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Freightliner Service Plans.The economical and reliable way to keep your vehicles on the road.No matter what you are carrying or what industry you are in,the primary purpose of your truck is to earn money. Thereare many reasons why a Service Plan from Freightliner canmake this easier for you, such as attractive, predeterminedmaintenance and repair costs, improved vehicle operationalreliability and reduced administration.Our Freightliner Service Plans are flexible, which means thatwhether you have a fleet of long-haul trucks or a single vehicledoing local runs, we have the right combination of ServicePlans to meet your particular requirements.The benefits at a glance:Payment options: One up-front payment Direct debit Monthly contributionsPreferential rates on parts and labourImproved operational reliabilitySuperbly maintainedIncreased mobilityNation wide service networkLess administrationMaintain the resale value of your vehicleWear and Tearwearing ers, fluids,inspectionsBestBasicYOU BOUGHT A FREIGHTLINER.KEEP IT A FREIGHTLINER.2For optimum performance, efficiency and reliability, insist on Genuine Freightliner Parts.SelectSelectPlusComplete3

Service solutions that meet yourown specific requirements.Freightliner Service Plans offer you a customised service package at a fixed, transparent, attractive price.That maintains the resale value of your vehicles and improves economic sic includes all scheduled servicingwork for your vehicle as specified in the FreightlinerMaintenance Manual or the maintenance booklet.In addition to powertrain maintenance, Selectalso includes the BestBasic maintenance package.An optimum combination which gives you anenhanced mobility service. Parts and labourrequired during servicing work are also included.SelectPlus combines the benefits of the Select andBestBasic plans with maintenance of additionaldefined parts and groups of parts. Labour and partsrequired during servicing work are also included.Our complete package for you:Complete covers all necessary repair andmaintenance work including wearing parts.The benefits at a glance Covers all scheduled maintenanceservices, carried out to Freightlinerquality standardsThe benefits at a glanceThe benefits at a glanceIn short: the best choice to ensure that your vehicleis in tip-top condition, is available for use and thatcosts are kept under control. Additional maintenance coverage forthe powertrainExtension of the vehicle maintenance coveragefor defined parts and groups of parts Full-service package for all-round protectionRegular vehicle servicing to Freightlinerquality standardsRegular vehicle servicing to Freightlinerquality standards Vehicles maintained to the highest standards Transparent predetermined costs Transparent predetermined costs Predetermined, transparent charges Certainty in cost planning Certainty in cost planning Less administration, leaving you free toconcentrate on your core business For terms of up to 84 months or1,500,000 kmFor terms of up to 84 months or1,500,000 km For terms of up to 84 months or1,500,000 km Predetermined instalments The benefits at a glanceThis brochure sets out the general services, benefits and exclusions of a Service Plan by Freightliner.Please contact an authorised Freightliner dealer for a full list of services, benefits and solutions or a tailored solution for your business.45

Frequently asked questions.A service partner who is always there for you.Who will carry out the agreed services?Any authorised Freightliner dealer chosen by you will carryout services reliably.What is not covered under a Service Plan?Fuel, tyres, windscreens, glass, accident damage, abuse orincorrect use of the vehicle, and fuel contamination are notcovered. Please contact your Freightliner dealer for a full listof exclusions for your selected level of cover.6What happens if the usage of myvehicle changes?Our aim is to always adapt quickly to your changing needs.In such a case please inform your Freightliner dealer, in goodtime, so that the Service Plan scheduling and pricing can beadjusted accordingly.Can I extend my Service Plan?Yes, you can extend your Service Plan before the expiry of thecurrent agreement. For SelectPlus and Complete Service Plansthe maximum limits are 84 months or 1,500,000 km.7

“Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd (ACN 004 411 410) may change Service Plan features at any time. Please contact an authorised Freightliner dealer for current terms.The information is correct at the time of printing, September 2014. Freightliner is a registered trade mark of Daimler Trucks North America LLC.

Genuine Freightliner Parts are designed to provide optimal performance and efficiency that the competition simply cannot match. Parts Warranty Every Genuine Freightliner Part is backed by the Freightliner Parts Warranty coverage. For optimum performance, efficiency and reliabilit