Welcome to Pre-Algebra 8Mrs. Hoffman Room 208

EXPECTATIONSBe in class before bell ringsBe respectfulBe ready to learnBe prepared for class(charged chromebook, 3-ring binder, paper & pencil)Behave- You know right from wrong and how to act APPROPRIATELYFollow all school rules and regulations in handbook

CONSEQUENCESWarningConference with teacher – Call/E-mail home(I PROMISE I WILL CALL/EMAIL HOME)Teacher detentionDiscipline Referral to the officeSent to Office with Discipline ReferralPlease just remember to be nice to each other

ALL ABOUT MRS. HOFFMAN Teaching for a total of 20 years (yes I am old), 14 at WHMS Graduate of WHHS Received my BS from Monmouth University and my Masters fromMarygrove College Married to my HS sweetheart for 18 years Two Children - Hailey (10th grade) and Ryan (7th grade) Oldest of 3 sisters Coached MS Field Hockey for 3 years Favorite place to be - THE BEACH Loves to TRAVEL & WATCH SPORTS

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS CLASS Real NumbersSolving EquationsFunctionsExponentsGeometry/Pythagorean TheoremTransformationsVolume & Surface Area

DAILY ROUTINE (OR SOMETHING SIMILAR) Take out your HW/Go over answersComplete Do NowHW Check (on GoFormative), if there is oneNotes Sheet (fill in as we go)Classwork/ActivityWrite down/Start HW (Use the “Show your work” sheet when necessary)Stay in seats until the bell rings - no lining up at the door

TEXTBOOKEVERYONE will get online access from Login McGraw Hill ( will give you the necessary information to login.DO NOT LOSE THE LOGIN INFORMATIONOnline resources include:the entire textbook, video tutors, practice quizzes, extra examples

EXTRA HELP- In Room 208I am here to help YOU!!! Just ask if youneed to stay after or come in early!Before school at 7:15After school until 2:45HW club runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays &Thursdays from 2:30-3:30I will be there on Tuesday or Thursdaystarting in November

SIGNING OUTRaise your hand and askGrab a pass from my deskFill it out completely (except for the teacher signature)Bring it to me to sign (without disrupting the class)

GENESIS Updated daily “M”issing - means you were absent the day the assignmentwas assigned or due (CAN be made up) “0” - means you did not have the assignment done the day itwas due and you were not absent (CANNOT be made up) Any concerns, please email me ASAP!!!**YOU are responsible for making up any missed work which includes,notes, assignments, activities, assessments. If a test/quiz is missed,please schedule a time with the teacher to make up.**

GRADING: PROJECTS/ASSESSMENTS 80% of your gradeIncludes: Projects (check rubrics BEFORE handing in, 10% off each day late)Graded AssignmentsHW ChecksTests/QuizzesActivities

GRADING: HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK 20% of your gradeIncludes: Homework (graded on a 4-point scale) In GoFormative Work out on desk Graded on effort (so please TRY!) NOT accepted late EdPuzzles - Must score 80% or higher for full credit Classwork

Things I DO NOT want to hear“I don’t get it.” - that is a statement, not aquestion. ASK a QUESTION!!! Pay attention and Ipromise you will understand something!“When will I ever use this?” - at least forthis class. You never know when you will need to knowsomething. There are many careers that will use your Alg.skills so be POSITIVE and embrace what you are learning.“Can we NOT have HW- it is given pretty muchEVERY night so stop complaining!

Closing Remarks!!!I promise!!!

Marygrove College Married to my HS sweetheart for 18 years Two Children - Hailey (10th grade) and Ryan (7th grade) Oldest of 3 sisters Coached MS Field Hockey for 3 years Favorite place to be - THE BEACH Lov