A Review of Screening,Assessment and OutcomeMeasures for Drug andAlcohol SettingsWritten by Mark DeadyFor the Network of Alcohol & other Drug Agencies (NADA) aspart of the Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health InformationManagement Project2009Funded by the NSW Health Department

A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol SettingsTable of ContentsAbbreviations . 5Scope of this Review (Aims and Limitations) . 8Methodology. 8Introduction . 9Psychometric Properties . 11Layout of Current Review . 12Summary Table . 13Global Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures . 20Opiate Treatment Index (OTI) . 20Brief Treatment Outcome Measure (BTOM); Australian Alcohol Treatment Outcome Measure(AATOM) . 22Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HoNOS) . 24The Maudsley Addiction Profile (MAP) . 29The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) . 31Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) . 35The Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS) . 37General Health and Functioning Measures . 39The Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36; SF-12). 39The Children’s Global Assessment Scale (CGAS) . 43Global Assessment of Functioning Scale (GAF). 45Life Skills Profile (LSP) . 47Camberwell Assessment of Need (CAN) . 51Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) . 54World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHODAS II) . 582

A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol SettingsWorld Health Organisation Quality of Life-BREF (WHOQoL-BREF). 60General Mental Health Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures . 62Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10; K6) . 62The General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) . 66The Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (SCL-90-R) . 69The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS). 71PsyCheck . 73The Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS) . 75Mental Health Inventory (MHI). 77Behaviour and Symptom Identification Scale 32 (BASIS-32 ) . 80Specific Mental Health Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures . 83The Psychosis Screener . 83The Traumatic Life Events Questionnaire (TLEQ) . 85The Primary Care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD). 86Impact of Events Scale (IES) . 87The PTSD Symptom Scale Self-Report (PSS-SR) . 90Trauma Screening Questionnaire (TSQ). 93The PTSD Checklist (PCL) . 95The Beck Inventories . 97The Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) . 102The Eating Attitudes Test (EAT) . 104Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ) . 106Positive Mental Health Outcome Measures . 108The Recovery Assessment Scale . 108Scales of Psychological Well-being (SPWB). 110Dispositional Hope Scale (DHS) . 1123

A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol SettingsStages of Recovery Instrument (STORI) . 114Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Tool . 116General Drug and Alcohol Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures . 117The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) . 117CAGE / CAGEAID. 121Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST). 124Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) . 127T-ACE and the TWEAK . 130Timeline Followback Method (TLFB). 133Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Instrument (DALI) . 136The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST). 138Drug and Alcohol Severity Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures . 140Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire (SADQ) . 140Short Alcohol Dependence Data Questionnaire (SADD). 142Alcohol Dependence Scale (ADS) . 144Cannabis Problems Questionnaire (CPQ) . 146Leeds Dependence Questionnaire (LDQ) . 147Substance Dependence Severity Scale (SDSS) . 149Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS) . 151Craving measures . 154Cocaine Craving Questionnaire (CCQ) . 154Weiss Cocaine Craving Questionnaire . 156Marijuana Craving Questionnaire (MCQ) . 158Penn Alcohol-Craving Scale (PACS) . 159Conclusion . 160References . 1614

A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol SettingsAbbreviationsAcronymFull TitleAATOM(-C; DIBHSBIDQBPRSBSIBSSIBTOMCABACAGE / CAGEAIDCANCAPE-BRSCAPSCBLCCCQCDI(C)GASCIBIC ian Alcohol Treatment Outcome Measure (Clinicians; Researchers)Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder QuestionnaireAlcohol Dependence ScaleAddiction Severity IndexThe Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening TestAlcohol Use Disorders Identification TestAvon Mental Health MeasureBeck Anxiety InventoryBehaviour and Symptom Identification ScaleBody Dysmorphic Disorder QuestionnaireBenzodiazepine Dependence QuestionnaireBeck Depression InventoryBeck Hopelessness ScaleBody Image Disturbance QuestionnaireBrief Psychiatric Rating ScaleBrief Symptom InventoryBeck Scale for Suicidal IdeationBrief Treatment Outcome MeasureChild and Adolescent Burden AssessmentCutdown, Annoyed, Guilty, Eye-Opener (Adapted to Include Drugs)Camberwell Assessment of NeedClifton Assessment Procedures for the ElderlyClinician-Administered PTSD ScaleChild Behavior Check ListCocaine Craving QuestionnaireChildren’s Depression Inventory(Children’s) Global Assessment ScaleClinician’s Interview Based Impression of Change ScaleComposite International Diagnostic InterviewComprehensive Quality of Life ScaleCannabis Problems QuestionnaireCannabis Use Disorders Identification TestDrug and AlcoholDartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle InstrumentDisability Assessment ScheduleDepression Anxiety Stress ScalesDrug Abuse Screening Test (Adolescent)Dispositional Hope Scale5

A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol SettingsDSM(-III; -IV)DUDIT(CH)EATEDIGAFGAINGHQGWBHoNOSICD(-9; -10)ICQIESIRISK10LDQLESLOCSSLRILSPMAPMAT(b; PANASPANSSPC-PTSDPCL-CPCSPDSPILDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd; 4th Edition)Drug Use Disorders Identification Test(Children’s) Eating Attitudes TestEating Disorder InventoryGlobal Assessment of Functioning ScaleGlobal Appraisal of Individual NeedsGeneral Health QuestionnaireGeneral Wellbeing ScaleHealth of a Nation Outcome ScaleInternational Classification of Diseases (9th; 10th Revision)Impaired Control ScaleImpact of Events ScaleIndigenous Risk Impact ScreenKessler Psychological Distress ScaleLeeds Dependence QuestionnaireLife Experience SurveyLocation of Community Support ScaleLife Regard IndexLife Skills ProfileMaudsley Addiction ProfileManchester Audit Tool(Brief; Short) Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (Geriatric)Marijuana Craving QuestionnaireMental Component SummaryMental Health InventoryMini-Mental State ExaminationMedical Outcome Study Social Support SurveyNegative Predictive ValueOutcome Assessment ProgramOpioid maintenance pharmacotherapyOutcome of Problems of Users of ServicesOpiate Treatment IndexPenn Alcohol-Craving ScalePositive and Negative Affect SchedulePositive and Negative Syndrome ScalePrimary Care PTSD ScreenPTSD ChecklistPhysical Component SummaryPosttraumatic Stress Diagnostic ScalePurpose in Life Test6

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Beck Anxiety Inventory . BASIS-32 . Behaviour and Symptom Identification Scale . BDDQ . Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire . BDEPQ . Benzodiazepine Dependence Questionnaire . BDI . Beck Depression Inventory . BHS . Beck Hopelessness Scale . BIDQ . Body Image Disturbance Questionnaire . BPRS . Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale . BSI . Brief .