mMicrosoft AmalgaRIS/PACS Powerful pictures and intuitiveradiology workflow integratedinto a single, easy-to-use system

PG 02M I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SAn integrated imaging and workflowsystem that gives you vision.M I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SPG 03Microsoft Amalga RIS/PACS is an integrated Radiology Information System (RIS) andPicture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that is available as a stand-aloneimaging system or a seamlessly integrated component of the Microsoft Amalga HospitalInformation System (HIS). Amalga RIS/PACS consolidates a hospital’s entire collection ofmedical imaging and integrates it with sophisticated workflow for radiology. Whetherintegrated with the patient electronic medical record (EMR) and other hospital systems orinstalled as a stand-alone system, RIS/PACS gives radiologists and clinicians the tools tomake fast, informed diagnoses and more confident clinical decisions.Featuring a single user interface, the award-winning Amalga RIS/PACS enables teleradiologyamong multiple sites to provide quick access to digital images, intuitive image manipulationand built-in diagnostic tools—all designed for the way radiologists prefer to work. The system’swide-area PACS is built on interconnected, site-specific servers rather than a central databaseresult in minimum downtime and easy, seamless shared access across multiple sites and teams.Increased accuracyStandardisation supportIntegrated systems reduce transcription errors, eliminateThe format-agnostic system supports all image file types andduplication of data and prevent overlap in reporting,includes a DICOM work list to enable consistent DICOM dataoptimising the information clinicians have to work with.entry for image files.Enhanced efficiencyPowerful tools at your fingertipsFast image retrieval time, full access to a complete databaseIntegrated 3-D image rendering, image manipulation andof current and historical images, advanced ability to mark upan HL7 engine to support interfaces with third-party analysisand display preferred image collections and fast and intuitivetools make it possible for radiologists to work easily in onenavigation streamline clinician processes to make their workspace, without juggling multiple applications and hardware.go faster.Substantially reduced costsFilmless digital imaging eliminates substantial supply costs,frees up staff and reduces the need for space to store andmanage film records.

PG 04M I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SM I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SPG 05Increase the value of radiology in patient care.The Microsoft Amalga RIS/PACS system intuitively responds to the day-to-day needs of yourhospital’s radiology and other clinical departments, providing the sophisticated tools andsupport for complex processes that can help medical imaging play a more integral role indiagnosis and treatment.SCHEDULING ANDWORKFLOWEMR INTEGRATIONDIAGNOSTICWORKSTATIONSREPORTSScheduling and WorkflowEMR IntegrationDiagnostic WorkstationsReportsThe Radiology Information System helps busy radiologyFaster turnaround time helps expedite patient visits, diagno-Workstations simulate the hanging of film images for betterThe intuitive RIS/PACS report editor accepts written ordepartments manage their appointments and resourcesis and treatment and immediate access to the patient EMRstudy and comparison, but with all the advantages of adictated reporting, integrating with voice-recognitionscheduling, study acquisition workflow, documents and(when deployed with Microsoft Amalga HIS) gives doctorsdigital format. Radiologists can quickly access historical andtechnology or preparing compressed digital audio files forimage report creation from a single interface. Intuitive, drag-the complete information they need to act quickly.recent images, compile them and navigate the collectiontranscribing. Templates make it possible for radiologistsand-drop design, automatic appointment recurrence, alertseasily. They can also save a set of Dynamic Display Protocolsto select and generate standard reports almost instantly,for resource constraints, graphical views and pre-exam alertsto see a consistent display of images from site to site.reducing report turnaround time. Transcribed reportshelp radiology teams operate more smoothly.Radiologists can switch back and forth quickly and easilyappear automatically in the radiologists’ work list, so theyfrom two-dimensional views to 3-D perspectives to furthercan quickly review, approve and release the report to theinvestigate an area for more accurate diagnosis.ordering doctor.

PG 06M I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SM I C R O S O F T A M A LG A R I S / PA C SAdvanced functionality provides flexibility.Workload sharingVoice recognition and digital dictation and transcriptionFor organisations that have multiple sites and limitedThe system supports all the leading voice-recognition enginesradiology resources, the wide-area PACS network allows fast,and includes radiology-specific dictionaries to improveeasy image sharing across sites and radiology teams. Withaccuracy of transcription. The system also compresses digitalmultilevel security access to information, radiologists candictation recordings and sends them to off-site medicalshare or protect reports according to their preferences.transcriptionists.Because the system is highly scalable, it can be easily adaptedas radiology departments are added or expanded.Intelligence for cliniciansTeaching resourcesRIS/PACS includes a comprehensive teaching system thatallows radiologists to flag interesting cases and design caseOperating theatre planning allows surgeons to mark upstudies to use for student instruction. The system enablescollections of images so they can prepare for an operationcategorisation of cases for simple retrieval, as well as theand then call up the images they need immediately duringcreation of exam questions and results analysis for Imaging markup and manipulation helps doctorsTeaching files are created and handled according to standardsprepare for rounds or create presentations.established by the Radiological Society of North America’sMedical Imaging Resource Centre, permitting standardisedInternational capabilitiesDisplays can use any Unicode-supported language, providingflexibility for multiregion hospital systems and a diverseclinical and administrative staff.query support, case submission and server support.Remote managementManagers and administrators can access a full audit trailof all image retrievals and monitor all study movementsimmediately, while your hospital’s IT department can overseefile sizes, load times and workflow for server and resourceoptimisation. Additionally, the system is easy to manage,configure and extend, allowing for a fully scalable solution.PG 07

mMicrosoft Amalga RIS/PACSA combined Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and CommunicationsSystem, with embedded imaging tools, intuitive workflow and access to a hospital’s entirelibrary of medical images, puts the power of pictures into clinicians’ hands.Learn more about Microsoft Amalga RIS/PACSat 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Microsoft, Amalga and the Amalga logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporationin the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.Part No. 098-109490

EMR INTEGRATION REPORTS MICROSOFT AMALGA RIS/PACS PG 05. PG 06 MICROSOFT AMALGA RIS/PACS MICROSOFT AMALGA RIS/PACS PG 07 Workload sharing For organisations that have multiple sites and limited radiology resources, the wide-area PACS network allows fast,