An Introduction toLaboratory ManagementSolution (LMS)1

Presentation Overview1. Project Background2. Solution Design3. Current Status and future plan2


Background Estimated 40 are active legal medical laboratories, servicingprivate clinics, hospitals and other medical institutions. Most medical laboratories employ some level of technology(e.g. LIS) for test management, but no common data standardsfor laboratory results or protocols for information sharing. Technology knowhow and supportby IT vendors are limited. Laboratories are cautious about eHR,due to uncertainty on cost, supportand risk in business interruption.4

Objectives1. Raise the awareness and support of the coming changesbrought forward by healthcare reform and eHR sharing2. Create a common and open source platform for theindustry to support electronic info exchange3. Provide standardized laboratory data to medical clinics tosupport standardized and integrated eHR4. Provide a foundation which paves way for the territorywide eHR sharing and healthcare service deliveryinfrastructure5

Participating Parties HKAML – Industry Body and Project ManagerMobigator – Technology DevelopereHR Office – SponsorPrivate Labs/Hospital Labs – UsersClinics – Users6

HKAML & Mobigator HKAML ( is the industry body for privatelaboratories: A non-profit organization representing the entire industry; Members include 34 private laboratories,12 hospital laboratoriesand all major suppliers of laboratory products. Mobigator ( is one of the strongesthealthcare technology providers with domain knowledge,technical expertise and project experience in working withthe healthcare service providers, the Hospital Authorityand Department of Health.7

Deliverables Technology Development: Create a common gateway and hub (LIH) for the industry to facilitate futureintegration with eHR Create an open-source module (LMS) for interfacing between the LIH andlocal LIS. It will convert various proprietary results to eHR’s common datastandards Professional Training & Technical Support Provide Professional Training to 400 laboratory professionals (MLT, etc.) Provide hands-on technical training and support to facilitate 18 privatelaboratories and 6 hospital laboratories to integrate with LIH End-to-end Clinic-Laboratory Integration Integrate with clinics, via CMS, for electronic test ordering and result deliveryfor 10 private laboratories, 4 hospital laboratories, and 60 clinics using CMS.8



Laboratory Integration Hub (LIH) An integration hub for the medical laboratoryindustry to interfacing with other healthcareservice stakeholders, including the HA, DH andeHR. A secured and central platform for informationexchange and sharing.11

Lab Order Workflow12

Lab Ordering within CMS13

Lab Ordering14

Lab Management Module Receive lab orders and upload result MIS reporting Lab test management (manage lab tests, and templates)15




CMS Lab Result Review General view19

CMS Lab Result Review20

Benefits for the Laboratories and Clinics More Accurate – No/Less Human Error due toCopying/Interpreting. More Timely – Instant Results Update. Higher Accessibility – Multi Copies/Destinations Possible. More Secured – Authentication and Password Control. Higher Productivity – Computerization/Automation, Alert,Template Save Space & Money – Less Space to Keep Record.21

Benefits with eHR Improve the support and readiness of the private medical laboratoryindustry for integration with eHR. Establish a data standard and open technology platform for exchangingand sharing laboratory results. Facilitate eHR integration of private medical laboratory data. Enable better patient care via seamless healthcare information delivery.22

Current Progress Started in Feb/2011Completed pilot testing in Sept/2011.Starting the first phase rollout to 60 doctors, 18 laboratories.Target to complete in Jun/2012.Results are transmitted as PDF.Next phase will standardize the data and result.23

Contact InformationThe Hong Kong Association of Medical Laboratorieshttp://lms.hkaml.orgLMS Project Steering Committee:Ms. Marianne Leung ([email protected])Ms. Vicky Chu ([email protected])Ir. Clifford Tse ([email protected])Mobigator Technology GroupTel: 852.2524.9000Fax: .com24

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Create an open-source module (LMS) for interfacing between the LIH and local LIS. It will convert various proprietary results to eHR’s common data . Lab test management (manage lab tests, and templates) 16 LMS. 17 LMS. 18 LMS. 19 CMS Lab Result Review Ge