Secure log into Kronos using GoWMU and yourBroncoNet ID & Password.

Click on:All ources,Payroll,then Kronos

New Kronos Timekeeper Log On Screen.123456123456

New Kronos Supervisor Log On Screen


The screen is made up of 3 parts.The TimecardGoToLinksGenies


Timecard includes an Employee List123456

Click the square button tomaximize or minimize the screens.123456

Pay Period Choices. Employeegroup choices. Range of dateschoice.

Timecard buttons include: Print Timecard, Refresh,Save (when orange), Go To

Timecard Totals-click on thebutton at the bottom ofthe timecard to open for totals & leave balances123456

When you see these slashes in youremployee timecard totals it meansthat KR does NOT know where tocharge these hours.First verify that the date is not prior to the employee'shire date or after their term date. Move hours toanother day if needed. If the hours are in an activeemployment period you must complete a transfer so thehours get charged to the appropriate department.TransferSlashes are gone

Leave Balances-click on thebutton at the bottom ofthe timecard to open for totals & leave balances (accruals).

Use the Go To function inthe employee timecard ifyou want individualizedemployee information suchas reports, audits,exceptions or schedule.

Go To: Audits-tells who is touchingthe employee’s timecard and whatthey are adding/editing.123456

123456Go To: PeopleEditor-givesinformation aboutindividualemployees such asPrimary LaborAccount (HomeAccount), Pay Rule,etc (employee type).


Employee SchedulesEmployee 5


3 ways to get employeeinformation.Right click on the employeename.Use Go To People Editorfrom employee timecard.Click on the Search Genie.

TIMECARD TRANSFERSAfter entering hours or after swipes from thetimeclock appear in the timecard, click the drop downbox in the transfer column. Select Search.Employee 5123456

Department – ForeverClick the plus ( ) in frontof the cost center to openjob selection. Click theradio button on theappropriate job. Apply

The information appears in the transfer box. Thiswill not appear in the totals box until you hit Save.123456

123456After being saved, the transfer dataalong with timecard totals appear.

Employee timecard missing a swipealso known as an Exception.123456

Exceptions-timecard issues such as missing inor out swipes, tardiness, etc.Click on the symbol toget the explanation.Make corrections totimecard as needed.

If you enter hours for your employees by paycode, note: anexample would be to enter regular along with a total dailyhours, you may never need to use the “Exceptions Icons”.Just in case you see these types of errors you know how tofix them.


Genies—Timekeeper defaults to QuickFind.If you need to look at one employee’sinformation. Enter their last name oremployee id number to the left of theasterisk (*), then “search”.

Other Genies Available

Reconcile Timecard-another way to lookat individual timecards

Pay Period Close-gives employee timecardtotals for the selected pay period.

Approval by Managers-shows timecardsthat have been 2136

Search Genie-details employee information


Go to Links—takes youto all separate linkchoices such asdepartment reports,exceptions, schedules, etc.


New Kronos Supervisor Log On Screen

The screen is made up of 3 parts.The ApprovalWizardGeniesGoToLinks

APPROVING YOUR KRONOS TIMEThere is a new, easy way to approve yourdepartment’s time. Using the Approval Wizard,Kronos will walk you through the approval processevery pay period.


Approval Wizard-Step 1-Assign the proper payperiod and All Home and Transferred-in*. ClickPunch Issues (if none skip this step and click onApprove Timecards or click Next)Supervisors--time approved on Friday is in thecurrent pay period. Time approved Mondaymorning by 9am is in the previous pay period.

Approval Wizard-Step 2-Punch Issues.If no exceptions skip to Step 3.Click on View Details

View Details gives exact punch issue and allowsyou to correct the problem.

You can enter the actual time for the missing outswipe or you can click on the add punch buttonto get the pop up screen when more informationsuch as transfer, is needed.

Once corrected, the punch issue(exception) no longer appears in the issuelog. Click next.

Approval Wizard-Step 3-Approve Timecards1234567413218523219876546 4654321654321963852258369Select All Rows. Click Approval, then ApproveTimecard (Are you sure? Yes). Click Next.

You are still able to select individual employees to approverather than Select all Rows. In the Approve Timecard step,hold the control button and select the appropriate employees.Then click Approval, then Approve Timecard. Are you sure?Yes. Click Next. **If you have a lot of employees you willwant to maximize your screen.123456

Approval Wizard-Step 4-Group Edit Results.Click on the refresh button if necessary until yousee the completed status.In the Results box, if your Success number doesnot match your Total number, click on Details.

If the error belongs to the Supervisor and states“You cannot apply this action to yourself.”,nothing further is needed. Any other errors mustbe corrected and that employee’s timecardreapproved

123456456789123445677654987654654321The same process can be used toremove the approval. Ratherthan click Approve Timecard theSupervisor selects RemoveTimecard Approval. Again, thisprocess can be for all employeesor an individual employee.


Genies—Supervisors default to Pay PeriodClose. All Genies listed here are the samegenies as the timekeeper sees.


Go to Links—takes you to allindividual links such asdepartment timecards, reports,exceptions, group edit results,etc.


The four recommended Kronos reports are:*Employee Transactions and Totals*Time Detail*Hours by Labor Account*Timecard Sign-Off, Request and Approval

Whether timekeeper orsupervisor, reports areaccessed the same way.Use the Go to Link.(Remember thatindividual employeereports are accessedthrough the employee’stimecard Go to Link.)

Select the report.All KR reports areavailable for your use. Feelfree to experiment to seewhich reports are mostuseful for retrieving theinformation you need. Clickthe in front of All.

The Employee Transactions and Totals Reportprovides individual employee pay code totals as wellas a grand total. This report allows you to pick andchoose which Pay Codes to include on your report.

Use the arrow buttons , , , , tomove the Pay Codes from selected toavailable and available to selectedboxes.

Once you have chosen the appropriate Pay Codes,select the People and Time Period.Click Run Report.

Check Report Status-if needed, clickon Refresh Status to update panel.RunningClick on View ReportComplete

ExampleEmployeeTransactions &Totals Report.

The Time Detail Report shows detailed dataabout each employees time. Choose your timeperiod and people. Run report.

When report status shows Complete, click onView Report.Supervisor

Example TimeDetail Report

Hours By Labor Account-displays hours for eachcost center. This report also allows you to choose thepaycodes you want included. Choose your peopleand time period. Click Run Report.

When report status shows complete, click on ViewReport.

Exampleof Hoursby LaborAccountReport.Supervisor

Timecard Sign-Off , Request and Approval Reportdisplays audit information related to timecardapprovals. Select the appropriate people & payperiod.Run Report.

When report status shows complete, click on ViewReport.

Example ofTimecardSignoff,Request andApprovalAudit rvisorSupervisorSupervisorSupervisorSupervisor

You are able to create your own favorite report list.Click onCreateFavorite. Fillinappropriateinformation.Click SaveFavorite.

Saved favorites appear at the top of the reports list.



Secure log into Kronos using GoWMU and your BroncoNet ID & Password. Click on: All Links, Administrative Applications, Administrative Resources, Payroll, then Kronos. 123456 123456 New Kronos Timekeeper Log On Screen. New Kronos Supervisor Log On Screen. KRONOS T