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Welcome from OurFaculty DirectorThere’s something to be said about the success of lifelong learners. In anyindustry, there is no one set of capabilities that guarantee your success.As an executive in your organization, it’s vital that you understandleadership as an evolving practice and have the willingness to adapt alongyour own leadership journey. The success of your team and organizationdirectly depends upon your ability to learn.If you have the capacity for knowledge and want to adjust to the newdemands of your industry as the world changes, you belong at ColumbiaBusiness School. Our Advanced Management Program is designedfor senior leaders who are ready to learn and commit to becoming morestrategic. As a participant in the program, you will lean into our internationalnetwork and industry expertise to become a more empathetic, authentic,and effective leader.I invite you to join our community of agile innovators and entrepreneurswho prioritize learning, and I challenge you to expand your understandingof what it takes to lead through the challenges of tomorrow with thelearnings from our Advanced Management Program.Paul IngramFaculty Director,Advanced Management ProgramKravis Professor of Business,Columbia Business School

The AdvancedManagementProgramOur blended program structure, combiningsynchronous work led by faculty and industryleaders and asynchronous work to be completedindependently, all centers on one core goal: wewant your investment to be worth it. In finance,it would be a return on investment, or ROI. Inprofessional development, we think of it as yourreturn on learning, or ROL.In our Advanced Management Program, it is ourmission to create and empower holistic leaderswho are not only strategic but agile, innovative, andempathetic. The 22-week program provides thetime, space, and resources for senior executivesto learn from Columbia Business School facultymembers and practitioners dedicated todeveloping truly transformative leaders.When joining our program, you become partof an international network of high-achieving,inspirational executives and discoverhow strategic leadership drives businessinnovation. At the completion of the program,each participant will have a powerful globalnetworking advantage: Columbia BusinessSchool alumni benefits.“ If this program doesn’tadd considerable valueon both a personal andprofessional level, lookinwards. Columbiagets it right.”Ian HoggCEO Australia/Asia Pacific,FremantleMedia

Values at the Very Center of BusinessThe Advanced Management Program curriculum and structure are built in alignment with the corevalues integral to Columbia Business School: knowledge, access, community, and impact.KnowledgeCommunityWe base our decisions about policies andinitiatives on evidence and data. We cultivateknowledge by integrating pivotal faculty researchinto the classroom and delivering offeringsthat are specifically created for executives, notrepackaged.We are actively seeking and including newmembers in our community who challengeconventional beliefs and propose andrespectfully debate bold ideas. Our ExecutiveEducation programs draw on the expertise ofColumbia University’s thought leadership andchallenges participants to think differently aboutthe world around them.AccessBecause of Columbia’s convenient locationin the heart of New York City and deep tiesto the business, government, and nonprofitcommunities, we get the best adjunct professorsin business education. When you go to ColumbiaBusiness School, you’re not taking a break fromthe real world — you’re diving deeper into it.ImpactWe are developing innovative ideas and inspiringleaders that transform the world. We have alongstanding commitment to many sectorsincluding finance and social entrepreneurs,offering leaders the tools needed to better servetheir respective missions.“ The Advanced Management Program empoweredme with the leadership expertise, strategic thinkingcapabilities, and confidence to lead the change inmy organization for the better.Badr Al GoblanDivision Head,National Commercial Bank

A New Approachto LeadershipThe Advanced Management Program transforms theory into practicethrough real-world context and experience-based learning.The blended Advanced ManagementProgram extends the quality of instruction andindividualized coaching the Columbia BusinessSchool is known for, to wherever life takes you.The online components of our program allowyou to engage with your peers, professors, andcoaches virtually, while the in-person immersionexperiences bring participants together at thevery center of business.Our program weaves together the very best ofvirtual and traditional instruction over the courseof 22 weeks. During this time, faculty and industrythought leaders will guide you through fourdistinct modules centered around an integratedapproach to leadership. Participants engagewith faculty and peers during live, synchronoussessions throughout the week. Programconcepts and modules are then reinforcedthrough independent, or asynchronous, programmaterial that you complete on your own time.Personal LeadershipLeading SelfStrategic LeadershipLeading adershipLeading Others“ The Advanced Management Program is such amind-opening experience. The use of diverse angleson viewing leadership and seeing it in action withwonderful classmates was truly transformational.”Alonzo LeeSenior Vice PresidentM.S. Leadership Program (Formerly Citigroup)

ProgramModulesModule I: Strategic LeadershipExplore the principles of value, hyper-competition, and strategicintuition in this first module. Discover and discuss how to implementcomplex change in your organization to manage business challengesand drive results by fostering an organizational culture of sharedbeliefs and values.Module II: Personal LeadershipLearn to leverage your personal values to become a more authenticleader, participate in one-on-one and peer coaching, and applyColumbia’s proprietary 360-degree leadership feedback tool to analyzeyour strengths and weaknesses in our second program module.Module III: Interpersonal LeadershipThe third module will prepare you to harness the power andperspectives of diverse teams in your organization so that you canimprove performance and master the latest methods of creatingmutual value and cross-organizational buy-in to achieve shared goals.You’ll also cover topics on leading inclusively, psychological safety,decision processes, and negotiation.Module IV: The Heart of LeadershipYour final program module will explore topics in persuasion,organizational change, and the art of choice. Here, you will culminatethe skills nurtured in previous modules and complete a transformationalproject based on a real-world case study. Finally, you will create an actionplan to address current challenges in your organization and present yourpersonal leadership credo to peers and professors.

Immerse Yourselfat the Very Centerof BusinessAs a blended program, our online sessionsare reinforced with an in-person immersionopportunity to engage with peers andprofessors and build on what you learnthrough the curriculum.New York City Immersion*During this five-day immersion, you will explorethe business capital of the world and expandon topics including quantitative intuition,entrepreneurial strategy, and board governance.Many sessions take advantage of our uniquelocation at the hub of industry and innovation, soyou can continue developing meaningful facultyand peer connections while experiencing thevibrant living laboratory that is New York City.* In light of the ongoing pandemic, immersion dates,modality, and locations will be determined at a later date.“ I got so much moreout of this experiencethan I ever could haveimagined. It is hard todescribe, but what setsthis program apart isthe content variety, thetime in NYC, the design,and the execution. It isgenius and rare.”Martha CarlsonVice President of National Accounts,Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield

Invest in Your GrowthOur focus is the same as yours: an immediate and lasting ROL for you and ROI for yourorganization. At the Advanced Management Program, you can expect the following:Individual ROLOrganizational ROI R eturn to your organization with anaction plan for a business challengeyou are currently facing A cquire a toolkit to addressorganizational problems immediatelyupon return to your organization C hallenge yourself to think and actdifferently, bringing productive changeto the people you lead A pply powerful methods to build andenhance company culture L earn about exciting new businessmodels, strategies and opportunitiesin a context where you can take theoryinto practice C ultivate your self-awareness andcurate your self-presentation to be amore authentic leader E xamine leadership talents, andaddress areas for development withyour executive coach Become a more effective negotiator O vercome adversity and complexity bylearning how to be agile and adapt touncertainty D rive company performance whileeffectively managing stakeholders,whether internal and external D evelop strategic thinking to supportyour business’s evolution S tructure a new managementapproach to drive higher teamperformance B ring innovation to your organizationby developing a growth mindset F ormulate and tackle organizationalquestions by converting datainto insights

Participant ProfileOur program thrives due to the diversity of its participants. People from different types oforganizations, whether big or small, public or private, are all integral parts of our program. Executivesjoining Columbia’s Advanced Management Program have a strong interest in reaching a greater levelof impact and achievement through new ideas, perspectives, networks, and realities. It’s that diversityand willingness to evolve that drives the virtuous cycle of learning that our curriculum embodies.Geographic SpreadYears of Management ExperienceJob FunctionIndustryParticipating organizations have included:BoeingCredit AgricoleExport DevelopmentCanadaLarsen & CCredit SuisseGeneral MotorsGenesee & WyomingGoldman SachsItochuJ&JJ PowerKimberly ClarkKPMGReserve Bank of IndiaSaudi AramcoSamsungScientific GamesStructure ToneSumitomoU.S. NavyUniversity ofMelbourneVolkswagenMarriott International

Alumni BenefitsUpon completion of our program, you receive access to the CareerManagement Center, which supports all segments of the ColumbiaBusiness School community — the more than 47,000 alumni worldwideas well as current students.Enjoy Individualized Career SupportUpon completion of the Advanced Management Program, you receiveaccess to Columbia Business School Career Management Center.Our Career Management Center will empower and support you in theachievement of your lifelong career ambitions. You will also have access tostrategic career management resources, including: Self-assessment Research Professional branding Networking Interviewing and managing offers Professional developmentAccess Exclusive Industry OpportunitiesOur Job Board contains a database of current job opportunitiesspecifically targeting the Columbia Business School community. As agraduate of the Advanced Management Program, you may also completean online profile and upload a resume to be included in the searchabledatabase employed by the top recruiting organizations.Partner With Our Global Alumni NetworkAs a graduate of the Advanced Management Program , you will havedirect access to our powerful, global network of over 47,000 alumni. Buildrapport with industry thought leaders and make lifelong connections withan elite group of business executives around the world through alumnievents and programs.Continue Your GrowthAs a partner in your leadership journey, Columbia Business School offersa 25 percent tuition benefit for you and up to four colleagues each yearfor full-price executive education in-person programs lasting up to sevendays and all full-price online programs. Graduates also enjoy a ColumbiaBusiness School forwarding email address for life.

World-RenownedFacultyPaul IngramFaculty DirectorKravis Professor of Business, Management DivisionPaul Ingram earned his PhD from Cornell University, and he was on thefaculty of Carnegie Mellon University before coming to Columbia. Hehas held visiting professorships at Tel Aviv University, Shanghai JiaoTong University and the University of Toronto. His research has beenpublished in more than sixty articles, book chapters and books. Ingram’scurrent research examines the intersection between culture and socialnetworks. He has consulted on issues of organizational design andstrategy to leading companies in the finance, health care, insurance,energy, and consumer products industries.“ I work in the nonprofit sector and was anxiousabout mixing with corporate participants, but Ishouldn’t have been. The issues we face and theleadership resources we need to address themare the same. This program was life-changingand transformative for my organization.”Lori HoulihanExecutive Director of Development,UCL

Program FacultyMore than 50 Columbia Business School faculty members and industry experts contributeto and teach in the program. Faculty members who have taught in the program include*:Modupe AkinolaVanessa BurbanoWilliam DugganAdam GalinskySheena S. IyengarAssociate Professorof Management,Faculty Director of theSanford C. Bernstein& Co. Center forLeadership and EthicsAssistant Professor,ManagementDivisionSenior Lecturerin Business,ManagementDivisionPaul CalelloProfessor ofLeadershipand EthicsS. T. Lee Professorof Business,Management DivisionTodd JickRita McGrathOded NetzerDoron NissimWillie PietersenSenior Lecturer inDiscipline in Business,Reuben MarkFaculty Director orOrganizational Characterand LeadershipFaculty of ColumbiaBusiness SchoolExecutive Education;Arthur J. SambergProfessor ofBusinessErnst & YoungProfessor ofAccounting andFinanceProfessorof The Practiceof Management,ManagementDivisionAndrea PratTano SantosMedini SinghPierre YaredRichard PaulRichman Professorof BusinessDavid L. and ElsieM. Dodd Professorof Finance, CoDirector, HeilbrunnCenter for Graham &Dodd InvestingSenior Lecturerin Disciplinein Business,Decision, Risk, andOperations essor ofProfessionalPractice, MarketingDivisionMUTB Professorof InternationalBusiness*Program faculty are subject to change each semester.

“ Columbia Business School’s Advanced ManagementProgram is a holistic executive education program.The academic sessions are facilitated by thoughtprovoking instructors. The individuals who comprisethe program team make the Columbia experienceuniquely rewarding. I do not think this experience canbe replicated by another institution. The people makethe difference.”Edward BatenGeneral Manager,Marriott InternationalContact UsAre you ready to take the next step as a transformativeleader and join the Columbia Business School’sAdvanced Management Program?Learn Morecbs-amp.execed.gsb.columbia.eduContact Cara Thompson, associate directorof Learning Solutions, [email protected] 1 212-827-5603to discuss your individual and organizationalgoals, questions about the program, and more.

organizational problems immediately upon return to your organization Apply powerful methods to build and enhance company culture Drive company performance while effectively managing stakeholders, whether internal and external Develop strategic thinking to support your business’