MCAHRMMConferenceMay 5th – 6th, 2016Registration Deadline: April 22, 2016Grand Casino Hinckley777 Lady Luck Drive, Hinckley, MN800-472-6321Hotel Information:A block of rooms has been reserved for MCAHRMM attendees.The discounted rates are as follows:Wednesday night (4th)Thursday night (5th) 59.20 59.20Reservation Reference: MCA0504The deadline for reserving rooms at the discounted rate: April 13th, 2016Contact Hours/CEU’s CMRP 8.5 contact hoursIAHCSMM: 9.5 Approved CE HoursCBSPD: 10 Approved CE HoursNursing 10 contact hours*We believe this education offering meets the Minnesota Boardof Nursing continuing education requirements.It is the personal responsibility of each participant todetermine whether this activity meets the requirements foracceptable continuing education by the licensing organization.To earn contact hours, participant must attend all sessionsand complete an evaluation form.

MCAHRMM Conference ScheduleThursday, May 5thTimeDescription8:00am - 8:30am8:30am - 9:00am9:00am – 10:00amRegistration: Includes Continental BreakfastBusiness MeetingMindfulness in the WorkplacePresented by: Barbara Jo StahlOwnerStahl ConsultingCOMBINEDSESSIONObjectives:1. What is it to be mindful.both personally and professionally2. The power of energy and positive energy3. You attract what you areDescription:The session will explore the history and definition of what is it to be mindful. We willidentify examples of mindfulness. In this session we will also touch what is it looks likewhen mindfulness is not present what does to oneself both personally andprofessionally. Strategies for reducing stress and placing mindfulness in your life.10:00am - 10:15am10:15am – 11:15amSupply ChainTrackBreakDebunking the Myth of Physician PreferencePresented By: Hani Elias, JD, MPHChief Executive Officer and Co-FounderProcured HealthObjectives:1. Understand the foundation for clinician preference, including the history ofpreference, background of recent changes in industry and the role ofprocurement and physician relationships.2. Evaluate where your organization currently stands with physician-inclusion andorganize steps to assist in moving forward.3. Determine and organize the information and practices that are most effective inshaping collaboration on physician preference items and how to leverage clinicalevidence most effectively4. Quantify the degree to which adherence to physician preference affects potentialrevenue.5. Use best practice tips to take action to drive change at your organizationDescription:The concept of physician preference has challenged hospital leadership seeking tocontrol costs while maintaining strong relationships with practitioners. Margins onphysician preference items are typically higher compared to other innovative industriesand products.In this presentation, we share findings from a groundbreaking survey of physicians andcase studies that will debunk several myths that have stifled clinical resourcemanagement. Presenters will highlight the shift toward evaluating physician preferenceitems and its profound impact on your organization’s approach to value analysis andimproving clinical and financial outcomes. The second part of this series on April 6thwill take a deeper dive into these dialogues that can increase positive and productiverelationships.

10:15-11:15 amCPD TrackCompliance, Regulations, and AuditsPresented by Kelly Swails, MA, CHL, CRCST, STCentral Processing & Surgical Materials ManagerHennepin County Medical CenterObjectives:1. Review what you should be tracking and what you could be tracking for betteroutcomes2. Auditing your daily department processes and area will you help you identify“what’s wrong and what’s right”3. Analyze what your department needs to excel in compliance so that youimproved customer satisfactionDescription:There’s more to sterilization than instrument tracking. When Joint Commission comesto your facility are you prepared and do you have all the required documentation?Adhering to AAMI Standards is more than “just doing it,” it must be documented andavailable at all times. This includes daily maintenance of equipment, checking for wettrays, trays not weighing more than 25 pounds, and many more items that I’m sure willsurprise you. Come learn how you may bring your department to the next level ofcompliance, adhere to regulations, and receive documents that you can incorporate intoyour facility.11:15am – 11:30am11:30am - 12:30pmSupply ChainTrackBreakTechnologies to Keep an Eye On: ECRI Institute’s 2016 Technology C-Suite WatchListPresented by: Robert Maliff ,MBA, BSEDirector, Applied Solutions Group of ECRI InstituteECRI Institute.Objectives:1. Review medical technologies and technology-based processes that may impactoperations and capital budget requests2. Learn what to do to prepare for these technologiesDescription:For the past 6 years, ECRI Institute has presented a Top 10 Technology C-Suite WatchList aimed at presenting information on newly-approved or soon to-be-approvedmedical technologies that hospital leaders should know of. The Top 10 presentsevidence and practical preparatory steps for leadership to consider when they are facedwith these requests for cutting edge technologies. This session explores each of the tentechnologies in ECRI’s 2016 list.11:30am - 12:30pmCPD TrackOptimizing Inventory Management with RTLSPresented by: Alison Sonstelie, CRCST, CHL, Bachelor of Science, BiologySupply Chain Operations ManagerSanford Health, Fargo, NDObjectives:1. Identify various types of assets that can be tracked using RTLS.2. Compare passive and active RFID tags.3. Recognize the different types of information that can be extracted from an RTLS

system to make sound business and process decisions.4. Identify key stakeholders in implementation and maintenance of the system.5. Case studies of process improvements made as a result of implementing RTLS.Description:This presentation will demonstrate how implementing a Real Time Location System canhelp eliminate manual processes, gain visibility to asset activity, provide informationnecessary to right-size inventory, and offer insights into opportunities for processimprovement.Many different types of assets can be tracked, including instruments, instrument sets,patient care equipment, patients, and staff. We will present case studies to demonstratehow data collected by the system has been used to:- Provide evidence for the additional purchase or removal of equipment- Remove emotional barriers when making decisions about inventory distributionto point of use- Improve the patient experience.12:30pm - 1:30pm1:30pm - 2:30pmSupply ChainTrackLunchDisruptive Collaboration: A Discussion on Risk-based ContractsPresented by: Kelly NelsonSystem Director Supply ChainFairview Health ServicesObjectives:1. Identify risk-contracts and the implications they will have on thesupplier/provider relationship.2. Analyze the pros and cons to disruptions like risk-contracts and mergers andacquisitions.3. Evaluate these disruptions and identify steps ways to implement them at yourfacility.Description:Whether it is in collaboration or consolidation, the healthcare market is abound withdisruptions as healthcare providers adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.With changing reimbursements and steeper cuts to operating margins, health systemsare looking for every possible avenue to cut costs across all areas of the system. Thisshift in the healthcare industry has led many hospitals to develop creative contractingstrategies where risk is being shared by multiple parties. In a risk-sharing, performancebased contract, suppliers assume risk if goals are not met but could participate in anupside if various performance standards are met.This session will discuss the shift to risk-sharing contracts and how the supplier /Hospital contracting relationship is evolving. We’ll also analyze how providing bothsmall and large scale disruptions will shape the future of healthcare while discussingtips and strategies for navigating these disruptions.1:30-2:30 pmCPD TrackPreventative Instrument MaintenancePresented by: Nathan HicksSenior Account Manager(IMS) Integrated Medical Systems – A Steris CompanyObjectives:

1. Review current AORN and AAMI guidelines relating to instrument care andhandling2. Understand most common reasons for instrument damage3. Identify Preventive Maintenance steps that can be taken both in the OR andSterile Processing, in additional to outside supportDescription:The ramifications of proper instrument maintenance go beyond just fixing what isbroken. Increasing financial pressures to protect the investment in a facility’sequipment, to shielding our patients from hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and bydefault protecting healthcare facilities from a loss of reimbursements due to impropermaintenance are just a few of the ever-widening area BreakRepless/Replite: Presentation on Vendor Rep Support in Procedural AreasPresented by: Robyn Bellrichard, CMRPSenior ConsultantVizient, Inc.Objectives:The purpose of this presentation is to act as a basic foundational guide for hospitalsconsidering these models. The presentation will address important questions, such as:readiness, assessment, and execution.Description:We will discuss key team players and how they fit into the model, as well as modelcomponents that include solution by type, representative value, and approach.3:45-4:00 pm4:00pm - 7:00pm7:00pmBreakNetworking & Vendor FairDoor PrizesAll Presentation Topics and Speakers are subject to ChangeThank you to all of ourSpeakers, Sponsors and VendorsWe appreciate your support of ourChapter and Conference

MCAHRMM Conference ScheduleFriday, May 6thTimeDescription7:30am - 8:30am8:30am – 10:00amRegistration & BreakfastUnique Device Identifier Presentation: Supply Chain’s Role in meeting MeaningfulUse Stage 3 requirementPresented by:Karen Conway, CMRP, Executive Director of Industry Relations, GHXMichael Schiller, CMRP, Senior Director of Supply Chain, AHRMMCOMBINEDSESSIONObjectives:1. Understand the importance of master data management2. Understanding where you can find value from UDI3. Learn about real world examples about UDI adoption in the hospital environmentPresentation:In this presentation, we will highlight some of the regulatory changes associated with theUnique Device Identifier and the importance of the item master as the single source oftruth. Adoption principles as well as cost and efficiency benefits will be covered with anemphasis on adoption practices that we see currently taking place across the industry.The common denominator across all these topics is this key role that the supply chainprofessional plays in UDI adoption within their organization.10:00 am – 11:30amCPD TrackTeamwork and Communication throughout the CSSD and beyondPresented by David JagrosseCSS Manager at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CTIAHCSMM President 2015-2016Objectives:1. Discuss and define Teamwork2. Discuss and define Communication3. Case Study of process at Middlesex hospital (USA CT)4. Forecasting the schedule5. Team Huddles6. Scripting with Vendors7. Drop off log in dept8. Day of surgery and post case considerationsPresentation:This program covers the entire process for forecasting procedures and the relationshipsaround acquiring the necessary instrumentation for the day of surgery. A case study ofproven successes at Middlesex hospital are reviewed and discussed10:15am - 11:15amSupply ChainTrackPreparing and Caring for Bariatric PatientsPresented by: Nova Schmitz, BSN, RN, CMSRN, CBNNurse ClinicianCentraCare Health – Saint Cloud HospitalObjectives:1. Define obesity and identify important characteristics in the bariatric population2. Describe population changes and trends3. Illustrate special care, environment and equipment considerations4. Outline bariatric care and safe patient handling

5. Identify special patient population considerationsDescription:This presentation provides an overview of obesity, describes projected populationchanges, and identifies important characteristics to consider when working with thebariatric population. Special care, equipment and environment considerations will beidentified. Overview on developing steps to address unique patient populations thatcannot be cared for.11:15am –11:30am Break11:30am - 12:30pm Technology Presentation: Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)Introduction to topic will be followed by presentations from 3 different vendorsRepresentatives from Intelligent InSites, Stanley Healthcare, and Sonitor Technologieswill present on real time location systems.The nature of these presentations is to share where RTLS is going, as this field is rapidlyexpanding as well as becoming more affordable. Attendees will also have the opportunityto network and share experiences with this technology. There will be an open Q&A at theend as well.12:30pm12:40pm - 1:40pmPrize Drawings, conference wrap upCertified Materials Resource Professional (CMRP) OverviewPresented by:Mike Hoffmann, Distribution Manager, Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota BemidjiPatrick Marier, Director of AccuPrice Med/Surg, IntalereDuring this session, you will gain insight into exam content and techniques will beprovided that may be helpful as you study for this exam.You must register for this session. We need a minimum of 4 people to holdAll Presentation Topics and Speakers are subject to ChangeThank you to all of ourSpeakers, Sponsors and VendorsWe appreciate your support of ourChapter and Conference

MCAHRMM Conference PresentersBarbara Jo StahlOwnerStahl ConsultingBarbara has studied energy systems for more than 25 years including Reiki,Triple Helix and Mindfulness. She is certified as a master teacher in both Reiki and Triple Helix systems andsupporting Mindfulness efforts at the University of St. Thomas.Barbara applies her energy-based knowledge and skills to work with groups andindividuals. Barbara is a nationally recognized trainer and keynote speakerand uses Mindfulness to be successful in both her professional andpersonal life. Barbara currently is a faculty member at the University of St. ThomasHani Elias, JD, MPHChief Executive Officer and Co-FounderProcured HealthHani is: Consultant in McKinsey & Company’s healthcare practice Founding fellow of the firm’s health economics think tank, the Center for US Health system Reform Industry expert who has spoke at AHRMM, athenahealth’s More Disruption Please, and many regionalconferences BA, JD and MPH degrees from Harvard UniversityKelly Swails, MA, CHL, CRCST, STCentral Processing & Surgical Materials ManagerHennepin County Medical CenterKelly currently works as the Central Processing Manager at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. Shehas worked in healthcare for over twelve years as a surgical technician, business and clinical analyst, andmanager of sterile processing.She has her Master’s in Organizational Leadership and holds her CHL and CRCST certification through IAHCSMM.She also earned her Surgical Technologist diploma from Saint Mary’s University.Robert Maliff ,MBA, BSEDirector, Applied Solutions Group of ECRI InstituteECRI InstituteRob Maliff has been assisting hospitals, healthcare systems and international organizations with healthcareplanning and patient safety issues for more than 25 years. He has worked in Africa and the Middle Eastestablishing equipment maintenance programs, in the United Kingdom and Ireland in establishing technologybased programs, and throughout North America in helping with alarm safety, capital planning and clinicalengineering operations.Mr. Maliff is currently the Director of the Applied Solutions Group at ECRI Institute, and has experience with startup technology companies and with the U.S. Department of Defense’ healthcare system. He holds a Masters ofBusiness Administration from Temple University and a Bachelors in Engineering from Duke University. Mr. Maliffis a member of the American College of Clinical Engineering and the Health Information and Management SystemsSociety. He is a frequent speaker at healthcare conferences tackling the changing healthcare environment.

Alison Sonstelie, CRCST, CHL, Bachelor of Science, BiologySupply Chain Operations ManagerSanford Health, Fargo, NDAlison is the Supply Chain Operations Manager at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota. She is currentlyresponsible for planning all supply chain activities at the new Sanford Medical Center, which is scheduled to openin July of 2017. She previously worked in Sterile Processing as a technician and an Inventory Specialist. Herresponsibilities included management of inventory movement between Sterile Processing and the customer andmanagement of vendor instrumentation. During this time, the Sanford Fargo CSPD was the recipient of theHealthcare Purchasing News CS/SPD of the Year award. She is an active member of IAHCSMM, holding CRCST andCHL certifications. She is also the Vice President of the Prairie Pioneers chapter and a member of the IACHSMMnominating committee. Alison is also a member of the AAMI ST/WG 40 – Steam Sterilization Practices workinggroup.Kelly NelsonSystem Director Supply ChainFairview Health ServicesKelly Nelson is the System Director for Projects and Business development for Supply Chain at Fairview HealthServices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has accountability at Fairview for the Value Analysis, OperationalProjects and process improvements as well as Sustainability and Business Development. In this role Kellydeveloped a first of its kind supply chain operations team for the Fairview clinics to focus on standardization andeliminating waste while supporting the medical groups work on population health management. Herresponsibilities also include the clinical integration project manager’s, a team of RN’s and project managers, allfocused on leveraging clinical data to support supply chain decision making. She also has accountability forsystem-wide sustainability work at Fairview. This program is nationally recognized and has recently won theMinnesota Governor’s partnership award for pollution prevention.Prior to this role at Fairview Kelly has held many different Supply Chain operations roles in her 9 years atFairview, including building the Premier innovation award winning mobile medical equipment managementprogram for the system as well as leading the patient move portion of the University of Minnesota AmplatzChildren’s hospital’s relocation to a new facility.Prior to joining Fairview she was a materials Manager for PurNet a purchasing network for clinics and surgerycenters across the country.Kelly completed her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Business Management from South Dakota StateUniversity, in Brookings, SD, and will receive her MBA from Concordia University, St Paul at the end of August.Nathan HicksSenior Account ManagerIMS – Integrated Medical Systems International (A Steris Company)Robyn Bellrichard, CMRPSenior ConsultantVizient, Inc.Robyn is an Implementation Manager with VHA’s Clinical Specialty Services. She has over 20 years of health careadministrative industry experience, with an emphasis in cost reduction and contracting. Robyn is a diverselyskilled business professional, and has worked in many different roles within the healthcare realm, including:finance, supply chain purchasing, coding, provider credentialing, reimbursement, management, marketing, andsales. She is proficient in supply chain management, budgeting, cost reduction, cost savings, value analysis,product standardization, and Six Sigma Lean methodology. Robyn has been a featured presenter at AHRMM, andmost recently presented at the IDN Summit Fall 2015. She has participated in many web-exes regarding physicianpreference items, as well as shared her expertise in Gainsharing initiatives with Becker’s Hospital Reviewregarding orthopedic cost sharing programs.

Karen Conway, CMRPExecutive Director of Industry RelationsGHXAs executive director of industry relations for GHX, Karen Conway works internationally with standards bodies,government agencies, industry analysts, academic researchers, trade associations, hospitals, healthcare systemsand suppliers to optimize clinical and business performance through supply chain excellence.Conway is a recognized expert and speaker on the topic of unique device identification and the benefits that canbe delivered across healthcare with data on real world performance of medical-surgical products and the abilityto better source, procure and utilize products that improve both the cost and quality of patient care.Conway serves as chair-elect of the board of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management(AHRMM), which is the supply chain organization for the American Hospital Association.Michael Schiller, CMRPSenior Director of Supply ChainAHRMMAs the Senior Director of Supply Chain for AHRMM, a personal membership group of the American HospitalAssociation, Schiller is the organization’s subject matter expert bringing more than 25 years of healthcare supplychain management experience to his role. In this capacity, Schiller collaborates with industry leaders on strategichealthcare and supply chain advocacy initiatives and assists in the development of the association’s strategicdirection including the Cost, Qualities, and Outcomes Movement.Prior to joining AHRMM, Schiller held a number of leadership roles at Children's Memorial Hospital, where hemoved the organization forward on a number of different cost saving and revenue generating initiatives includingsupply chain optimization, technology and automation, and the reorganization and reallocation of resources. AsCorporate Director of Supply Chain, he was responsible for coordinating all aspects of the medical equipmentprocurement for the building of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.Nova Schmitz, BSN, RN, CMSRN, CBNNurse ClinicianCentraCare Health – Saint Cloud HospitalNova Schmitz, BSN, is a nurse clinician with CentraCare Health working at the Saint Cloud Hospital. Ms. Schmitz isthe bariatric site coordinator for the facility and is a certified bariatric nurse. Experience includes over 20 yearsof work in healthcare and 13 years with CentraCare. Currently Ms. Schmitz is working on her Master’s degree andthe third MBSAQIP accreditation for the bariatric program at the Saint Cloud Hospital.David JagrosseCSS Manager at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CTIAHCSMM President 2015-2016 20 years of experience in CSS/SPD as Technician, Supervisor, and Manager Current CSS Manager at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT Certified through the IAHCSMM Communications Officer (1998-2000), Vice President (2006-2008), 2009-2013 President of theConnecticut Central Service Association t/CCSA/index.html Member (2006) and Chairman (2007), ASHCSP Recognition Committee Active voting member of the AAMI Standards work group 40 (ST:79) that develops guidelines withinCSSD Active member of IAHCSMM. Member Orthopedic Council. Speaker at 2010 Annual meeting. IAHCSMM Executive Board Member. Two terms. 2011-2012. 2012-2013 IAHCSMM President Elect 2013-2014 IAHCSMM President 2015-2016 Published Articles: Infection control today 12/09

(Playing Dice with Steam Sterilization) AAMI Horizons Spring 2012 (People and Processes Vary)President: David Jagrosse Consulting LLC offering educational presentations, published articles andconsultant services to CSS/OR audiences throughout the world.Mike HoffmannDistribution ManagerSanford Health of Northern Minnesota - BemidjiSupply Chain Project Manager - Provide leadership in project management and process improvement for supplychain management.I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with my wife and 3 kids. I am also a pumpkin carving enthusiast and ahuge Minnesota Twins Fan (even when they are losing!)Patrick MarierDirector of AccuPrice Med/SurgIntalereIn his current role as Intalere AccuPrice Med/Surg Director, Pat oversees and manages the program, whichidentifies and resolves unfavorable price variances for its members.Prior to joining Intalere formally Amerinet in 2008, Pat has held positions as Director, Contract Manager, MMISAdministrator and National Accounts Manager. Some of the companies at which Pat held these roles includeAmerinet, HCMC, HealthEast, Allina Health System, HealthNexis, McKesson and VHA. Pat has been a member ofAHRMM since 2006 and is a former President of the Minnesota Chapter of AHRMM.

MCAHRMMConference Registration FormRegistration Deadline April 22, 2016Location:Grand Casino HinckleyHinckley, MN 55037800-472-6321Schedule:May 5thMay 6th8:00am – 4:00pm7:30am – 1:30pm4:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Vendor FairOrganization:Name:Email address:Dates attending:May 5thMay 6th*Conference registration gives MCAHRMM permission to share name, organization and email addresswith other conference participantsBreakout Session Selection: Check those you will be attendingThursday May 5thTimeSelect TopicDebunking the Myth of Physician PreferenceCompliance, Regulations, and AuditsTechnologies to Keep an Eye On: ECRI Institute’s 2016 Technology CSuite Watch ListOptimizing Inventory Management with RTLSDisruptive Collaboration: A Discussion on Risk-based ContractsPreventative Instrument Maintenance10:15 – 11:15am11:30 – 12:30pm1:30 – 2:30pmFriday May 6thTimeSelectTopicPreparing and Caring for Bariatric Patients10:15 – 11:15Teamwork and Communication throughout the CSSD and beyond10:00 – 11:30I will be attending (Session will only be held if 4 or more people register).CMRP ReviewI will not be attendingSessionConference Registration Fee: Please check oneCurrent/paid MCAHRMM member or conference presenter (no registration fee)Current members send registration forms to [email protected] MCAHRMM - Fee enclosed 75.00 (both days)Membership Form must be attached – can be found at website www.mcahrmm.comNon-Member – Fee enclosed 50.00 (one day/per day)Active Military/Veterans/Students – Fee enclosed 35.00 (both days)If not already a member, Send registration form and payment to:MCAHRMMTo pay by Credit Card see website10498 Van Buren Circle NE, MN 55434Room Reservations:Room Reservation Code: MCA0504; mention MCAHRMM when placing reservation.Room Rate (Queen/NS): 59.50 Deadline to Reserve Rooms at this Rate: April 13th, 2016If you have questions you can contact Jerry Holm at [email protected] or 612-813-5845

Conference May 5th – 6th, 2016 Registration Deadline: April 22, 2016 . Review current AORN and AAMI guidelines relating to instrument care and handling 2. Understand most comm