HOLMES INSTITUTEFACULTY OFHIGHER EDUCATIONAssessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimesterUnit CodeUnit TitleAssessment TypeAssessment TitlePurposeoftheassessment (with ULOMapping)WeightTotal MarksWord limitDue DateSubmissionGuidelinesT2 2019HA2042Accounting Information SystemsIndividual assignmentCase Study – Adam & CoStudents are required to: Understand and explain the place of an accounting information system in thecontext of the organisational structure and operating practices. (ULO 2) Identify, analyse and compare different types of accounting information systems.(ULO 3) Use different methodologies to evaluate various accounting information systems.(ULO 4)20% of the total assessments20Not more than 2,000 wordsWeek 10, Friday 5:00 pm (AEST) All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completedAssignment Cover Page. The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cmmargins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and pagenumbers. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.HA2042 Accounting Information Systems Individual Assignment

Page 2 of 5Assignment SpecificationsBackgroundYou are recently employed as a business analyst at Adam & Co, a Perth-based wholesaler of industrialsupplies. Adam & Co sources its inventories from manufacturers in China, Thailand and Vietnam. Thecompany has a centralised accounting system with networked terminals at different locations. Adam& Co’s expenditure cycle procedures are described as follow:Purchases SystemThe process begins when the purchasing clerk checks the inventory subsidiary ledger at his/hercomputer terminal each morning. When the quantity of an item is deemed to be too low, the clerkselects a vendor from the valid vendor file and prepares a digital purchase order. The clerk prints twohard copies: one copy is sent to the vendor, and the other is filed in the purchasing department.Digital purchase order record is added to the purchase order file.When the goods arrive in the receiving department, the receiving clerk inspects them and reconcilesthe items against the information in the digital purchase order and the packing slip. The clerk thenmanually prepares two hard copies of the receiving reports. One of these accompanies the goods tothe inventory warehouse, where the clerks shelves the goods and updates the inventory subsidiaryledger from his/her computer terminal. The clerk then files the receiving report in the department.The other copy of the receiving report is sent to the accounts payable department, where theaccounts payable clerk files it until the supplier’s invoice arrives. When the accounts payable clerkreceives the invoice he pull the receiving report from the temporary file, prints a hard copy of thedigital purchase order, and reconciles the three documents. At this time, the clerk updates the digitalaccounts payable subsidiary ledger, the accounts payable control account and the inventory controlaccount in the general ledger from his terminal. The clerk then sends the invoice, receiving report,and the purchase order copy to the cash disbursement department.Cash Disbursements SystemUpon the receipt of the documents from the accounts payable department, the cash disbursementsclerk files the documents until their payment due date. On the due date, the clerk prepares a chequefor the invoiced account, when is sent to the treasurer who sign it and mail the cheque to the vendor.The cash disbursements clerk then updates the cheque register, accounts payable subsidiary ledger,and the accounts payable control account from his/her computer terminal. Finally, the receiving clerkfiles the invoice, purchase order copy, receiving report, and cheque copy in the department.Payroll SystemAdam & Co’s employees record their hours worked on time cards every day. Their supervisors reviewthe time cards for correctness and submit them to the payroll department at the end of each week.Using a computer terminal connected to the central payroll system, which is located in the dataprocessing department, the payroll clerk inputs the time card data, prints hard copies of the paycheques, print two copies of the payroll register, and posts to digital employee records. The payrollclerk files the time cards in the payroll department and sends the employee pay cheques to thevarious supervisors for review and distribution to their respective department employees. Thepayroll clerk then sends one copy of the payroll register to the accounts payable department, andfiles the other with the time cards in the payroll department.HA2042 Accounting Information Systems Individual Assignment

Page 3 of 5The accounts payable clerk reviews the payroll register and manually prepares a disbursementvoucher. The clerk sends the voucher and the payroll register to the general ledger department. Theaccounts payable clerk then writes a cheque for the entire payroll and deposits it in the imprestaccount at the bank. Finally the clerk files a copy of the cheque in the accounts payable department.Once the general ledger clerk receives the voucher and payroll register, the clerk posts to the generalledger from the department computer terminal and files the voucher and payroll register in thedepartment.RequiredPrepare a report to the Managing Director to evaluate the processes, risks and internal controls forits expenditure cycle. In your report, you need to include the following items: System flowchart of purchases system System flowchart of cash disbursements system System flowchart of payroll system Description of internal control weakness in each system and risks associated with theidentified weaknessAssignment StructureThe report should include the following components: Assignment cover page clearly stating your name and student number A table of contents, executive summary A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about. Body of the report with sections to answer the above issues and with appropriate sectionheadings Conclusion List of referencesThe report should be grounded on relevant literature and all references must be properly cited and includedin the reference list.Marking criteriaMarking criteriaSystem flowchart of purchases systemSystem flowchart of cash disbursements systemSystem flowchart of payroll systemDescription of internal control weakness in each system and risks associatedwith the identified weaknessPresentationResearch qualityTOTAL WeightHA2042 Accounting Information Systems Individual AssignmentWeighting4%4%4%4%2%2%20%

Page 4 of 5Marking RubricSystemflowchart ofpurchasessystem/4Systemflowchart ofcashdisbursementssystem/4Systemflowchart ofpayroll system/4Description ofinternal controlweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness/4ExcellentVery GoodPresent asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe wholepurchasessystem.Present asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe wholepurchasessystem withminor errors.Present asystemflowchart thatdepict thepurchasessystem withsome errorsand/oromissions.Present asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe whole cashdisbursementssystem.Present asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe whole cashdisbursementssystem withminor errors.Present asystemflowchart thatdepict the cashdisbursementssystem withsome errorsand/oromissions.Present asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe wholepayroll system.Present asystemflowchart thatcorrectly depictthe wholepayroll systemwith minorerrors.Present asystemflowchart thatdepict thepayroll systemwith someerrors and/oromissions.Present anexcellentdiscussion ofinternal controlweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness.Present a verygood discussionof internalcontrolweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness.Present a gooddiscussion ofinternal controlweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness withminor errorsand/oromissions.HA2042 Accounting Information Systems Individual AssignmentGoodSatisfactoryPresent asystemflowchart thatdepict thepurchasessystem witherrors and/oromissionsthroughout thediagram.Present asystemflowchart thatdepict the cashdisbursementssystem witherrors and/oromissionsthroughout thediagram.Present asystemflowchart thatdepict thepayroll systemwith errorsand/oromissionsthroughout thediagram.Present areasonablediscussion ofinternal controlweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness witherrors andomissions.UnsatisfactoryPresent asystemflowchart thatdoes notproperlyrepresent thepurchasessystem.Present asystemflowchart thatdoes notproperlyrepresent thecashdisbursementssystem.Present asystemflowchart thatdoes notproperlyrepresent thepayroll system.Present a weakor inadequatediscussion ofinternal controlweakness ineach system andrisks associatedwith theidentifiedweakness.

Page 5 of 5Presentation/2Research Quality/2Report includedall elements andwas very wellpresented.Writing flowedclearly andsections werelinked veryeffectively.Referencing wasexemplary.English was usedvery effectivelyand was errorfree.Report includedall elements andwas wellpresented.Writing flowedclearly andsections werelinkedeffectively.Referencing wasof a highstandard.English was usedeffectively withvery few errorspresent.Report includedall elements andwas generallypresentedappropriately.Writing mostlyflowed well andsections werelinked.Referencing wasin accordancewith guidelines.English was usedeffectively withfew errorspresent.An extensiveamount of highquality evidencefrom peerreviewed journalarticles andother sourceswas includedand usedeffectively tosupportdiscussion.A broad range ofquality peerreviewed journalreferences andother sourceswas includedand usedeffectively tosupportdiscussion.An adequaterange of peerreviewed journalreferences wasincluded andused to supportdiscussion.HA2042 Accounting Information Systems Individual AssignmentReport includedmost elementsand wasadequatelypresented.Writingsometimes didnot flow clearlyleaving thepaper to seemdisjointed inareas.Referencing wassomewhat inaccordance withguidelines. BasicEnglish was usedwith someerrors present.An adequaterange of peerreviewed journalreferences wasincluded andused to a basicextent tosupportdiscussion.Report lackedsome elementsand was poorlypresented.Writing oftendid not flowclearly leavingthe paper toseem somewhatdisjointed.Referencing wasnot entirely inaccordance withrelevantguidelines. BasicEnglish was usedwith errorspresent.Little or no peerreviewed journalreferences wereincluded andthese wererarely used tosupportdiscussioneffectively.

flowchart of payroll system /4 Present a system flowchart that correctly depict the whole payroll system. Present a system flowchart that correctly depict the whole payroll system with minor errors. Present a system flowchart that depict the payroll system with some errors and/or omissions. Present a system flowchart