Austal AustraliaSupplier HSEQ Requirements ManualDocument No: ABMS-500-184Revision:4.0

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualContentsPURPOSE AND SCOPE . 6DEFINITIONS . 7RESPONSIBILITIES . 7SUPPLIER HSEQ RESPONSIBILITIES . 7HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS . 9SAFE SYSTEMS OF WORK . 9Planning . 9Equipment . 9People . 9Change. 10SUB-CONTRACTING OF WORKS . 10SUPPLIER HSEQ REPORTING . 10Incidents. 10Monthly HSEQ Reporting . 10Incident Reporting . 10Reports to Statutory Authorities . 11SUPPLIER ORDER & DISCIPLINE . 11General Requirements . 11FITNESS FOR WORK . 11Drugs and Alcohol . 11TRAINING, EDUCATION AND COMPETENCY . 12General Requirements . 12AUSTAL AUSTRALIA INDUCTIONS . 12RISK ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY . 13Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 2 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualGeneral . 13Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Integrated Management Plan . 13HSEQ Hazard and Risk Register . 13Job Safety & Environment Analysis (JSEA) . 14Take 5’s . 14IMPLEMENTATION & OPERATION PROCESSES. 14Consultation & Communication . 14Toolbox Meeting . 14Incident Alerts & Lessons Learnt . 15Noticeboards . 15Site Safety Rules . 15Work Permits . 16Hot Work . 16Confined Space Entry. 16Isolation, Lockout and Tagging . 17Working at Heights . 18Site Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements. 18Working in Isolation. 18Smoking on Site . 19. Issue Dispute Resolution. 19PLANT, EQUIPMENT AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT. 19Plant & Equipment Inspections . 19Electrical Equipment . 20Electrical Safety . 20Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 3 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualIsolation of Energy . 20SITE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT . 20Plant and Pedestrian Interface . 21SITE ACCESS . 21EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT . 21Emergency Response Management Plan . 21First Aid. 21Housekeeping Plan. 22Emergency Response Training and Drills . 22ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS . 23ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT . 23Environmental Management . 23Significant Risks for Environmental Management . 23Protection of Stormwater Drains, Spill Kits and Cleaning up of spills . 23Store Hazardous Substance in a Bunded Area, Out of the Way . 24Minimise Waste through Reuse, Recycling and Responsible Procurement. 24Environmental Incidents and Near Misses . 24Keeping the Site Tidy and Ensure Litter is not left behind . 24DANGEROUS GOODS & HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES . 25Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control . 25Approval to bring Chemical onto Site . 25Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances Register. 25Safety Data Sheets . 25QUALITY ASSURANCE REQUIREMENTS . 26EXPECTATIONS OF AUSTAL SUPPLIERS . 26Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 4 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018


ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualPURPOSE AND SCOPEThe purpose of this Supplier manual is to provide guidance to Suppliers who supply goods or services to AustalAustralia in order for them to understand the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurancerequirements placed on them by Austal Australia’s (AA) Health, Safety, Environment and Quality – IntegratedManagement System (HSEQ IMS).The requirements of this manual are applicable to Suppliers engaged on terms and conditions by AA through aPurchase Order (PO), or a contract, to supply products or services. Additional to requirements, this manual willoutline compliance needs (objective evidence) and reasonable expectations placed on Suppliers by AA.Austal Australia’s Supply Chain meets, as a minimum, the requirements of the International StandardOrganisation for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015; therefore Suppliers to AA are expected tocomply with the intent of Section 8.4 - Control of externally provided processes, products and services.The HSEQ - Suppliers, Contractors and Partnership Standard (ABMS-500-163) is available on request.To the extent that there are any inconsistencies between this Manual and the terms and conditions of AustalAustralia’s PO with a supplier, then the Austal Australia PO/Contract terms and conditions shall prevail.This manual shall be read in conjunction with the Site Specific: Project Health and Safety Management Plan;Project Environmental Management plan; andProject Quality Management Plan ABMS-500-224 - Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Integrated Management PlanOrUncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 6 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualDEFINITIONSTermDefinitionAAAustal AustraliaBMSBusiness Management SystemCACorrective ActionHSEQHealth, Safety, Environment and QualityHSEQ IMSHealth, Safety, Environment and Quality – Integrated Management SystemHSEQ-RMHSEQ Requirements ManualITARInternational Traffic in Arms RegulationITPInspection and Test PlanJSEAJob Safety & Environment AnalysisMMEMeasuring and Monitoring EquipmentNATANational Association of Testing AuthoritiesOQEObjective Quality EvidencePOAA Purchase OrderPQMPProject Quality Management PlanSDRLSupplier Data Requirement ListSDSSafety Data SheetRESPONSIBILITIESRoleResponsibilityHead of HSEQTo maintain this manualHead of Supply ChainTo supply this manual to contracted suppliersSuppliersTo comply with this manualSUPPLIER HSEQ RESPONSIBILITIESSuppliers shall maintain a working environment in which the Supplier, the Suppliers’ employees, sub-tiersuppliers, as well as AA personnel and customers are not exposed to uncontrolled risks and hazards.This means that: The Supplier must maintain a safe system of work, so that all tasks are carried out as safely as possible.The safe system must take into account procedures, the workplace layout, the way materials have to behandled and the location and movement of other people in the work area;Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 7 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements Manual The Supplier shall have on AA Site(s), during all working hours, a representative/supervisor, thoroughlyfamiliar with the work, who shall have full authority to receive, and act on, all instructions relating to thework.Any notice given to the Supplier's Representative by the AA nominated Manager shall be deemed tohave been given to the Supplier.The Supplier’s Representative shall ensure the potential HSEQ impact of the activities of the Supplier onsite is managed as far as practicable.The Supplier shall be fully responsible for the actions of all its employees.The Supplier shall ensure that its supervisors and employees are familiar with and adhere to thismanual.The Supplier shall ensure copies of all applications made to Statutory Authorities for their inspectionsand/or tests, and the results, are provided to the AA nominated Manager.The Supplier must ensure that plant, equipment, substances and workplace activities are safe andwithout risk to employees, customers and the public; andThe Supplier shall supply and wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment as per siterequirements.The Supplier must ensure that their personnel: Are suitably qualified and medically fit to carry out the required services;Have a thorough understanding of the procedures necessary to competently and safely carry out therequired works and services;Exercise all reasonable care and diligence in the performance of the required services;Obey regulations made and directions given by AA and any relevant authority; andMeet and comply with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety standards.The Supplier is responsible for the provision of all safety equipment, tools and consumables necessary ordesirable for the safe performance of the required services.The Supplier must ensure all works are completed and comply with project specifications, relevant legislation,Australian Standards and codes of practice.Suppliers are defined as any company, which through a contractual arrangement with Austal Australia performswork on the contract site. Suppliers shall ensure: That their workers work in a safe and planned manner and that the area in which they work is safe.That their risk management methodologies are in consideration of AA HSEQ Hazard and Risk Register.That they participate in contract management meetings.That subcontractor staff adopt similar responsibilities as the staff of AA and report to the ProjectManager on all matters relevant to the Contract.Submit and / or be involved with the development and review of project procedures and job safetyenvironment analysis, participate in inspections, audits, investigations etc. as required, in consultationwith the AA Management Team.Submit reports on Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality activities, incidents, events and injuries.Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 8 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements Manual Nominate a liaison officer to ensure communication on Contract matters is maintained between thesupplier and the Austal Australia Management Team.HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTSSAFE SYSTEMS OF WORKPrior to starting a job, the Supplier’s work group has a responsibility to ensure they are not exposed to anyhazards. This is achieved by adopting a ‘Safe System of Work’.A safe system of work must consider things like the layout of a work place (PLANNING), the storage andhandling of materials (EQUIPMENT), the training and competencies of personnel on site (PEOPLE), andanything that may affect the progress of your job (CHANGE).Planning Have you completed and submitted the Austal Australia Supplier documentation to become anapproved AA supplier?Has your submitted document been approved by AA?What are the procedures/ Work Instructions for the work involved with the project?Has the Project Specific Risk Register been assessed by all employees prior to starting works?For all High Risk Works, is there a JSEA in place?Do you have a Take 5 system in place?Have you identified the hazards?Are the controls in place?Have you checked if the controls are effective?Equipment Do you have the correct equipment for the job?Has the equipment been inspected and approved for use?Has the equipment been serviced (with records available)?Is the equipment compliant with relative OHS Laws and standards?Are the tools to be used in good condition?Do you need to resource other equipment?People Are you fit for work?Have you been trained in the task?Do you have the right competencies?Do you have enough resources?Is your training valid for the task?Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 9 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualChange Have you considered change in work scope?What should you do if there is a change in scope?Have you considered other work groups?Have you communicated any changes to others?Has your Risk Assessment Documentation been updated?SUB-CONTRACTING OF WORKSThe Supplier may not subcontract any part of the work without the written approval of Austal Australia.If permission is granted to subcontract part of the work under the Safety Terms and Conditions it shall notrelieve the Supplier from any liability or obligation under these Terms and Conditions. On such an event, theSupplier must ensure that the contents of this document are communicated to all Suppliers and that they areinducted onto any AA or their Customer’s site where they work.SUPPLIER HSEQ REPORTINGIncidentsThe Supplier must immediately report to the AA supervisory personnel (manager or supervisors) anyloss, incident, injury, near miss or dangerous occurrence arising from the performance of the requiredservices and attend to any legal requirements in respect of such loss, accident or injury.NOTE: If an incident occurs, all personnel are required to make the area safe if they can do so withoutfurther harm to themselves or the incident scene. However, all incidents require investigation and it isthe responsibility of involved or visiting personnel to “preserve” the incident scene so that causal factorscan be assessed.Monthly HSEQ ReportingThe Supplier is required to report monthly on their safety performance during, and at completion of thecontract using the agreed reporting process.Incident ReportingAll HSEQ incidents are to be identified, reported and thoroughly investigated, and where appropriate,corrective actions will be issued to prevent any recurrences of the incident.All incidents, no matter how insignificant, must be reported and investigated to prevent further incidentsfrom occurring.Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 10 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualInvestigations must take place as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. All incidentinvestigations are to focus on identifying the causes of the incident so that appropriate remedial andpreventative control measures can be identified and implemented.Reports to Statutory AuthoritiesIn the event of a serious incident that requires notification to Relevant Regulatory or Statutory Authority,the Supplier must notify the AA Site Supervisor or the Manager immediately.The Supplier will provide the AA Manager with a copy of any Improvement or Prohibition Notice issuedfor the contract by the Regulatory or Statutory Authority, within 2 days of receipt of the same. In thecase of a Prohibition Notice the Project Manager is to be verbally notified within 2 hours, or as soon asreasonably practicable.SUPPLIER ORDER & DISCIPLINEGeneral RequirementsA person employed on any AA site shall obey any directions given by the appointed person inaccordance with that person’s duties and responsibilities. However, all personnel have the right torefuse any directions that put themselves or other personnel, plant, asset or equipment at risk of injury,damage or harm.A person shall not enter or remain at the workplace if he/she is: Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Suffering from any physical or mental condition, to the extent that he/she is thereby preventedfrom performing his/her duties in a safe manner.A person shall not bring onto site or consume at the site an intoxicating substance.A person employed on site shall not fight with any other person or behave in a riotous or disorderlymanner.Persons shall not enter any marked culturally or environmentally sensitive areas.A person shall not bring pets or animals onto the site nor feed wild animals living or entering the site.A person shall not destroy damage or deface any equipment, structure, sign or notice.FITNESS FOR WORKDrugs and AlcoholAustal Australia requires that all personnel are in a suitable condition to carry out their duties,regardless of whether they are working normal hours, overtime, temporary shift or availability.Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 11 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualIndividuals are responsible for reporting to work in a fit condition in which they are able to carry outtheir duties without risk to themselves or others. This includes ensuring that they are not in an unfit statefor any reason including the adverse effects of medical conditions, fatigue, stress, alcohol and otherdrugs, and are in an emotionally stable state.Where any employee or subcontractor is taking medication that may affect their ability to undertaketheir duties, this must be disclosed to their immediate supervisor and/or Site Management. Thisrequirement is conveyed to all employees and subcontractors during the induction.An employee or subcontractor who arrives on site under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs isconsidered unfit for work and will be removed from site immediately.The consumption of alcohol on the worksite is prohibited. All personnel on site will have a bloodalcohol concentration of 0.00. Drug and Alcohol testing may occur at any time on the project. Anyperson who is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be treated as per therequirements of the Austal Australia Fair Treatment Procedure.All persons may be required to undergo random testing for alcohol and other drugs for the purpose ofassessing their fitness for duty.Any person involved in a serious incident or an incident resulting in injury or at their supervisor’sdirection will be required to undertake mandatory drug and alcohol testing.TRAINING, EDUCATION AND COMPETENCYGeneral RequirementsTo ensure that wherever work is conducted at the Project site, the Supplier is to ensure no person isappointed to a task unless they are deemed to be competent to undertake the task.All personnel, including sub-contractors may be required to participate in a Competency Assessment byan Austal Australia-nominated competent person and be deemed ‘competent’ prior to commencingwork.HSEQ training shall be provided in accordance with identified risk and position requirements.All personnel operating mobile plant must have completed a recognised Competency Course for theplant, where required by legislation. Personnel operating plant which does not require a certificate ofcompetency must participate in a Competency Assessment from their employer or competent person.AUSTAL AUSTRALIA INDUCTIONSTo ensure that all Suppliers are made aware of, and are conversant with the requirements laid out in thismanual to support its implementation, Austal Australia has developed a project specific induction program forall project personnel and visitors.Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 12 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualSuppliers shall successfully undertake the HSEQ Induction and any the Site Specific Induction prior to workingon the site. All personnel who attend and satisfactorily complete the induction assessments will be grantedaccess to the site.Suppliers’ personal details will be retained for emergency purposes and evidence of their competency is to beretained for capability assessments.No subcontractor’s employees will carry out any work until they have received the HSEQ Induction and the SiteSpecific Induction and successfully completed any associated induction competency assessments.RISK ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGYGeneralJob Safety & Environment Analysis (JSEA) must be used on the project for all High Risk work.Take 5’s are able to be distributed throughout the workforce to enable a situational risk assessment tobe conducted and the job front.Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Integrated Management PlanA copy of the Austal Australia Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Integrated Management Plan(ABMS-500-224) or Project Health and Safety Management Plan shall be made available to allSuppliers who will be working on site.The Supplier shall read, understand and implement the Health, Safety, Environment & QualityIntegrated Management Plan requirements. The plans detail the management and control of health andsafety hazards and risks and environmental aspects on site which is supported by Austal Australia’scommitment to HSEQ.The Plans have been developed in accordance with the Austal Australia HSEQ Values, Policies, HSEQStandards and Integrated Management System framework and has been structured to conform to therequirement of the OHS and WHS legislation and their Regulations.HSEQ Hazard and Risk RegisterA copy of the Project or Austal Australia Hazard and Risk Register shall be made available to allsuppliers who will be working on the project.The Hazard and Risk Register forms the basis of operational hazard and risk management. Theintention of this register is to identify the major hazards and risks that apply across the entire contract.The recommended controls are described in broad terms and often refer to information and checks thatmust be completed before work commencement.Uncontrolled Document if PrintedPage 13 of 32Revision: 4.0 20/02/2018

ABMS-500-184 Supplier HSEQ Requirements ManualThe hazards and risks recorded in the register will be informed by the design risk assessments, scope ofwork, client requirements as well as relevant high risk construction hazards as identified. Appropriatecontrols will be documented and residual risk assessed.Job Safety & Environment Analysis (JSEA)The Supplier shall ensure that all JSEAs are developed in conjunction with employees who perform thework or who will be impacted by the work (that is, those employees not directly involved in the activity.The Supervisor or person responsible for the works and the work crew has overall authority andresponsibility for the facilitation and briefing of the JSEA with those conducting the works. The JSEA willbe facilitated by the Supervisor or Leading Hand.Note: JSEA’s are only valid for a maximum of 7 days.Note: High Risk work shall not be carried out without an authorised JSEA in placeTake 5’sThe Take 5 process is a process to complement the JSEA process, whereby 5 minutes is taken prior tothe start of an activity on the project site to review the hazards present and implement additionalcontrols where necessary.The purpose of the Take 5 assessment is to identify changes in the work location from one day to thenext and to identify hazards that have not been included in the JSEA for the task and therefore requirecontrol implementation prio

The Supplier shall ensure copies of all applications made to Statutory Authorities for their inspections and/or tests, and the results, are provided to the AA nominated Manager. The Supplier must ensure that plant, equipment, substances and workplace activities are safe and without