Welcome to Jamestown Area High School, the home of the Muskies and“One of America’s Best High Schools”Hopefully, you had a more “normal” summer the past few months. I am looking forward to usbeing able to have a more traditional school year and be together in-person.Here are a few updates for you: Jeans or pants with holes will now be allowed to be worn if the hole is below the thigh.Breakfast and lunch for students will be at no charge again this school yearWe have some new teachers joining us this school year. Please make them feel welcome.New changes in Compulsory Attendance Requirements now state that any student “lessthan 18 years of age” must comply with attendance requirements (it was previously lessthan 17 years of age). This change was put in place beginning with the 2020-21 SchoolYear.Also, no student under the age of 18 may withdraw from school.Also, the information in this booklet is not all-inclusive but it has been carefully prepared to giveyou as much information as possible to be successful and have a positive experience.Mr. Brian KeyserMrs. Kate Evans-HainesMr. Gary KinnearMrs. Cindy MicskyMr. Justin PippMrs. Amber SandersonPrincipalGuidance CounselorDirector of Special Education Services/School PsychologistSchool NurseAdministrative Assistant/Athletic DirectorGuidance Office Secretary1

Table of ContentsEqual Rights/Opportunities/Title IX Compliance/Academic Award Letters/Activities . .3-4AP Exams/Appointments . . .4Athletics . . .5-6Attendance . . 6-11Awards .11-12Book Bags/Bullying/Cafeteria/Cell Phones .12-13Cheating/College Visits/Conferences/Dismissal/Educational Travel/Excused From School .14FERPA/Office Hourse/Final Exams/Flag Salute and Pledge/Fundraisers/GiftedEducation .15-16Grading (Student Assessment) . . .16-18Graduation Project/Graduation Requirements/Guidance Services/Hall Passes 18-19Head Lice/HIV/AIDS/Homebound Instruction/Homeroom/Homework/Honor Students/Insurance .19-20Keystone Exams/Keystone Remediation/Library 20-22Locks & Lockers/Lockers-Subject to Searches/Lost & Found/Medication/Messages/Nurse. .22-24Parking/Pest Management .24Physical & Dental Exams/Physicals for Sports/Physical Education/Progress Reports/PromotionRetention/Protection of Pupil Rights 25-26PSSA Testing/Release of Student Information/Residency/Restroom Privilege/Rodgers EducationalFund/Scheduling/Scholarships . 26-27School Cancellation/Senior Trip/Social Events . .27Special Needs Students/Student Assistance Team/Student Records/Student Recruitment/Student Service Credit/Study Halls/Summer School/Surveys .27-28Tardy to Class/Teacher Qualifications/Testing/Textbooks/Transportation .29-31Tutoring/Vo-Tech/Video Equipment on School Buses/Withdrawal from School/Work Release . 31-32STUDENTS RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBLITIES AND DISCIPLINE POLICYPhilosophy/Corporal Punishment/Detention/Detention Hall Procedures .33-34Expulsion/In-School Suspension/Out-of-School Suspension/Student Behavior .34Level I Infractions/Level II Infractions . . .35Level III Infractions/Suspicion of Drugs-Alcohol/Hearings . .36-37Weapons/Terroristic Threats-Acts/Student Complaints/Dress & Grooming .37-39Tobacco/Use of Motor Vehicles/Pregnant Students 39Electronic Devices/Unlawful Harassment/Unauthorized/Substances-Extracurricular Activities . 402

EQUAL RIGHTS AND OPPORTUNITIES POLICY (SB Policy #103)The board declares that we will provide an equal opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potentialthrough the programs offered in the schools regardless of race, color, age, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry,national origin or handicap/disability.TITLE IX COMPLIANCEAny student or employee of the Jamestown Area School District who believes he/she has been discriminated against,denied a benefit, or excluded from participation in any district education program or activity, may file a written complaint withthe Title IX Compliance Coordinator. Grievance Procedures are included in Board Policy No. 103 “Nondiscrimination in Schooland Classroom Practices” and Board Policy No. 104 “Nondiscrimination in Employment and Contract Practices” in the district’sboard policy manual. Jamestown Area School District, Title IX Compliance Coordinator, Mrs. Tracy Reiser, Jamestown Area HighSchool, P.O. Box 217, 204 Shenango St., Jamestown, PA 16134, 724-932-5557.ACADEMIC AWARD LETTERSA student would have to meet the following criteria to be eligible in grades 9-12:1.2.Any student who achieves the status of High Honors (Principal’s List) for all four (4) quarters of oneschool year beginning in 9th grade.Any student who achieves the status of at least Honors for eight (8) consecutive quarters of twoconsecutive school years beginning in 9th grade.Students who receive Academic Letters for their achievements would then be eligible to add pins to theirletter for each additional time they would meet the eligibility requirements for a letter.Also, students who participate in Academic Games would be eligible to receive award pins for qualifyingat the state and national level competitionACTIVITIESMost clubs and activities will meet before school, during lunch or after school when the advisor believes it is necessary.Student Council - Membership will consist of representatives from each grade elected by their fellow classmates.Members must maintain a "C" average and attend the meetings to remain eligible. An election will be in May - ballotingin English classes for grades 8, 9, 10, and 11.Yearbook- Students will work through the year on various publications that will reflect upon the events involvingJamestown students and to keep the community informed of school events.National Honor Society - Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The purpose of theNational Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promoteworthy leadership and to encourage the development of character in students of the Jamestown Area High School.Students must be a member of the sophomore, junior, or senior class to be eligible. The advisor and a faculty committeereview eligible candidates. Selection is made using QPA, Student Activity Information Form and a possible interviewprocess. New members are inducted in the spring. There is a membership due of 5.00.Spanish Club - The Spanish Club is open to all students currently enrolled in a Spanish class and maintaining a passinggrade. Past Spanish students may be permitted to join, only if space is available. (membership 30 students).Bible Club - Open to students who have an interest in learning more about the Bible. This is a student led club.YSU Reading Program - Provides students an opportunity to compete with students from other districts using language3

arts skills.Students for Charity - 12 students (3 each from grades 9, 10, 11, & 12), serve as a group to learn how a non-profit,philanthropic board of directors’ functions. Students, led by a student chairperson and under the direction of facultyadvisors conduct fund raisers and learn how to give the money away to support needs in both the local and greatercommunity of Mercer County. Matching funds are donated by the Shenango Valley Foundation.Art Club- The art club is open to students in grades 9-12 who are (or have been) enrolled in a senior high art class.Students may be involved in various art projects throughout the school and community.Forensics - Student enter competition for speech and debateHistory Club- This club is for students in grades 9-12 who are interested in learning more about local, U.S., and WorldHistory through research, discussions, activities, and possible field trips that will reinforce a desire to learn more abouthistory.FISH (Friends in Support and Honor)- This group is supported by the Jamestown Drug and Prevention Partners (JDAPP)and the Mercer Behavioral Health Commission. It is made up of students who want to be a positive role model to otherstudents through living a life free of drugs and alcohol. This group sponsors various activities and programs which willhighlight positive choices and lifestyles.AP ExamsJHS offers the following AP (Advanced Placement) Courses: AP U.S. History, AP English Language, AP EnglishLiterature, and AP Biology. Students who are enrolled in these courses are eligible to take an AP Exam near the end ofthe school year which may earn them college credits at postsecondary school or college, depending on their score.Students must register and pay the required fee by the deadline imposed by the Guidance Office. Also, students whoqualify for free or reduced lunches may be eligible for a discounted or waived exam fee. Students who qualify for adiscounted or free exam must have at least achieved an 87% (weighted) for each of the first three quarters of the schoolyear to be considered.APPOINTMENTSThe following appointments are considered excused absences:1. Doctor's appointments2. Emergencies as determined by the high school principal.3. Appointments to visit post graduate schools when scheduled through the guidance office. (The principal may limitthe number of visits based on a student’s grades, and attendance record).If a student wishes to be dismissed from school early, he/she is required to bring a written statement to include:1. Date and time dismissed2. Time to return3. Name and location of doctor or appointment information4. Signature of parent or guardianApproval must be given by the high school principal for an appointment. Shadowing, Military and College placement testingthat have been pre-arranged through the guidance office may show no time lost. A letter from the college or recruiter and acompleted form for shadowing are required prior to the date of absence.Non-authorized appointments (which includes driver’s exams) will be considered an unexcused absence and besubject to the provisions of the attendance regulations. Students with an appointment must sign out in the office when leavingschool and sign in when returning.*The High School Office must be made aware of any appointments and contact with students must be made through the office.Any student found to have been communicating with parents/guardians by an electronic device that is not approved by theoffice will be considered to have violated School Board Policy #227 dealing with cell phones and will receive an after-school4

detention for each offense.ATHLETICS (Interscholastic)Students are encouraged to become involved in interscholastic athletics as a participant or spectator. The followingsports are offered for your enjoyment and to aid in your physical, emotional and social development as a student athlete.BoysGirlsFall - Cross Country gr. 7-12Golf 9-12Soccer (with GHS)Fall - Volleyball gr. 9-12Cross Country gr. 7-12Jr. High BasketballGolf 9-12Soccer (with GHS)Winter - Jr. High BasketballWinter – Sr. High BasketballSr. High BasketballCheerleading gr. 9-12Wrestling (Co-op with Greenville HS gr. 7-12) (Males and Females)Spring - Baseball gr. 9-12Spring - Softball gr. 9-12Track & Field 7-12 (with GHS)Track & Field 7-12 (with GHS)Jr. High Volleyball gr.7-9Eligibility: All students must meet the qualifications established by the P.I.A.A. and local school district.1. All students must pass a physical exam and have written permission from their parents to participate.2. Students must have passed the required number of credits the previous grading period. Students not meeting this requirementare ineligible for a three (3) week period (15 school days) of the next grading period.3. Students must be passing at least four - full credit subjects, or the equivalent. Eligibility shall be cumulative from the beginningof a grading period and shall be reported on a weekly basis throughout the season from the first day of practice until the lastgame. All student-athletes must also be passing at least 2 core courses on their schedule (English, Science, Math, Social Studies)in order to be eligible for participation in JHS Athletics.4. Students must attend school on a regular basis and be in school by 11:30 the day of the event to be eligible for participatingin a game or practice.5. Students must remain in good standing as a student.6. Students must abide by the policies and guidelines established by the school board, principal, and the coaches. This mayinclude academic standards above those established by P.I.A.A.7. Students participating on a high school team may not be a member or participate on an independent team during the sameseason without permission from P.I.A.A. (See the Athletic Director).8. Students must show proof of having accident insurance.9. The following guidelines have been developed for any student who wants to participate in a sport that we do not currentlyoffer at Jamestown:a. Students must demonstrate a genuine interest and the ability to compete at the level being considered. Qualifyingscore, etc. will be required.b. Students who qualify will be entered in the appropriate level of competition and excused from school if necessary.c. Home schooled students are eligible to participate in JHS athletic programs.d. Students must meet the eligibility requirements of P.I.A.A. and Jamestown High School.e. Incidental expenses incurred as a result of participation are the responsibility of the athlete and his/her family.f. A parent/guardian or designated adult, must accompany the student as coach to all events that are entered. Allrequired clearances must be completed prior to any student participation. The cost for these clearances will be the5

parent’s responsibility. These forms are available in the Business Office. Allow six weeks for these clearances to beprocessed.g. Transportation for the student athlete will be the responsibility of the parent(s).h. Accident and liability insurance for the student athlete will be the responsibility of the parents.*Any student-athlete who receives either an In-School or Out-of-School Suspension will not be permitted to participatein an athletic activity (practice or game) from the time of the notice of suspension until the day following their period ofsuspension.ATTENDANCEThe Board requires that school age students enrolled in the district schools attend school regularly, in accordancewith the state laws. The educational program offered by the district is predicated upon the presence of the student andrequires continuity of instruction and classroom participation in order for students to achieve academic standards andconsistent educational progress.Attendance shall be required of all students during the days and hours that school is in session, except thatauthorized district staff may excuse a student for temporary absences when receiving satisfactory evidence of mental, physical,or other urgent reasons that may reasonably cause the student’s absence. Urgent reasons shall be strictly construed and donot permit irregular attendance.The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has compulsory attendance laws, which require a child to be in school. When astudent is absent from school, parents are requested to call the school nurse at the elementary school (724-932-3181). We areinterested in knowing when your child is sick. Every child is required by law to bring a written excuse to school on the day thechild returns. The written excuse must include the date of absence, the reason for the absence, and the signature of a parent orguardian.Student must bring in a written excuse within five school days. After 5 days the absence will become illegal. Excuse notesmay be written on school provided forms or any other type of paper. If after 5 days an excuse is not delivered, the absencewill be declared unexcused or illegal.PLEASE NOTE: Educational travel, parental excuses, and medical excuses are counted as cumulative absences. After ten daysof absence and/or where abuse of attendance regulations is suspected, the superintendent or designee may require aphysician’s statement to be used to determine if such absence was justified.Students will be excused with a written note for doctor and dental appointments. You are encouraged to make theseappointments after school hours when possible. It is important for your child to be in school. Good attendance helps your childbe a better student.Students arriving at the high school after 9:00 am, who were not late because of a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment,etc., will be marked absent for a half-day.In order for a student to be marked present for a half day in the afternoon, the student must arrive before the start of theafternoon session (11:30 am).TardinessA student who is tardy is to report to the office accompanied by his or her parent. The parent must sign the student in by givingthe secretary the child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name. This will insure the removal of his/her name from the absencereport. An excuse must accompany the student with the parent or guardian’s signature and the reason for the tardiness. Tardyminutes will accumulate and may result in illegal absences.Early DismissalThere may be times when you have some special reason for requesting early dismissal of your child. If your child must leaveschool early, a note signed by the parent must be sent to the office indicating the time, date, and reason for the early dismissal.The person picking up the child should report to the office at the time requested and the child will be called. The person6

picking up the child may be asked for photo identification.Educational Tours and TripsThe Board may excuse a student from school attendance to participate in an educational tour or trip not sponsored by thedistrict if the following conditions are met:1. The parent/guardian submits educational travel request form 5 school days prior to the absence.2. The student’s participation has been approved by the Superintendent or designee.3. The adult directing and supervising the tour or trip is acceptable to the parents/guardians and theSuperintendent.The Board may limit the number and duration of tours or trips for which excused absences may be granted to a student duringthe school term. The decision to approve or deny the request is based on the student’s grades and attendance record.1. No trip will last longer than 10 school days.2. No combination of educational trips will last longer than 10 school days.3. No student may take more than three educational trips per school year.4. Travel will not be granted during district or state testing periods.5. Any exception to the above policy would require approval of the board of education6. If an educational travel request form is not received at least 5 school days in advance of the trip, it mayresult in unlawful absences.The Board considers the following conditions to constitute reasonable cause for absence:1. Illness, including if a student is dismissed by designated district staff during school hours for health-related reasons.2. Obtaining professional health care or therapy service rendered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts in anystate, commonwealth or territory.3. Quarantine.4. Family emergency.5. Recovery from accident.6. Required court attendance.7. Death in family.8. Participation in a project sponsored by a statewide or countywide 4-H, FFA or combined 4-H and FFA group, uponprior written request.9. Observance of a religious holiday observed by bona fide religious group, upon prior written parental request.10. Non-school-sponsored educational tours or trips.11. College or postsecondary institution visit, with prior approval.12. Other urgent reasons. Urgent reasons shall be strictly construed and do not permit irregular attendance.13. Religious holidays.The Board considers the following to be unacceptable reasons for absence from school: business (work, hair appointments, shopping).Oversleeping.Missing the bus.Car problems.Hunting.General excuses (When an excuse is submitted with a general reason such as “out of town,” “an appointment,”“family emergency,” etc., the building principal/attendance officer will be contacting the parent/guardian to gainfurther explanation and information).Students who are chronically tardy will be subject to progressive discipline. Perfect attendance will not be granted to a student7

who has any tardies or absences. Students may be considered excused late under the following circumstances:1. Illness.2. Accident.3. Emergency situation.4. Medical, dental or health related appointments.5. Court appearances.Attendance need not always be within school facilities. A student will be considered in attendance if present at any placewhere school is in session by authority of the Board; the student is receiving approved tutorial instruction, or health ortherapeutic services; the student is engaged in an approved and properly supervised independent study, work-study or careereducation program; or the student is receiving approved homebound instruction.All absences occasioned by observance of the student’s religion on a day approved by the Board as a religious holiday shall beexcused. A penalty shall not be attached to an absence for a religious holiday.The Board shall, upon written request of the parents/guardians, release from attendance a student participating in a religiousinstruction program acknowledged by the Board. Such instruction shall not require the child’s absence from school for morethan thirty-six (36) hours per school year, and its organizers must inform the board of the child’s attendance record. The Boardshall not provide transportation to religious instruction. A penalty shall not be attached to an absence for religious instruction.The Board shall permit a student to be excused for participation in a project sponsored by a statewide or countywide 4-H, FFAor combined 4-H and FFA group upon written request prior to the event.The Board shall excuse the following students from the requirements of attendance at the schools of this district:1. On certification by a physician or submission of other satisfactory evidence and on approval of the Department ofEducation, children who are unable to attend school or apply themselves to study for mental, physical or otherreasons that preclude regular attendance.2. Students enrolled in nonpublic or private schools in which the subjects and activities prescribed by law are taught.3. Students attending college who are also enrolled part-time in the district schools.4. Students attending a home education program or private tutoring in accordance with the law.5. Students fifteen (15) or sixteen (16) years of age whose enrollment in private trade or business schools has beenapproved.6. Students fifteen (15) years of age, and fourteen (14) years of age who have completed the highest elementary grade,engaged in farm work or private domestic service under duly issued permits.7. Students sixteen (16) years of age regularly employed during the school session and holding a lawfully issuedemployment certificate.The following students may be temporarily excused from the requirements of attendance at district schools:1. Students receiving tutorial instruction in a field not offered in the district’s curricula from a properly qualified tutorapproved by the Superintendent, when the excusal does not interfere with the student’s regular program of studies.2. Students participating in a religious instruction program, if the following conditions are met: (a.) The parent/guardiansubmits a written request for excusal. The request shall identify and describe the instruction, and the dates andhours of instruction; (b.) The student shall not miss more than thirty-six (36) hours per school year in order to attendclasses for religious instruction; (c.) Following each absence, the parent/guardian shall submit a statement attestingthat the student attended the instruction, and the dates and hours of attendance.3. School age children unable to attend school upon recommendation of the school physician and a psychiatrist orschool psychologist, or both, and with approval of the Secretary of Education.Compulsory AttendanceThe Board recognizes that attendance is an important factor in educational success and supports a comprehensive approach toidentify and address attendance issues. The Board shall establish and enforce attendance requirements, in accordance with8

applicable laws and regulations, Board policy and administrative regulations.DefinitionsCompulsory school age shall mean the period of a child’s life from the time the child’s parent/guardians elect to havethe child enter school, and which shall be no later than six (6) years of age until the child reaches eighteen (18) years of age.The term does not include a child who holds a certificate of graduation from a regularly accredited, licensed, registered, orapproved high school. This change began with the 20-21 School Year.Habitually truant shall mean six (6) or more school days of unexcused absences during the current school year by achild subject to compulsory school attendance.Truant shall mean having incurred three (3) or more school days of unexcused absences during the current schoolyear by a child subject to compulsory school attendance.Person in parental relation shall mean a:1. Custodial biological or adoptive parent.2. Noncustodial biological or adoptive parent.3. Guardian of the person of a child.4. Person with whom a child lives and who is acting in a parental role of a child.This definition shall not include any county agency or person acting as an agent of the county agency in the jurisdiction of adependent child as defined by law.School-based or community-based attendance improvement program shall mean a program designed to improve schoolattendance by seeking to identify and address the underlying reasons for a child’s absences. The term may include aneducational assignment in an alternative education program, provided the program does not include a program for disruptiveyouth established pursuant to Article XIX-C of the Pennsylvania Public School Code.*Please refer to the Phased School Reopening Health and Safety Plan (on district website) to review the procedures forMonitoring Student and Staff Health and how it affects attendance.Delegation of ResponsibilityThe Superintendent or designee shall annually notify students, parents/guardians, staff and local children and youthagency and local Magisterial District Judges about the district’s attendance policy by publishing such policy in studenthandbooks, newsletters, district website and other efficient communication methods.The Superintendent or designee, in coordination with the district administrators shall be responsible for theimplementation and enforcement of this policy.The Superintendent or designee shall develop administrative regulations for the attendance of students which:1. Govern the maintenance of attendance records in accordance with the law.2. Detail the process for submission of requests and excuses for student absences.3. Detail the process for written notices, School Attendance Improvement Conferences, School AttendanceImprovement Plans, and referrals to a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program, the localchildren and youth agency, or the appropriate judge.4. Ensure that students legally absent have an opportunity to make up work.Enforcement of Compulsory Attendance RequirementsStudent is Truant –When a student has been absent for three (3) days during the current school year without a lawful excuse, district staff shallprovide notice to the person in parental relation who resides in the same household as the student within ten (10) school daysof the student’s third unexcused absence.The notice shall be in the mode and language of communication preferred by the person in parental relation; include adescription of the consequences if the student becomes habitually truant; and the notice may include the offer of a School9

Attendance Improvement Conference.If the student incurs additional unexcused absences after issuance of the notice and a School Attendance ImprovementConference was not previously held, district staff shall offer a School Attendance Improvement Conference.School Attendance Improvement Conference –District staff shall notify the person in parental relation in writing and by telephone of the date and time of the SchoolAttendance Improvement Conference. The purpose of the School Attendance Improvement Conference is to examine thestudent’s absences and reasons for the absences in an effort to improve attendance with or without additional services. Thefollowing individuals shall be invited to the School Attendance Improvement Conference:1. The student.2. The student’s person in parental relation.3. Other individuals identified by the person in parental relation who may be a resource.4. Appropriate school personnel.5. Recommended service providers.Neither the student nor the person in parental relation shall be required to participate, and the School AttendanceImprovement Conference shall occur even if the person in parental relation declines to participate or fails to attend thescheduled conference.The outcome of the School Attenda

board policy manual. Jamestown Area School District, Title IX Compliance Coordinator, Mrs. Tracy Reiser, Jamestown Area High School, P.O. Box 217, 204 Shenango St., Jamestown, PA 16134, 724-932-5557. ACADEMIC AWARD LETTERS A student would have to meet