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Agenda1. school teachersWe are: accredited, have our own graduation,classes transfer, optionsWe are not: a project based, contract learningor on-line onlyCourse descriptions available with staffDescription about MCP high schoolGraduation requirementsBuilding your class schedulesWings

High School Consultants & Counselor Cheryl Yoke (High School Accountability Coordinator) Michelle Lien (APEX Coordinator and Trainer) Karen Bennet (Aleks Math Coordinator) Counselor – Karla Perry 222-3617 Principals: Dianna Veleke, Carrie DeForest

A MCP highly qualified teacher meets with students/families to provide the followingservices in their subject area: Our fall back to school events are important Discuss curriculum and goals Develop the Written Student Learning Plan ineach subject area [parents will need to go through thisprocess with each subject area teacher] Help choose materials if it is an off site class Assist parents in assessing student progress

What is different for our program Learning plans are made on a web based program that has support templatesYou take a solid partnership in mentoring your child – this is apartnership program – important to check gradesProgress is updated each month by parents and teacher[s] for eachsubject area by lawRegular school setting: drop after absent for 20 days - ALE program;drop after three months of overall unsuccessful progress or drop fromclass after 20 days of no log in on line classes –Block class times for two days a week – M & W or Tues and ThursNew starting with next year’s freshmen class to attain a minimum of 2.0each semester – our high schools do not report quarter grades but ongoing progress in on site classes can be viewed on POWERSCHOOLMCP High School may or may not be a good fit for your child andfamily5

Kennewick School DistrictGraduation Requirementsmoving to 24 credits withincoming Freshmen English4.0 creditsMath3.0 creditsSocial Studies3.0 creditsScience (2 lab)3.0 creditsOccupational Education 1.0 creditsHealth .5 and Fitness 1.5 2.0 creditsArt1.0 creditsElectives5.0 creditsSee pathways with Mrs. Perry 2.0credits Total24.0 credits Pass Computer Applications 1 & 2 or pass competencyexamPass Reading/Writing Math Smarter BalanceComplete a High School and Beyond Plan [Navigation]Occ. Ed class can be taken at MCP or Tri TechElectives include any credit not specified as agraduation requirement or approvedextra classes insubject areas also World Languages – classes that needto be retaken due to failing grades can be then used forElective creditFour-Year College AdmissionThe following lists the minimum courserequirements for admission to a publicfour-year college in Washington State English4.0 credits Math3.0 credits Social Studies3.0 credits Science (1-2 lab)2.0 credits Art1.0 credits World Language2.0 credits Senior Math Requirement – college-boundseniors must take a math class or Algebra-basedScience class senior year unless they havecompleted Pre-Calculus

Options for GraduationOSPI website informationRunning Start CBCWSU Tri Cities [expectation of a 4year program – they do not offeran AA but you can completegraduation requirements forhigh school and then continueon for another two years Available Junior and Senior year Dual credit program AA degree and a WA StateDiploma (*Get all the details before choosingthis path through our high school counselor

Transcript and DiplomaWhat is a transcript? It is a permanent record of allof the classes you takethroughout high school and allof your grades. For some online programs you will have torequest and pay for an officialtranscript so we can add it toour records. It shows your credits and GPA. It shows if you have finished allyour requirements. It is used by colleges to makedecision about your future.

Computer Competency Students must pass Computer Applications 1 & 2 or passa competency assessment. The competency exam is a web-based program which tests astudent’s ability in PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The three parts ofthe assessment are weighted according to the amount of content foreach area: Word 45%, PowerPoint 30%, Excel 25%. A compositescore of 70% or higher fulfills the graduation requirement. Information on test times and procedures will beprovided online – many times available in the year Summer school at Tri-Tech offers both classes, taking 2weeks for each. (depends on funding and demand is high and space islimited) DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE SENIOR YEAR TO TAKETHIS TEST – TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY EARLY INYOUR HIGH SCHOOL PATH

Proficiency State ExamsRequirementsPass EOC in Biology (taken by all in 10th graders unless passed infreshman year) or state approved alternative Exit assessment exam is also required at the end of Spanish 1-2This exam is use as a prerequisite for advancement-not a graduationrequirement Smarter Balanced – grade 10 for the English Language Arts AND Math- practice items on line through OSPI

Teacher Coach MentorA parent’s role evolves over the growing years of your child.The parent moves from ages 0-9 as a teacher and then evolvesto a coach. By the end of the high school your child’s growingmaturity and independence often leads to a very satisfyingparent with the role of being a mentor.CoachMentorLanguage of the Coach role: Let’s workon your technique, Show me howyou Good Job! Be sure to keepworking on Language of the Mentor: What is yourplan for completing the project? What doyou need help with? Have you thought of?Adult Driver InstructorChild Student DriverAdult GPSChild DriverTo refine/align learning and move thelearner toward independenceTo advise, encourage and empower thelearner to evaluate their choices

Navigation You will review your Navigation requirements the Navigation advisor. Through Navigation, you will complete various activities including demonstrations of quality work, volunteer hours, career inventories, and a highschool and beyond plan.A High School and Beyond Plan is completed with your school counselor eachfall or upon enrollment and is part of your Navigation binder.Navigation is done at home at activities are posted on Edmodo of whereparents can have access as well as studentsStudents meet with the counselor three times a year with the counselor toreview progress with their navigation activitiesNavigation is a graduation requirement.Navigation requirements are met for students enrolled in Tri-tech (for juniorand senior year) during the time enrolled there and for running start students

Washington State History: Students must pass a semester of Washington StateHistory prior to graduation from high school. Many of you passed WSH in 7th or 8th grade. High school students who transfer from anotherstate will have their records evaluated to determine ifthis requirement has been satisfied by an equivalentcourse.

Occupational Education1.0 credit earned in any of the following: Business Technology Tri-Tech Courses junior and/or senior Your neighborhood comprehensive high school willalso offer additional courses if needed for this credit

Off –Site CreditsStudents can takeapproved on-linecourses for credit Apex is offered atMCP for many corecourses. K-12 offers manyapproved courses. Check with ourcounselor for otheroptionsStudents at MCP can get credit for coursestaken at homeWith oversight from a Highly Qualified (HQ) Instructorfrom MCP and an approved learning plan, off-site HScourses can earn credit. Here’s how:1. Parents will complete and submit a learning plan.2. Parents and student will meet with HQ to discuss thelearning plan and materials.3. Students meet monthly with the HQ instructor toshare and discuss work. Parents are stronglyencouraged to attend as their coach and mentor.a.b.4.5.Students keep a portfolio of their work for academicclasses with daily work and test scores.Students log hours for fine arts and PE courses.Parents report monthly progress on WINGS. HQ’salso report based on the monthly conference.HQ’s complete credit request forms which are signedby the parent. Credits are submitted each semesterfor approved course work

Building a ScheduleStart with your core classes English 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6 or Senior English Math – seek advice from your math teacher – sequence is usuallyAlgebra, Geometry then Algebra 3/4 Science Social Studies – World History for freshmen and sophomores ifthey have not had the World History and depending upon a secondHistory class for juniors and the sophomores who might have hadWorld History before Lastly, fill in your electives.If you are interested in Tri Tech in your junior/senior year then meetwith Mrs. Perry to see the classes that fulfill credits for graduation

Important Dates to Remember April - Class registration for students. Fill out theregistration form and return to Karla Perry or the MCPoffice by April 13th. Individual meetings will be scheduledwith Mrs. Perry in April and May. June 16th – MCP office closes for the summer

Program*these are not paid for by thedistrict or MCP [Washington virtual academy] [Columbia virtual academy]18

High school teachers 3. We are: accredited, have our own graduation, classes transfer, options 4. We are not: a project based, contract learning or on-line only 5. Course descriptions available with staff 6. Description about MCP high school 7. Graduati