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WPTT USER MANUALTable of ContentsI.Description . 3A.B.C.II.WPTT Base Device . 3WPTT Handheld Device. 3Safety instructions . 3Configuration . 4A.B.C.WPTT Base Device . 4WPTT Handheld Device. 4WPTT configuration keys must be set in turret FTP settings . 4III. Usage. 5A.1.2.B.1.2.IV.V.Device pairing . 5What's pairing?. 5How to proceed? . 5WPTT Handheld Device usage. 6Signal transmission status . 7Charging WPTT Handheld Device . 7Limitations . 8FCC Notice . 8All rigths reserved toIP Trade SA2

WPTT USER MANUALI.DescriptionThe Wireless Push To Talk device (WPTT) is made of two parts, WPTT Base Deviceand WPTT Handheld Device.A.WPTT Base DeviceBase part of the WPTT is a USB Dongle that can be plugged in a turret USB port.B.WPTT Handheld DeviceWPTT Handheld Device has a belt clip that allows user to fix it and easily access thePush to Talk button.On the following picture: left LED is the transmission LED right LED is the battery power LEDC.Safety instructionsThe Wireless Push To Talk contains a low power transmitter.When the Push-to Talk button is pushed it sends out radio frequency (RF) signals.This device must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any otherantenna or transmitter.Unauthorized modifications or attachments could damage the transmitter and mayviolate FCC regulations.This device has an output power of max 12.6 mW.All rigths reserved toIP Trade SA3

WPTT USER MANUALII.ConfigurationFirst of all you need to properly cable the device and apply following configuration.A.WPTT Base DeviceWPTT Base Device must be plugged in one device USB port and remain plugged allthe time.B.WPTT Handheld DeviceWPTT Handheld Device is only plugged for pairing purpose and remains unpluggedmost of the time.It's mandatory to connect WPTT Handheld Device using IP Trade WPTT certifiedUSB cable that has been provided with your WPTT device.C.WPTT configuration keys must be set in turret FTP settings Open TSS administration console and go in Turret FTP setting Select Device setting group Select Expert Settings TabAll rigths reserved toIP Trade SA4

WPTT USER MANUAL Setup following WPTT setting valuesIII. UsageThis section described how to use WPTT device.It assumes that a proper configuration has been made.A. Device pairing1.What's pairing?Pairing is the operation that links WPTT Base and WPTT Handheld devices uniquelyand makes them recognize each other.Without pairing, WPTT Handheld Device signal isn't recognized by WPTT BaseDevice and doesn't generate action on turret device.Pairing operation is required before using WPTT Handheld Device with a turret(and its corresponding WPTT Base).WPTT device remains paired as long as both WPTT Base and WPTT Handhelddevices are powered.2.How to proceed?On a properly configured and cabled turret, plug the WPTT Handheld Device usingthe proper USB cable.If no user is authenticated and turret shows login screen, pairing is executedsilently.Otherwise, if a user is authenticated, pairing progression messages are displayed inturret interface.All rigths reserved toIP Trade SA5

WPTT USER MANUALAs soon as WPTT Handheld Device is detected by the system, pairing starts:The "Reset" operation may stand for few seconds but is required in order to validatepairing in both WPTT Base and WPTT Handheld Devices.The device will restart and following messages will be displayed:You can now unplug the WPTT Handheld Device and start using it!B. WPTT Handheld Device usageOnce the WPTT device is properly paired, pressing WPTT Handheld Device buttontransmits "Speak" events to the turret. Pressing the WPTT Handheld Device button activates "Speak Action Button" Releasing the WPTT Handheld Device button deactivates "Speak ActionButton"Note that there's no need to configure a "Speak Action Button" in user interface tomake the WPTT works.All rigths reserved toIP Trade SA6

WPTT USER MANUAL1.Signal transmission statusTransmission LED of the WPTT Handheld Device indicates signal transmissionstatus:ButtonpressedLED StateDescriptionYesSteady redWPTT Handheld Device successfully sendsapplicative messages to the WPTT Base DeviceYes100ms orange/redblinkWPTT Handheld Device has failed to send anapplicative message to the WPTT Base DeviceNo100ms orangeblink every 3sNo pairing information available, WPTT deviceshould be paired2.Charging WPTT Handheld DeviceWPTT Handheld Device is powered through an embedded battery.The battery has 18 hours autonomy and can be charged within 2 hours.IP Trade recommends charging the WPTT Handheld Device battery using providedUSB cable.Note: when charging the clip on “WPTT Handheld Device” on a turret with the“USB” base connected, the 2 units will pair.Power LED of the WPTT Handheld Device indicates battery charge status:USBconnectedLED StateDescriptionNo100ms green blink every 3sThe battery has a good levelNo100ms orange blink every 3sThe battery level is down, it should berechargedYes500ms green blink every 1sThe battery is chargingYesSteady greenThe battery is fully chargedAll rigths reserved toIP Trade SA7

WPTT USER MANUALIV.Limitations V.2 free USB ports on the turret are neededOnly use IP Trade WPTT certified USB cable when connecting WPTTHandheld DeviceWPTT Handheld Device cannot be used while connected to USBWPTT Handheld Device isn't operational right after having unplugged fromUSB, user must wait 5 seconds before using it.FCC NoticeThis device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to thefollowing two conditions:(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and(2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference thatmay cause undesired operation.Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for aClass A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits aredesigned to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when theequipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates,uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used inaccordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radiocommunications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to causeharmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct theinterference at his own expense.All rigths reserved toIP Trade SA8

IP Trade SA 8 IV. Limitations 2 free USB ports on the turret are needed Only use IP Trade WPTT certified USB cable when connecting WPTT Handheld Device WPTT Handheld Device cannot be used while connected to USB WPTT Handheld Device isn't operational right after having unpl