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Evolution Payroll User GuideCONTENTSEvolution Payroll - Getting Started. 9System Requirements . 9Screen Resolution. 9Internet Browser . 9Third Party Browser Extensions . 10Security Settings . 11User or Group Security Rights . 11D/B/D/T Level Security Restrictions . 11Logging into Evolution Payroll . 12Forgotten Password . 14Terms of Use . 15The Dashboard . 17Header . 17Menu Bar . 17Payroll Today . 18Agenda . 18Published Reports . 19Analysis. 20Setting company reports to show on the Dashboard . 21Navigating Evolution Payroll . 22Client and Company Selector . 22The Employee Menu . 22Tables . 23Hot Keys . 25New Terminology . 25The Menu Bar . 261/8/2020Asure Softwareiii

Evolution Payroll User GuideThe Company Menu . 28Company – Basics screen . 28Company – Organization Levels screen . 28Company - E/D codes Screen . 29Company – States screen . 30Appendix – Company Menu . 31Company Basics screen . 31Company – Organization Levels screen Company – States Screen. 32Company – States Screen . 34The Employees Menu . 35Security Settings . 35Adding New Employees. 37Employees View screen. 38Employees – Personal screen . 40Employees – Labor Defaults screen . 40Employees – ACA screen . 41Employees – ACA History screen. 41Employees – Pay screen . 42Shifts Sub-menu . 43Piecework Sub-menu . 44Employees – Federal screen . 45Employees – State screen . 46Employees – Local screen . 46Employees – Child Support screen . 48Employees – Direct Deposit screen. 49Employees – Scheduled E/Ds screen. 49Setting up employee-level Scheduled E/Ds . 52Employees – Delivery screen. 55Employees – Time off Accrual screen . 56Employees – Employee Portal . 57Employees – Notes screen . 58ivAsure Software1/8/2020

Evolution Payroll User GuideEmployees – Check Calculator Shortcut Button. 95Auditing Employee User History . 58Effective Dating Dynamic Fields . 60Security Settings . 60Editing information . 61Deleting an Effective Date Record . 63Deleting an Employee . 63Employees Menu - Appendix . 65Employees – New Employee screen . 65Employees – Personal screen . 67Employees – Labor Defaults screen . 69Employees - ACA Screen . 70Employees - ACA History Screen . 73Employees - Pay Screen . 74Piecework Sub-menu . 76Auto Labor Distribution Sub-menu . 76Employees - Federal screen . 77Employees - State screen . 80Employees - Local screen . 81Employees – Child Support screen . 82Employees – Direct Deposit screen. 83Employees - Scheduled E/Ds screen . 84Employees - Scheduled E/Ds – Schedule tab . 86Employees - Scheduled E/Ds Limits tab . 86Employees - Scheduled E/Ds - Thresholds tab . 88Employees - Delivery screen . 88Employees – Time off Accrual screen . 89Employees – Employee Portal screen . 89Employees – Notes screen . 91Employees – Check Calculator Shortcut Button. 91The Payrolls Menu. 95Security Settings . 1001/8/2020Asure Softwarev

Evolution Payroll User GuideThe Payrolls Menu. 105Creating a Scheduled Payroll. 107Check Batch Settings Screen . 109Batch Checks Screen . Error! Bookmark not defined.Manual Tax screen . 115Fed Overrides screen. 116State Overrides screen . 117Local Overrides screen . 117Payroll – Options screen . 118Payroll – Review screen. 118Calculation Results screen. 119Creating an Unscheduled Payroll . 120Check Batch Settings screen . Error! Bookmark not defined.Payrolls - Batch Checks Screen . 122Manual Tax screen . 128Fed Overrides screen. 129State Overrides screen . 129Local Overrides screen . 130Payroll – Options screen . 130Payroll – Review screen. 131Calculation Results screen. 132Pre-Processing and Submitting the Payroll . 133Editing / Completing a Payroll . 135Results Screen . 136Security Settings . 136Viewing Payroll Results . 136Reprinting Reports and Invoices . 137Reprinting Payroll Checks . 138Reprinting Misc Checks . 140Copying a Payroll . 141Copying a payroll in Card view . 141viAsure Software1/8/2020

Evolution Payroll User GuideCopying a Payroll in Table view . 141Adding Additional Checks. 142Adding Check Lines. 143Refreshing Scheduled E/Ds . 145Refreshing Scheduled E/Ds for Batches . 146Blocking Scheduled E/Ds from a Payroll . 147Creating Manual Checks . 149Creating a new batch . 149Adding to an existing batch . 150Creating Third Party Checks . 152Creating Third Party Checks in a new batch. 152Adding Third Party Checks to an existing batch . 155Voiding Checks . 157Voiding a check by creating a new payroll . 157Voiding a check by editing a waiting payroll . 162Deleting Batches. 165Redistributing Labor Allocation . 167Time Clock Imports. 169The Payrolls Menu - Appendix . 171Payrolls - Check Batch Settings screen . 171Payrolls - Payroll Settings screen. 172Payrolls - Batch Checks Screen . 173Payrolls - Add Checks screen . 173Payrolls - Check Lines – Basics screen . 173Payrolls - Check Lines – Labor Defaults screen . 174Payrolls - Check Lines – Local Tax Overrides screen . 175Payrolls – Manual Tax screen . 175Payrolls – Fed Overrides screen . 176Payrolls – State Overrides screen. 176Payrolls – Options screen . 177Payrolls – Review screen . 178Payrolls - Time Clock Import tab . 1781/8/2020Asure Softwarevii

Evolution Payroll User GuidePayrolls – Calculation Results screen . 178The Reports Menu . 180Defined Reports . 181Published Reports . 187Ad Hoc Reports. 188Security Settings . 188Setting up the Report . 188Adding a New Ad Hoc Report . 189Editing an Existing Ad Hoc Report . 191Running an Ad Hoc Report . 191Ad Hoc Report Restrictions . 194The Reports Menu - Appendix . 195Reports – Defined Reports . 195Reports – Published Reports . 197The Task Queue . 198Viewing/Downloading Reports . 200viiiAsure Software1/8/2020

Evolution Payroll User GuideEvolution Payroll - Getting StartedEvolution Payroll is a dynamic Payroll, HR, and Tax Management system developed by payroll and HRservice bureau veterans for the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry.It is a Web-based application that facilitates remote client tasks such as adding new employees, existingemployee maintenance, managing and processing payrolls, running reports and more, via the Internetusing a Web browser.System RequirementsYou must be using Evolution Classic version 16.47 or higher to use the Ad Hoc Reporting features. If youare a SaaS customer, these upgrades will be done for you.Screen ResolutionThe Optimum Resolution for Evolution Payroll use is 1920 x 1080. Evolution Payroll is designed to fit mostscreens and screen resolutions by using a Responsive Web Design (RWD), which allows the componentswithin the application to be moved and resized based on screen size and resolution. The minimumsupported resolution is 1360 x 768.Internet BrowserEvolution Payroll is designed to leverage the features of the most current browser versions. For the bestpossible experience, we recommend using one of the browsers listed below.1/8/2020BrowserSupported VersionInternet Explorer10.0 Firefox28.0 Chrome33.0 Safari7.0 Asure Software9

Evolution Payroll User GuideThird Party Browser ExtensionsImportant: The use of third party browser extensions is prohibited when using Evolution Payroll. Seethe table below to learn how to disable extensions for your browser.BrowserGoogle ChromeInstructions for disabling extensions Mozilla / Firefox Internet Explorer Safari 10Asure SoftwareClick the menu buttonin the toolbar.Select Settings.Click Extensions in the far left.On the screen that opens, deselect any checkboxes that aremarkedRestart the browser.Click the menubutton in the toolbar.Select Add-ons.Click Extensions in the far left.Select the Add-on/Extension you wish to remove.Click thebutton.Restart the browser.Click the Settingsbutton in the toolbar.Select Manage Add-onsSelect Toolbars and Extensions in the far left.The Manage Add-ons screen opens.Select an add-on in the grid, and click the Disable button ifavailable.Restart the browser.Go to the Safari menu.Select ExtensionsSelect an extension from the listDeselect the Enable checkbox.Restart the browser1/8/2020

Evolution Payroll User GuideSecurity SettingsAccess to Evolution Payroll is granted in Evolution Classic. Users may be granted access to as many or asfew menus and functions in Evolution Classic Payroll as the service bureau determines appropriate.User or Group Security RightsAdditional settings specify whether individual users have full access, read-only access, or no access.a. Go to the Admin - Security – Users (or Groups) screen, and select the user.b. Click the Details tab - User Rights button. Modify settings by right-clicking the green plus sign / red minus sign, and selecting Enabled orDisabled. Click the small plus signs (far left) to open a menu "tree". Everything can be selectedindividually to give or remove permissions to users.c. Click the black plus sign next to Employee to open related topicsd. Right-click the item to be changed from standard group rightsNote: each item must be selected individually.Enabled - the selected item is visible in the Edit Employee section of the Employees screens in EvolutionPayroll. The user can Add/Edit and Delete Information.Read-Only - the selected item is visible in Employees screens in Evolution Payroll. The Add button isdisabled, and Edit and Delete are not functional for that item.Disabled - the selected item is not visible in the Employees screens in Evolution Payroll.D/B/D/T Level Security RestrictionsThe Organization (D/B/D/T) Level Security in Evolution Payroll is controlled by the D/B/D/T levelrestrictions set in Evolution Classic, on the Admin – Security – Users – DBDT tab for the user’s profile.Those settings affect three areas in Evolution Payroll:a. Employees will not be visible to a user if s/he is part of a D/B/D/T level to which the userdoes not have permission to view.b. The D/B/D/T level will not be available for selection throughout the application if the userdoes not have permission to view it.c. Checks will not be visible to a user if they belong to an employee who belongs to a D/B/D/Tlevel that is blocked from the user.Note: Pay Rates will also be hidden as part of the employee belonging to a D/B/D/T level that is blocked.1/8/2020Asure Software11

Evolution Payroll User GuideLogging into Evolution PayrollEvolution Payroll uses the Enhanced Security Level setting from the SB Admin – Service Bureau - Flags &Settings tab in Evolution Classic. Currently th

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