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Product Overview11. Lens2. Power on LED3. Camera stand2PDC-3013Front View1. Snap shot button2. Focus Adjustment Ring12Side View1. USB Cable2. Snap shot button12Top View2Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

Table of Contents1 Getting Started . 4 Camera Package Contents . 42 Installing the Software onto a Computer. 5 Installing the software . 5 Software included with your camera . 6 Computer System Requirements . 83 Operating the Web Cam . 9 Setting up the Web Cam. 9 Connecting the Web Cam to a Computer . 10 Adjusting monitor display properties. 10 Lighting Tips . 11 Camera Interface . 11 Taking Pictures Using PhotoStudio . 13 Taking Pictures Using VideoImpression . 14 Recording Video Clips Using VideoImpression . 15 Start NetMeeting . 164 Troubleshooting Problems. 17 Troubleshooting . 175 Getting Help . 18 Polaroid-digital Online Services . 18 ArcSoft Software Help . 186 Appendix. 19 Technical Specifications . 19 Uninstalling the Camera Driver. 19 Tips, Your Safety & Maintenance. 20 Regulatory Information . 20Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com3

1 Getting Started Camera Package ContentsQuick Start GuidePDC 301PDC-301Product OverviewPDC-3011. Lens2. Power on LED3. Camera stand12PDC-3013Front View1. Snap shot button2. Focus Adjustment Ring12Digital Imaging Products201 Burlington RoadBedford, MA 01730-1434Side View1. USB Cable2. Snap shot button12Top ViewPDC 3014NotebookClipQuickGuideRegistration CardPDC 301 CD-ROM includesPolaroid PDC 301 Driver,Arcsoft Software Suite(PC),Microsoft NetMeeting (PC),Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC),User Guide in PDF Format.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

2 Installing the Software onto a Computer Installing the softwareMAKE SURE TO INSTALL ALL THE SOFTWARE FROM THE WEB CAMSOFTWARE CD SUPPLIED BEFORE CONNECTING THE WEB CAM TOTHE PC.IMPORTANT!If the computer requests you to insert the Windows operating system CD duringthe software installation, place the windows CD into the computer CD-ROMdrive. The computer will install the necessary files from the CD automatically.When the Windows software appears to have finished the operation close theWindows screen. Remove the Windows CD and store safely.NOTE:Microsoft NetMeeting is already bundled with Windows 2000 and XP OS. Usersusing Windows 2000 or XP do not need to install this software from the CD.1. Before you begin, close all othersoftware applications open on yourcomputer.2. Place the Software CD supplied intothe computer CD-ROM Drive.3. The CD User Interface Screen willautomatically launch.4. With the mouse, click on eachsoftware interface button in turn andfollow the on screen instructions.Open & CloseNOTE:If the setup screen doesn’t appear after loading the CD, then you can manually startit by double-clicking the “My Computer” Icon on your desktop, then double-clickingthe icon for the CD-ROM drive. When the CD-ROM window opens, double-click the“INSTALL-E.EXE” icon.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com5

Software included with your cameraThe software CD contains the following software:PhotoStudio 4.0 Picture Editing SoftwarePhotoStudio 4.0 is a full-featured, easy-to-use digital image editingprogram that provides a complete set of photo editing and retouchingtools, plus a wide selection of special effects and enhancements. Itspowerful features include a wide variety of input and output options,layers, multiple undo and redo functions, image management tools,editable text, multiple file format support and a lot more.For further help on how to use PhotoStudio 4.0, go to “Help” to accessthe Help Topics.Visit for all your FAQ’s, tips and technical support.ArcSoft Funhouse 1.0 Picture Editing SoftwareArcSoft Funhouse is an image entertainment application that enablesusers to create “photo fantasies” by combining their personal photoswith a wide variety of fantasy backgrounds. Users can get their ownimages from digital cameras, scanners, disk drives and Photo CDs, andseamlessly combine them with just a few clicks of the mouse. Thefantasy backgrounds include fictional characters, classic works of art,Olympic heroes, 50’s funnies, bathing beauties, muscle men and a lotmore.For further help on how to use ArcSoft Funhouse 1.0, go to “Help” toaccess the Help Topics.Visit for all your FAQ’s, tips and technical support.6Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2000 Picture Printing SoftwareArcSoft PhotoPrinter is an easy-to-use printing utility that enables theuser to layout and print multiple images in different sizes quickly andeasily on a single sheet of paper. The program offers a large selectionof printing templates, including Kodak Digital Science Inkjet Photo PaperTemplates and Avery-brand paper products. It also includes commonlyused image-editing tools and a wide selection of templates for frames,edges and backgrounds for enhancing images.For further help on how to use ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2000, click the “?”on the top right hand corner to access the Help Topics.Visit for all your FAQ’s, tips and technical support.ArcSoft VideoImpression 1.6 Movie Making SoftwareArcSoft VideoImpression is an easy-to-use video and image editingsoftware program. The program enables users to create and edit newvideos using existing video and image files - making desktop videopresentations for home, business, and the Web.Microsoft Netmeeting Web Cam softwareNetMeeting provides the most complete conferencing solution for theInternet and corporate intranet. Powerful features let you communicatewith both audio and video, collaborate on virtually any Windows-basedapplication, exchange graphics on an electronic whiteboard, transfer files,use the text-based chat program, and much more. Using your PC and theInternet, you can now hold face to face conversations with friends andfamily around the world.Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF File Reading SoftwareAdobe Acrobat Reader lets you view and print Adobe PortableDocument format (PDF) file on all major computer platforms, as well as fillin and submit Adobe PDF forms online.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com7

Computer System RequirementsWe recommend the following minimum requirements: Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP Pentium II 333MHz or Pentium compatible processor 64MB RAM (128MB recommended). USB Port 200MB free disk space CD-ROM drive Colour monitor with high colour(16-bit) graphics capability or higher Standard mouse & keyboard External microphone & speaker (not included)8Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

3 Operating the Web Cam Setting up the Web Cam1. Assemble the web cam with the stand.2. Put the Web Cam on top of your PC monitor or another flat surface.3. Connect your microphone (not included) to your audio card’s externalmicrophone connector.If you are using a notebook, assemble the web cam with the notebookclip as shown below:Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com9

Connecting the Web Cam to a computerNOTE:Before operating the Web Cam, connect it to the PC with the USB cable on thecamera.Plug the USB cable into the socket markedon your computer.IMPORTANT NOTE: Close all applications which connected to the web cam before disconnectingthe web cam from the computer. Unexpected disconnection from thecomputer may cause software conflict. Do not use a USB hub port that does not provide power to the camera. Adjusting monitor display propertiesYour monitor settings may need to be adjusted for better quality displays.To check your monitor settings:1. Right click on the desktop, choose“Properties”.2. In the Display window, click on theSettings tab.3. From the colour palette field, selectthe desired setting (High Colouror True Colour). For best displayquality, we recommend you selectTrue Colour.Adjust Monitor setting under the Colour10Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

Lighting Tips Use sufficient lighting.Place the light source behind the camera and facing the subject. If youcannot avoid backlight (i.e. light source pointing directly at the cameralens and behind the subject), you may enable backlight compensationwith the camera software.Maintain consistent a lighting environment, i.e. do not mix fluorescentand other light types.Do not aim the camera directly at the light source. Camera InterfaceThe following description shows youhow to manage the camera interface.1.:Press this button to take a snapshot.2.:Press this button to transferthe selected pictures to theApplication Programs.3.:Press this button to adjust the camera settings (ie: Colour setting,Whitebalance , Ficker Control, Compression Rate, Frame Rate,Gamma, Flip Image).Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com11

4.:Press this button to select the snap shot size.5.:Press this button to set the disk location which stores the picturesto be taken.NOTE:In order to find your files easily, it is remmended to set the disk location as “MyDocuments \ my photos”.6.:Press this button to delete the selected picture.7.:Press this button to exit the camera interface.12Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

Taking pictures using PhotoStudio 1. Connect the PDC 301 to your computer.2. Hold down the snap shot button until the application list prompts up.Snap shot ButtonPDC-3013. Double click “PhotoStudio 4 ” in the prompt up window to launch thisprogram.4. A window box will automatically pop out. Position your Web Cam toyour object. Adjust the Focus Adjustment Ring until the image is sharpand clear. Press the “Snap shot” icon on your computer or the snapshot button on the camera to take a picture.NOTE:If no action when you press the snap shotbutton, or you can’t find “PhotoStudio” inthe list, you can launch the PhotoStudio byyourself. Go to Start - Programs - Arcsoft Software Suite - PhotoStudio 4.0 .Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com13

Taking pictures using VideoImpression 1. Connect the PDC 301 to your computer.2. Hold down the snap shot button until the application list prompts up.Snap shot ButtonPDC-3013. Double click “VideoImpression 1.6” in the prompt up window tolaunch this program.4. A window box will automatically pop out. Position your Web Cam toyour object. Adjust the Focus Adjustment Ring until the image is sharpand clear. Press the “Snap shot” icon on your computer or the snapshot button on the camera to take a picture.NOTE:If no action when you press the snap shotbutton, or you can’t find “VideoImpression” inthe list, you can launch the VideoImpression byyourself. Go to Start - Programs- Arcsoft Software Suite - Video Impression 1.6 .14Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

Recording video clips using VideoImpression the PDC 301 to your computer.Hold down the snap shot button until the application list prompts up.Double click “Video Impression” in the list to launch this program.Adjust the Focus Adjustment Ring until the image is sharp and clear.Press "Record" button to start capture.When you finish, press “Pause” button to stop and then press "Save"button.7. Select the destination folder and enter a name for the video file.8. Click "Save" button to save the video file.9. A small window "Add to album" will prompt out for saving your videofile as templates.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com15

Start NetMeetingNOTE:For Windows XP/2000 users who use NetMeeting for the first time , Go to Start- Run - type in “conf” - click “OK” and then follow the on-screen set upinstructions to set up NetMeeting.1. Double click the “NetMeeting” icon on the desktop or select the“NetMeeting” icon from the Windows Start Menu.2. If you need further help on how to use Microsoft NetMeeting , selectthe “Help” under the menu bar and choose the topic you need. Oryou can visit the website: roid PDC 301 Web Camera User

4 Troubleshooting ProblemsThe trouble shooting guide is designed to help you. If problems continue,please contact your local customer support hot-line. See your registrationcard for help line contact details.SymptomProblemSolutionCannot connect to videocapture device in Arcsoft VideoImpression orCapture device was notdetectedinArcsoft VideoImpression CameraDrivernot Shut down all other applicationssuccessfully installedand attempt to re-installo the driver,or dowload the updated driver fromwww.polaroid-digital.comandinstall the updated driver.Connection failureSource notcorrectlyCheck all cables connections aresecuredselected Make sure “Polaroid PDC 301VGA camera” being selectedImage not sharpFocus not correctMy CD Installaion wizarddoes not workThe auto installation file Go to the computer switched to offRight click on “My Computer”.orClick “Properties”. Select “DeviceTheCD-ROMis Manager”. Double click on thedisconnected“CD-ROM”, double click on “CDR” (normally the manufacturer’sname).Click on “Settings”.Ensure “Auto insert notification” isticked. If you change the settingsthe computer will ask you torestart your PC. Click “Yes”The application can’t launch System need to restartwhen press shutter buttonAdjust the focus by turning theFocus Adjustment RingPlease still connect the PDC301 to PC and then restart thecomputerPlease also refer to the help files & User Guide that accompany theenclosed applications. For further information and support, please visitour website: PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com17

5 Getting Help Polaroid-digital Online ServicesWebsite: ArcSoft Software HelpFor North AmericaFor South & Central AmericaFor ChinaFor JapanFor OceaniaFor Europe/Middle East/ArcSoft HQ Support Centre(Fremont California, CA)Tel: 1-800-762-8657(toll free number)Fax: 1-510-440-1270E-mail: [email protected] China Support Centre (Beijing)Tel: 8610-6849-1368Fax: 8610-6849-1367E-mail: [email protected] Australian Support Centre(Baulkham Hills, New South Wales)Tel: 61 (2) 9899-5888Fax: 61 (2) 9899-5728E-mail: [email protected]: 1-510-979 5520Fax: ft Japan Support Centre (Tokyo)Tel: 81-03-3834-5256Fax: 81-03-5816-4730Web: [email protected] [email protected] & Rest of the WorldArcSoft Europe Support Centre(Ireland)Tel: 353-(0) 61-702087Fax: 353-(0) 61-702001E-mail: [email protected] for technical support and frequently askedquestions (FAQ’s).18Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

6 Appendix Technical Specifications Memory: N/A Image Sensor: 1/5” CMOS, VGA Web-cam frame rate:VGA - 7-10fps (approx.)CIF - 7-10fps (approx.) Still Image: High Resolution (VGA) - 640 x 480 pixelLow Resolution (QVGA) - 320 x 240 pixel Video Clip: unlimited when connected to the computer via videocapture software File Format: (Still Image - JPEG format, Video Image - AVI format) Interface: USB External Connector: USB Power Supply: USB Port Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP Uninstalling the Camera Driver1. Select control panel from the start menu.2. Select Add/ Remove Program.3. Select “Polaroid PDC 301 VGA Camera”. Select “Change/ Remove”and follow the onscreen prompts.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com19

Tips, Your Safety & MaintenanceYour camera should only be operated within the following environmentalconditions: 41-104º Fahrenheit; 5-40º Celsius 20% - 85% relative humidity, non-condensing Camera performancemay be affected outside these conditions.Camera Cautions ALWAYS seek advice from a service dealer. NEVER immerse any part of the camera or its accessories into any fluidor liquid. ALWAYS disconnect the camera from your PC before cleaning it. ALWAYS remove dust or stains with a soft cloth dampened with wateror neutral detergent. NEVER place hot items on the surface of the camera. NEVER attempt to open or disassemble camera as this will affect anywarranty claim. Regulatory InformationFCC NoticeThis device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received,including interference that may cause undesired operation.Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approvedby the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority tooperate the equipment.20Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with thelimits for Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, usesand can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used inaccordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radiocommunications.However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in aparticular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interferenceto radio or television reception, which can be determined by turningthe equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct theinterference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from thatto which the receiver is needed. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/ TV technician for help.Shielded cable must be used with this unit to ensure compliance with theClass B FCC limits.Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guidewww.polaroid-digital.com21

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4 Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guide Polaroid PDC 301 Web Camera User Guide 5 1 Getting Started Camera Package Contents Quick Guide PDC 301 CD-ROM includes Polaroid PDC 301 Driver, Arcsoft Software Suite(PC), Microsoft NetMeeting (PC), Ado