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SUMMARYFlagler Bank wanted to change theirdigital signage provider. They already had digitaldisplay screens in their banks before they switchedto Mvix. They found a software solution that ismore hands-on and customizable, which isexactly what they needed.INTRODUCTIONFlagler Bank is a group of community banks located in PalmBeach County, Florida. With a team of around 40 employees,Flagler operates two branches in West Palm Beach and one inNorth Palm Beach. All three locations utilize digital signagesolutions.Did you know that allof Flagler Bank’s branchesare within 20 miles of eachother?A desire to make a change from their previous digitalsignage solution prompted Flagler to search for adifferent digital signage provider. This organic search ledthem to Mvix and a content management software thatsurpassed what they were currently using. Additionally,Mvix’s XhibitSignage is easy to use, intuitive, and not tomention, reasonably priced. Flagler highly values that thesoftware allows them to customize their displays moreeasily and update content as frequently as they like.Email mPhone : 1 866.310.4923 1 703.652.9131 Mvix(USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

THE CHALLENGEFlagler Bank’s biggest challenge waslearning how to use XhibitSignage.Luckily, ths wasn’t challenging at all. The learningprocess was a breeze for Flagler Bank as they were ableto get training from Mvix’s qualified Client Success team.Professional training and demos made learning fast andeasy.Flagler Bank is a Signature Care Client.This means they get new free devicesevery 3 years as well as premiumfeatures such as emergency alerts.Flagler also has access to theindustry-leading support and technicalassistance to ensure there is never anydowntime for their digital signage players and they canget the most out of their displays.Fun factsThere are over 200 different banks operatingthroughout the state of Florida.Did you know there are over 400 bankbranches in Palm Beach county alone?That’s one bank every 5.5 mi2!What needed to be doneDecide which media players they want to usewith their current displays.Install devices and ensure the media playersand the digital displays are working together.Complete training and learn how to useXhibitSignage to create templates, playlistsand schedules.Upload their content onto XhibitSignage software.Email mPhone : 1 866.310.4923 1 703.652.9131 Mvix(USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

DEPLOYMENT AND USAGEMvix has been providing Flagler Bankwith Digital Signage Software since 2017.Below are 3 features or apps they useregularly on their screens.Images and BrandingAnother great feature Flagler makes use of theirbranding and images on their digital signage displays.This reinforces their brand and keeps it top of mind forthose looking to their display screens.Components used:Content management SortwareXhibitSignage softwareStock AppThe Stock App on XhibitSignage is a great way to keeptrack of markets and to show automated day to daymarket activities to employees and customers. It makessense for Flagler to make use of this app as they are abank and need to be up to date on stock market trendsincluding NASDAQ, NYSE and S&P 500.Additionally, they can customize the theme of the stockcharts to fit their bank branding as well as incorporatetheir logos onto their digital signage displays.News and InformationNews is a great source of content for Flagler to displayin their banks. It shows their clients they are informedand in the know about what is going on in the world.Media PlayersXhibit Plus devicesContent Integration - Premium Content Apps;Emergency and CAP alerts.The news app allows users such as Flagler Bank tochoose from multiple news channels such as CNN,Fox News and BBC.Professional ServicesOne-on-one training and Technical Support.Email mPhone : 1 866.310.4923 1 703.652.9131 Mvix(USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

WHY IT WORKEDFlagler Bank chose Mvix because of ourcustomizable software and stayed for our greatassistance and technical support.Flagler has been with Mvix for almost 4 years now.The reason they have stayed is because ofour technical support.Flagler are Signature Care Clients, which meanthey receive support whenever they need it,they have access to unlimited training aswell as tech refresh (new players every3 years). They also receive a lifetimewarranty on their players.Our highly customizable software is another reason theystay with Mvix. They are able to edit templates or createtheir own. As well as include their bank’s logo and otherbranded content on their displays.Digital signage displays are the first thing their customerssee when they walk into the bank branches, and it’simportant that they are in-line with their companybranding and messaging.They needed a simple and easy to use system that wouldadd value to their bank and not drain resources tomaintain.“The support that we receiveis exceptional. I feel that thetechnicians aren’t concerned about“closing a ticket” but honestlywanted to resolve my issue to mycomplete satisfaction.and they do.I appreciate the excellent servicethat we receive.William CintronVP, InformationTechnology OfficerFlagler BankEmail mPhone : 1 866.310.4923 1 703.652.9131 Mvix(USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

ABOUTTHE COMPANIESAbout Flagler BankAbout MvixFlagler bank was established in 2000. They are acommunity orientated bank. They cater a personalservice and only serve Palm Beach county residents.They aim to provide quality service for the financial needsof their customers. Flagler strives to build long-lastingrelationships with new customers and exceed theexpectation of their current customers. They offer loans,personal banking services as well as business bankingservices.At Mvix, our love for technology drives who we are andwhat we do. For over a decade, we have been a leadingprovider of content-rich digital signage solutions thatcreate memorable digital experiences in corporate offices,healthcare facilities, school campuses, restaurants andmore.Flagler Bank Guarantees: Personalized Services Relationship buildingOur focus is on cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-hostedsolutions that, coupled with our engineers and creativeteam, build digital signage networks that turn browsersinto customers and employees into brand ambassadors,all while enhancing brand awareness. Our software,XhibitSignage, recently won the InfoComm 2017 Best ofShow Award - Digital Signage. They are Small Business Friendly Fast Loan Decisions Decision makers who live and work inthe same community Provides funds for the Local CommunityFor more information contact Flagler Bank mPhone : 1 866.310.4923 1 703.652.9131 Mvix(USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

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provider of content-rich digital signage solutions that create memorable digital experiences in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, school campuses, restaurants and more. Our focus is on cost-effective, feature-rich, cloud-hosted solutions that, coupled with our engineers and creative team, build