Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesRFP 21-002Filing Deadline:No later than 3:00 PM PST, February 25, 2021.Filing Method:File proposals electronically through the Calbright College’s PlanetBidsBid Portal. The link to the Bids Portal may be found mpanyID 40988Contact: Calbright Community CollegeATTN: Kathy [email protected] 1 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesNotice to BiddersThe California Online Community College/Calbright (“Calbright College” or “College”) isrequesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to provide Salesforce Development andAssessment Services. Calbright College uses the word “firm” throughout this RFP but will alsoaccept proposals from qualified individuals.This is not a formal request for bids, nor an offer by Calbright College to contract with any partyresponding to this RFP. Calbright College reserves the right to reject any and all responses.Respondents shall not, directly or indirectly, communicate with any employee, officer, Board ofTrustees member, agent or representative of the College regarding the RFP except for theCollege contact person noted below. The RFP response of a respondent who has engaged inany action or activity inconsistent with or in violation of the foregoing is subject to rejection fornon-responsiveness.Respondents to this RFP should submit responses electronically in PDF format. Respondent isresponsible for verifying that the email and attachments have been received. RFP responsesshall be submitted electronically to the PlanetBids Bid Portal, found mpanyID 40988All responses must be received by 3:00 PM on February 25, 2021.Any questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing and sent by email via the PlanetBids website on or before February 12, 2021. Any and all responses will be distributed throughPlanetBids.Page 2 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesSchedule of Events1. Anticipated RFP Release DateFebruary 20212. Deadline for Inquiries/QuestionsFebruary 12, 2021 12pm3. Calbright Responds to Bidder QuestionsFebruary 18, 20213. Proposal DeadlineFebruary3pm4. Calbright Issues Preliminary Notice of Intent to AwardMarch 8, 20215. Contract Due from Proposed AwardeeMarch 11, 20216. Board Meeting for Contract AwardMarch 22, 202125,Page 3 of 30REV. 1/28/20212021,

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesGeneral Information and Scope of ServicesGENERAL INFORMATIONCalbright College is the 115th California community college and the 73rd college district pursuantto the California Online Community College Act. The College is a digital college that focuses oncareers, using a combination of online classes and mobile apps to provide working adults withthe skills they need to move into higher paying jobs. Calbright College is seeking to award aterm contract for Salesforce development, architecture, and business process assessment of astudent lifecycle support system with integrations to external applications and data sources tothe vendor that can provide the best overall value to the College. This value will be determinedby overall competence, compliance, format, and presentation of each RFP response andpresentation, as necessary. Respondents may submit a proposal for all the services entailed inthis RFP or may submit a proposal for a specific service identified in this RFP. Note also that theaward may be split between vendors for each of the services for which bidding is requested.isin need of a firm or individual to provide general Salesforce Development and AssessmentServices and is thus seeking proposals from qualified firms and individuals through this RFP.As further set forth herein, responses to this RFP are due on March 3, 2021. The College willissue a Preliminary Notice of Intent to Award on March 8, 2021. The College will also send aproposed contract to the successful proposer at that time. The contract will be substantiallysimilar to the form of contract included herein. The successful proposer must return thecontract to the College by February 25, 2021. Calbright College will then ask its Board ofTrustees to review, consider, and approve the contract at the Board’s March 22, 2021 Boardmeeting.SCOPE OF SERVICESThe scope of services to be performed under the contract awarded pursuant to this RFPinclude, but are not limited to, a review of the current Salesforce platformdesign/implementation/ utilization, video meetings with multiple internal stakeholder groups,and a review of the current design with a report of recommendations of the future-stateSalesforce platform within Calbright College.An outline of the current Salesforce ecosystem includes: Base – Unlimited Edition with 62Standard and platform Licenses; Managed Packages – Pardot, Twilio, Dialpad, Zoom; andZoominfo.Page 4 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

In addition to a review of current platform implementation, there exists an ongoing need toprovide technical support services toward issues, projects, and evolving data and integrationneeds. The scope of this work will require direct support to complete or assist Calbright introubleshooting issues and concerns with the current implementation. Currently, areas ofknown support required include resolving Gmail sync/mail logging, near-term integration withthe Anthology Student Information System to represent post-enrollment data, and ongoingenhancements/bug fixes based on feedback from staff and faculty.Work Requirements Must provide a minimum of 4 hours per weekday, of office hours where resource(s) arededicated to Calbright during Pacific Standard Time and have an off-hours plan forurgent matters outside of normal business hours Must use Calbright tools to perform work and support staff, Gmail, Zoom, Asana, Slack,and Google Drive/Docs Participate in Calbright Agile planning and sprint schedules Report status of work in Asana and Salesforce tickets at least once daily Supplier must provide a relationship manager to coordinate customer requirements andprojects as required Supplier must operate in the Pacific Standard Time Zone Supplier and any related staff must be available to meet in person a minimum of two (2)times per year post COVID. Such related meeting expenses shall be included in the feequoted and will not be reimbursable by Calbright College.Technical Requirements Supports Marketing Automation in Pardot Develop and support integration method with Anthology SIS Enhance and support call center integration with Dialpad and service cloud Develop and support APEX, Flow, Workflows, and automations as required Works in conjunction with the Calbright technical team and existing engineers,Salesforce Administrators, Technical Product Managers, and general support staff tocomplete projects and issue resolution. Must have at least 2 employed full time staff who have recent Salesforce CertifiedApplication Architect and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I certificationsANTICIPATED TERMCalbright College desires to enter into a contract with the successful respondent for provision ofSalesforce Development and Assessment Services for up to one (1) year, with the option toextend if desired by the parties and approved by Calbright College's Board of Trustees.Page 5 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesGeneral Conditions1. COLLEGE RIGHTS AND LIMITATIONS. Calbright College reserves the right to contract withany entity responding to this RFP. This RFP is neither a formal request for bids, nor an offerby the College to contract with any party responding to this RFP. This RFP does not committhe College to select any firm and the College makes no representation that participation inthe RFP process will lead to an award of contract or any consideration whatsoever. It is atthe sole discretion of Calbright College to award a contract for the services or no contract atall. The award of the contract(s) is subject to approval of the College’s Board of Trustees.Calbright College shall not be liable for any costs incurred in preparing and submittingresponses to this RFP. In no event will the College reimburse any respondent for any costsor expenses incurred in preparing and submitting responses to this RFP.The College, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to: (i) Accept or reject any and allsubmittals, or any portion or combination thereof; (ii) Contract with any entity respondingto this RFP in whatever manner the College decides; and/or (iii) Waive any informality ornon-substantive irregularity, not affected by law, as the interests of the College mayrequire.The respondent’s submission, and any other supporting materials submitted to the Collegein response to this RFP will not be returned and will become the property of the Collegeunless portions of the materials are designated as proprietary at the time of submittal, andare specifically requested to be returned. The College will have no liability to therespondent or other party as a result of any public disclosure of any RFP.The College reserves the right to add additional firms for consideration after receipt ofsubmissions in response to this RFP if it is found to be in the best interest of the College. Alldecisions concerning firm selection will be made in the best interests of the College.2. FULL OPPORTUNITY. The College hereby affirmatively ensures that Disadvantaged BusinessEnterprises (“DBE”), Small Local Business Enterprises (“SLBE”), Small Emerging LocalBusiness Enterprises (“SELBE”), Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (“DVBE”) andminority and women business enterprises shall be afforded full opportunity to submitproposals in response to this RFP and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race,color, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, ancestry, religion, marital status,national original, medical condition or disability in any consideration leading to the award ofthe contract. No qualified disabled person shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded fromparticipating in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination inany consideration leading to the award of contract.3. RESTRICTIONS ON LOBBYING. From the period beginning on the date of the issuance ofPage 6 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

this RFP and ending on the date of the award of the contract, no person, or entityresponding to this RFP, nor any officer, employee, representative, agent or contractorrepresenting such a person or entity shall contact through any means or engage in anydiscussion regarding this RFP, the evaluation or selection process or the award of thecontract(s) with any member of the College’s Board, Committee members or with anyemployee of the College except for clarifications and questions as described herein. Anysuch contact shall be grounds for the disqualification of the firm submitting a proposal.4. MINIMUM INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. The selected respondent shall maintain policiesof insurance with an insurer(s) qualified to do business in the State of California andacceptable to the College. The awardee will be required to provide an insurance certificateand must meet all insurance requirements set forth in Section 4.6 of the sample contractincluded herein, including but not limited to naming the College as an additional insured.The College reserves the right to request that the awardee maintain additional policies ofinsurance, including but not limited to errors and omissions coverage.5. PURCHASING AND CONTRACTS. The Chief Executive Officer/President is delegated theauthority to purchase supplies, materials, equipment, and services as necessary to theefficient operation of the College. No such purchase shall exceed the amounts specified byCalifornia Public Contract Code §20651, as amended from time to time.With the exception of contracts entered into by the Chief Executive Officer/President inamounts less than 100,000, in accordance with the authority delegated to the ChiefExecutive Officer/President in Board Policy 6100, contracts are not enforceable obligationsuntil they are ratified by the Board. References: BP 6330, Education Code §§ 75003(d),75005(d)(1) & (d)(4)(B), 81656, Public Contracts Code §20650, 20651, Government Code§530606.MISCELLANEOUS.a) The proposal shall be signed by a duly authorized representative(s) of the proposer andinclude the full name and address of the proposing firm or entity.b) The proposals must set forth accurate and complete information as required in this RFP.c) Submission of a proposal constitutes agreement by the proposer to each and all of theterms, conditions, provisions and requirements set forth and contemplated in this RFPand any attached documents.d) The successful proposer will be expected to adhere to all College policies, proceduresand regulations.e) The proposal submitted by the interested individual shall be irrevocable for a period ofsixty (60) days from the official closing date for the receipt of proposals.f) The contents of the proposal of the successful proposer will become contractualobligations. Failure of the successful proposer to accept those obligations in asubsequent contractual agreement may result in cancellation of the award.Page 7 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

g) Any contract resulting from this RFP is subject to appropriation of funds by the College’sBoard of Trustees for each fiscal year of service.h) The successful respondent, if any, will be required to execute a contract with the Collegein a form substantially similar to the form of contract included herein.i) Respondent shall certify that no official or employee of the College, nor any businessentity in which an official of the College has an interest, has been employed or retainedto solicit or assist in the procuring of the resulting contract, nor that any such person willbe employed in the performance of any contract without immediate divulgence of thisfact to the College.7. DEBRIEFINGS AND PROTESTS. Debriefings are available by request for unsuccessfulrespondents [email protected] protest must be received within 5 calendar days of the bid opening, in writing,containing all facts of the protest, to:Calbright CollegeATTN: Kathy [email protected] to comply with protest procedures will result in rejection and waiver of right tofurther protestPage 8 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesInstructions for Submitting ResponsesAll responses to the RFP must include the components set forth below. Responses that do notcomply with the instructions below may be rejected for non-responsiveness.1. Introductory Letter. A maximum one-page, dated Introductory Letter must be submittedincluding the legal name of the respondent, address, telephone and fax numbers and thename, title, and signature of the person(s) authorized to submit the qualifications on behalfof the firm, along with a brief summary of your qualifications to engage in a professionalrelationship with the College.2. Table of Contents. A Table of Contents of the material contained in the response shouldfollow the Introductory Letter.3. Narrative. Provide a comprehensive Narrative of the services offered by your firm. Thenarrative shall include the following:a) Experience & References. Summarize relevant experience in the last 5 years andprovide at least 3 references. Specifically address respondent’s actual Salesforceexperience, focusing on education and public agency experience, if any.b) Personnel. The College is specifically seeking firms with a minimum of 3 or more fulltime employees offering these services. Include resumes of personnel who would beassigned to the work with the College. Specifically define the role of each person andoutline his, her or their individual experience and particularly their experience in thespecific areas described in 3.a. of this Section, above. Indicate who would serve as theprimary contact for the College. If the firm would utilize resources from more than oneoffice, indicate office locations and how work would be coordinated.c) Professional Fees. Proposal shall include cost for services, inclusive of all expenses.Such proposal shall express such cost as an hourly rate, but it is recognized that theCollege may ultimately contract with the successful respondent in any manner theparties deem appropriate. Please note that the successful respondent shall beresponsible for any and all expenses incurred in its performance of the services underthe contract. Fees will be finalized as part of the contract negotiation.d) Additional Data. Provide additional information about the firm as it may relate to thisRFP.4. Attachments A-E. Complete, sign and date all attachments included herein.Page 9 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesCollege’s Evaluation ProcessCalbright College’s selection process will include a screening review and evaluation of responsesby College staff and/or consultants. Selection of candidate(s) will be based on demonstratedcompetence and on the professional qualifications necessary to meet the Calbright College’sneeds to perform the services as described in this RFP. After an initial screening of candidates,the College may conduct interviews with one or more candidates. The awarding of a contract isat the sole discretion of the College. The College intends to utilize the following criteria inevaluating responses to this RFP but the College reserves the right to exercise discretion in theweight and priority of the evaluation criteria.Responsiveness and Quality of the Proposal. The College will consider the overallresponsiveness and quality of the proposal, clearly stating the understanding of the purpose,scope and objectives of the program and demonstrating a good practical approach and workplan to achieve these objectives.Expertise and Qualifications. The College will consider the overall technical expertise andqualifications of the firm, including the firm’s principals and staff and depth and availability ofstaff and resources to meet anticipated requirements. The College will specifically be lookingfor expertise and qualifications related to recent Salesforce Certifications (Application Architect,Platform Developer). What experience does the firm have with integrating a student lifecyclesupport system with multiple external applications and data sources? Your background shouldreflect the provision of such services to educational entities and/or public agencies.Ability to Meet or Exceed Work and Technical Requirements. The College is seeking firms withresources dedicated to Calbright during Pacific Standard Time and having an off-hours plan forurgent matters. How will the firm will manage team partners and how the firm’s staff willeffectively interface with College staff?Past Performance. The College will consider the past performance of the proposing firm onrelevant similar work previously accomplished for educational entities and/or public agencies.The College will specifically be looking for and evaluating the respondent’s prior experience inthe actual execution of Salesforce Development, Architecture, and Business ProcessAssessment Service of a student lifecycle support system with integrations to multiple externalapplications and data sources.Page 10 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

CALBRIGHT COLLEGERFP 21-002 – Salesforce Development and Assessment ServicesSample Form of ContractThe successful proposer will be required to execute a contract with the College in a formsubstantially similar to the below.FORM OF CONTRACTTHIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is made and enteredinto as of by and between the California Online Community College (“CalbrightCollege”), and (“Provider”). Calbright College and the Provider are collectivelyreferred to in this Agreement individually as “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.” ThisAgreement is made with reference to the following facts:WHEREAS, Calbright College is the 115th California community college and the 73rdcollege district pursuant to the California Online Community College Act;WHEREAS, Calbright College requires services and/or advice of a highly specialized andtechnical nature in connection with certain financial, economic, accounting, consulting and/oradministrative matters and such services and advice are not available within Calbright Collegeand cannot be performed satisfactorily by Calbright College employees;WHEREAS, Provider possesses the necessary expert knowledge, experience, and abilityto perform services not available through Calbright College personnel, and Provider is speciallyexperienced and competent to provide to Calbright College certain specialized services and/oradvice in one or more of the foregoing areas; andWHEREAS, Calbright College desires to engage Provider pursuant to Chapter IV(Business and Fiscal Standards), subsection 3 (Competitive bidding requirements) of the Policiesand Procedures adopted by Calbright College Board of Trustees on August 6, 2018 and pursuantto Government Code section 53060 because of Provider’s special expertise and experience, andProvider desires to be engaged by Calbright College.NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants set forth below, theParties hereby agree as follows:ARTICLE 1.SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY PROVIDERSection 1.1Performance of Services.Page 11 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

Provider agrees to perform services for Calbright College as described in the Scope ofServices attached to this Agreement as Appendix A (the “Services”) and shall provide otherservices as may be requested by Calbright College from time to time. Any services performed inaddition to those set forth in Appendix A shall be reflected in writing. Provider shall obtainwritten authorization from Calbright College before rendering such services.Section 1.2Method of Performance and General Supervision.Provider will determine the methods, details, and means of performing the Servicesrequired by this Agreement. Subject to the foregoing, Calbright College retains the right toinspect, to stop work, to prescribe alterations and generally to monitor Provider’s work toensure its conformity with the terms of this Agreement.Section 1.3Provider’s Certifications, Representations and Warranties.Provider makes the following certifications, representations and warranties for thebenefit of Calbright College. Provider acknowledges and agrees that Calbright College, indeciding to engage Provider pursuant to this Agreement, is relying upon the truth and validityof the following certifications, representation and warranties and their effectivenessthroughout the term of this Agreement and the course of Provider’s engagement hereunder.(a)Provider is qualified in all respects to provide to Calbright College all of theservices contemplated by this Agreement and, to the extent required by any applicable law,Provider has all such licenses and/or governmental approvals as would be required to carry outand perform for the benefit of Calbright College, such services as are called for hereunder.(b)Provider, in providing the services and in otherwise carrying out its obligations toCalbright College under this Agreement, shall, at all times, comply with all applicable federal,state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances, including workers’ compensation andequal protection and non-discrimination laws.(c)Provider will perform their services hereunder in a professional manner, usingthe degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised by, and consistent with, the currentprofessional practices and standards of a professional practicing in California. The Provider willfurnish, at their expense, those services that are set forth in this Agreement and represents thatsuch services are within the technical and professional areas of expertise of the Provider or anysub-Provider the Provider has engaged or will engage to perform the service(s).Section 1.4Independent Contractor.It is understood and agreed that Provider is an independent contractor and that norelationship of employer-employee exists between the parties hereto for any purposewhatsoever, notwithstanding the fact the Provider or Provider’s employees may provideservices to Calbright College under this Agreement. Calbright College is not required to makePage 12 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

and deductions or withholdings for employee taxes or benefits from the compensation payableto Provider under the terms of this Agreement. As an independent contractor, Provider herebyagrees to indemnify and hold Calbright College harmless from any and all claims that may bemade against Calbright College based upon any contention by any of Providers employees orany third party, including but not limited to any state or federal agency, that an employeremployee relationship or a substitute therefore exists between the Parties for any purposewhatsoever by reason of this Agreement or by reason of the nature and/or performance of anyservices under this Agreement.Section 1.5Student Data Privacy.The Provider’s duties may include the storage or use of Student Education Records(“Student Data”) and be subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) 20U.S.C. section 1232g. Provider recognizes the following:(a)The Student Data provided to Provider remains the property of Calbright College.(b)Provider will not sell Student Data or use Student Data for purposesunauthorized by this Agreement.(c)Provider will take reasonable measures to secure the data from unauthorizedaccess including, where applicable, appropriate training of Provider’s employees or agents.(d)Provider shall promptly notify Calbright College in the event of unauthorizedaccess to Student Data.(e)In the event Provider gives access to Student Data to third parties, Provider mustbind said third party in writing to the same privacy protections as found in this Section.(f)Provider shall return or delete Student Data, as directed by Calbright College,upon completion of the services contemplated by this Agreement.ARTICLE 2.TERM AND TERMINATIONSection 2.1Term.This Agreement shall become effective on the Effective Date and shall continue through(the “Term”), unless (i) the Agreement is earlier terminated by either Party inaccordance with Section 2.3, below, or (ii) the Parties mutually agree to extend the Term andsuch extension is formally approved by Calbright College’s Board of Trustees.Section 2.2Effective Date/Approval.Page 13 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

The total value of services to be provided by Provider via this Agreement, shall notexceed an expenditure of and shall be effective following approval by CalbrightCollege’s Board of Trustees and upon execution by both Parties (“Effective Date”).Section 2.3Termination.(a)This Agreement may be terminated by either Party upon ten (10) days writtennotice to the other Party in the event of a substantial failure of performance by such otherParty, including insolvency of Provider or if Calbright College should decide to abandon orindefinitely postpone the Project.(b)In the event of a termination based upon abandonment or postponement byCalbright College, Calbright College shall pay the Provider for all services performed and allexpenses incurred under this Agreement supported by documentary evidence, including payrollrecords, and expense reports up until the date of the abandonment or postponement, plus anysums due to the Provider for Board-approved extra services. In ascertaining the servicesactually rendered hereunder up to the date of termination of this Agreement, considerationshall be given to both completed work and work in process of completion and to complete andincomplete drawings and other documents, whether delivered to Calbright College or in thepossession of the Provider. In the event termination is for a substantial failure of performance,all damages and costs associated with the termination, including increased Provider andreplacement Provider costs, shall be deducted from payments to the Provider.(c)In the event a termination for cause is determined to have been madewrongfully, or without cause, then the termination shall be treated as a termination forconvenience in accordance with Section 2.3 (d) below, and Provider shall have no greater rightsthan they would have had if a termination for convenience had been effected in the firstinstance. No other loss, cost, damage, expense or liability may be claimed, requested orrecovered by Provider.(d)This Agreement may be terminated for convenience by Calbright College withoutcause, upon ten (10) days written notice to the Provider. In the event of a termination withoutcause, Calbright College shall pay to the Provider for all services performed and all expensesincurred under this Agreement supported by documentary evidence, including payroll records,and expense reports up until the date of notice of termination, plus any sums due the Providerfor Board-approved extra services. In ascertaining the services actually rendered hereunder upto the date of termination of this Agreement, consideration shall be given to both completedwork and work in process of completion and to other documents, whether delivered toCalbright College or in the possession of the Provider.(e)In the event of a dispute between the Parties as to performance of the work orthe interpretation of this Agreement, or payment or nonpayment for work performed or notperformed, the Parties shall attempt to resolve the dispute in accordance with the DisputeResolution procedures set forth in this Agreement at Section 6.1. Pending resolution of thisPage 14 of 30REV. 1/28/2021

dispute, Provider agrees to cont

Zoominfo. Page 4 of 30 . and evolving data and integration needs. The scope of this work will require direct support to complete or assist Calbright in troubleshooting issues and concerns with the current implementation. Currently, areas of . Salesforce Development and Assessmen