Logistics Solutions for the WarfighterMarine Corps Logistics CommandAlbany, GeorgiaBUILDING A RESUME IN USAJOBS

Introduction to USAJOBSLogistics Solutions for the Warfighter2

Getting StartedBegin the process bysigning into yourUSAJOBS account.If you do not have anaccount, click “CREATEAN ACCOUNT.”Go to for more information on getting started.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter3

Create Your AccountOnce your Email and UserName have beenentered, click “I agree.Create my account.” Youwill be guided throughremainder of the accountcreation process.Reminder: Be advisedthat only one account canbe created for each emailaddress. Be sure theemail account you use isonly accessible by youand the email account isproperly secured.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter4

Create a ResumeFrom your “My Account” page, click “Resumes.”JohnJohn DoeLogistics Solutions for the Warfighter5

Create a ResumeJohnThe “Build New Resume”option allows you tocreate or build a resumeusing the USAJOBSResume Builder.The “Upload NewResume” option allowsyou to upload your ownresume(s) from yourcomputer.NOTE: You may store atotal of 5 resumes.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter6

Create a Resume – Work ExperienceAfter selecting “Build New Resume,” enter aname for your new resume and select“Save” then select “Add Work Experience.”To build your work experience, you shouldcomplete all required fields and then select“Save Experience.”Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter7

Create a Resume – Education ExperienceAfter adding your work experience select“Education” and then select “Add Education.”To build your education experience, youshould complete all required fields and thenselect “Save Education.”Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter8

Create a Resume - ReferencesAfter adding your education select“References” and then select “AddReference.” To build your references, youshould complete all required fields and thenselect “Save Reference.”Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter9

Create a Resume – Other QualificationsJohnAfter adding references select “Other.”There are no required fields in thissection.You have the opportunity to provideinformation associated with:Any job related training you havecompleted .Language skills you may have.Any specific organizations or affiliationsthat you are a member of.Professional publications.Additional information that you wantpotential employers to be aware of.When you have completed the Othersection, click “Save & Continue” tomove to the next section.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter10

Preview and FinishJohnJohn DoeAlbany GA 31707Mobile 123-456-7891Evening Phone 123-456-7892Day Phone [email protected] selecting “Save andContinue” in the “Other”section the “Preview andFinish” screen appears.This final section allowsyou to Preview, Print, andFinish your resume.Review all information forcorrectness.Click “Previous” to editinformation.Click “Finish” to completeyour resume.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter11

Upload a ResumeOnce you have finishedbuilding your resume, you willbe redirected to the Resumespage and can view, edit,duplicate, or delete previouslybuilt resumes.JohnYou can also change the statusof your built resume from Notsearchable to Searchable byclicking on the “MakeSearchable” link. You canchange your resume statusback to Not searchable at anytime by clicking the “MakeNon-Searchable” link.To upload a saved resume,click “Upload New Resume.”Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter12

Upload a ResumeJohnOnce on the ResumeUploader page, you willsee the differentdocument formats thatare acceptable foruploading (e.g. doc,docx, rtf, pdf, png, gif,jpg, jpeg). You are alsoable to view a “SampleResume” and tips on“What to Include” inyour resume.To upload your resume, you are required to enter a name (e.g., Resume-October2011)for each resume that you upload. Use “Browse” to select the resume that you wish to upload. Click “Upload.”Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter13

5 Resume LimitAfter a successful upload, youwill return to the “Resumes”page where you can view ordelete your uploaded resume(s).You can also change the status ofyour uploaded resume(s) fromNot searchable to Searchable byclicking on the “MakeSearchable” link. You can changeyour resume status back to Notsearchable at any time byclicking the “Make NonSearchable” link.JohnNote: You can only make oneresume searchable at a time.The number of resumes you have created or uploaded will display. To build or upload additionalresumes, simply repeat the steps described in this tutorial. Remember, you can only have 5 resumeson file at any time.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter14

Making Your Resume SearchableMaking your resume searchable will add it to the USAJOBS Resume Mining collection. Resume Mining allows HRspecialists and hiring managers from federal agencies to search resumes of jobseekers who have USAJOBSaccounts in order to seek applicants for their announcementsTo make your resume searchable Navigate to your Resumes in your account. Select the “Make Searchable” link next to the resume of your choice.Important Details Only one of your resumes can be made searchable at a time. If you wish to remove your resume from the Resume Mining collection select the “Make Non-Searchable” link. Your resume will only remain searchable for 16 months unless it is renewed.Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter15

Making your resume searchable will add it to the USAJOBS Resume Mining collection. Resume Mining allows HR specialists and hiring managers from federal agencies to search resumes of jobseekers who have USAJOBS accounts in order to seek applicants for their announcements To make your resume