Merrick Blvd Bus LanesNYC DOT Better Buses Restart September 24, 20201Merrick Blvd, Queens


Community Advisory Board #2 Recap Merrick Blvd and 168 Stbetween Hillside Ave andSpringfield BlvdQ1, Q2, Q3, Q6, Q36,Q76, Q77, N1, N6, N6X,N22, N22A, N22X, N24,N26Q17, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q41, Q30, Q31,Q20A, Q20B, Q24, Q44 3.2 mile, mostlycommercial corridor Served by Q4, Q5,Q84, Q85, X63, N4 andN4X routes south ofArcher Ave Many more routescirculate on Merrick/168St north of Archer Ave Serves 94,000 dailyridersQ853

Community Advisory Board #2 RecapDOT Bus Lane Proposal Merrick Blvd and 168th St betweenSpringfield Ave and Archer Ave: offsetbus lanes (one lane out from thecurb) Merrick Blvd and 168th St betweenHillside Ave and Archer Ave: mostlyoffset bus lanes, some curbregulations changes 6.4 miles in total Only markings, no red paint in 2020 Enforcement cameras afterimplementation Exploring pedestrian safety elementsMerrick Blvd and 168th St between Springfield Ave and Archer Ave design conceptMTA Bus Stop Spacing Proposed revisions to bus stopspacing to improve speed andreliability4

Community Advisory Board #2 RecapIssues raised at CAB #2: Show detailed corridor busridership Further outreach needed tobusinesses regarding doubleparking and parking onsidewalk U-turns across the median Need for commercial loadingspace5

Merrick BlvdProposed Project6

Corridor Ridership Serves 89,000 MTA riders and 5,000 NICE bus riders dailyRoutes using Merrick Blvd south of Archer and routes usingMerrick Blvd/168 St are listed with ridership belowOther routes that only use Merrick Blvd/168 St for short stretchesare not includedMerrick Boulevard Corridor 63625N4/N4X4,8907Downtown Circulation 417,500

Community/Business Outreach Update 80 businesses spoken to to-date during multipleoutreach events Multiple follow-ups conducted via in-person meetings, phonecalls/emailsEarly stages of working with businesses to identify requestedloading zones:–Metropolitan Best Hardware and Lumber - 108-20 MerrickBlvd.–Towns of Bargains Corp. Furniture and Bedding - 128-03Merrick Blvd.Walking tour conducted w/CB12 on September 17th(northern portion), working to schedule walking tourof southern portion in early OctoberPlanning follow-up onsite with residents of AllenCathedral Senior ResidenceScheduling additional weekend observations ofMerrick Blvd.Scheduling additional outreach effort with SmallBusiness ServicesOutreach continues into October8

Merrick Blvd Concept PlanCorridor design incorporates: Bus lanesChanges to bus stops MTAproposed at CAB #2Pedestrian space extensionsidentified at areas in need ofpedestrian safety improvementsPhysical barrier in median(“quick kurb”) to restrict illegal Uturns at Hendrickson PlCurb regulation updates9

Merrick Blvd Concept PlanMerrick Blvd at 108th Ave: Existing10

Merrick Blvd Concept PlanMerrick Blvd at 108th Ave: ProposedOffset bus lanes (notpainted red initially)Curb regulationslargely unchangedPainted extensionshortens pedestriancrossing and allowsfor safer turn on toMerrick side road11

Merrick Blvd Concept PlanMerrick Blvd at 109th Ave: Existing12

Merrick Blvd Concept PlanMerrick Blvd at 109th Ave: ProposedOffset bus lanes (notpainted red initially)13Painted extensionshortens pedestriancrossing and allowsfor safer turn on to109th Ave

Enforcement Update: DOT looking to placebus lane cameras to thiscorridor in 2020 DOT will work with NYPD toaddress:– Keeping bus lanes clear– Illegal sidewalk parking anddouble parking– Placard abuse in downtownJamaica14

Improved Bus Stop Spacing Better, more consistentstop spacing canimprove speed andreliability Adjusting stop locationsat critical intersectionscan improve busreliability and traffic flow15

Improved Bus Stop Spacing - Overview16

Next Steps DOT will begin implementing bus lanes in early October2020 Curb regulations changes to take place over fall and winter Following bus lane implementation DOT will monitor thecorridor for:––––Vehicle speeds and travel timesBus speedsBus reliabilityParking and enforcement issues Additional CAB meetings will be scheduled afterimplementation is complete17

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Q76, Q77, N1, N6, N6X, N22, N22A, N22X, N24, N26 Q85. 4 DOT Bus Lane Proposal . working to schedule walking tour of southern portion in early October . Following bus lane implementation DOT will monitor the corridor for: –Veh