Enhanced Kronos V8ManagerHANDBOOKNursing Business Operations 11/2018; Reviewed 5/2021

Manager Information There is always more than one way to do something. Each manager should decidewhich way works best for them. Managers are going to be given access to their department organizational map so that ifcovering another manager, the selection of that unit will be available. Scheduling requests do not populate the schedule. View of requests are on a separatetab that can be printed by using Print Screen or toggling back and forth between tabs. Staff will be able to make future requests without having to be in the pay period that therequest is in as long as the request is within the managed period. Workload planner (WLP): the pink color represents understaffed, green color representsoverstaffed, and the white color represents you are meeting the staffing plan.

INDEXHow to log into Kronos ------------------4First --------------------------------------5How to create/delete a Location ---------6How to create a ------------------------8How to view Schedule in 2 week ----9How to view by Schedule ------------10How to assign/remove Schedule ----11How to enter/edit ------------------------13How to enter a ----------------------------17How to Float Staff -----------------------18How to Enter Shifts for Staff on Light Duty --------------------------------------------20How to Add Work Rule -----------------21How to Edit a Shift ----------------------22How to Add a Comment or Note -----23How to enter a Pay --------------------24How to locate Staff -------------------27How to locate Staff Work & Absence nos ----------------------------------30How to Schedule Holiday on actual 30When Clocks Change (Daylight Savings Time) ---------------------------------------31How to run Schedule -----------------32How to Post Schedule -------------------33Payroll -----------------------------------35

How to log into KronosLog in by clicking on the KRONOS icon on the Novell server using Google ChromePlease note: if your user name or password is not working call IMT at 4-4115

First View1234. List - Future UseReports - Report TabGenies - Reconcile timecardStaffing - Future Use

5. Workload Planner -View onlyHow to create/delete a LocationCreate a location:1. Highlight the unit3. Unit is selected2. Select Arrow4. Save As: Name the unit5. Select Save

Delete a Location:Select Edit:Highlight unit to be deletedMove the selected unit back to available by clicking on arrow&Select delete

If you are sure you want to delete the location - select OKHow to create a HyperfindSelect new in drop down box

1234561. Select: Personal2. Enter Query Name3. Select: Unit4. Select: Include Jobs5. Select: Add6. Select: SavePlease note: Hyper finds cannot be deletedHow to view Schedule in two week blocksPlease note: Current schedule show the entire two week blockWhen changing to a different pay period or range of dates:

Double click on the second week of the schedule twice to view the two week scheduleYou can use the maximize button for larger view and minimize when neededIf unable to view all the zones in the workload planner, decrease the number of staff tobe viewed by moving the slide bar up.How to view Schedule by Schedule Group

Click on View icon in task barHow to change view by employee:Using Column Selection, columns can be deleted by un-checking to give more landscapeto view (this does not save)How to assign and remove employee Schedule Group

Highlight person in scheduling by using Go ToSelect People EditorClick on Job Assignment Tab and Select SchedulerEnd date the old pattern (always on the last day of the pay period)Assign New Group that the person should be assigned to in the Group Assignmentdrop down

How to assign multiple staff to a group:Select multiple staff by holding down the CTRL key highlighting each person to beassigned to the group and using the GO TO – select People EditorUse the arrow to scroll thru each employee selected to change or add a schedule group

How to enter/edit PatternsHow to enter a schedule by using a pattern (shift bid):Hovering over the employee name will give you general information: job, pay rule, etc.Double click on the employee nameTo enter a first time pattern:Enter Anchor Date and Start Date - both dates are the same and are the first day of a payperiodHold down Ctrl key and select specific multiple days to enter same schedule

Enter the shift by using Shift TemplateAny day of the pattern can be typed in or use Shift Template

Select ApplyBefore adding a new pattern, you have to end date the old pattern, click on add patternEnd the pattern by entering in an end dateClick apply

Select yesEnter new pattern by selecting add patternFollow the directions on previous page, schedule patter will look like this when several areadded

How to enter a ShiftShift can be typed in for the day OR click on the day and select from drop downSelect Add ShiftChange start time and end time

Select ApplyHow to Float Staff Within a Department/to Another DepartmentClick on Search under Job Transfer

View the Organization mapSelect department job

Select ApplyEmployee has sucessfully been floated into a different jobHow to Enter Shifts for Staff on Light Duty-Click on ‘Search’ under ‘Labor Level Transfer’

Enter the Cost Center of the Dept that the Employee will be doing light duty inAll shifts entered like this will be charged to the department the employee will be doing lightduty inIt is recommended that you enter the employee’s schedule at the end of the pay period so thatthey do not show up in your coverage counts*

How to add a Work RuleEmployee can be floated by selecting from Job Transfer Column drop down be assigned awork rule from Work Rule Transfer Column Drop DownSearch the list of work rulesSelect the correct work ruleAdd a commentPlease note:Work Rules are to assign a staff member to a person taskWork Rules are selected by type of assignment and the correct payrule for the employeeWork Rules that will remove a staff member from your work load planner (direct care) areCLASS, OT-ET CLASS, PPT (Professional Practice time, OT-ET PPR), SGT (SharedGovernance, OT-ET SGT)OT-ET Pay rule will count in direct care working overtime/extra time.

ONC work rule is the staff member is oncall, this converts to ONCALL Pay Code in time cardHow to Edit a ShiftTo edit shift: click on the and extend the barWhen complete always click on ApplyHover over each shift to view employee jobSchedule view of Job transfers and work rules now show as an arrow with in the cellHover over arrow to view transfers - no “x” next to the shift identifying transfer

How to add Comment or NoteClick on Add CommentSelect comment from drop downAdd note if neededSelect ApplyHover over employee shift will show comment

Remember only Class comment and Comments for shift show on the assignment sheetHow to Enter a Pay CodeSelect Add Pay CodeSelect Pay Code to be used from Pay Code drop downEnter AmountEnter Unavailable Start Time

Always unclick Create Open ShiftIf replacing an entire shift leave Override and Whole Shift selectedAdd Comment if neededSelect ApplyAlways remember to SaveHow to enter a partial shift pay code:Check the number of scheduled hours

Edit the shift that person is changingCheck the total scheduled hours to identify exactly how many hours of accruals that need tobe used without having to be concerned about lunch and breaks.Enter Pay CodeEnter AmountEnter Start time and Unavailable Start timeClick Partial ShiftUnclick Create Open Shift, Override Shift and Whole ShiftSelect Apply

How to Locate Staff RequestsSelect from the right side of the screen - RequestsSelect the dateEnter your Hyperfind for the unitSelect what you are looking for: time off, swap shift, OT/ET

*Requested time off has to entered into the schedule manually, never approve from thisscreen*How to locate Staff Work and Absence SummarySelect from the right side of the screen - Quick LinksSelect Work & Absence Summary

Enter the unit hyper findSelect the employee from the dropdownSelect range of dates

Select View Width: WeekSelect ApplyInformation is this view comes from the time cardManager has ability to view timecards and look for any patterns for call ins, time off, etc.Kronos On-Call/RecallOn-call shift will appear in the employee’s schedule and the in time card “ONC” will be inthe paycode column and the amount of hours that they have signed up for to be oncallNSS or the Manager will assign the correct ONC work rule in the schedule according tothe employee’s pay ruleRecall- If the employee is called in, the Manager will insert a row in the employee’s timecard to the day that the employee was called inManager will enter an IN and Out time, entering the times will bring from the schedule thecorrect pay rule connected to the employee as well as the transfer RNOC-work ruleManager will do a search in the transfer column and float the employee to the correct unitand correct job. Do not delete the work rule. This will charge the unit where the employeeworked correctlyAlways remember to save.* If a recall shift and regularly scheduled shift are back to back, the Manager only needs tochange the in punch to the time that the employee came to work. The system will calculatecorrectly the number of hours of recall.Example: ONCALL 0200-0600Regular shift 0700-1930Change in punch to 0300Recall will be calculated as 4 hours

How to Schedule Holidays on the Actual HolidayIf the person is taking the holiday on the actual holiday enter HOB-D or .HOB E/N based ontheir pay rule. Holidays are only given for 8 hours. If the person is taking 12 hours on theholiday, enter HOB 8 and add an additional HolcompU D or HolCompU EN 4f the person is working on the holiday, nothing has to be done by the scheduler: payroll willhandle the Holiday worked creditIf the person’s normal pass day falls on the holiday and there is no need to use an accrual tomeet their total obligation, enter H-Pass 0When the Clocks Changes (Daylight Savings Time)Spring In the spring, clocks are move forward so the Kronos system calculates that theemployee only worked 7 or 11 hours of obligation when working the night shift Manager will add to the employee’s schedule, one hour of obligation PEF Employees-Add Pay code WE-Eve-Night-PEF 1.0 hours CSEA Employees- Add Pay code Reg-EN 1.0 hoursFall In the fall, clocks are move backward so the Kronos system calculates that theemployee worked 9 or 13 hours of obligation when working the night shift. Manager will need to make a time card edit to correct the obligation Manager will select Daily view at the left hand corner of the time card and thenhighlight the shift worked on the Saturday of the time change. Manager will do a right click, select move hours PEF Employees- Move Pay code WE-Eve-Night-PEF to Overtime 1 hour

CSEA Employees-Move Pay code-Reg EN to Overtime 1 hourHow to Run Schedule GeneratorSelect from the task bar - EnginesSet dates and click on Start

Click on CloseOpen shifts show at top of schedule with number of available shifts by dayTo view the actual shifts that were generated, click on the dayR-click on an OT/ET shift and you can Edit, Delete, Cut, and CopyIf you select copy on the cell you want to add shift to, the paste option is availableHow to Post a ScheduleSelect Tools & Manage Schedule Posts

Select PostSelect Yes

Select Filter by location to be sure you are only posting your unit scheduleSelect PostSelect DoneSchedule can be UnpostedSchedule Audits can be reviewed

Payroll TipsAll times in the time card have a rounding rule to the quarter hours. If an employee punchesout 1 minute early, system will only calculate hours to the previous ¼ hour.The same is true if the employee punches in 15 minutes before their shift the system calculates¼ hour over/extra time.PEF Employees RNs obligation is based on their FTE total hours in a two week pay periodRNs schedule flows into the time card and is PurpleWhen an RN makes changes in the time card, it will suspend from schedule so changesmade in the schedule will not flow to the time card if the punch has been changed toBlackAny edits will have to be done on the time cardRNs are expected to cancel their lunch in the time card and enter their punches if theycome in late or leave earlyRNs can add Vac, Hol, and Personal leave to their time card when leaving early orcoming in lateRNs cannot be charged a tardy penalty or lost time for being lateCSEA Employees CSEA employees’ obligation is based on their FTE and total of 40 hours/weekSchedule will not flow to the time card until a punch has been entered by the employeeat the time clockCSEA employees cannot edit their time cards on the computerAll punches for CSEA employees comes from the time clockCSEA employees can be charged a tardy penalty for coming late. The system will notcredit them for 15 minutes if they are more than 6 minutes lateManagers can credit employees with a tardy penalty or an accrualTravelers Travelers do not have to approve their time cards. We pay them for hours workedManagers are not to sign a traveler’s company time sheet. NSS sends a Kronos timesheet to the company on the first Thursday of a new pay periodIf a traveler punches in too early, add a line to time card and take away the extra timeand add Pay Code Traveler regular

All traveler time cards need to be approved by the manager no later than 10 AM on thefirst day of the new pay period

Kronos On-Call/Recall On-call shift will appear in the employee’s schedule and the in time card “ONC” will be in the paycode column and the amount of hours that they have signed up for to be oncall NSS or the Manager will assign the correct ONC work rule in the