2015-2016Next Door Early Head Startand Head Start PartnershipFamily Handbook 2016-2017Early Head Start and Head Start Partnership

Welcome!Center:Address:Center Phone number:Family Advocate Specialist:FAS Phone Number:Readiness Coach:Readiness Coach Number:Please call the center when your child will be absent.2

ContentsWelcome from Our Directors . . . . . . . . . 4Next Door Partner Locations . . . . . . . . . 5Next Door’s Mission Statement . . . . . . . . 6Parent/Guardian Responsibilities . . . . . . . . 7Parent Expectations . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting . . . . . . . 10Health Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Special Needs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Family Engagement . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Family Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12Important Contact Information . . . . . . . . . 12Acknowledgment Page . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Welcome from theNext Door Early Head StartHead Start Partnership Directors!Dear Families:We welcome you and are grateful that you selected to enroll in one ofNext Door’s EHS/HS Partnership programs. We are dedicated to providingyour child the best care, quality education and social service programmingtailored to meet the individual needs of your family. At Next Door, webelieve that it takes everyone; parents, staff, teachers and children to builda successful learning community.We encourage all parents to become active members in their child’seducational experience. We look forward to seeing you in the hallways,classrooms and at parent activities.This book provides important details regarding your participation in anEarly Head Start or Head Start program partnership with Next Door.Please take the time to carefully read through the contents of thishandbook. This handbook goes along with the handbook you will receivefrom your child’s school. If there are any questions, please refer to yourassigned Family Advocate Specialist. Also, please do not hesitate to contactone of the partner program directors, or one of us. Our contact informationis listed on the next page.Welcome to Early Head Start & Head Start!4Monica BrooksHead Start Director414-562-2929 ext. 240Myranda SyrjanenEarly Head Start Partnership Director414-562-2929 ext. 770

Next Door Partner LocationsCOA Youth and Family Centers-Riverwest (Early Head Start)909 E Garfield Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53212COA Youth and Family Centers-Burke (Early Head Start)2320 W. Burleigh St.Milwaukee, WI 53206Kindercare - West Allis (Early Head Start)2374 S 61st St.West Allis, WI 53219La Causa, Inc. (Early Head Start)809 W Greenfield Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53204Malaika Early Learning Center (Early Head Start and Head Start)125 W Auer Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53212Neighborhood House (Early Head Start)2819 W Richardson Pl.Milwaukee, WI 53208St. Ann’s Children’s Center - Bucyrus Campus (Early Head Start and HeadStart)2450 W North Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53205St. Joseph Academy (Early Head Start)1600 W Oklahoma Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53215Stepping Stones Children’s Center-Belgium (Early Head Start)420 Park St.Belgium, WI 53004YMCA Northwest (Early Head Start)9050 N Swan Rd.Milwaukee, WI 53224YMCA Northside (Early Head Start)1350 W North Ave.Milwaukee, WI 53205

Next Door’s Mission StatementNext Door’s mission is to “support the intellectual, physical, spiritual andemotional development of children so they become self-sufficient,contributing members of the community.”Next Door’s Vision“To position neighborhood children and families for long-term success.”What We DoNext Door gives children and families the skills they need to achievesustainable success in school and in life.Next Door’s Core Beliefs Children come first The classroom is an important place Families are valuable partners Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher6

Parent/Guardian ResponsibilitiesNext Door recognizes that you, as a parent or guardian, are the mostimportant partner in your child’s education. Your involvement is essential toyour child’s educational success. Your child’s classroom is the most importantplace for formal education.As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for: Communicating to your child that education is important. Seeing that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time. You mustprovide explanations for absences and tardiness to your child’s teacher andFamily Advocate Specialist. Informing the school when you change address, telephone number or thepersons identified as emergency contacts have changes of information. Ensuring that your child has all health information and immunizations asrequired. Attending parent conferences, participating in Parent Committee, home visitsand activities at school. Conducting yourself in a respectful manner and modeling appropriatebehaviors for your child/children. Completing in-kind parent-child activities, working on your child’s individualcurriculum plan goals and making progress toward your Family PartnershipAgreement goals.Attendance Attendance plays an important role in your child’s school success. All children in the Early Head Start and Head Start programs are required toattend school regularly. Federal regulations require 85% attendance. Chronic absence is missing two or more days of school per month. Chronic absence will result in a meeting with your Family Advocate Specialist.Emergency Information PolicyIf you move or change your phone number, let your Family Advocate Specialistknow. Emergency Contact information will be reviewed once a month.Shared Custody Staff will not engage in disputes between family members regarding custody. Parents cannot be excluded from visiting their children. We cannot refuse pick up or drop off by a parent withoutan original, binding legal documentation stating the namesto be excluded from contact with the child.

Our Families Can Bea S.T.A.R. at Next Door!Be SafeBe Thoughtful1. Always sign in your childaccording to your assignedcenter’s policies.1. Park only in designated areas.2. Keep your children with youat all times.3. Hold your child’s hand whencrossing the street and walkingthrough the parking lot.4. Keep your phone numbersand the phone numbers ofEmergency Contacts up to datewith your child’s teacher andFamily Advocate Specialist.5. Dress your children for theweather.82. Volunteer in the program whenyou can.3. Turn in Weekly Take HomeActivities and In-kind Sheets.4. Communicate importantinformation regularly toteachers and FamilyAdvocate Specialist.5. Call the center if your child willbe absent or you will be pickingup late.

Be AccountableBe Respectful1. Follow your child’s schedule.1. Refrain from using your cellphone during drop off andpick up.2. Have your child to schoolby 8 a.m. for Charter Schoolclassrooms and by 9 a.m. for allother classrooms.3. Keep all required paperwork,forms and health requirementsup to date.2. Use appropriate language andtone of voice in hallways andclassrooms.3. Remain professional in yourinteractions with staffand children.4. Wear appropriate attire whenpicking up and dropping offchildren.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting All staff are trained on their responsibilities as mandated reporters ofpossible child abuse and neglect. Any staff person who fails to report suspected abuse or neglectjeopardizes their continued employment. We are responsible for letting parents know of our responsibility asmandated reporters.Health Services All children are required to have screenings and immunizationscompleted. Height, weight, vision, hearing and blood pressure screens willbe done within 45 days of enrollment if not done prior to enrollment. Physical exams are required to be done within 90 days of enrollment. Required ages of exams for EHS: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months. Head Start children will have an annual physical exam. Health exams should be done by your primary care physician. Next Doornursing staff will assist when necessary. Immunizations requirements follow the state of Wisconsin requirementsfor schools and daycares. Family Advocate Specialists will assist you in finding a medical or dentalhome if needed. Let us know if your child has asthma, allergies or other health concerns.Special Needs Next Door is committed to serving children with special needs and theirfamilies. Please notify us if your child is already receiving special educationservices. We will need a copy of your child’s IEP or IFSP. Additional resources can be accessed to serve your child and family ifneeded. For Early Head Start children we can connect you to MentalHealth services and the Birth to 3 program. For Head Start, we can alsoaccess Mental Health services as needed, as well as other SpecialEducation services. We will meet the needs of all children through inclusion andindividualization.710

Family Engagement Become involved in your child’s education! Two Home Visits are conducted per year with your child’s teacher andFamily Advocate Specialist to discuss goals, strengths and interests. Two Parent Teacher conferences are conducted at school per year todiscuss child’s progress and development and to set educational goalsfor your child. Weekly take-home activities may be sent home by your child’s teacherto enhance the learning being done.Additional Family EngagementOpportunitiesFatherhood Engagement Opportunities Strengthen the bond with your child. Take courses that talk about positive discipline, communication skills,co-parenting and anger management. One-on-one counseling on employment, career planning and healthyrelationships.Program Governance Be involved in decision making at your child’s school! Learn about what’s happening. Represent your child and other families. Monthly meetings.Parent Café/Committee: You’re automatically a member! Attend themonthly meeting to assist in developing activities that address yourinterests and needs. Receive updates on the program.Policy Council: Meet monthly and share responsibility with other EHS/HSstaff in the delivery of services in the programs. Be part of makingdecisions in the program. Develop team building, communication andleadership skills.

Family ServicesEach family is assigned a Family Advocate Specialist to assist withthe following: Developing a Family Partnership Agreement (FPA) Identifying strengths and set goals Finding community resources Responding to the needs of your familyFamily Partnership AgreementsWork with your Advocate to develop and achieve goals for you and yourfamily. Advocates will assist with resources, support and referrals to helpin meeting your goals. These plans are kept confidential.Important Contact InformationNext Door Early Head Start Partnership Staff:Myranda Syrjanen – EHS Partnership Director414-562-2929 ext. 770Hope Osborne – EHS Partnership Administrative Assistant414-562-2929 ext. 771Darlene Grant – EHS Partnership Family Support Supervisor414-562-2929 ext. 790Cheryl Wendt – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner414-562-2929 ext. 234Next Door Head Start Partnership Staff:Monica Brooks – Head Start Director414-562-2929 ext. 240Tamika Morris – Head Start Administrative Assistant414-562-2929 ext. 294Jenna Heinen – School Readiness Coach414-562-2929 ext. 152Cheryl Wendt – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner414-562-2929 ext. 23412

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COA Youth and Family Centers-Riverwest (Early Head Start) 909 E Garfield Ave Milwaukee, WI 53212 COA Youth and Family Centers-Burke (Early Head Start) 2320 W Burleigh St Milwaukee, WI 53206 Kindercare - West Allis (Early Head Start) 2374 S 61st St West Allis, WI 53219 L