1Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241PROJECT MANUALHumboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors ReplacementLibrary, Student Activities Center, Jolly Giant CommonsHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241Owner:California StateUniversityIFB PW21-4, Exhibit F

2Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241This page intentionally left blankIFB PW21-4, Exhibit F

3Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FTABLE OF CONTENTS01 01 00 SUMMARY OF WORK . 11/8/201701 03 00 BID ALTERNATES . . 11/8/201701 14 00 WORK RESTRICTIONS . 11/8/201701 26 13 REQUESTS FOR INTERPRETATION . 11/8/201701 31 00 PROJECT COORDINATION . 11/8/201701 31 20 PROJECT MEETINGS . 11/8/201701 32 00 CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS DOCUMENTATION. 11/8/201701 33 00 SUBMITTAL PROCEDURES . 11/8/201701 35 00 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION . 11/8/201701 35 10 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROCEDURES . 11/8/201701 35 50 SAFETY PROCEDURES . 11/8/201701 41 00 REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS . 11/8/201701 42 00 REFERENCE STANDARDS AND DEFINITIONS . 11/8/201701 45 00 QUALITY CONTROL AND INSPECTIONS. . 11/8/201701 45 80 TESTING LAB SERVICES . 11/8/201701 51 00 TEMPORARY UTILITIES . 11/8/201701 52 00 CONSTRUCTION AREA AND TEMPORARY FACILITIES . 11/8/201701 54 00 SECURITY . 11/8/201701 55 00 VEHICULAR ACCESS AND PARKING . 11/8/201701 58 00 TEMPORARY PROJECT SIGNAGE . 11/8/201701 61 00 PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS . 11/8/201701 63 00 PRODUCT SUBSTITUTION REQUIREMENTS. 11/8/201701 72 00 PREPARATION REQUIREMENTS . 11/8/201701 73 00 EXECUTION REQUIREMENTS . 11/8/201701 73 20 CUTTING AND PATCHING . 11/8/201701 74 00 CLEANING REQUIREMENTS. 11/8/201701 74 19 WASTE MANAGEMENT AND RECYCLING . 11/8/201701 75 00 STARTING AND ADJUSTING . 11/8/201701 77 00 CONTRACT CLOSEOUT PROCEDURES . 11/8/201701 78 30 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALS . 11/8/201701 78 50 WARRANTIES AND BONDS . 11/8/201701 78 90 PROJECT RECORD DOCUMENTS . 11/8/201701 82 00 DEMONSTRATION AND TRAINING. 11/8/201708 42 29.23 SLIDING AUTOMATIC ENTRANCES.5/15/2021

4Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241This page intentionally left blankIFB PW21-4, Exhibit F

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS2415IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FSECTION 01 01 00: SUMMARY OF WORKPART 1 - GENERAL1.1RELATED DOCUMENTSSchematic Drawings, Technical Specifications, Addenda, and general provisions of theA.Contract, including Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions andother Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.1.2SECTION INCLUDESA.Work Included in the ContractB.Permits, Licenses, and FeesC.Contract Time & Liquidated DamagesD.Partnering1.3WORK INCLUDED IN THE CONTRACTA.Work Included in the Contract: The University is replacing automatic sliding doors at three buildings,University Center (Student Activities Center), Library and Jolly Giant Commons. The University designstandard is Stanley and specifications are supplied within the bid documents.1.4PERMITS, LICENSES AND FEESA.Permits, Licenses and Fees, General: Refer to Contract General Conditions. Also seeSection 01 41 00 Regulatory Requirements for applicable codes, regulations, andordinances, as well as responsibilities for fees of authorities having jurisdiction.B.Licenses: Contractor shall obtain and pay all licenses associated with construction activities,such as business licenses, contractors' licenses and vehicle and equipment licenses. Allcosts for licenses shall be included in the Contract Amount.C.Parking Fees: Contractor shall obtain and pay for all parking permits and fees for vehiclesparked off of the Construction Site. Refer to Section 01 55 00 Vehicular Access and Parkingfor additional parking requirements during construction.D.Permits, Notices and Fees for Work under Separate Contracts: Notices required by andapprovals required of, authorities having jurisdiction over work under separate contracts andrelated fees, will be solely the responsibility of University.

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS24161.5IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FCONTRACT TIMEA. Contract Time, General:a. Refer to Contract General Conditions, Contract Time.B. Total Completion:a. Contractor shall achieve Total Completion no later March 18, 2021.b. Total Completion, for the purposes of this project, is defined as the condition in which allWork is fully complete for the Project including the full removal of any items specified fordemolition. Additionally, all cutting, patching, and painting is complete, and all punch listitems, quality control issues, inspections and approvals, and all conditions of the Contractincluding, but not limited to Record Documents, warranties and completion documents,have been fully submitted and accepted by the University, and for which a Final Certificateof Occupancy and Acceptance Test Reports have been granted by the Campus DeputyBuilding Official and Deputy State Fire Marshal.c. See Contract General Conditions for Contract Time requirements.d. The Contractor shall not have the right to an adjustment in the time of completion due toweather conditions or industrial conditions which are normal for the locality of the site. Thetime for completion of the Contract has been calculated with consideration given to theaverage climatic range and usual industrial conditions prevailing in the locality of the site.e. Retention will not be released until Total Completion has been achieved.1.6PARTNERINGA.The University intends to encourage the foundation of a cohesive partnership with the Contractorand its Subcontractors, the Architect and its consultants, and the University. This partnership will bestructured to draw on the strengths of each organization to identify and achieve mutual goals. Theobjectives are effective and efficient Contractor performance, intended to achieve completion withinbudget, on schedule, and in accordance with the Contract Drawings and Specifications.PART 2 – PRODUCTS (Not Used)PART 3 – EXECUTION (Not Used)

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS2417IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FSECTION 01 03 00: BID ALTERNATESPART 1 - GENERAL1.1RELATED DOCUMENTSA.1.2SECTION INCLUDESA.1.3Construction Drawings, Technical Specifications, Addenda, and general provisions of theContract, including Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions andother Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.Requirements and descriptions for products and scopes of Work identified as “Alternate,Alternative, Bid Alternate, Add Alternate, or Deduct Alternate” in the Drawings,Specifications, and Bid Proposal Form.GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ALTERNATESA.To enable University to compare total costs where Alternate materials and methods mightbe used or where scope of Work might be altered, Bid Alternate Work items have beenestablished as described in this Section.1.Unless otherwise specifically provided, the work described in Alternates shall becompleted with no increase in Contract Time.2.The lowest bid for this public works contract shall be based on the Base Bid pricewithout consideration of the prices on the Alternates. (PCC 10780.5(a))B.Contract Amount included in Base Bid and as stated in executed Agreement shall include allcosts for Work described in Contract Documents.C.Contract Amount shall include all necessary provisions for Work described in Alternates,whether or not Alternates are accepted. Base Bid specifications shall govern Work ofAlternates unless otherwise specified.D.Bid Proposal Form or other means prescribed for submission of proposed cost of Workshall include line items for each Alternate described in this Section. No Alternates other thanas described in this Section shall be submitted, except in accordance with product optionsand substitutions provisions specified in Section 01 61 00 - Product Requirements.E.Each Alternate is identified herein by number. This identification shall be used wheneverreferring to Work described in Alternate and in cost proposals and payment requests.F.Alternate construction described in Alternates and revised scopes of Work shall beperformed only when such Alternate is made a part of the Work by specific provision in theAgreement, if selected by University prior to execution of the Agreement, or by ChangeOrder or Change Directive if selected subsequent to execution of the Agreement.G.Costs for Alternates shall be valid for no less than 45 calendar days from date of Agreementexecution, and University may select any or all Alternates during that time. Once anAlternate is selected and the Contract modified for Work as described in the Alternate,changes to return to original scope of Work will be made only by Change Order or Change

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS2418IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FDirective in accordance with provisions of the Contract General Conditions for changes.1.41.5PRODUCTS AND EXECUTIONA.If University elects to proceed on the basis of one or more of the described Alternates,Contractor shall make all modifications to Work as required to provide products complete, inplace and fully functional, including all labor, equipment, services and incidentalconsumables necessary to apply, install and finish Work described in Alternate inaccordance with requirements specified in related product Sections of these Specifications.B.Cost for Alternates shall be complete and include all net increases and decreases inContract Amount for Work described in Alternate and for all changes in related Work.SCHEDULE OF ALTERNATESNo Alternates.PART 2 – PRODUCTS (Not Used)PART 3 – EXECUTION (Not Used)END OF SECTION

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS2419IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FSECTION 01 14 00: WORK RESTRICTIONSPART 1 - GENERAL1.1RELATED DOCUMENTSA.1.2SECTION INCLUDESA.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.1.3Contractor’s Use of Premises and Site, GeneralUniversity’s Use of Premises and Site, GeneralKeys to University FacilitiesWorking HoursNoise and Vibration RestrictionsSmokingSite DecorumNotification Required by CA Penal Code 290Cultural ResourcesCONTRACTOR'S USE OF PREMISES AND SITE, GENERALA.B.C.D.E.1.3Construction Drawings, Technical Specifications, Addenda, and general provisions of theContract, including Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions andother Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this Section.Contractor shall at all times perform Work so as to impose no hardship on the University orothers engaged in the University' work under other Contracts nor cause unreasonabledelays or hindrance thereto.Construction activities shall be scheduled to minimize disruption to the University and toCampus users.Contractor may not interrupt any Campus utilities without prior written permission from theUniversity. Refer to Section 01 51 00 Temporary Utilities.Refer to Section 01 52 00 Construction Area and Temporary Facilities for specificrequirements and restrictions related to the Contractor’s use of the Project Area.Refer to Section 01 55 00 Vehicular Access and Parking for specific requirements related toaccess routes and parking permit requirements.UNIVERSITY'S USE OF SITE AND PREMISESA.B.C.University's Use of Site and Premises: University reserves the right to occupy and to placeand install equipment in completed or partially completed areas of buildings and site. Suchplacing of equipment and partial occupancy shall not constitute acceptance of total Work.Full University Occupancy: University will occupy affected facilities during entire constructionperiod. Cooperate with University during construction operations to minimize conflicts andfacilitate University usage. Perform the Work so as not to interfere with University'soperations.Before partial University occupancy, mechanical and electrical systems, including fire alarmsand all other emergency fire/life/safety measures shall be fully operational, and requiredtests and inspections shall be successfully completed. Unless otherwise agreed, Universitywill provide operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems in portions ofthe building used by University. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the University,warrantee periods shall not begin until date established by Notice of Completion filed at

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS24110D.1.41.4Contract closeout.Upon occupancy, University will assume responsibility for maintenance and custodial servicefor occupied portions of building.KEYS TO UNIVERSITY FACILITIESA.Submit Key Requests: Access to University facilities shall be requested in writing,reasonably in advance of the period of the desired access. Contractor shall indicate thejustification for the access, individuals to be granted access and the specific period ofaccess requested.B.The University maintains the right to deny key request where it is determined that the Workmay be completed without key being issued, or where Contractor fails to comply with anykey related policy or procedure. By accepting any issued keys, such acceptance constitutesContractors agreement to all policies and requirements. A signature may also be required.Upon completion of the Work, Contractor shall return all University-issued keys to theUniversity. If the Contractor fails to return all keys issued, the Contractor shall be liable forthe total cost of labor and materials to re-key all areas accessible with the lost keys. Lost orstolen keys shall be reported immediately to the University Police Department. TheContractor may not make duplicate keys.WORKING HOURSA.1.5IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FNormal Work Hours: Contractor’s Work shall usually be limited to Monday through Friday,during hours of 7:00am to 5:00pm.1.Work on other days and at other hours than those listed above shall be only withwritten approval of University's Representative and such Work shall be performedat no additional Contract Time or Contract Sum. The following three items areexamples where this may be required:a.Where it is determined necessary to perform Work outside of normal hoursor days in order for the Contractor to avoid conflicts with the University’sother campus activities and facilities.b.Work during final exam periods shall be restricted to minimize noise,vibrations and other distracting and inhibiting activities. Consult Universitycalendar for dates and show on Construction Schedule in accordance withSection 01 32 00.c.If the Contractor determines that it is necessary to perform Work duringadditional hours, or for weekends and holidays, in order to meet milestoneand final completion dates. Note that inspections may not be availableoutside of normal working hours.NOISE AND VIBRATION RESTRICTIONSA.Comply with the provisions of the General Conditions, which requires the Contractor tocomply with all sound control and noise level rules, regulations, and ordinances. Thefollowing more detailed requirements shall be considered as rules for all Work as part of thisproject. Perform all work in a manner that will produce a noise level not to exceed 80 dBA asmeasured at 50 feet from the project site boundary unless otherwise indicated. During finalsweek at the end of each semester, the noise level shall not exceed 75 dBA as measured at50 feet from source. The Contractor shall instruct all workers in noise control procedures.These rules shall be in addition to any worker safety requirements in accordance with any

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS24111IFB PW21-4, Exhibit Foccupational safety regulations.1.7B.Equipment: Equip jack hammers with exhaust mufflers and steel muffling sleeves. Aircompressors should be of a quiet type such as a "whisperized" compressor. Compressorhoods shall be closed while equipment is in operation. Use electrically powered rather thangasoline or diesel powered fork lifts. Provide portable noise barriers around jack hammering.C.Operations: Keep noisy equipment as far as possible from noise sensitive site activities.Machines shall not be left idling. Use electric power in lieu of internal combustion enginewhere possible. Maintain equipment properly to reduce noise from excessive vibration, faultymufflers, or other sources. All engines shall have properly functioning mufflers.D.Scheduling: Schedule noisy operations so as to minimize their duration at any givenlocation, and to minimize disruption to the adjoining users. Notify the University in writing notless than 7 days in advance of performing work creating noise in excess of that specified inParagraph A, and schedule such work at times mutually agreeable.E.Cooperate with the University if the use of noisy equipment becomes objectionable. TheUniversity reserve the right, at their own discretion, to require a limitation on the use of suchequipment to designated hours appropriate to each location.E.Do not play radios, music players, televisions, and other similar items at construction site.Workers shall not yell or shout as a means of communication.SMOKING & TOBACCO USE PROHIBITEDA.Contractor’s personnel, subcontractors, and vendors shall adhere to the University Policy onSystemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment. The policy prohibits the use ofcigarettes, cigars, pipes and other smoke emitting products, including e-cigarettesand vapor devices. This policy applies to all areas of campus outdoor areas, parkinglots, including within vehicles, landscaped areas, buildings, residence halls, and offcampus buildings. There are no designated smoking areas on campus. Furtherinformation is provided in the executive order, which is available online. DECORUMA.Control the conduct of Contractor’s forces and prevent unwanted interaction initiated byworkers with the University staff, students or visitors other than those directly associated withthe project.B.In the event that any worker initiates unwanted interaction, utilizes profanity, or (in theopinion of the University) conducts him/herself in an offensive or unprofessional manner,immediately remove the worker from the project and replace said worker with another ofequivalent technical skill at no additional cost to the University.NOTIFICATIONS REQUIRED BY CA PENAL CODE 290A.Contractor shall advise all of its personnel working on campus, that if they are required toregister under California Penal Code Section 290 Sex Offender Registration Act, that theyshall report that status to the Humboldt State University Police Department, where required.

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241121.10IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FCULTURAL RESOURCESA. Cultural Resources Procedures: Requirements specified in this Section are in addition to thoserequired by the Contract General Conditions.B. This Project does not pass through any known archaeological sites. However, it is conceivable thatunrecorded archaeological sites could be discovered during construction.C. In the event that artifacts, human remains, or other cultural resources are discovered duringsubsurface excavations at locations of the Work, the Contractor shall protect the discovered items,cease work for a distance of 35 feet radius in the area, notify the University Representative, andcomply with applicable laws.D. University may retain an Archaeologist or other appropriately qualified persons to monitor andrecover data and artifacts during period that work has ceased.E. All items found which are considered to have archaeological significance are the property of theUniversity.PART 2 – PRODUCTS (Not used)PART 3 – EXECUTION (Not used)END OF SECTION

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS24113IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FSECTION 01 26 13: REQUESTS FOR INTERPRETATIONPART 1 - GENERAL1.1A.1.2A.B.1.3A.B.C.1.4A.1.5RELATED DOCUMENTSConstruction Drawings, Technical Specifications, Addenda, and general provisions of the Contract,including Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions and other Division 1Specification Sections, apply to this Section.SECTION INCLUDESProcedures for submitting requests for interpretation (RFI).Limitations on use of RFI to obtain interpretation and clarification.RELATED SECTIONSSection 01 31 00 – Project Coordination: Requirements for organizing and coordinating the Work.Section 01 33 00 - Submittals Procedures: Restriction on use of submittals for changes in materials,products, equipment and systems.Section 01 63 00 - Product Substitution Procedures: Procedures for requesting substitutions ofmaterials, products, equipment and systems.DEFINITIONSRequest for Interpretation: A document submitted by the Contractor requesting clarification of aportion of the Contract Documents, hereinafter referred to as an RFI.CONTRACTOR'S REQUESTS FOR INTERPRETATION (RFIs)A.Contractor's Requests for Interpretation (RFIs): Should Contractor be unable to determine from theContract Documents the exact material, process, or system to be installed; or when the elements ofconstruction are required to occupy the same space (interference); or when an item of Work isdescribed differently at more than one place in the Contract Documents; the Contractor shall requestthat the University or Architect make an interpretation of the requirements of the Contract Documentsto resolve such matters. Contractor shall comply with procedures specified herein to make Requestsfor Interpretation (RFIs).B.Submission of RFIs:1. RFIs shall be issued from the General Contractor to the University Project Representative inelectronic format by email, as an attached PDF file. Wherever possible, the RFI will be bound intoa single PDF file, with the transmittal letter as the first page, followed by the remaining contents.2. Each RFI shall be given a discrete, consecutive number.3. RFIs shall be prepared and submitted on a template provided by the University.4. Contractor shall sign all RFIs attesting to good faith effort to determine from the ContractDocuments the information requested for interpretation. Frivolous RFIs shall be subject toreimbursement from Contractor to University for fees charged by Architect, Architect'sconsultants and other design professionals engaged by the University.C.Subcontractor-Initiated and Supplier-Initiated RFIs: RFIs from subcontractors and material suppliersshall be submitted through, be reviewed by and be attached to an RFI prepared, signed and submittedby Contractor. RFIs submitted directly by subcontractors or material suppliers will be returnedunanswered to the Contractor.

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241141.2.3.D.IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FContractor shall review all subcontractor- and supplier-initiated RFIs and take actions to resolveissues of coordination, sequencing and layout of the Work.RFIs submitted to request clarification of issues related to means, methods, techniques andsequences of construction or for establishing trade jurisdictions and scopes of subcontracts willbe returned without interpretation. Such issues are solely the Contractor's responsibility.Contractor shall be responsible for delays resulting from the necessity to resubmit an RFI due toinsufficient or incorrect information presented in the RFI.Requested Information: Contractor shall carefully study the Contract Documents, and the ContractGeneral Conditions, to ensure that information sufficient for interpretation of requirements of theContract Documents is not included. RFIs that request interpretation of requirements clearly indicatedin the Contract Documents will be returned without interpretation.1.2.In all cases in which RFIs are issued to request clarification of issues related to means, methods,techniques and sequences of construction, for example, pipe and duct routing, clearances,specific locations of Work shown diagrammatically, apparent interferences and similar items, theContractor shall furnish all information required for the Architect or University's Representative toanalyze and/or understand the circumstances causing the RFI and prepare a clarification ordirection as to how the Contractor shall proceed. This may include coordination drawings to beprepared by the Contractor, even when not specified as a required submittal.If information included with this type RFI by the Contractor is insufficient, the RFI will be returnedunanswered.E.Unacceptable Uses for RFIs: RFIs shall not be used to request the following:1. Approval of submittals (use procedure specified in Section 01 33 00 - Submittals Procedures)2. Approval of substitutions (refer to Section 01 63 00 - Product Substitution Procedures)3. Changes that entail change in Contract Time and Contract Sum (comply with provisions of theContract General Conditions, as discussed in detail during pre-construction meeting)4. Different methods of performing Work than those indicated in the Contract Drawings andSpecifications (comply with provisions of the Contract General Conditions).F.Disputed Requirements: In the event the Contractor believes that a clarification by the University'sRepresentative results in additional cost or time, Contractor shall comply with the Contract GeneralConditions.G.RFI Log: Contractor shall prepare and maintain a log of RFIs, which shall be reviewed at eachConstruction Progress Meeting in accordance with Section 01 31 20 Project Meetings.H.Distribution of RFI’s: The University Representative will forward RFI’s to the project Architect and willmanage and be included in all communications among Contractor and Architect, where necessary.The University will issue all official RFl responses back to the Contractor.I.RFI Processing Time: See Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions foradditional requirements. No extension of Contract Time will be authorized because of failure totransmit complete and appropriate RFI to the University sufficiently in advance of the Work. Universitywill return RFIs to Contractor with reasonable promptness.PART 2 – PRODUCTS (Not Used)PART 3 – EXECUTION (Not Used)END OF SECTION

Humboldt State UniversityAutomatic Doors Replacement ProjectHSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS24115IFB PW21-4, Exhibit FSECTION 01 31 00: PROJECT COORDINATIONPART 1 - GENERAL1.1A.RELATED DOCUMENTSConstruction Drawings, Technical Specifications, Addenda, and general provisions of the Contract,including Contract General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions and other Division 1Specification Sections, apply to this Section.1.2A.SECTION INCLUDESCoordination of Work under Contract.1.3RELATED SECTIONSA.Section 01 01 00 - Summary of Work: Overall Project description including various types of Work tobe coordinated.B.Section 01 60 00 - Product Requirements: Coordination of products, especially generalrequirements for system completeness and product substitutions.C.Section 01 64 00 Owner-Furnished Products: Related requirements and respo

Humboldt State University Automatic Doors Replacement Library, Student Activities Center, Jolly Giant Commons HSU Project # XPL205/XUC008/XHS241 Owner: California State University 1 Humboldt State University Automatic Doors Replacement Project