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What is the Science Fair?The Science Fair is celebration ofstudents’ work researching andinvestigating a scientific topic of interestto them. Students display their projectsand present to parents, students andlocal community members. This is anopportunity for children to be expertsabout a topic and to communicate whatthey have learned.

What is the InventionConvention?The Invention Convention is a showcaseof student creations and inventionsdesigned to better their lives and theworld around them. Students thenpresent their creations to parents,students and local community members.They have a chance to share theirinvention and what they have learned.

Why should I do a Science FairProject or Create an Invention?A Science Fair project or Inventioncreation is a great way to show off yourcreativity and share your interests withothers. Students also get to spend timewith their parents and practice some ofthe skills they learned in school.

BenefitsReading: Researching a topic of interest. Reading material lists. Following procedure lists.

BenefitsWriting: Sharing Being An Expert Describing your project/procedure. Explaining your results.

BenefitsMath: Measuring. Showing data on a graph or chart. Comparing data points. Looking for patterns.

BenefitsScience: Forming a hypothesis. Tesing a hypothesis. Making observations. Drawing conclusions.

Who can participate? Optional for Kindergarten through 4thGrade. Required for 5th graders as part of the 4thquarter Science grade.*

Steps Toward the Fair andConvention We hope you have already begunthinking about a project. Students turn in a Project Proposal form. Students work to complete project athome. Students will meet a few times withpeers in school to discuss their progress. Students present their projects at theScience Fair or Invention Convention.

Three Categories of Science FairProjects Choose from any of the three categoriesbased on student interest and expertise. Experiments Demonstration or Model Collection

Experiments Examples: Having to do with living and non-living things. What will happen if you water a plant withsoda? Which laundry detergent gets stains outmost completely? How long does it take for a sunflower seedto sprout? Is liquid glue stronger than a glue stick?

Demonstrations or Models Examples Ant Farm Parts of a Plant Volcanoes How Airplanes Fly The Water Cycle, etc.

Collections Examples Seeds Shells Rocks Leaves, etc.

Invention Convention Projects Each project will look different andmeet a different need. Students may work with parents orfamily members to identify a problemaround their house for which they inventa solution. Students may identify a need, obstacle,or problem in their community forwhich they invent a solution.

What does a Science Fair or InventionConvention project look like? Choose a question to explore. Decide on an experiment, model,demonstration, collection or invention. Do research on the question. Do the project. Write a report including background,research done, conclusion, etc . Make a visual aid (chart, drawing,graph) Put it all together on a board or display.

The Most Important ReasonStudents and parentswill feel asense of accomplishment andsatisfactionwhen they finish their projects and sharetheir great work during this FUN event!!

Convention We hope you have already begun thinking about a project. Students turn in a Project Proposal form. Students work to complete project at home. Students will meet a few times with peers in school to discuss their progress. Students present their projects at t