on MarchCHICK.London Rainbow, 11, andBristol Locarno. 12.Spirit are now a threepiece comprising RandyCalifornia, Ed Cassidyand Larry Knight,Sweeney', continues hisdouble career as a singerwith a short British tourin March.The actor,' who hasmade two albums forOdeonOdeon0,16.Waterman Is currentlyfilming a new series of'The Sweeney' and willshortlybefilmingaspectacular for YorkshireTV, networked on May e.17.JOHN MARTYN plays theNorth London Polytechnicon March 13 for RockAgainst Racism. Theconcert also featuresMartin Carthy.RICHARD DIGANCE playsfirst London major soloat the QueenElizabeth Hall on March20. The concert will berecorded for a live albumwith all the audiencecredited on the sleeve!ALVIN LEE formerly of Tenhisconcert-Years After, has nowsigned to Polydor with hisn ew band Ten YearsLater. A new album'Rocket Fuel', is to beeleased In April.GLADYS KNIGHT ANDTHE PIPS have a newsingle 'The One And Only',from the Olin and album ofthe same name, releasedon March. 10.e11VC/ANTEDhby 1rncrkti Oictns:everywhere.CLASHON 2BBC 2 pill a new showentitled 'Something Else'aimedon March 11at teenagers. The pro-graname has a 'magazine'format and will f

Mar 11, 1978 · the doorstep of my bijou residence! / It all happened this week. As you know the notorious iRoxy - Club in Covent Garden home of the albums, home of the culture - has recently had its drinks licence taken away. A harrassed booking manager jfor the club reportedly stopp