RADAR SYSTEMDETROIT ASSURANCE 4.0SUITE OF SAFETY SYSTEMSTechnical SpecificationsThe Detroit Assurance radar system: Tracks up to 40 objectssimultaneously,up to 825 feet in front of the truck,identifying the top six vehicles by levelof threat. The Video Radar Decision Unit(VRDU2) refreshes the speed,distance, and time calculations 200times per second. All these actionswork together to provide the safestenvironment possible.Detroit Assurance Radar reports thedistance, velocity, width, lateral offset,type, and confidence level of sixvehicles in the truck’s path.For immediate assistance contact your local LTG Representativennnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnBRAKE ASSISTMake safety your top prioritywith Detroit Assurance 4.0,which integrates seamlesslyin the new FreightlinerCascadia equipped witha Detroit engine witheither a DT12 or amanual transmission.CAMERA SYSTEMLonestar Truck Group Newsletter / May 2018TRUCK GROUPTruck & Trailer Sales, Parts &

Lonestar Truck Group InGear Newsletter — May/June, 2018 — Page 2FARMINGTONALBUQUERQUEABILENESANANGELONeed Parts Fast? — We’ve got you covered!IMXGT-205510005WHEELCHOCKSLucasRed & Tacky14 oz. Tube 10.95each 2.991008810002HUB OILQUART SIZEHEAVY DUTYOIL STABILIZERONE GALLON JUG 5.45each 21.95each0WI-DEF002T13OWI-AMAB 53DEF FLUID2.5 GALLON BOX/JUGALLIANCE“RED” OAT50/50 ANTI-FREEZE 8.99 7.99eacheachTDA-R202002OWI-AAA003FITS FF961, FF941CAN REPLACE K961LGREEN ANTI-FREEZEONE GALLON JUGSMERITOR“NO REAM”KING PIN KIT 339.95kit 8.99eacheach

Lonestar Truck Group InGear Newsletter — May/June 2018 — Page 3WICHITAFALLSEL DORADOTEX ARK ANAWACOSHREVEPORTTYLERBRYANTEMPLEat Lonestar Truck Group’s 12 locations!Offers good through June 30, 2018 — Images may varyABP-N25-BK313MLT-2042-302” HINGEDCLUTCH BRAKE4” WINCH STRAP30’ WITH FLAT HOOK 19.95each 9.95ABP-N25-127760MLT-5822-30ALLIANCE2” CLUTCHBRAKE(.380 THICK)RATCHET STRAP2” X 30’WITH FLAT HOOK 16.95eacheach 11.95eachPrice does not include parts or miscellaneous supplies that may be needed. Offer good through June 30, 2018

Lonestar Truck Group InGear NewsletterMay 2018 — Page 43 6 L I S T I N G S 1 8 NEW T R U C K S & T R A I L E R S F E A T U R E D I N T H I S E D I T I O NManager’s Special: 49,500910NEW 176,694FT.S LETIU N RRY !HU1-866-727-92222018 Western Star 4700SB, Rigged w/Becks Industrial 10.5 Cubic Yard MixerBody, Detroit EW4, Detroit DD13 Engine,450 HP, Allison 4500 RDS Transmission,230” WB, 11R22.5 Tires, All AluminumWheels, Warranty. New. (JPJN7826--BRY-1)NEWALL NEW22.5 LP VIRGIN TIRESQualifies for Freightliner Used Truck Warranty w/ATS2015 CASCADIA 125 Evolution, DD15 Engine, 72” Mid-Roof, 455Horsepower, 10-Speed OD, Air Ride Suspension, 22.5 LP Tires, AllAluminum Wheels. 10 9 Units to Select From. Hurry - Won’t Last! 39,9501-800-903-61772013 Freightliner CA113 Cascadia, DayCab, Detroit DD13 Engine, 450 HP, 10 SpdOD, 3.42 Ratio, 187” WB, 22.5 LP Tires. AllAluminum Wheels, Qualifies for FreightlinerUsed Truck Warranty with ATS Coverage,575,238 Miles. (DSFE0615-TEM-1) 52,3001-866-940-84442012 Freightliner 122SD, 70” Mid RoofSleeper, Detroit DD13 Engine, 450 HP, 10Spd OD, 3.42 Ratio, 250” WB, 24.5 LP Tires,All Alum. Wheels, Qualifies for FreightlinerUsed Truck Warranty with ATS Coverage,571,540 Miles. (CSBR3639-TXK-1) 139,9891-877-700-99552019 Western Star 4900SF, Day Cab,Detroit DD15 Engine, 505 HP, 10 Spd OD,3.91 Ratio, 224” WB, 11R24.5 Tires, AllAluminum Wheels, 46,000 Suspension,Dual Lockers. New (KPKF6187-SHV-1) 54,3301-877-600-25752014 Freightliner Cascadia 125, 72” MidRoof Sleeper, Detroit DD15 Engine, 455 HP,10 Spd OD, 2.42 Ratio, 238” WB, 22.5 LPTires, Aluminum Outer Wheels, Qualifies forFreightliner Used Truck Warranty with ATSCoverage, 426,340 Miles. (ELFH6552-TYL-1)NEW 75,9951-800-535-08262017 Freightliner Business Class M2106, New 24’ Morgan Flatbed, DetroitDD5 Engine, 230 HP, Allison 2500 HSTransmission, 5.56 Ratio, 252” WB, 11R22.5Tires. New. (HHJF9670-ABL-1) 39,9001-800-903-03222015 Freightliner Cascadia 113 Day Cab,Detroit DD13 Engine, 450 HP, 10 Spd,3.42 Ratio, 174” WB, 22.5 LP Tires, OuterAluminum Wheels, Qualifies for FreightlinerUsed Truck Warranty with ATS Coverage.655,805 Miles. (FLGE0096-WFF-1) 62,7501-888-700-97352015 Freightliner Cascadia 125, 72” RaisedRoof Sleeper, Det. DD15 Engine, 455/475 HP,DT12 Automated Trans, 2.53 Ratio, 224” WB,22.5 LP Tires, Alum. Outer Wheels, Qualifiesfor Freightliner Used Truck Warranty with ATSCoverage, 468,270 Miles. (FSFP6813-WAC-1)Call any phone number for direct voice response. — But Hurry, Don’t miss out. Call soon!JobJob File:LS-1895File:LS-1895 InGearInGear May-2018-X.inddMay-2018-X.indd // Modified:Modified: AprilApril 1919 20182018 -- 11 -- 1818 PMPM

Lonestar Truck Group InGear NewsletterMay 2018 — Page 5HUNDREDS MORE UNITS IN STOCK AT LONESTAR DEALERSHIPSNEW 176,684NEW1-800-535-08262018 Western Star 4700 with Beck Industrial 10.5 Cubic Yard Mixer Body. Det EW4,Det DD13 Engine, 410 HP, Allison 4500 RDSTrans, 11R22.5 Tires, All Alum Wheels, 7Year/250k mile Eng. Warranty, 3-Yr/UnlmtdTow-Warranty. New. (JPJN7822-ABL-2) 71,2841-800-535-64702019 Freightliner M2 106 Day Cab,Cummins ISB Engine, 280 HP, Allison 2500RDS Transmission, 12,000 lb Front Axle,21,000 lb. Rear Axle, 5.22 Ratio, 276” WB,Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel, 11R22.5Tires. New. (JDJZ5247-ABQ-2) 19,2501-866-727-92222009 International 4300, Day Cab, NavistarDT466 Engine, 240 HP, Allison AutomaticTransmission. 5.13 Ratio, 205” WB, SpringSuspension, 22.5 LP Tires, 226,149 Miles.(9H164425-BRY-2)NEW 55,9001-800-535-90312013 Western Star 4900SF, 36” Flat TopSleeper, Detroit DD 15 Engine, 505 HP,13 Spd, 3.42 Ratio, 247” WB, 22.5 LPTires, All Aluminum Wheels, Dual LockingDifferentials, Wet Kit, New Reman One Box,276,542 Miles. (DSFJ9372-FAR-1) 55,9001-800-901-99732008 Peterbilt 388, Day Cab, Cummins ISX15L Engine, 460 HP, 13 Spd, 370 Ratio, 255WB, 11R22.5 Tires, All Aluminum Wheels,Fresh Engine Overhaul, 10 New Tires,750,455 Miles. (8D751591-SAN-1) 145,8501-877-700-99552018 Freightliner M2 106 Day Cab, Bodiedwith Ledwell Hydratail Rollback, CumminsISL Engine, 300 HP, Allison 3000 RDSTransmission, 5.29 Ratio, 252” WB, 22.5 LPTires. Warranty. New. (JHJL2852-SHV-2)NEW 68,2501-800-903-61772015 Freightliner Cascadia CA125, 72’ RRSleeper, Det. DD15 Eng, 455 HP,10 Spd OD,3.36 Ratio, 230” WB, 22.5 LP Tires, Alum.Outer Wheels, Qualifies for FreightlinerUsed Truck Warranty with ATS Coverage,375,731 Miles. (FLGF7750-TEM-2) 56,8001-866-940-84442012 Freightliner Cascadia 125, 70” MidRoof Sleeper, Det. DD 13 Eng, 455 HP, 10Spd OD, 3.42 Ratio, 249” WB, 11R24.5 LPTires All Alum.Whls, Qualifies for FreightlinerUsed Truck Warranty w/ ATS Coverage,660,399 Miles. (CSFR3643-TXK-2) 99.9501-800-901-99732018 Freigthliner M2 106, Roustabout,Cummins ISB Engine, 280 HP, Allison 2500RDS Transmission, 5.29 Ratio, 276” WB,11R22.5 Tires, Warranty. New. (JDJP3445SAN-2)NEW 31,6501-888-700-97352014 Freightliner M2 106 Business ClassDay Cab, Cummins ISB Engine, 240 HP,Allison 2500 RDS Transmission, 5.13 Ratio,194” WB, 22.5 LP Tires, Steel Wheels,26,000 GVW NON-CDL. 269,635 Miles.(EHFW1788-WAC-2) 134,6181-800-903-03222017 Freightliner M2 106, Cummins ISL 300,300 HP, Allison 3000 RDS Transmission,5.29 Ratio, 196” WB, 11R22.5 Tires, NewLedwell 4,000 Gallon Water Tank with RearHose Reel, Front, Sid and Rear Discharge.New. (HHJG4317-WFF-2) 53,7701-877-600-25752014 Freightliner Cascadia 125, 70” Mid RoofSleeper, Detroit DD15 Engine, 450 HP, 10 SpdOD, 3.42 Ratio, 230” WB, , All Aluminum Wheels,Complete Long Block Installed at LonestarTruck Group with 505K Miles, Qualifies forFreightliner Used Truck Warranty with ATSCoverage, 542,925 Miles. (ESFU1903-TYL-2)W W W . L O N E S T A R T R U C K G R O U P. C O MJobJob File:LS-1895File:LS-1895 InGearInGear May-2018-X.inddMay-2018-X.indd // Modified:Modified: AprilApril 1919 20182018 -- 11 -- 1818 PMPM

Lonestar Truck Group InGear NewsletterMay 2018 — Page 6Our Best Trailers — Your Best Opportunities!NEW 31,700NEW1-800-535-08262018 CPS Light Weight Bottom Dump, 40’x 96”, Spring Suspension, Electric MeshTarp, Steel Wheels, 22 Cubic Yard Capacity,13,300 Lbs. New. (JJ3178746-ABL-3)CALLNEW1-800-535-64702018 MANAC/CPS Half Round End Dump,Quarter Frame, 34’ x 102”, 48” High Sides,High Lift Air Operated Tailgate, SpringSuspension, Electric Flop Tarp and AnApron Available,11R24.5 Tries, SteelWheels. New. (J3177895-ABQ-3b)NEW 31,7501-800-535-9031NEW 24,9501-800-901-99732013 CTS Pack Mule Dump Trailer, 40’ x96”, Air Ride Suspension, 11R24.5 Tires,8 New Tires, Steel Wheels. (DS000573SAN-3)NEW1-800-903-61772019 Transcraft Combo Drop Deck, 53’X 102”, AirRide Susp, Rear Axle Slide, Rear Axle @ 60” AheadOf Rearmost Pos, Low Spd Rear Axle Dump, 11’ UpperDeck, (1) Tool Box on C/S Behind Landing Gear, RearAxle Dump Valve. (4) Alu.Whls, 22.5 LP Tires, Mud Flapsbehind all Axles, Winch Track on R/S and C/S with (14)Winches Total, 122,000 Lbs. New (K3097740-TEM-3)2018 Dura Haul Belly Dump, 40’ x 102”.11R24.5 Tires; Fixed Tandem Axle; SteelComposition; Fixed Type of Neck; Air RideSuspension. New (J1038317-BRY-3) 51,7001-888-700-97351-866-940-84442018 CPS Black Half Round End Dump,Scrap Trailer, 40’ x 102”, 87 Cubic YardCapacity, 50L Hutch Single Point Axles,Three Panel Barn Door with ExpandedMetal as Top Panel, Air Ride Suspension,11R24.5 Tires, Steel Wheels, LED Lighting.New (H3167992-TXK-3)2019 Manac 48’ X 102” Steel Flatbed,Spring Suspension, Sliding Tandem Axles,8 Steel Wheels, 11R22.5 Tires, Mud FlapsBehind Rear Axles, Winch Track on R/Swith 12 Winches, Perfect Trailer for a Forklift.New (K3173019-WAC-3) 37,650 34,5001-877-600-25752018 CPS 40’ x 106” Light Weight BottomDump, Air Ride Suspension, Electric MeshTarp, Steel Wheels, 22 Cubic Yard Capacity.12,800 Lbs. New (J3178754-SHV-3)NEWNEW 27,2901-866-727-9222NEW2018 CPS Lightweight Bottom Dump, 40’ x96”, Spring Suspension, Electric Mesh Tarp,11R24.5 Tires, Steel Wheels, cc Cubic YardCapacity, 13,300 Lbs. New. (J3172071FAR-3) 34,880 33,800 29,0001-877-600-25752018 Viking “Lonestar Edition” PlantationTrailer, 42’ x 102”, 4 BunkTrailer, Single PointSuspension, Vulcan Scales Installed, 24.5”Tires, Steel Wheels, Winches, Straps, LEDLights. New (JN062491-TYL-3)NEW1-866-940-84442018 CPS White Half Round End Dump,32’ x 96”, Spring Ride Suspension, ElectricFlip Tarp, Steel Wheels, 11R24.5 Tires. New(J3176289-TXK-3b) 28,5001-800-535-64702019 Manac Flat Bed Trailer, Legend Series,Air Ride Susp, Wide Spread Tandem Axleset at Rear Position, Rear Axle Dump Valve,8 Steel Wheels, 11R22.5 Tires, Mud FlapsRear Axles, Winch Track w/12 Winches,10,990 Lbs. New. (K3173685-ABQ-3a)Shop our entire truck, trailer inventory at —


TRUCK GROUPHEADQUARTERS FOR TRUCK & TRAILER SALES / PARTS & InGear Newsletter LS-1895 Lonestar Truck Group LTD, May 2018BRAKE ASSISTBRAKE ASSISTFull braking on stationaryobjects (ABA 4.0) withActive Brake Assist 4.0 —The radar tracks constantlystationary objects and has thecapacity to engage full brakingon these objects, such as avehicle parked and unloadingor stopped traffic in the truck’spath that has not moved asthe truck approaches.For more information onDetroit Assurance 4.0Suite of Safety Systemsscan the QR Code ttps:// lGIbq9asl 4MOVING PEDESTRIAN WARNING (ABA 4.0) With Moving Pedestrian Warning, theradar system on the new Cascadia can detect most pedestrians in motion and, as longas they stay in motion, can act to help mitigate a collision at vehicle speeds below 25MPH. Moving Pedestrian Warning can detect most pedestrians that are moving withinthe truck’s path. If the Moving Pedestrian Warning system detects a pedestrian in motionwithin the radar system’s parameters for potential danger, the truck will engage in partialbraking. Moving Pedestrian Warning is not functional at highway speeds and may notdetect pedestrians in every possible situation, nor is it a substitute for cautious driving.ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) automatically adjusts the truck’s cruising speed tomaintain a safe following distance – 3.6 seconds – from other vehicles in its path, allowingthe truck to remain in cruise control longer. With the optional headway control in the newinteractive dash display, distance can be adjusted between 2.4 and 3.6 seconds.TAILGATE WARNING Independent of the Active Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Controlfeatures, Tailgate Warning will activate according to a truck’s speed and the following distance.For direct contact with a local representativecontact your nearest Lonestar Truck Groupdealership to speak to one of ourprofessional sales

Freightliner Used Truck Warranty with ATS Coverage, 426,340 Miles. (ELFH6552-TYL-1) 2015 Freightliner Cascadia 113 Day Cab, Detroit DD13 Engine, 450 HP, 10 Spd, 3.42 Ratio, 174” WB, 22.5 LP Tires, Outer Aluminum Wheels, Qualifies for Freightliner Used Truck Warranty with ATS