4C HEAD START & EARLY HEAD STARTFamily Resources During the Pandemic

Head Start and Early Head Start teachers and specialists have a virtual plan inplace to remain connected with you and your children during the COVID-19pandemic. Teachers, Family Advocates, and Specialists will continue to provideeducational resources, interactions, and support daily. What you need to know about coronavirus, English SpanishWhat to do if you are sick with COVID-19, English SpanishResources related to COVID-19, click hereShare facts about COVID-19, click hereHow to prevent respiratory diseases, English SpanishFamily resources, click hereHarvest Time International, click hereIn addition to direct contact through phone, text, and email, we encourage you toLIKE the 4C Florida Head Start Facebook page and follow daily for additional tipsand resources.

Educational Resources Activity calendar, click hereBirth-2 instructional contingency plan, click here3-5 early childhood instructional continuity plan, click hereCOVID book, English SpanishHandwashing, click herePBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia are offering tools to help support learning at home, includingeducational videos and games from favorite series, and related skill-building offline activities.Crayola offers free daily printable activity sheets and videos or easy at-home projects to do withyour child. To learn more, click here.Parents can encourage their children to help in the kitchen in order to cultivate each child’scuriosity and use quality time as an opportunity to teach children about healthy foods. To learnmore, click here.NASA Kids’ Club helps children in pre-K through fourth grade learn the ins and outs of NASA’smissions using hands-on educational games. There’s also a “Now in Space” slideshow thatintroduces budding astronauts to the crew currently orbiting Earth on the International SpaceStation, click here.Thousands of free virtual art lessons available for you and your families to enjoy, click here.Parents can help their school-age children make their own books using Book Creator’s 90-day freetutorial, which lets kids write and illustrate their own creations, click here.Cosmic Kids Yoga provides a much-needed activity break — think of it as a replacement forrecess, if necessary — with characters, playfulness, music, and, of course, yoga. It’s free onYouTube. Moana, Harry Potter, and Frozen-themed yoga included. To learn more, click here.The Smithsonian Museum offers virtual tours of their current and permanent exhibits, Take acloser look at some amazing parts of history from your own home, click here.

More Resources Orange County COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program: Orange County Government has madeavailable this one-time benefit for Orange County residents who qualify. The COVID-19 RentalAssistance Program will provide assistance with one month’s rent, so residents will be able to usetheir limited funds on other necessities. You MUST call for an appointment in order to bring thenecessary documents. Call 407-836-6500 for additional information.Seminole County Rental Assistance Program: Community Assistance has removed some ofthe requirements to assist those residents affected by COVID-19. If you are experiencing afinancial hardship due to an employer and/or school closures and are seeking rental assistance,submit an application for assistance to The requirement ofon-going management and a two-year waiting period has been waived during this time. For moreinformation, please call 407-665-2300.Christian Service Center for Central Florida: Offers food, clothing, rental/utilities, and shelterassistance in addition to counseling. For more information on how to access these resources, clickhere.Primary Care Access Network: PCAN is a collaboration among Orange County Government,primary health care centers, community agencies, hospitals, and other social services to serveunderinsured and uninsured populations. If your insurance has been affected by COVID-19,Covering Central Florida Navigators will explain your options regarding Marketplace, Medicaid,KidCare and COBRA and help you enroll in the option that is best for you and your family. To learnmore, click here.ACCESS Updates: For updates related to ACCESS, child welfare, child care, mental healthservices, and adult protective services, please visit the DCF COVID-19 update website.Free Meals: The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services activated its SummerBreakSpot website, where families can find free meals for children under 18 during the currentcoronavirus school closures. to find meal locations, click here. School districts are also making freemeals available to students. For more information, click Orange, Osceola, or Seminole.Human Crisis Center: Offers a free food pantry every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10 a.m. to3 p.m. Available for specific zip codes in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County. Call 407-5217750 to find the nearest location.

UP Orlando: Offers a grocery program available six days a week to qualified families. For moreinformation on qualification guidelines, click here.Diaper Bank of Central Florida: Aims to ensure every newborn, infant, and toddler in ourcommunity is supplied with the most basic need-diapers. For more information, click here.Free Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi: Charter Communications offers free access to SpectrumBroadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for new Kindergarten-Grade 12 and College Studenthouseholds. To learn more, click here.NHSA COVID-19 Policy Resources for Parents and Caregivers: Provides resources to learnhow you can help families access federal aid during this challenging time, click It offers information on local organizations that can provide advice to renters indistress. To learn more, click here.Eviction Lab: Princeton University’s Eviction Lab has published a list of local and regional actionsto pause evictions of renters. To learn more, click here.Kinder Konsulting: Practice uses telehealth to continue family support services, click here.For more resources related to Coronavirus, click hereHead Start and Early Head Start are here to provide continuous support and partner with families astogether we build a strong foundation for every child.FOLLOW US ON THE 4C FLORIDA HEAD START FACEBOOK PAGETo learn more about 4C Head Start & Early Head Start, click here.

Aug 13, 2020 · Head Start and Early Head Start are here to provide continuous support and partner with families as together we build a strong foundation for every child. FOLLOW US ON THE 4C FLORIDA HEAD START FACEBOOK PAGE To learn more about 4C Head Start & Early Head Start, click here.